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New Badges and Group Info

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks,

As you might have noticed in the past stream, I have overhauled some of the markup and organisation of member groups. Here's a small summary of what's changed:

  • In the past the member groups caused a lot of confusion due to their coloured names, and the were considered as staff. From now on, ALL non-staff members have a white name. This will cause less confusion and problems to be assigned to us instead.
  • Alpha Testers have been renamed to Alpha & Beta Testers due to the project entering Closed Beta status
  • The Community Ambassador group has been renamed to Skylord of Honour. This is because "Community Ambassador" sounds too much like a staff name.
  • Alpha testers and Skylords of Honour; Have no fear! Your status will be acknowledged by a badge that is visible in each post you make, as well as on your profile.
  • All Staff have received badges as well
  • Changes have been updated in the Forum Rules

The badges are as follows (I will NOT update this list when more beta participants will arrive)


Blank (Owner)
InsaneHawk (Owner)







The one with the SoH badge at this point in time is:



The ones with the Alpha Badge are:

@RayG @Kaliber84 @Machutan @Lidde @bobfrog @Menchrese @Ilsyde @WotdeFack @anonyme0273 @Eirias @Treim @Darian DelFord @ndclub @LagOps @Dawn @JoseAlmeida @Ultrakool @Sykole @Ladadoos


The ones to first receive the Beta badge are all users that have an Alpha badge, plus:

@John @Datenschutz @Avire @bergerb @PsyChung @demimond23 @Khazad @Saim25 @SirUmaga @Lukaznid @KhongtheFork @Aleksay @Crusty616 @FRMIMo @Chimerae @Dzodin @Navarr@RacingGamer @Esamor

Enjoy your new badges, Skylords!


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53 minutes ago, FRMIMo said:

Beautifulllllll :D I've won so am I a beta tester ? :3

You will be soon, have some patience :)

49 minutes ago, Ladadoos said:

They look very nice, good job Link. I was curious as to what makes it difficult to add the Beta Tester badge to members with the Skylord of Honour badge and how it is different from how it works with you for example (since you've got two badges as well) ?

It's a difference since I will be the only one of my rank, and there will likely be more Skylords of Honour in the future. Aka I cheesed the system.

16 minutes ago, Kaliber84 said:

So nobody will know that I'm an alpha tester from now on? :'(

I'll take my beta tester badge and cry somewhere in a corner...

I might look into that at some point.

48 minutes ago, Ilsyde said:

What's on the developer's badge? A candy? Developer.png.2c3455c864018cfe600daef515

Moderators' badge is very meta. That's definitely my favourite of the lot. Moderator.png.927957f1d0d817cf55b41e41eb

It's a gear from Architect's Call, which I colour coded with the yellow dev colour.

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Just now, Kiwi said:

I asked @MrXLink to make an Alpha badge as well and he did. It looks cooler than the Beta on in my opinion :o


Just now, Treim said:

I agree. I actually think that Alpha-Tester is an "more recoginzable" rank than Beta-Tester, even though they are both great

It really does look better, now I'll be jelly until the end of times :kappa:

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