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  1. The below card creator was made by Arkadij Liebau. The idea is that you can create any BattleForge card by embedding an image as the portrait, then changing and adding further characteristics like colour (orbs), abilities, card name, damage, life points and rarity etc. Read below for my short user guide, and/or feel free to tinker with the tool itself. Click here, or on the above image to go to the card creator. 1) first, select from a building, unit or spell card template. this then changes the below options to match your choice 2) type in the card's name 3) enter power cost (or any text) 4) add up to four orbs. once you click this area, a small pop-up window will allow you to select Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow or colourless orbs. click on an existing orb to delete it this step determines the card's main colour which can't be changed otherwise 5) click where the card illustration should be, in order to embed any portrait you'd like 6) this is where you add the number of charges, card types and classes depend on what you chose in step 1) 7) enter abilities and descriptins for them. you can choose between activated, passive, toggle etc, including their icons 8) & 9) these two fields are for attack type, damage, unit size and health. again, options depend on card type you selected in step 1) 10) choose the cards' rarity. only base symbols are included Here is an example card I made
  2. Here is a quick overview of the tweaks you'll find in this post: - skip intro videos the one you can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard you keep smasing the Esc key - larger field of view and third-person camera see more of the gameplay area - set a custom resolution you don't have to make due with the in-game defaults - snap cursor to window boundaries (recommended in windowed mode) confines mouse cursor inside the game window Before we start: The configuration file titled config.xml is by default found under C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge You may open this file by right-clicking on it, then selecting Open With > Choose Default Program… and selecting Notepad, though you may use any other text editor. - do not try to edit this file while Battleforge is running, otherwise the settings you made might get overwritten - do not make the file read-only otherwise the game won’t start - do not forget to save the file after you’ve made changes to it, and before you start Battleforge again - Skip intro videos The Battleforge intro is unskippable and gets annoying rather quickly. Open the config.xml file as described above and find the following entry: skip_intro_movies="0" Then change the number between the two quotation marks to 1, as the example shows below: skip_intro_movies="1" - Larger field of view and third-person camera Changing the FoV can’t be done by editing the config.xml file, as the variable is located in one of the main client files. We need to replace that file with one that has already been modified. As a result, the camera will be lifted higher off the ground which is the same as zooming out farther – a feature that’s present in a lot of other strategy games. First of all, navigate to the directory you’ve installed the Battleforge client and open the base, then pak folders. There are about a thousand files here – the one you’ll need to find is named bf1_base01.pak. Delete or move this file to another directory. Simply renaming it won’t be enough! (you may re-download the original file below in case you want to revert the changes) Next, choose a modified file from below and place it where the original bf1_base01.pak was i.e. under … \base\pak\ Only one of these can be live at any given time, so experiment to see which one suits your setup better. The higher the FoV, the more processing power your PC will require, the smaller units and buildings will become, and the more you’ll be able to see of the playing field. Ideally, you’d want the highest FoV possible to give you the most advantage, but that’ll depend on the monitor’s size and the specifications of your system. Changing the FoV will not reduce text and GUI size – everything will stay readable. DOWNLOAD modded file: FoV set to 80 (with vanity cam) >>> click here to preview DOWNLOAD modded file: FoV set to 75 (with vanity cam) >>> <no preview> DOWNLOAD modded file: FoV set to 70 (with vanity cam) >>> click here to preview DOWNLOAD original file: FoV set to 60 (without vanity cam) >>> click here to preview The third-person camera (click to preview) is included in all three modded files as a bonus. I’ve lowered the default minimum camera angle so you can zoom in real close with the mouse wheel to admire those… assets… *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* - Set a custom resolution Since the game engine only supports hor+ and can't handle ver+ (to utilise 16:10 and other vertical widescreen ratios), the wider screen you have, the better. Having a larger horizontal viewing area will give you an advantage in both PvE and PvP at the expense of vertical image size. You have to make a decision whether this trade-off is worth it. First, open the config.xml file as described above and find the following two entries: screenheight="####" and screenwidth="####" Between the quotation marks you'll see numbers, instead of # signs. These are the current vertical and horizontal resolutions (respectively). Change these to whatever you're comfortable with but don't reduce screenheight below 650, as GUI elements that don't scale will be partially cropped. My advice is to always maximise the horizontal resolution, then decide on the vertical number of pixels depending on your preference. Note that if you were to use the in-game Settings menu after this step, Battleforge will reset the resolution to default (screenheight="768" and screenwidth="1024") therefore you'll be required to modify the config.xml file again. Next, find the following entry: fullscreen="1" This might already be set to 0, buit if it isn't then change the number between the two quotation marks in order to enter windowed mode, like so: fullscreen="0" By using a smaller vertical resolution nothing gets lost or cropped, however everything on the screen will be that much smaller to allow for additional horizontal screen space. Here is an example of a 24:10 window ratio that - in essence - gives you 50% more horizontal viewing area by reducing vertical image size by 33% (i.e. running the game in 1920x804 instead of 1920x1200). - Snap cursor to window boundaries (recommended in windowed mode) Whether you have to, or choose to play Battleforge in windowed mode, you'll notice how awkward it is to scroll around the map by using either the arrow or WASD keys. Moving the mouse cursor to one of the screen borders requires way too much precision, as there is nothing to keep the cursor within the boundaries of the game window. Fortunately there is an application called Cursor Lock created by SnakeByte Studios. It's purpose is to confine the mouse cursor inside a specified window. You may download the tool by clicking on this link: http://www.snakebytestudios.com/download/cursor-lock/ Once downloaded and installed, double-click on CursorLockSetup.exe to launch the application. You need to change some of the settings before running Battleforge: 1) While on the Shortcut tab, click Program Mode. This should be selected by default. 2) Under Program Options, tick the box next to Open Program and click the browse button on the right to navigate to the location where you've installed the Battleforge client. Select BFRebornLauncher.exe then press OK. 3) Under Program Options, tick the box next to Lock Program and click the browse button on the right to navigate to the location where you've installed the Battleforge client. Select BattleForge.exe then press OK. 4) Under Standard Options, tick the box next to Lock Region and select Window Interior from the drop down box. Finally, click the Create Shortcut button in the bottom right corner of the window. Save the shortcut to your Desktop, or to your preferred location. You'll need to run Battleforge using this shortcut from now on. However, you don't need to run Cursor Lock ever again (it starts and shuts itself down automatically as required). The mouse cursor will now snap to the inner part of the game window, allowing you to scroll around the map by moving the mouse cursor to the edges - just like in full screen. Below is a snapshot to guide you with setting up Cursor Lock: click here to view this image
  3. NAME: incorrect message given in chatbox when player can't bid due to low BFp SEVERITY: 4 LOCATION: auction house & chatbox REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: Trying to Bid on a card with less than enough BFp results in a 'You do not have enough Battleforge Points to buy this item.' message, which is normally generated when clicking on Buyout. It should say 'You do not have enough Battleforge Points to bid on this item.' SCREENSHOT: I have 25 BFp, bidding on Eruption which is already at 666 BFp.
  4. Hey guys, Sort of a related subject. While everyone is waiting for Battleforge to be reborn and/or decent games to come out on the PC, the emulator scene has made noteworthy progress on all fronts when it comes to the 7th generation and beyond. These teams are fighting a similar battle for unsupported games to stay relevant and playable, ever since the systems these run on have become or are becoming redundant. Wow, I just described Battleforge and EA's BF server. What were the odds of that? At any rate, this topic was by no means created to condone piracy but rather to offer a starting point, shedding light on the interesting and exciting world of emulators. If you own any of the systems listed herein, chances are you're able to dump the game discs or cartridges you own and play them on your PC. Making your beloved games immortal in process. But I digress. Let's make a start, shall we? :: Nintendo Wii U :: Might as well get the big guns out and talk about an 8th generation console that's now fully emulated. Yep, you read that one right. You know that game everyone is on about - it's considered the best open world free roam game of the current generation. Of course you heard about it. It's the main reason why people flock to buy the Nintendo Switch. That's right. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. OK, now guess which game was the last to come out on the Wii U? The answer is indeed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We got CEMU, the Wii U emulator that's able to run most games for the system - including the one we mentioned above - with little to no graphical glitches at whatever resolution your PC is able to handle. There are some other cool games for the system, depending on what genres you're into of course. Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Xenoblade Chronicles X and other Zelda games like The Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. Some of these you are able to play in split screen mode with your friends or partner, using Xbox 360 controllers for example, hooked up to your PC outputting onto a big screen TV. The website for CEMU is cemu.info with monthly build downloads that are getting better and better. The CEMU team has also set up a Patreon page, therefore if you think they deserve your monetary support then they'd be more than happy to express their gratitude by offering patron-only updates in form of nightly builds and posts. For the most part you're only required to have a decent PC, however BotW requires a more beefy rig or it won't be up to snuff to run this gem. :: Nintendo DS and 3DS :: Before we leave Nintendo territory, let's mention a couple of their handhelds. There is some potent stuff here, especially if you happen to own an Android device. OK, so let's look at the DS first. This aging handheld has got quite a few strong titles despite what the name might imply. The emulator you want to be looking for is called DraStic and is available on the Google Play store. Of course there is an application for the PC as well, but this is not an all encompassing thread about emulation so let's stick to Android for now. If you need a refresher, the DS has two screens: one that's standard, and one touch-sensitive. This translates great onto mobile phones, as you got a touch screen readily available at your eager fingertips. DraStic doesn't even require a high-end expensive phone to run the games. To name half a dozen titles to boot, you might want to look into the Kirby games, Orcs & Elves, Warhammer 40k Squad Command, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, Mario & Luigi games, the Dementium series and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. So get your games and start dumping those cartridges onto your PC. 3DS. Right. For this you're going to need an adequately powerful PC for the emulator called Citra (https://citra-emu.org). Games are a lot larger and due to the stronger hardware of the original handheld, boast better graphics and 3D capabilities you -by default - won't be able to experience on your monitor, but who cares if you can re-play your beloved games? Am I right? Of course I'm right. In case you're unfamiliar with the system, here are some of the best titles (again, subject to your genre-specific preferences) to get you started on your merry way: Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby Planet Robot, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart 7, Mighty Switch Force, Nano Assault, Super Mario Bros. 2, Shadow Wars and Super Mario 3D Land. As with all emulation and resurrection - or should I say, reborn - endeavours, please consider donating to the development team of Citra in the form of hard cash or even game cartrtidges. :: Sony Playstation 3 :: Oh yeah baby. You read that one right too. There is definitely a number 3 at the end of that title. This one is without a doubt my most anticipated project of the bunch. As much as I love playing Mario Kart 8 in split-screen on my PC, nothing comes close to 7th generation console exclusive titles for the PS3 (or Xbox 360, for that matter). Red Dead Redemption, anyone? Need I say more? I mean come on, that game blows all the Grand Theft Auto titles out of the water including San Andreas and Vice City. Not to mention most other games in existence, irrespective of genre. Keep you knickers on though, as things aren't that magical. As opposed to CEMU - you remember, the Wii U emulator? - that eats emulates its games down to a T in wonderful high-definition, the Playstation 3 emulator has only just started spreading its wings. Going back to Red Dead Redemption... the game does boot up with a whooping 1 digit frames per second, is no means playable as of yet. The team of RPCS3 are making fantastic progress though. There are several triple A titles that work fine and are enjoyable with the right setup such as Catherine or Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch that looks like a game made by Studio Ghibli, probably because they're indeed responsible for the animation. However, the time is now to dust off those PS3 games you got on the shelves and start dumping the disc contents onto your hard drive. Just look at the progress they've made in the past month, and how far the team has come in emulating this unquestionably brilliant, but now discontinued console. More and more games boot up and become playable. As I said, you do need a hefty PC to get the more demanding titles to run but that should come as no surprise. PS3 games are still very good looking. This is the part where I'd mention some titles worth considering, however this system isn't that old therefore most of you should be familiar with its library. Not to mention all the RPGs I've no interest in playing... you surely know better what those are than I do. Alright, let me throw around some game titles then: Okami HD (the best Zelda game that's not a Zelda game), the Sly Collection, Dragon's Crown, Fat Princess, Journey, Diablo 3 (don't write this one off, the local multiplayer and unique movement exclusive to consoles makes this worth of attention), the Condemned series and of course Red Dead Redemption. You should own that game even if you never had a PS3. And now it makes sense to. I'd strongly advise anyone who has the means to support the fine people at RPCS3 to do so. They have a Patreon page set up and truly deserve credit (literally) for what they're doing. Visit the RPCS3 website and their forums. The community is very friendly and informative. honorable mentions Dolphin, the Nintendo Wii and Gamecube emulator PPSSPP, the Sony Playstation Portable emulator for both Android and the PC Xenia, the Microsoft Xbox 360 emulator (still in early stages requirng a Vulkan capable GPU meaning a very powerful PC) want to know more? Visit the links in my post (all the underlined texts) and get onto Youtube. Enter the emulator's name with the title of the game you're interested in and hit search. Plenty of resources around to get you going.
  5. If there is a way, then it's not immediately apparent to me. You could create a folder junction from the command prompt (Start menu, type cmd to open the command prompt). The correct syntax is mklink /j from to if I remember right. So for example mklink /j "c:\Users\Eirias\Documents\BattleForge\replays" "d:\replays" would create a link for the default replays folder to your D drive. You can amend the quotation marks of course, if there are no spaces in the path. Before doing the above, don't forget to either delete or rename the original folder (...\Battleforge\replays), otherwise you'll get an error message. All files should then be accessible from the D:\replays folder.
  6. @Devilwarrior1699 Yes there is. That information is another guide I didn't ask Ross to move into the public area, as I thought demand will be low Here it is: Try other settings if you're not 100% happy with the result e.g. Ultrakool replied that -29 worked best for him.
  7. Ilsyde

    Please Help with this Error

    Have you still got this problem? Your antivirus is likely blocking the game executables. Try disabling your antivirus from the taskbar. There should be an icon next to the clock at the bottom right.
  8. NAME: card reward not received on completing Defending Hope single-player mission SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: see above. got two card rewards, one appeared in the cards I owned whereas the other (Frost Mage) didn't REPRODUCIBILITY: completed the map the second time around, however I'm not receiving any more cards as the reward supposed to only trigger the first time around DESCRIPTION: see above SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: searching for Frost Mage reveals no hits in cards owned, however system message notified me of receiving the card (no ss taken) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I experienced no crashes shortly after this event, and the card is still not there after two successful login attempts
  9. Ilsyde

    2 - map reward card not received

    I was only reading the system message that said Frost Mage and another card's name without mentioning anything of upgrades. Yes, I could be mistaken.
  10. Ilsyde

    Please Help with this Error

    When you run the file you downloaded above, it will extract lots of loose files into whatever folder you chose (e.g. the BF folder). In there you'll find dxsetup.exe. You need to run that in order to install dx9.
  11. Ilsyde

    Can´t choose resolution

    You can set the resolution and full screen mode manually. Go to c:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\ and open the config.xml using a text editor (e.g. notepad). Search for the word "fullscreen" (without he quotation marks) and set its value to 1 Next or below it (depending on the text editor you're using) are screenheight and screenwidth. Type in the desired resolution e.g.: fullscreen="1" screenheight="1080" screenwidth="1920"
  12. Ilsyde

    Please Help with this Error

    Hmm did you install it as well? You need to extract the contents, then run dxsetup.exe.
  13. Ilsyde

    no game sound

    Have you got razer synapse installed? If so, uninstall it and its sound driver then restart windows and let that install a default driver. That could solve the issue. And/or press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC while on the desktop to open the task manager. Go to the fourth tab (Startup) and disable the Kraken software, if any. Then restart your PC. Let me know how you're getting on.
  14. Ilsyde

    Please Help with this Error

    You need to install dx9 http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  15. Ilsyde

    lag crashes

    No, you shouldn't experience noticable lag once in-game. Could be your computer specs. Try setting all Graphics options to low or off from the settings menu, and see if that makes any difference. Also make sure nothing is running in the background that can interfere with the game e.g. nvidia experience, AVG etc.
  16. Ilsyde

    no game sound

    Strange, maybe something is blocking it, or BF isn't compatible with your soundcard/drivers. Is your BF client intact? No files missing for sound? Would you happen to know what sound card you got? If you don't, then press WIN+R while on the desktop, type in dxdiag and check the Sound tab(s) to find out. Also have a look at sound settings: Go to Control Panel > Sound or open the Start menu and type in Sound to get to the same menu. Under the Playback tab, double-click the default device (one with the green icon), select the Advanced tab and set format to 24bit 44.1k or 24bit 48k. Good luck.
  17. Ilsyde

    no game sound

    Have you tried deleting the config.xml file from c:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\ ?
  18. Thank you @MephistoRoss for moving the topic to a public area. Wiped "how to set language" guide, as it's now defunct due to the custom launcher.
  19. Ilsyde

    I can't open the game!

    Have you guys disabled all your antivirus and antimalware applications? If you're on Windows 10, open the start menu then type Maintenance. "Security and Maintenance" should come up as the first hit (blue flag icon). Click on it, then select the Security drop-down at the top. Then select View Installed Antivirus Apps. This'll give you a list of security software running in the background. Leave this list open and disable all of them from their respective applications (from the taskbar where the clock is or any other way) until they all say Snoozed or Off. Don't worry about Windows Defender as that doesn't do squat and won't affect Battleforge.
  20. Ilsyde

    No Permission to access Documents/config.xml

    Try disabling antivirus and antimalware to begin with. Also try copying a file (e.g. a small text file) to c:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\ as permissions to your C:\ drive might be an issue. Another thing you could try is to go into your c:\Users\ folder, and right-click the folder with your username. Then do the following: select Properties, Security tab, highlight your name from the top list and look at the checkmarks below. Full Control and Modify should be ticked. If this is not the case then click Edit... and add the checkmarks. Apply settings, close down the window and try Battleforge again.
  21. Ilsyde


    Your client file(s) may be corrupt? Copy & paste & overwrite this file with the one you got under your Battleforge install folder /base/pak/ and try again.
  22. Ilsyde

    Graphics adapter issues

    What's your GPU? Can you run modern games?
  23. Hi. Have you sorted this since? That error message is telling me that a software on your PC has deleted the contents of the updater archive. Got Avast on my end, it didn't flag the file. You might have something else installed e.g. malwarebytes. Re-download the rar, it should work after.
  24. Getting an SSL connection error on mine, then a disconnect message from the BF splash after about the third auto-try using the above updated launcher. (I can ping without problems) main(): Created 'BattleForge' directory in 'My Documents' main(): Created default 'config.xml' file main(): Game started main(): Memory patches applied Proxy::Run(): Listening for local connection Proxy::Run(): Received local connection Proxy::HandlePacket(): SSL connection unexpectedly closed
  25. Ilsyde

    Type as fast as you can!!!

    You guys should try the Typing of the Dead game series. It's hilarious, especially TotD Overkill which is deliberately made to feel like a pulp-fiction movie.

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