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  1. New Languarge

    The main text for menus etc. are in bf1_base01.pak. You need to unpack the contents (using dragon, watto or any other extractor) to /bf1/data/ then get rid of the original before editing. If you leave the original file then the client will load that instead, as that is the preferred action. There are four cff files for each main language (English, French, German and Russian), if I remember correctly there is a command line app called cff packer for the original Spellforce which is able to pack/unpack for you. Then you need to wade through them and change the text, though honestly this was so long ago I don't even remember what the extracted files looked like. At the end you can rename the finished file to e.g. "en" (for English) and the client will load that, or simply tell it to load another language through the config file. You should be able to test this long before pissing about with the translation just by renaming e.g. the "de" (German) file to "en" (English) thus fooling the client to load with German text, as "en" is the default irrespective of contents. ...Unless you're using a German OS I guess? Other files e.g. storybook etc. are scattered all over the ui.pak files. The way those files are categorised is one big flustercuck (because they're NOT categorised) and translating them would take you a massive chunk of your time. Plus you have to be fairly adept at the language you're translating to (and from) as these entries are written as parts of a large novel by a person who had a sizeable vocabulary. And wasn't afraid to use it.
  2. New Languarge

    You're probably aware of this, but you could just take the language files and change them to your liking using a text editor. Then share it with other players if you think your translation is up to snuff, or even superior to the original. Which it will be, by the sound of it. There is also the possibility to add additional languages by renaming&editing one of the existing files (German, Russian or French) then instruct the client to load your custom language. Yes the devs were/are German, but no longer working for Jowood, therefore most likely pushed by EA into using English as the primary language, or have the translations done by another studio / third party.
  3. Just a quick heads-up, guys. If you want to celebrate the imminent release of BattleForge open beta with a deck of Shadows Over Lyr, now is the time to do so. Printerstudio - the company we use(d) to have decks of cards printed - have a 20% money off deal going until 6th of Feb using the voucher code LIEBE. It's supposed to be for Valentine's day... Not sure what that might be... Some form of a pagan holiday perhaps? Anyway, link is still in the first post. If you need help with the German website, simply click on the link at the end of the first post that'll take you to their "Blanko Spielkarten 63 x 88mm Personalisieren" page. Now select the paper quality you want (300gsm is standard cardstock, 310gsm is premium linen i.e. textured, 330gsm is upgauge gloss and Kunststoff is quality plastic that'll probably outlive you like your children are going to). Anzahl is the quantity, go for 72. Packaging is fine on Folienverschweisst (i.e. shrink wrapped) unless you want to pay stupid amount of money for a flimsy box. Next, click "Gestalte es"... I actually like to shout GESSSTALTE ES!!!1! when I click that button because it's German so you're supposed to shout when speaking to scare others around you who don't speak or understand the language. In the small pop-up window click the blue Anderes Motiv link. Now click on the green Bilder Hochladen button, select all card faces/backs from the SOL archive you downloaded and extracted to upload them. Once that's finished, drag&drop them one by one onto the left to fill up the 72 slots. Then you click the orange Weiter link twice, until that small pop-up window reappears. This time we need to click the blue Das Selbe Motiv. Drag&drop the single cardback from the SOL archive to this one template. Click the orange Weiter twice to get to the preview page. Make sure everything looks good before scrolling to the bottom of the page to click Zum Einkaufswagen. On the checkout page you have your details on the left, and the delivery address to the right. Don't forget to scroll down and enter the Valentine's day code LIEBE otherwise they're going to rip you off big style. Alternatively you can get 5 Euros off if you scroll to the bottom of the main page and enter your e-mail address (the same address you're going to use to checkout). This is only valid on orders exceeding 15 Euros and only for new customers. Happy gaming.
  4. soundtracks for playing

    This is pretty good. Into my collection! I should check out the composer's portfolio.
  5. Marketing

    I wish! It's just a quick mock-up I've done in p.net.
  6. Marketing

    How 'bout some gamebooks?
  7. Oxenfree on GOG for... free. Oxen. Confused, I am.


    1. sylvix95


      ya didn't used mah pattern :(

  8. Grim Fandango Remastered free on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/grim_fandango_remastered

  9. Good coop games

    Deep Rock Galactic will be on Steam early access at the beginning of next year, worth following. 4-player, class-based FPS in which dwarves dig underground for resources while being attacked by various bugs and insects. Very strong, tense atmosphere and survival elements.
  10. Good coop games

    Don't see Battleborn on your list It's one of the best FPS coop experiences.
  11. Good coop games

    Anyone picked up Starcraft 2 (since the base game is now free) to play the co-op commander game mode? It's quite addicting, I've been playing it for a month or so now following a friend's recommendation. A year ago when it was announced I wasn't interested - looked like the same ol' boring Starcraft gameplay with one of the three default races against the A.I. As it turns out, all commanders are unique with lots of specials, abilities, units and game mechanics to unlock. Certainly doesn't feel like standard Starcraft which is a great plus in my book. Worth a try, lots of fun to be had. Matches only last about 15-30 mins depending on the map, difficulty setting and competency of yourself and your ally
  12. Brutal Legend for free (Steam & DRM free keya)


    1. sylvix95


      got it, thanks.

    2. llunsyx


      Ty for this free game x) <3

  13. Outlast + expansion pack free (GOG and Steam)

    1. ThomasMann


      Yah got beaten to it lol

  14. Mirage Arcane Warfare free to keep on Steam (until tomorrow morning)

  15. Talk about RTS

    You can get all three from old-games.com. My advice is to make a list of games you want - including the three you mentioned above - then pay the $6 for a 24 hour unlimited download slot. Unless you don't mind waiting hours or days per game.