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  1. anonyme0273

    Building Cards (PvP)

    I don't know why but when you start or end pretty much each of your responses in a condescending manner like this it just makes everyone annoyed and less likely to actually be open about the idea which may or may not be bad. I am pretty certain everyone so far (that is excluding me and you) is a far more experienced player than either of us and asking them if they know how the game works to me seems like a pathetic insult. That said, here is my something to the point --> Simply said, I am against this. It is not a bad idea because it could make things more interesting in PvP, no - truth be told, some of your points aren't bad, like more punishment for bad placement (even though it isn't as simple, but whatever). I am against this idea mostly because it makes the game a lot more confusing for new players and harder to keep an eye on for players who are experienced. Right now all good PvP players know full well how much Power is returned to them after a unit dies, how VP works, what actions refund power and what doesn't - it's all either 0%, 90% or 100%, all of which is simple and straight forward. However having to calculate this Power change by remembering max HP (which is often dependent on upgrade level), then the current HP, approximating it to round a 10% divisible number for easier calculation and splitting it between permanently lost and Void returned power is just not fitting the current good playstyle where the rules are clear for card abilities, unit/building deaths, spell usage etc. Not to mention the vast amounts of cards that manipulate Void Power in both positive and negative ways for players, and limiting Void Power would make them less useful. You said you are most concerned about PvP but buildings are mostly used in PvE for a good reason and you can't just disregard that. This would be op in PvE where after not moving to another area and demolishing other buildings you get a faster boost from that with your method. Rather than having to wait for your 90% of VP return to flow to your usable Power, you get some immediately which allows you to advance faster. PvE and PvP is very nicely balanced as is and boosting either of those in other to balance the other one can have unforeseeable implications on the overall balance of that mode.
  2. anonyme0273

    Farm-able Cards

    I didn't come to talk about "Get Rich Quick" methods in BattleForge, it was a sidepoint and I don't really care to talk anyone out of their ways. Personally it's more fun for me to open packs, sell or trade cards I don't need, and hope for a high value card. I said the economy is flawed, that not only being price values but Booster values as well. To each their own, not gonna talk about that, it's off topic of the thread anyway. Perhaps most people keep those cards out of neccessity for their decks instead of looking for profit, since as we established, they are quite important for most decks you will want to build. Not much you can do about that, since people need charges and with 540 cards going around out of which a majority is common/uncommon, the chances of getting exactly what you need in a Booster aren't high even with the drop ratios as they are now. Putting more of those cards on the market - either because they are useless or because they are essential and you can get more of them - will without a doubt lower their value. As with current loot tables, people do and will grind a certain map over and over to get the upgrade or just go to rPvE to get gold and buy it, if its convenient. What you are suggesting would either replace one or more of the looted upgrades from a map with a card that not everyone needs (and as you said, they'd then go and sell it promptly, lowering its value further). This means upgrades would be harder to get and more gold grinding would be required, not less, since you can't really buy cards with gold. So instead of saving time on having to grind for quests and BFP, much more time will be needed to get upgrades by any means. All that is unless you specify only certain maps that can drop cards (would they drop any common/uncommon card, would there be a loot table with probability, would it be totally random, would it be sorted and separated by map?) which not only is a lot of work, but even less reliable than Boosters or just simple trading. Selling Boosters rips the economy further. You get free Boosters and you sell them, cool and profitable, yes. If the combined value of those cards really IS under 350,400,450 or whatever, why would anyone buy it then? Not sure what you mean - you don't see cards people want in the market? No idea what you want to say. Ofc it's a bad thing, cards are drawn from thin air by playtime so much that ALL prices will plummet over time, especially Promos and their non promo versions. There is no value to them, since they are not exclusive at all. As stated, if a Booster is not valuable, noone will buy it, this means all cards alongside BFP will stay in circulation and the numbers will only grow, and more cards of the same type means that they are less valuable. Infinite BFP will slow down this price decline because people will be able to afford more expensive cards by being patient with quest rewards or it will speed the process up by people buying Boosters thus adding more cards to the mix, that I am unsure of. Either way there is no point of Windweavers being 300BFP once everyone has them, right? That's totally absurd. Unlike real life, there is no exclusivity to cards once there is an overflow of them. The number of card inflow will stay roughly the same depending on player activity, but players joining will slow down, which means there will be many more cards per player, why why why would they cost more then?? That quote is pure nonsense.
  3. anonyme0273

    Farm-able Cards

    Frost Mage, Nox Trooper, Scavenger, Life Weaving, Ensnaring roots - all T1 Common/Uncommon cards, all expensive in the AH, all pretty essential to the decks of their respective color. What you are suggesting would require a check of AH prices - which may, and imo will - change. Card prices change, Frost Mage price dropper, Shaman rose, Nox Trooper is keeping steady (afaik). It thus makes no sense of nitpicking those "essential" cards for a giveaway at the end of matches, people would obviously grind those matches to get these cards for free (and with many players seeing profit, they'd sell cards obtained this way). A great number of players getting high price cards would result in these cards value dropping rapidly, which just defeats the purpose. What then, would the card roster change just to fix the price curve? That would be unfair to people who were too late to join the party. The system you propose is flawed, would create an excess of any cards from the loot table, and with cards, BFP and Boosters being a common resource with quest, there is no point in doing this. Play 30 minutes a day, get a Booster, sell anything you don't need, buy what you do need with the profit from this and the other quests. Even when unlucky with the card drops it's possible to trade smart and make thousands of BFPs in a matter of days, or should you get lucky and get a Promo or a high value card, your problem is solved anyway. The economy is flawed as is and can be easily abused with the huge unlimited card inflow per day, so adding to the card inflow with limitless cards from campaigns is just a bad idea. If anything is unclear, I can go into more detail, but I think I made my point known.
  4. anonyme0273

    Stress Test Open#2(vs2) 17.11.18

    LFG, just for participation and some fun games ^^
  5. anonyme0273

    Replay forum?

    I could use some nice cascade styles for <table>, <td> and <tr> - downloads will be listed in a table and my priority is to get the thing to work, not make it look good. So yea, if you have some time and ideas, send me any CSS you can.
  6. anonyme0273

    Auction House Price Manupulation

    I dunno, Tremor is somewhat essential to Frost PvP, Wheel of Gifts is great in PvE. It's high demand -> high price, nothing wrong with that. If noone bought those cards on these prices, the price would go down. There are dozens of common cards and just as Sunstriders don't cost 3 BFP as they used to, neither do most cards. Everyone has a lot of BFP, everyone can get packs easily and sell stuff to make thousands of BFPs weekly to buy anything, and as you could have noticed, prices are adjusting slowly over time. I used to be against this system mostly because of Promos being included in Boosters but now I see that with the influx of players, activity and AH/Trade chat development, it seems to be working out so far.
  7. anonyme0273

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    Congrats to the top 3, props to everyone who participated.
  8. anonyme0273

    help me with school plz

    lol this thread is still here
  9. anonyme0273

    Undead Army

    If you have Kobold's Trick you probably have Coldsnap too - in that case it's better to Coldsnap the Skeleton Army and fix your well, you get 100% of the power spent on repairs into your Void Pool rather than 90% when using spells or units. This means you can then get two Frost Mages which, when placed correctly, should delay the Skeleton Army for long enough that they die on their own. Of course you can expect a split push after this in which case you either rush to attack yourself or get 1 War Eagle as Pure Frost, an Enforcer as Fire, Forsaken, Nox Trooper or another Nightcrawler as Shadow or the T2 spearman thingy as Nature. Every deck can handle a bunch of small units in T2 even if it's just one L unit plowing through them to stall for time, CC'ing them or trying to kill them. As @SunWu II. said though, not many people play this, if any at all, and after a long stretched fight hardly anyone will have the Power to cast a 100 Power spell AND summon 2 Nightcrawlers. As a defender, you are in a good spot in all cases no matter with what deck, unless you are really behind with Power wells, in which case you'd probably lose the game against a good player anyway. Mind that it's the only card that uses this mechanic and it's not even that popular, going into such depths as we are here is imo unnecessary, but I think there is no need to rework the card, as it's not that strong as it seems.
  10. anonyme0273

    Undead Army

    I see you like CSGO, but no need to get salty here. IF you fight next to your monument and the opponent has enough Power to cast Undead Army then you probably have the means to reply instantly by having a sudden 100 extra Power. IF the fight has finished, then you probably still have some units at your base while all his units are dead. In the second case, there are still corpses, so just don't move your army away and be way. Not a big deal or anything complex. Does it make sense to you? Some kind of awareness and expecting the next move? If you keep up your garbage attitude I ain't gonna bother with this shit.
  11. anonyme0273

    Undead Army

    It's not totally out of nowhere that these units spawn - as long as you are playing against a Shadow player you have to mind the corpses around the map, either for Corpse Explosions or Undead Army, or Shadow Phoenixes etc. It's not like a SHadow user can just spawm units around the map as they please. Also, dead bodies last ~20 seconds iirc, so in that timeframe just be careful, after that you can rest easy.
  12. anonyme0273

    Undead Army

    Coldsnap - 80 Oink - 55 Hurricane -70 Root - 60 Undead Army - 100 With a splitpush 2 Nightcrawlers that's another 120 Power at which point you can expect some measures to be taken, not considering the time it takes the Nightcrawlers to get anywhere, which is plenty to get some Power and make undazed units or recharge CC. Undead Army cost is simply too great to balance out its strengths
  13. anonyme0273

    Undead Army

    The spell costs 100 Power or 90 at U3. Skeleton Warriors last 20 seconds or 30 seconds on U2 and U3. Considering only 2 squads can attack a single building at any given time and with Skeleton Warriors dealing 660 damage per 20 seconds, and considering we have the spell upgraded to the max - with one cast they will deal up to 660*1.5*2=1980 damage (a bit less since their animation already takes Unholy Armour into account and will start ticking their life away) - which essentially means they CAN'T destroy a Well nor a Monument in one go. They can do substantial damage, but it's not a big problem - every normal PvP deck has a way of either slowing them down or CC'ing them completely and rendering them useless. As said, Nature counters this fully and with a nice Power advantage too. What is more, Shadow players want to always apply presure - at least in most cases with standard decks - because defending as Shadow isn't very easy due to lack of CC, which means that either the attacker will send some units to accompany the Skeleton Warriors which inherently costs quite a lot of power and thus prevent further recasting of Undead Army, or will attack a different spot to split the pressure. You can't, however, expect the enemy to just chill out and take it - 100 Power in PvP is a lot and any skilled player will attack you as soon as you cast, unless they focus on building up an army in which case your Skeleton Warriors won't do much damage either. Recasting 3 times is highly improbable since no senseful player will let you get away with it without applying pressure back or building such a defense force that your spell is useless and a waste of Power. Imo the best use this card has is to finish off a damaged base after a failed attack. I don't think it's OP in any way except that it doesn't need allied ground presence, but it's by design one of its stronger sides.
  14. anonyme0273

    Does overlord worth keeping? [SOLVED]

    Overlord? Meh, not sure. If you go pure Shadow in PvE, try Shadow worms in teams of two alongside someone who can heal them. On it's own, Pure Shadow PvE ain't that grand as far as I know.

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