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  1. Juggernaut Figure

    There is a thread by @MephistoRoss where he said (2 years ago) that the statue is still being sold. However, the links seem to be gone, and probably so are the statues gone from online market, at least based on where I looked. Yep... they are a rare and limited collectible now. Here is the thread I mentioned above
  2. The legendary forum game "count"

    2496 Amazing
  3. Its the final Countdown

    85? 83 untill the 31st of January. The year 1983 saw both the official beginning of the Internet and the first mobile cellular telephone call. -Wiki
  4. How old are you guys?

    Too old
  5. Say something about the person above you.

    Pretty Shadow-y for a Fire Dragon
  6. Order Of Players To Fight

    Here is a list of people who are up for some fights in a topic by @bobfrog, just add your name there, no need to create a new topic
  7. Trying to access my Runescape account out of nostalgy after not playing for over 5 years, found out I am apparently permanently banned for alleged macroing a year ago. Nice.

    1. Eddio


      Very nice :kappa:

    2. ThomasMann


      Happened to me as well. 

    3. Nephilim


      runescape is well... not my cup of tea and never was

  8. Say something about the person above you.

    Is from a country which name I can pronounce
  9. Say something about the person above you.

    Rebelled against the pixels
  10. Hello. Does anyone have some experience with removing noise from a sound file? Audacity succesfully removed most of it, but perhaps combining more methods (whatever software is required) will get rid of it completely. Thank you

    1. InsaneHawk
    2. Dexirian


      Depends on the level of noise and frequency of it, some instances it might be easy but some might require specialized software, i'd need to see the sound file in question to say for sure

    3. Eirias


      I know a little bit of stuff. Depends what needs to be removed.

  11. Describe the game with one word!

  12. [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Rep up, I remember you used to like that you deserve all of it
  13. [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    We as the community could say the same
  14. Free stuff is good stuff (22 hours left)


    1. DawsonTheFish


      Is there a way to get these on steam? I thought I did it with civ lll once

    2. anonyme0273


      That was probably from Humble Bundle, this is a different site so a different system