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  1. Just to reiterate the dozen of times this was suggested before, and I still think this is the case and will be for a while - there is not enough players to start splitting the community into languages, regions, hair color, or whatever really. Maybe once the player count is ten times of what it is now. I think someone said it before but right now we need all the people at one place to lower LFG times, trade offer times and generally all means of any player chat interactions. Don't split the community. Speak english like we all do. It's really just common courtesy on an english server, no m
  2. Funnily was thinking about the same yesterday. My idea: After being attacked by the Tempest for 5 seconds, the attacked unit is Frozen until Tempest stops attacking it for at least 2 seconds. Deals full damage to frozen targets.
  3. So every replay from before Thugs update is worthless or just the ones with Thugs actually played?
  4. I think they were a threat to S T1 ranged and melee squads for a good reason - except those, T1 Fire only has the Scavenger, which is nice, but not great at taking down squads alone. Thugs could chase a single unit around making them valuable not only because of their damage but the Looting passive. I think removing that makes them quite a big "meh", since they are no longer a reason to truly run away and not let them hit you. The added pressure didn't make them op, and all it took to prevent them from being super useful was just running away, usually with a 50 Power unit, thus wasting the add
  5. I like the economic side of this, balancing the market a bit, since after the release over time it's not unlikely the amount of new players will start slowing down, which slowly starts oversaturating the market. Anything to help with card prices staying a bit unpredictable is a good thing in my opinion.
  6. Overall from what I've seen the shield cooldown, attack animation and general smoothness is all over the place. Sometimes the shield is applied a second after cancelling an attack, then the attack happens instantly, sometimes the shield takes forever without attacking, then he just stands there and does nothing for 10 seconds
  7. Nice! Could you post a download for all of them here? The wiki download doesn't wanna work for some reason
  8. Happy new year! What a shit year it was, except BattleForge coming out again <3

    1. sylvix95


      Happy new year friend

    2. ThomasMann
  9. Indeed, it's quite fast paced now and easy to get boosters, cards and BFP. You can't accelerate the process with money, which is a good thing. If you want to play the game, now is the time, better than ever. See ya in the Forge.
  10. @Eirias good memory! The site was as good as done, I don't remember who else except you knew about it, but someone from staff surely did. I could try and dig the project up, the logic works well, it just looks a bit ugly (never got that good with CSS). Available to share or work on it further.
  11. Will you be implementing a token authentication for auctions, perhaps for a future mobile app on which to follow and do trades efficiently an on the go?
  12. anonyme0273


    Well unless there is a constant influx of players the economy will be in jeopardy eventually due to the (good) easy ways of acquiring BFP and Boosters, but that's probably not something that wasn't considered before. Let's see what happens, fingers crossed for success
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