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  1. I will not be publishing any private messages, I respect their privacy. I too was disappointed to having to attempt to continue this discussion in private, since both my public queries went without an answer. As I stated every time, I don't wish for this issue to die and over time I will, as anyone, lose my temper. Though to be frank, I doubt I was disrespectful considering the way the issue was handled from the other side too. We both escalated the issue but my attempts to continue the conversation went without as much as reading the message. Here, I will quote my part of the message as I thi
  2. Up until recently I was of the completely different stance. For years I stood by the side of staff and before the launch only few times did I have any negative feedback. But the last few months things seem completely different. At no fault of yours, one of the things I miss most in retrospect were the weekly updates on development. Since development of bringing the game back to the state it was is pretty much done, there is only changes and additions. Whether that's good or bad is irrelevant, but except 'done deal, here are the changes', there is close to zero transparency on those. Bringing t
  3. Exactly. Transparency is close to zero, updates too, we only get brought the news of things that are now confirmed to change - no different from shitty huge games like League of Legends and any other. To be completely fair it is morning of a workday/schoolday, can't really expect that many players there ^^ I don't want to bash player numbers at all costs, but it still should be a priority over game development since the game is out and working well. If you look at this thread as a whole, you will notice zero reactions from any staff, which saddens me more. There is opinions
  4. I brought this up publicly after my private messages were ignored. This has been going on for over a week for me with little to no official reaction, and I explicitly said I am not letting this issue go, because I believe in it strongly. Plus, until there actually is someone (be it one specific person or a group of staff) helping manage the community, spreading the word and helping the game live on, this needs to be a topic. As of yet, none of those are happenning. I don't disagree, and in the long term I believe this argument supports my case - less people stick and those who do, won'
  5. Yes, and I it's the first step in an important direction. But there already are established platforms that were managed decently before release. Twitter and Facebook for updates, YouTube for important announcements - all of those are now barren wastelands just chilling and waiting. Right now the only active platform is Discord, this Forum has been dead for a while. What I see is just wasted potential all around to have great community outreach. If the staff do nothing, why should the community? There were Steam groups, Skype groups, Facebook groups, all dead now despite the game being actually
  6. Hi, all you weird people who like me still visit the forum for some reason. I've come to share my first negative experience with the project and hope to bring more attention to what I believe matters most. Now we all are here for the game and its community (can't have one without the other for long). The game is almost the same as when we fell in love with it so many years ago. The community changed over the years since the establishment of this project until now - for the better in most cases, I'd say. There is still positivity everywhere I look and support has seemingly never been
  7. anonyme0273

    2 VS 2

    I guess I didn't explain the idea properly. This would be a system feature, not a thing people themselves do. So when/before you queue up, the system shows the amount of people in the queue in the UI for others to see - not specific names. Just as you see the amount of open matches in any given map (sparring PvP, rPvE, campaign maps...) you'd see the amount of enqueued players/teams for ranked matches and thus know if you'd get a match or just waste your time waiting and hoping.
  8. anonyme0273

    2 VS 2

    To prevent waiting forever, maybe see how many people are in queue so you know if you want to queue up too? And you joining a queue would be visible for others who want to play but are unsure if they'd wait forever? Y'know, keep the game moving forward and making it more user friendly in all aspects
  9. All the cards in the image below (those standing next to each other) share a certain ability (Looter, Rage, Burnout, Life steal). Many more cards do. The problem is, the specifics, be it values or actual functionality, vary from card to card. Strikers gain Power from hitting anything, Thugs only from buildings, yet the names of the abilities are the same. This is confusing, especially since Thugs were recently changed. I propose renaming those abilities slightly, either completely or just with a prefix/suffix to indicate, as with affinities, that there are differences between t
  10. All price analyses are redundant without player influx. With the economy set as is, the prices have nowhere to go but down with unlimited supply of both cards and currency and decreasing demand.
  11. Was gold, am not any more. Does that count?
  12. Brace for impact from the Age of Mythology group. Seriously though, great game too, highly recommend it if you like the classic RTS format and some real world lore to go with it.



    1. ThomasMann


      What a strange person, why can't they just like both games? And how is Battleforge on top of the foodchain lmao 

    2. Dallarian


      Bored jealous kid from small community want to destroy fun of other small community. I hate internet for being so toxic.

      Tbh I am happy for AoE 2 success even if I played only AoE 1; even when I am sad for Starcraft being abandoned. But growing hate toward whole world because of that?


      Dear fellow players, please stay sane for both you and your surroundings.

    3. Ladadoos
  13. Not a PvE main by far, but I don't really mind people finding fun combos for otherwise hardly used cards and making the best of them. They use/abuse the mechanic to make something otherwise impossible, which just means a lot of thought went into it and to me that's a signal the game overall is doing well. There is meta, and there is offmeta. It's fun seeing a card otherwise rarely used at all to do great things, so I'm all for leaving things as is, and let people play with it or find a new offmeta strat to beat this
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