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  1. Name: Avatrostkol (a mix of a random name generated here: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/mtg-giant-names.php and combined with a combination of Avatar of Frost from here http://namecombiner.com/ ... I have too much time on my hands sometimes) Age: 2812 (a random number generated in range 120~6000 here https://www.random.org/) Card: Avatar of Frost Appearance and Gender: a usual Avatar of Frost Alignment: ALLIES: FROST, NATURE ENEMIES: FIRE, SHADOW, BANDITS, TWILIGHT, STONEKIN, LOST SOULS Abilities: Ice Shield - whenever Avatrostkol concentrates on the Frost power nearby, he can leech out enough of the cold energy to form a shield around him OR another character to protect them from most non-piercing attacks. Also protects against environment damage such as cold (yes, there is some kind of irony here, but it works), poison air or liquid substances. Shield breaks after a certain time, depending on the amount of focus and time spent to create the shield (mathematical formula = ((time * 4 + focus * 6) * nearby frost power)) and needs to be renowed by the same means and is vulnerable to fire and extreme heat. Time = time spent focusing. Focus = 3 - amount of actions going on at the same time - actions can be taking note of surroundings or channeling another power. Nearby Frost power = in Frost plains it's at max at 5, in Fire plains it's the minimal amount of 0.5, and ranges between those values in other areas depending on temperature and humidity. Ice Axe power swing - Avastrostkol swings his mighty axe around creating an area of frozen land where his enemies can hardly move becoming vulnerable to his and any other Frost attacks. The damage they take is amplified by 100% at any distance. The frozen circle also grants +2 to Frost power (maxing at 5 after addition to current Frost power). This skill can't be used in the plains of Fire and stays for 10 seconds only, without depending on the surroundings. Ice rage - no matter of the surroundings, Avatrostkol's potential is maxed out for a brief duration before being exhausted for a long time. This trait was inherited from an unknown Shadowy ancestor that was never traced. For the duration, Avatrostkol can't be immobilized and applies Ice Shield to himself at maximum power of 30 seconds immediately. His focus is then doubled for 30 seconds. After this time, his focus is halved and he can only move slowly for a few hours, depending on the surroundings. Stengths: As all Avatars of Frost, Avatrostkol is known for being nearly unstoppable in the Ice Plains or wherever there is cold surrounding him. He is good at formind long lasting alliances that are held by his Ice Shield when in danged so his allies don't fall easily and manages easily multiple close-range enemies. Weaknesses: Any long ranged mobile enemies will be a huge problem for Avatrostkol, as he isn't very fast without using his Ice Rage ability, but if surrounded, he will then be exhausted soon and nearly defenseless as his Shield cracks after a while. He also is very weak in warmer areas. Personality : Calm and wise, but rushing at times. Cares about those who are close, but doesn't let anyone get too close fast. Seems emotionless and cold, but melts when surrounded by warmth. History: Coming from a long line of Avatars of Frost, Avatrostkol spent most of his life in the Ice plains long way north, where he didn't meet many non-Frost personas. One day a Shadow priest came along recruiting to his Shadow army. The leader of Avatrostkol's tribe, Scheveningen, confronted him and declined his offer. Later that night, all of the Frost village was embarked by darkness and consumed by countless Void Walkers, Rifle Cultists, Nightcrawlers and Nightguards. Enraged, Avastrostkol fought his way through the village and escaped before falling to the ground exhausted. After the Shadowy mist dissolved, no trace of his old village was to be found in its original place. Avastrostkol since searches for the Shadow priest and all of Shadow factions followers who can help him find leads, dismissing anyone and anything in the way who don't want to help him in his cause. <longer history incoming, I am too lazy now... but you get the idea>
  2. The game still will be called BattleForge, but this project bringing the game back is called "Skylords Reborn". The game was, is and will be BattleForge and that won't change. Ingame so far everything is as it was, there will be some changes to the economy and card upgrade system, but other than that the gameplay is the same - good ol' BattleForge.
  3. I've totally forgot man, sorry. I'll give this a shot today and check the old challenges as well.
  4. Great! Perhaps some more info?
  5. We all know reputation is a good way to satisfy ones ego and self-worth. Since the "Popular contributors" tab has been limited to 5, I think some may feel left out, since it's so difficult to stay relevant in this harsh world... so I want to share with you a URL haxxing system to raise the chances of seeing your own name in the popular contributions for your own pleasure


    The URL above will show you the maximum amount of top weekly contributors sorted by rep, from highest to lowest (can go into negatives, so don't worry if you got a -5 rep for asking for Beta access... again)

    In order to change the search parameters, change the word that comes after "&time=<Your_time_here>" with "month" or "year" or "all", which I think is pretty self explanatory.

    Next is the &limit. Feel free to experiment with it, I think max is 20 for time "all", but I may be wrong.

    Lastly is the &orientation. It's, as suggests the current "vertical", just a system of displaying names in either vertical position next to each other or horizontal position below one another. This may impact the usable limit.

    So for example top 14 yearly contributors will be this:


    Now go please your ego, we all need it once in a while. 

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    2. ferevus


      It's red like the power of love. What better kind of reputation is there? 

    3. Eddio


      The green power of nature maybe. 

    4. Ultrakool


      lol I'm still in top yearly

  6. While you are at it, go through the whole list and enjoy your showers with these hits.
  7. Happy birthday, thank you for your work :) 

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    2. ThomasMann


      Happy Birthday boyo, thanks for what you have done and are doing still. :watermelon:<3

    3. fiki574


      thanks <3

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      HDB ! yayy !

      HBD * !

  8. One of the few game series that never left my mind is Age of ___. Whether it's Empires, Mythology, or whatever else, it has always had great emotional value, as Age of Empires I was probably the first game I ever really engaged in and that may have gotten me into gaming more deeply than any other game. Why? I dunno, I just loved it and it has always been there. The announcement I found today morning was really exciting, I immediately signed up for the Beta and I will be glad if perhaps some of you join me, if you are interested. See ya there ;):hype: 


    tl;dr - Age of Empires I is coming in a brand new version (expanded gameplay, 4K graphics, good stuff, Wololoo included), Beta signup is in the link above <3 

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    2. Dallarian


      Age of ... Wonders ofcorse ^^

      I remember when i inserted my LotV sountrack CD into my laptop. and when i started AoE i had soundtrack from Starcraft :D

    3. shadowxxs77


      It isn't on steam, but on widow store IIRC, might have changed by now since they got a lot of dissapointed people :P
      I don't know if I will get it myself though being a huge fan of the franchise myself

    4. Ultrakool


      signed up! ^^

  9. From TSFH, I'd say Blackhearth is my favourite. Otherwise, I like listening to classical music and its remix versions. There are dozens of great compositions, many of them are also not just boring and slow, but epic and strong as well - this one being probably one of my recent favourites - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHVsszW7Nds. Surpasses its time by a lot, could be a movie soundtrack today without a problem. Jazz and jazz remix is also quite good imo, I like to listen to this and then let autoplay carry me around - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m2zGncgLjw Game soundtracks are also great, Age of Mythology has really good tunes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0qSFnNxcdc&list=PL5149F2CAD2F42910 And then ofc classic movie soundtracks that I play in the background when both working and/or playing Enders Game https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0b4SOBRy-iHiAG4TNfWo_FzgkDoNFW_W Inception (or any other Hans Zimmer movie!) - here is a list of his best-of - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSeJckOUZrs And... uuh... this helped me go through work on Friday, so I'll just link it here... listened to it all twice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNudwVv1T4 Enjoy. PS: meme muzics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ0xBCwkg3E or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-sgw9bPV4A or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLzxrzFCyOs
  10. I'd say a fresh start would be fine. If new players join in, even though there hasn't been much connection between players so far, it would feel more user friendly. I'll be joining in and hopefully we manage to create an epic and complex story going on. Lemme just tag @kestas3 who could be interested
  11. Welcome. Harvester looking good, you should do more of these
  12. 2453 there is a calculator on the table
  13. 2448 isn't this just amazing
  14. Hello Little Lamb.
  15. Rogan Fail