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      Open Beta Information!   12/29/17

      Open Beta will soon be upon us! Check out all you need to know here: https://goo.gl/nNr1qU


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  1. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Promo cards display upgrades as "null". It makes sense, but perhaps you could try and replace this with "No upgrades possible for this card as it is upgraded to level 3 from the beginning" or something. Small thing. Cards like Protectors Seal also display "null" as upgrade info. Probably a part of the API, but you may consider replacing this with "No info currently available" so its clearer to everyone
  2. Twitch Channel

    you may be the best, but you aren't "I-can-Erupt-without-a-Fire-orb" good. FarRock later realizes this at @15:08
  3. Closed beta to Open beta

    Close Beta testing atm is mostly to make sure that what should work works. There is enough Closed Beta testers for that at the moment. Those people have had the chance to "play" before, so we can now concentrate on testing a bit more. Opening the game to everyone on the 30th of January will not only allow everyone to test by playing but also stress test the server with significantly larger number of players. For that, the game needs to be stable with its other functions like getting ingame, working Market, Trade, etc. I would guess no more Closed Beta testers will be added now.
  4. Share Client

    Not certain about that either. @Kiwi @MrXLink ?
  5. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Damn damn, quick progress again, very impressive. Nice. Maps - done Deck builder - done Card upgrades - done Not sure what more you can do mobile support? Offline app? Hard to say, these ideas feel forced to me right now, but whatever you feel like ^^ Good job
  6. Twitch Channel

    Oh yess, great news ^^ I'd be grateful to see this game recreated, so probably the same deck - Fire Nature

    No idea 1) why this is in the Events and Tournaments section 2) what you are trying to suggest 3) why you are typing like this ... mods? Game modes? Card limits in these game modes? Seriously, no idea mate.
  8. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Yet again I am impressed by the speed and the result. Nicely done
  9. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Quite impressive for one evening of work ^^ If you want suggestions, I'd say some advanced color searching, clearer sorting, since selecting both current options seems kinda random. Hovering over a card creates a nice window with all information, however it is placed directly on top of the viewed card, perhaps move it a bit to the side so the card is still visible and if you feel like it, add loot maps - where to get certain upgrades for each card. Good job either way, nice.
  10. How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    Coming up - a story by @sylvix95 How I stalked and murdered a guy who called me a "Frenchy boy" on the internet
  11. The legendary forum game "count"

    2514 ew i messed up before, but I blame @Eddio because he did too and he confused me so it's his fault not mine thanks xoxo
  12. The legendary forum game "count"

    2060 did you know that 100% of people die in their lifetime at least once?
  13. Now you just need 111 more rep to become a true :wrathgazer: 

    1. sylvix95


      And guess who deserves 2 downvotes, hum @MrXLink :D


    2. anonyme0273


      Oh the days


  14. Happy birthday @Fauchderial, see you in The Forge soon

  15. Gold Chests

    BattleForge months before shutdown flashback intensifies