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  1. My all time favorite BF YouTuber from the old days @FarRockBF recently shared his feelings on SR after 4 years. <3


    1. FarRockBF


      I remember you dude!

    2. anonyme0273


      Ah yes, we talked a bit when you gave away your Promos and rare cards. Would be nice to play with you soon ^^ I am looking forward to watching some more of your BF videos.

  2. anonyme0273

    Important Stream Incoming! (05/09/18 20:30)

    Will the video be shared on YouTube as well?
  3. anonyme0273

    Save Our Community

    I support an open minded community, and open minds do not think alike, especially with over 20k people. The few dozens/hundreds that are active in my opinion are the patient ones, those that visit rarely tend to be disappointed as they don't see the progress go as the active part does. Of course, testers and staff - people with access to the game - are a different branch and I believe most of them, at least from my perspective, want to persuade the random visitors that there is a lot going on and not to lose hope. The poll that was opened and closed... well, I personally wouldn't close it because of a few random offtopic responses as there was still place for more answers from more people and perhaps some of the random visitors after reading the well formulated reasons why the game isn't out yet would be like "yea, perhaps they aren't lazy in there", but as I partly contributed to the topics closure with a response to a random thing, I am not the one to talk - though I said my opinion to begin with. I agree with you both, but as an old timer on the forum - everyone should understand that certain things are just out of the question and are not going to happen. Even if a hundred or a thousand people voted "release the game in its current state", I believe the priorities of the devs are to make the server work close to flawlessly and it's not going to change. Same goes for repeated questions and demands, it gets tiring after a month or two, let alone literal years. People who aren't investing their time into this project should not be denied a say, but can't expect to have any real leverage on the decisions of staff. The long time supporters versus the impatient ones, as you called it, is just natural since the impatient ones won't be doing their own research and yet demand answers to FAQ questions all the time and long time supporters are tired of that, thus becoming impatient with the impatient ones. After years of answering the same questions over and over, you can't blame anyone for not being welcoming and cheery around people who genuinely can't be active and yet want to be a part of the community. There is no easy way to distinguish between members who are just lazy and those who are curious and want to know more. Seeing as you joined early after the project began, you perhaps remember that before Tech Alpha started, the community was much more united, mostly because we have all been around for relatively short time and noone had access, we were all equal and just wanted to play the game. Over time it grew to the point where newcomers were being informed by active members, then by a bot responding to frequent keywords. All that is left now is the header text above chat, since most active members are partaking in testing and don't visit the Forum much, or can't be bothered to answer anymore (my case, I'll admit I am just lazy and tired to do repetitive stuff for so long) while new people keep pouring in and random visitors from the past stumble back here just to find out there are people playing while they are not. Unfortunately, there is no real way to fix this. Noone can make me be patient except me, noone can force anyone who stumbles by to read the entirety of the FAQ or even the header. I would be glad if the community was at its 2015/16 state, but that's unrealistic. Perhaps the best we can hope for is the game coming out and everyone being hyped and wanting to cooperate. I will make no further comments about the moderation teams decision/s as that's currently not related and not fitting the point I am trying to make. My ramble went a bit random at times for quite too long, but hopefully the message got through - shit ain't perfect, but we all can do our best and it's not anyone's fault, its the natural way of things the way go.
  4. You sound like someone who uses seatbelts, coward. Also, I don't have a car, check your privilege. I ride on the tops of buses or under trains, get on my level
  5. No. I know there is hype around the game, but there is hype around any good game before it's about to come out (at least the big releases). If the devs get pressured into releasing an unfinished or an unpolished product ( *cough cough No Mans Sky* ), then those who demanded the game immediately are pissed and the game loses a lot of the praise it could deserve. You wouldn't buy a car that works 90% of the time but sometimes the breaks just give up, which kinda ruins the experience of driving the car in the first place. Be patient, it will be worth your while.
  6. anonyme0273

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Disintegrate 2 units in a match
  7. anonyme0273


    Client devs @Ladadoos and @John are working on things that the other devs would work on in 2019. This means there will be no delay in the actual server progress, possibly opposite, actually.
  8. anonyme0273

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2798 heil victory.
  9. anonyme0273


    Wish granted, the baby now never sleeps and screams constantly, thus you can't even fall asleep to begin with. I wish for KFC to open up closer to my place of living.
  10. anonyme0273


    Wish granted, but someone when you pick it up, you realize someone stole your wallet with everything in it. I wish to become an asian to have a chance at my math exam.
  11. anonyme0273


    Wish granted, you are now a Twilight Brute within BattleForge but the Skylord controlling you is a noob and sends you to your death. I wish to pass my exams.
  12. anonyme0273

    ATK per second???

    Again, that would require the attack speed ration, so the final format would have to be ATK 400(20/2). And what with squads? That'd have to be something like ATK 600(20/2/6) and variably change on instantiated cards as ATK 540 (20/1.66/5). Gets confusing real fast, doesn't it? Now let's pull out another issue, graphic layout of the card. As you can see, the 3 digit number 450 can fit just fine. 4 digit numbers (thousands, not rare at all), fits just greatly the space given while the font gets to keep the same size as HP. If you added 2 more digits/characters, the font would have to get smaller in order to stay in the designated area - to prevent having to change layout of cad, which simply wouldn't work at all. Add 6 characters and I doubt you will have a fun time reading the text in the middle of your game when you need to make quick decisions. Rather just get used to the Dmg/20s time display which displays useful information with numbers usually rounded up nicely to full tens, as in you don't see numbers ending with a nonzero number, like 746. You can easily make out which card is stronger and include the 50% attack bonus with matching damage types/health sizes. I am all for keeping the current format.
  13. anonyme0273

    ATK per second???

    Not really, since attack speed rates differ between ~0.3 seconds (6 squad - extra problematic if there were less than full squad), and about 4 seconds (Firedancer, if I remember correctly). Having dmg/sec would have to take all this into account which is no easy math in the end and just confusing.
  14. :kappa: 

    1. Fauchderial


      :kappaross: (translate it)


  15. anonyme0273

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Gratz mate.

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