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  1. For sharing songs I suggest @Treims thread
  2. I expect SoTD to return if/when Null Omni is back. Also, this is NullPointers response to a question about song suggestions
  3. No, I am not trying to limit anyone here. I should probably explain who I mean by "terrorist". For example, getting in a car and driving people over, killing them - that for me is terrorism. Blowing yourself up in order to kill people, that for me is terrorism. Kidnapping people and then cutting their throats, that for me is terrorism. These people, that do inhuman things to prove their point, to scare others and whose actions are rejeccted by 99% of sensible people, these people should know that no matter what, even if they die during their crazy spree of idiotism, they will suffer. Not only them, but their families and dear ones, for in my opinion, tougher punishment DOES lower crime like this. Stealing and demonstrating is not a crime in my opinion that would be worthy of death, no way. Jail is not a bad thing. But killing people and then expecting to walk amongst them again in a few years, or being seen as a martyr to boost others into doing so - that is so fundamentaly broken, rotten to the core and disgusting, I would not think a second about making a judgement here. Peoples freedom has limits. It's not other peoples feelings, but lives and well being. What I said can be interpreted in different ways, but I believe you understand now a bit more what I tried to say. Terrorists are not worthy of a second chance. They took lives and nothing will give these back, and for me, that is a point of no return.
  4. Leaning towards the right wing, as I dislike sitting and talking, when action could be done. Had I lived in America during the presidental elections, I would have voted for Donald Trump as the lesser evil. I do believe in equal rights for everyone, I don't think I am racist in any way, nor am I sexist or a homophobe, I think everyone can make their own decisions based on their beliefs, as forcing someone your ideology is limiting you both from advancing further, or just pushes you away from what you would truly want. No, terrorists are NOT to be discussed with, but killed and punished more. Security is of my highest concern and living in fear is wrong. F*ck political correctness, say whatever you want, whoever is insulted by your words can insult you back and if you want to talk sh*t, expect consequences - that goes both sides. There can't be a right without a left, so don't get triggered now. This is all just my brief opinion, not going in depth at all, and I am willing to discuss anything with anyone who talks in reason and logic.
  5. I lost on purpose
  6. 2352 hex
  7. See ya in The Forge soon, fellow Skylord!
  8. Tower Defense! A preset path for units to walk through and spots to build certain towers on (Defense Towers, Cannon Towers, that anti-air building noone uses and more). Since you want a challenge, you can try making these turrets upgradeable. Also set Power gaining from enemy corpses, rather than wells, a wave advance button that instantly calls the next wave, scaling enemy strenght and score. Good luck Or a quiz - trivia, for example - a question is asked, and a player has to activate module A, B or C to mark their answer. The player with most correct answers wins, or the punishment for a wrong answer it a wave of enemies towards that player. Whoever survives longer, wins (so not just knowledge is of matter, but also ability to play gives you a chance to stay ingame)
  9. If you could change up your formatting (remove the Copy/Paste format) and write some of your original stuff, I am sure this thread would have a bigger impact Not from Middle East, so I can't put this to any use, except share it with others
  10. Time of "tournament" updated above. It may just be an AoM players gathering, whoever wants to join, feel free to Looking forward to playing with you all
  11. I am.
  12. I am flattered, but I know myself best... me winning?
  13. 2332 that's a palindrome, wow, much exciting
  14. I need help. For my yearly project, I am making an RPG game - it's not very complex, nothing big, it's just to have SOMETHING done. 

    I am nearly done with all the coding and the time has come to implement graphics - sprites mostly. I am looking for someone to help me create simple pixel art of a small person walking, attacking (with a sword), etc.

    I am willing to pay up to 10$ (I am a poor student, don't hate <3 ). My deadline is in 2 weeks, if noone is up for this, I will either try my best to create something myself, which may end terribly, or just buy one of the official packs online for even less than 10$, I just felt like asking you. If you know of good sprites that would be cheap/for free, it could also help me a lot.
    For anyone interested, something like this is what I have in mind: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4138/warriors-pack-4-character

    Thank you! :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Malzawar


      Sure, sounds good.

      Do you have any other graphics already in the game? Floor tiles or buildings and stuff? Would be good if you can show them to me.

      Oh and also, top down or slightly sideways ?

    3. anonyme0273


      Mind if I added you on Skype/Discord so we could discuss this in private and I could send you anything you liked?

    4. Malzawar


      np, check your dm