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  1. I'd say this thread by @MephistoRoss contains links to what you need.
  2. Happy birthday BFR, SR... BattleForge live long
  3. I DID IT! It is now done and I am free for 4 months! So many plans I have it's unbeliavable, but the feeling of waking up and not having to rush for school, then back from school, but rather chill a bit, travel and meet new people, it's awesome. I am sure many of you have experienced it and many of you will. It's a great thing and it means a lot that you were here to cheer me up through the stressful days.

    If anyone wondered how I did, I must say I did better than I myself expected, and honestly, I surprised myself. I am not a stupid person, but a bad student, I really haven't studied much... ever, in school. This graduation was a great deal for me, so I did, for the first time in my life, really study a lot. And I think it paid off. My results were - a B from Czech, and A from computer sciences, a B from maths, a B from jewish studies and an A from English. 

    Thank you for believing in me, have a great day and if you stumble upon a pub with friends, have a drink on good ol' Anon :P<3 

    (also, cheers for @sylvix95 for his supportive thread, it was really great reading that after my first exam yesterday!) 

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    2. Malzawar


      "travel and meet new people" - let me know if ou ever have plans to travel to the west parts of Germany :D

      And big congratulations of course!

    3. Lukaznid


      Congrats :) Good on ya, hope you enjoy travelling around, you've earned it! Just as a side note, why pick jewish studies? Not criticising or anything, just curious, it's not a very common study route.

    4. anonyme0273


      I will be visiting many countries and I may go to Germany as well @Malzawar :P If yes, I'll let you know ;)

      @Lukaznid I have been attending a Jewish school, this seminar was mandatory. I merged it with programming, so it wasn't a big problem. Thank you all <3 

  4. In my opinion, there never was (and hopefully never will be) a deck that's "strongest". The balance in this game was awesomely made, and although certain cards could be considered slightly overpowered, when compared to other cards of matching Power costs measured by stats or abilities, there always was a way to win. Which, of course, is the best possible thing. All decks had strenghts and weaknesses, counters and strategies. But the biggest input on the game is the player, either way. The worst player with a good deck has little chance against a good player with a crap anti-meta troll deck. I'd say, from my PvP wannabe perspective, that decks made about 25% of the impact on the game, while player strategy, unit and Power management and decision making overall was 75%, if not more. When it came to picking and using a deck, it too could be mastered and sharpened alongside the game skills overall. I'd say I performed best with a Pure Shadow deck or Pure Frost, simply because I liked the playstyle of it, where I can very much choose whether to be defensive or offensive, whereas Fire had less of that choice and should probably, meta basedly, be more aggresive from start. So yea, imo, there is no best dack, just one that suits the player the most. For me that'd be Pure Shadow or Pure Frost. Otherwise from a general perspective, I mostly agree with @RadicalX and his list above, and since he is a much better player than me, I suggest you listen to him. Or perhaps @LagOps could give his opinion as well, although I think most people already know his answer For lazy people who don't want to read: There is no best deck, I like Pure Shadow and Pure Frost though.
  5. This project is now partly owned by Ardent Peak, as far as I know, as well as Blank and Hawk. They decide its future and I don't think any plans of shutdown are in place now. However, yes, everything (and everyone ) eventually dies, but I don't think the code will be made public by then, as it's already partly owned by a company. Not sure why they would let it go, but that's just my opinion. I may be totally wrong, but lets hope this project brings back BattleForge forever in any form.
  6. We want more stories though. There is never enough stories. And no, they don't have to be 50 pages
  7. Thank you! If you have any ideas about what to change, nerf, buff or what more cards you'd want to see, let me know
  8. I discovered Rick and Morty.

    I fear I might not graduate well :kappa: 

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    2. ThomasMann


      I just try and ignore everything popular and mainstream, that is why I am here. :kappa::lol:

    3. Lukaznid


      I feel your pain, started watching the Grimm a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked :D

    4. Aegis1020


      I discovered 13 reasons why.

      I fear I wouldn't come out of this okay.

  9. All in for that. The bigger the hype wave, the better
  10. Made me dislike scouts in AoM
  11. Greetings! I added a bunch of cards, however, I haven't changed the existing ones. I decided to "Hearthstonify" as many cards as possible before adjust them all individually to fit the "meta" and overall balance. All new cards were added to the GDrive (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxAYi_iyjqLIMjkzWTNUWkJ2RkE). Cards are now structured in batches. This is the list of the newly added cards: Icefang Raptor Timeshifter Spirit Mutating Frenzy Cultist Master Fathom Lord Firesworn (ignore the typo on the card "Firesword" ) Stone Tempest Lost Vigil Tremor Dreadnought Unstable Demon Boom Brothers Tempest Nightshade Plant Grim Bahir Forsaken Enforcer Fallen Skyelf Wrathblades Void Maw Extra cards (recreated Lost Horror and Promo Mo) were added as well. Enjoy! Please, tell me what more cards you would want to see, or possibly how you would change the existing ones. Enjoy your day, cheers!
  12. Has a nice inspirational quote as a part of his signature. Me likey
  13. Doesn't graduate over the span of the next 2 weeks
  14. May possibly be a cupcake.
  15. Just said something very rude about my reskin