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  1. Same here, came back after long time, and when I log in with my Email, I needed to choose a new name and had all my cards gone...
  2. Ok After a while and reading answers from other people I felt more confortable, because after ~20 minutes I entered the game, and can play the game normally! Thanks for everyone that helped me and read it! Your Attencion: Luke_Meat.
  3. Ok hoping so. I will wait 10 minutes then.
  4. I enjoyed playing the game like a mont or less but there Is something that Is worrying me about. Yesterday I played the game as normal, but today (17/02/2019) when I go to the menu and we need to put ours emails and password, when logging in, it says this: "You're using the wrong client version. Please update your client to be able to play the game. Your game will now be closed automatically." and turns off the game. Is there any problem that I need to fix it, or yours? Is there missing something in the patch? And my terrifying question: When I play this game again? Will it wait an
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