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  3. As players become more familiar with the game, I actually recommend building "middle outward." In other words, I start by choosing the most powerful core cards I want, then adjust my t1 to play into those. For example, in rpve I usually value resource booster, shadow phoenix, and frenetic assault as the most powerful cards. So I usually want 2 shadow orbs by t3--which gives me some flexibility about t1. However, if I play t1 and t2 shadow, this lets me use resource booster as fast as possible. Other players might really value mine, shrine of war, and enlightenment, so their firs
  4. This was fixed in Patch #400022. Move to resolved.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Confirmed this was fixed in Patch #400030. (2--> 3) Close and move to resolve.
  7. One icon shows that Forest Elder is currently a source of healing, the other that he is a recipient of healing. Descriptions have been adjusted in Patch #400030. This can be closed and moved to resolved.
  8. lightblade ofc. Noone eles have this cool voicelines. And Blight himself (non player card unit) just cause the voice actor is on german the same guy voice acting Kevin James
  9. Already got a few people telling me the deck helped them a lot, even in expert cPvE: New one for PvE deckbuilding:
  10. Foreword Content: Orb and Color Overview Picking your Approach General considerations Units in general Units in tiers Buildings Spells Synergies If you recently asked "Can somebody show me a good deck for this color?" or "Can anyone rate my deck?" then this PvE Deckbuilding Guide could give you a foundation to use if you need some early pointers on what to pay attention to when you start building your own deck. Experimentation and exploration are name of the game, so feel free to deviate from conventions. In line with that I wil
  11. Last week
  12. Yoo fun topic! My favourite card is def. Avatar of Frost! He gives me so much nostalgia one of my most wanted card back in the past. Blood healing is my second winner such a cool shadow card, you gain some you lose some. And for last Forest Elder, big, cute, and pure nature what else you need. Honorable mentions: Grinder, Comet catcher, Corsair By the way im a "get all the cards and play all of them" player so i like many many cards but these are one of my favs.
  13. New record for the insane god 4:16.3 Donaar and Gam3over
  14. Same problem for me as well. EDIT: Game is working again!
  15. same problem here edit: now its working again
  16. the game was working fine yesterday today it said updatin 11\11 and then closed after which the launcher just gives me 1\1 and closes
  17. Did you know that music ingame depends on your very first orb? If you dont play a card no music is played.

  18. My personal favorite unit used to be harvester, but not anymore. I really enjoy lost vigil these days, in combo with icebarrier this card is really fun. My favorite spell is plague right now, after the recent buff i think its a very amazing card and good to clear bases. My favorite building is worldbreaker gun, i just love the sound of that massive thing.
  19. NAME: Grinder and Lost Warlord only use one attack animation DESCRIPTION: This has been an issue since the old days, actually. Grinder and Lost Warlord only ever use the wide swing attack animation against anything that is above L in size and not flying; buildings and walls. It's particularly jarring since Avatar of Frost and Overlord do cycle through them all, as does Brannoc, who was released significantly later in Battleforge's life cycle than Grinder and Lost WL. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens against the following entities: L-Units, XL-Units, Buildings, Walls SCRE
  20. Please go to our Discord and contact us via #contact-staff.
  21. I want my old or oldend profilename back, again, so i want my profilename changed back to FireRaven.
  22. Maybe with the health bar - but cant you give the "Dazed" condition an existing animation above the head of the unit? some small swirly thingy - would that be possible?
  23. Hello Skyfolks, again me with an update. We have been struggling with the question of whether to publish an interim score and how to publish it - as in every of this events. Many people give me the feedback, that I can feel, that they would like to know where are they standing. Others of course want to polish their times first, or need to find the time to do so in a 4 player group, we understand this too. We are also aware that such a ranking can be motivating as well as demotivating - we hope it can push you again - so here we are: There are already 12 submissions and a
  24. I like both as well! Fallen Skyelf was actually the first promo I bought, and Viridya has become my signature pvp card.
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