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  3. Just as Kubik said, we will provide some very basic examples, such as an AI that just spawns a single unit and gives an attack command, so participants know where to start.
  4. 🤔didn't @Metagross31 promissed working example in all "not obscure" (or whatever the formulation was) languages people will ask for it?
  5. Perhaps, for unskilled labourers like me, some basic concept could be provided, where we only copy/change some stuff to create the AIs 🧐
  6. Sorry to hear this! I hope you come back some day, feel free to DM me in Discord (sorry, I barely read the forums) if you need to chat 🤗. Goodbye for now.
  7. I would personally shift away from the Critters. Yes, it's an unique mechanic for Deepfang, but seems it's more trouble than it's worth. Sometimes being unique is not an advantage, at all. Or, if we want to keep them, perhaps maybe they could spawn conditionally as Deepfang fights. Ie. units killed by DF will spawn a critter. Thus, the more you keep the unit alive, the more you can amass (with some limits in place).
  8. This is my goodbye post to the community, I may play the game if I'm not banned, I'm done with the community though, might play the game once a month, I look forward to new updates though and wish everyone a pleasant life, do not try and message me on discord or the DMS in the forum, put any messages if you want if they obey the rules below. Thanks for everything, I might see you in the game one day. WaterMelonLord
  9. Thanks for the linked article. However, I don't really see how that change makes any sense at all. Did you play titans map? The deep one sits under a mark of the keeper. And he teleports units close to him making it impossible to swap him out without clearing the mark of the keeper in the first place. Furthermore, to my opinion, the deep one is not that useful, as it's hard to keep him alive given shadows only support spell at t1 is the one reducing damage by 50%. You charge in one base and probably lose the deep one afterwards. Rageflame is a good card, but once i realized that i ca
  10. I can name many more points 😛 but I considered this one quite obvious.
  11. That would not be a good idea imo. Not only for the points you made, but also since you have to spawn 6x as many units to get an army together and micro them all at once, which would be a nightmare.
  12. How hard it would be to code? I have no idea, because we do not have source code of the game. But there is already an config for action priorities, that can be easily changed.combatvalues.xml (MeleeAttackerFreeSlot was already changed, but the change is not in a file) To me it seems, that it is configured to generaly prioritize attacking over moving. If you would want to play with these values, please check out: Changing all squads to have only 1 unit, and cards to cost 6 (4) times less and increase charges by same amount, would be probably not too hard to do, but you would end up
  13. I think it is worth mentioning here that after community feedback and playtesting, that we have decided to change the Stonekin card which we announced last month, Tectonic Shift, to also affect Frost and Nature buildings. In terms of Bedrock itself, this will open up access to Worldbreaker Gun and Stronghold, in addition to Deepgorge and Stone Launcher, as good companion towers for Bedrock's "Living Rampart" ability.
  14. You can read more about the changes to NG and their reasoning here:
  15. Aren't they too weak right now? I've seen replays (e.g. titans solo) involving strategies where nightguard captures swamp drakes, fathom lords and other high value targets. But right now, the only time I've seen someone using this ability is vs the large lost souls bug (frankly, it appears only sometimes in rpve9 vs lost souls, thus you can't even rely on finding a valid target there). I mean, you can still use that unit as an expensive swift large counter unit and it might be as useful as it used to be in pvp too, but I don't really understand why such changes were implemented. Feel free
  16. Yesterday
  17. Id like to hear what the pvp scene was like in EA times at the higher levels. I'm curious about his favorite pvp memory, and id like to know his favorite campaign map 🙂
  18. In the last 20 years I played many RTS games and since I am back to Skylords I realised one specific difference in unit-movement and attacking. Units rather try to move to a position 100% correct instead of attacking when the enemy is in range. Especially if you attack a target (click on it) or attack move (Q). They rather try to get in optimum position instead of firing in a subpar position. With small units of a 6 man squad it is even worse than with single units or big units. - We all know the moment a worm readjust its position by a milimeter just to attack a unit right next to
  19. NICE Unit look and skills. it would be really nice to se new content 😉
  20. @LEBOVIN🤔is there actually at least one card, that have attack speed exactly correct? And when the randomized value was changes it did not change avarage, it just make it much more consitent, and you can not get slow attacking unit, or fast attacking, that will be consistently better, than the other. So the patch was significant improvement, and on average (over multiple units) nothing changed.
  21. @LichterLoh The displayed attack value is an approximation of the average damage dealt over 20 seconds (dp20). The standard formula for splashing non-multi-target attacks is ((single target dmg+max total dmg)/2)*(20/attack speed). Hence, based on this U3 tooltip, it should be ((48+72)/2)*(20/3)=400. Unfortunately in this case, the displayed tooltip attack speed is not an average representation either and should as Kubik explained be rather 2,9 than 3.0 resulting in a dp20 value more closely to 415 (rounded up). Keep in mind that the randomized 0.3-0.7 second delay was added to
  22. Balancing both around a cooldown of the respawn-ability and an automated death-timer for the critters would be a workaround. Similar to how Sunken Temple caps out at a certain number of swarms. It'd just be annoying to micro because the new critters obviously wouldn't be part of a dedicated unit-group. So while technically an improvement, it would certainly be a hit to the gameplay experience. The other option would be to make the respawn-ability manual but that would shift the annoyance from having to pay attention to the new critters to instead having to click the button every now and t
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