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  3. Please try starting the game through the launcher, instead of the game exe itself.
  4. I guess try asking someone in support/on Discord.
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  6. The client does not start. I click on the game icon, and after confirming the administrator rights, nothing happens.
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  8. The male/female tags are being removed. Reason being that on many cards it is unclear what the unit even is and there is no pretty way to communicate it. Also, the concept was never really fleshed out, it only had two cards that interacted with it. Twilight Hag already got reworked and Girl Power is next. So it hardly ever really amounted to an actual playstyle.
  9. All information's can be found in this post: Battle of Tactics #7: This isn't even my final form
  10. Some achievements involve only building, only flying units, but none for only female units and/or spells (Girl Power). I thought this could be a fun achievment.
  11. Sorry for the very delayed response. I chose "Color" and clicked on only the Frost orb and it does work properly. User error
  12. hello , my fps not stable last days i have no idea why , only last days that happen , im playing at full screen always , but now cant play only can windowed but i wanna play full screen , any help thanks
  13. Dear @Oooomph, you can reset your password. If you are still facing the issue, we suggest you to create a discord ticket.
  14. One major failing of the tutorial is that unit counters are not included, yes. This leads to PvP being incredibly difficult to approach, while PvE is easy enough on standard to never learn this core aspect of units.
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  16. when logging in, I see a message:"Invalid password"
  17. Hey guys, the client shuts down in the initial loadingscreen, do you know how to solve the problem?
  18. It currently works very well (I've been playing the game on Linux for over 3 years now). You can either use the regular launcher via wine by installing some packages via winetricks (see for example Ultrakool's guide in the technical support forum) I also wanted to create a video tutorial for this for a long time but didn't get to upload it yet. There is also a shell script, which you can use as a replacement for the updater, which can be found in the official download forum post. This script can be used to update the game files, and then you can run the game easily via wine. If you need some more help/detailed instructions, feel free to ping, I am happy to help with that 🙂
  19. Sadly we have hit a bit of a roadblock regarding our new and improved updater, although I'm not sure if it would improves the experience or options for Linux/Mac users. Im afraid for now you are stuck with the current options.
  20. @Kubik Just curious really if there had been any sort of progress in the default launcher/updater so tinkering would be at a minimum. I have this idea that i want to play Skylords on my Steam Deck but i'm not that experienced in tinkering with Linux. I will for sure give it a try either way 😄
  21. 😕 What exactly would you expect from us @btfox?
  22. Hi, Has there been any updates made these recent years in the field of compatibility for Linux/Mac so you dont have to tinker with custom solutions?
  23. Why I think Battleforge/Skylords Reborn has one of the best RTS tutorials. Hey guys, I have been an RTS enthusiast since i was roughly 7 years old, I could barely hold the mouse in my hand back then and of course I was really bad. I played Command and Conquer and Starcraft, and even up to this day I still look around for new RTS to play and enjoy, and especially now is a good time to be a fan of RTS games as we have some very exciting games coming up, like Zerospace, Tempest Rising, Stormgate and D.O.R.F.. And even though I've played so much RTS in my life, which is arguably my most favorite genre, I still always check out the tutorial of new games, and sometimes I even catch myself how I check out the tutorial of a game that I have played a thousand times just to see how they handled the tutorial. Were they doing a good job explaining stuff? Was the pacing good? Did they let you have some freedom in it or was it extremely strict and limited? I still check out these tutorials because at the end of the day, I would still consider myself being a casual RTS player, I don't need difficult challenges to overcome, for me the S in RTS stands for sandbox (took the quote from GiantGrantGames). I just wanna have fun! But in order for that to happen I need a good tutorial. One that teaches me all the unique stuff about this particular RTS. They still can do the little control tutorial part but it shouldn't be overdone. (As you never know if this is a players first RTS or not, so littlebit of control tutorial should be part of it) RTS games that I have played are Starcraft 1/2, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires 2/3, Star Wars Empire at War, Age of Mythology, Command & Conquer (almost all of them except 4), 8-Bit Armies, Battle for Middleearth 1/2, War of the Ring, Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, Dawn of War 1, SWINE, Arena Wars, Pikmin 2/3/4, A year of rain, Warparty, Stronghold (1, Crusader 1/2 and Warlords) and of course Skylords Reborn. But among all these i actually think Skyloords has the best tutorial out there. Age of empires 2 was fine but also extremely long and slow. Some of the tutorial missions could have been thrown together. Starcraft 2 was also fine but it didn't leave you much freedom to just go and try stuff. It was very limited. Warcraft 3 almost takes the win, but instead of having Thrall explain things to you or a grunt, its just a disembodied voice as a narrator. Dawn of war 1 was basically just a skirmish with an extradumb AI and another disembodied voice. This is where I think Battleforge back then nailed it. 1. First of all, the narrator. Youre being guided through the tutorial by Moon, a character that is relevant for the entire campaign. And shes not talking to you breaking the fourth wall, she talks to you as an equivalent, you are a fellow skylord as well. The way she talks to you is way more immersive than in some other games were they basically remind you that this is a game. 2. The whole control stuff with the camera and unitcontrol is being dealt with quickly. The basecontrols of any RTS games is just never the difficult part, its easy to pick up and doesn't need much explaination. She also doesn't force you to things that you might never end up doing anyway. There were games were you had to spin the camera, or click on the minimap to move the camera but in the actual game you just never did it because its just not necessary. 3. Next is the explaination of the ressource system, its quick and easy to understand, but that is part of the game mechanics itself. 4. The tutorial is actually disguised as an actual mission. You not here in a bootcamp like situation, there are bandits and they need to be dealt with. At one point even Moon was shocked how well equipped the bandits were and she even helped you with an earthquake spell. This was not just a trial or an exam, it was a mission! 5. The pacing in general is very well done, you are not dumped with too many informations at one point without doing too much in the meantime. It was well proportioned overall, a little bit of info, then you got to some stuff again. 6. In the introduction you also had to not only attack, but also defend. Some tutorials always show you just how to A-move and then they are done, but here you also had to defend on that wall. Whats even more interesting is, when she wants you to defend, you are tasked to build a cannon tower, building something takes time. But instead of waiting until its finished the enemy attack wave is already on the way. You are not idly sitting around doing nothing waiting for the tower to be finished you already being attacked, the tower finishes midcombat and then helps you out a lot. There are even more little things that I could point out, like the way abilities were explained, spell showcase, or construction of walls with the right direction. But the final important thing about this tutorial is the ending. 7. Once you have arrived at the third monument, the mission opens up. You can play with more stuff and there is a lot to do. You get access to magma hurler and tremors, which when I played the game for the first time were cool as heck! Moon tasked with the task to take out the remaining enemies and their boss. A BOSS... IN A TUTORIAL! This was awesome, you have access to everything now and can do whatever you want, there is a bunch more enemies to deal with, even with a little camp to the side where you can find more power wells (its not worth it building them up as they wont pay for themselves anymore but its just plain fun, finding stuff and being rewarded for being curious) The choice of your final two units is also well made, you got the magma hurler as pretty good ranged damage dealer without abilities, so you can just A-move them, but the tremor have an aoe that knocks back smaller targets, is it strong? No but it also doesn't need to be, just seeing all the enemies sent flying with the skill is awesome. And then there is the boss, is he difficult? No but he got a very strong healer and if that one isn't dealt with the fight can take way longer. It rewards the player realizing the situation and figuring stuff out. Sure looking back its not that impressive, but newer players will feel good after this. Overall I think of all the tutorials that I have played this is one of the best of all time. I'm curios to see how the upcoming RTS are gonna handle this stuff. If there is one thing that I would add is maybe at least a voice line telling you about the effectiveness of counters and that its a 50% damagebuff. Not everything must be within a tutorial but I think that one would be nice. So this is my opinion on this, again I'm just a casual and probably some people are gonna disagree with some of the things that I said. What did you think of the introduction, or which RTS tutorial did you think did it best?
  24. Making both affinities of a card equally viable is a difficult task. It is something we have achieved on probably less than 20% of all cards with affinities. It is also why we do not add affinities to a lot of the new cards we introduce into the game, because we do not want to contribute to an already substantial problem. In terms of Banditos, I think it is fine if the green affinity's primary use is in combination with Corsair. But even then, I think you underestimate how important damage scaling is on S-units. While Bandits might lose to Thugs in an army vs. army match-up, this is hardly representative of scenarios players will encounter in PvE. The new Girl Power (Fire Force) will provide damage reduction scaling, giving Banditos more survivability, while the natural limitations of melee S-units means more damage per squad member is one of the highest prized stats. Melee units have an attack limit against enemies and S-units are the ones most affected by this. There reaches a point where more squad members simply cannot attack the enemy. The damage scaling of Banditos is a creative way around this limitation. Will this be enough? Honestly I am not sure. Melee S-units will likely never be top tier strategies, there are simply too many structural issues at play for them to thrive. But we are hoping they become viable, which is a different standard entirely.
  25. Wow, thanks for saying this, I am glad this helped you anyhow. If you find difficulty with any sort of the map, you can send me replay and we can watch it live on Discord and I will gladly suggest things to specific moments. Some are mechanic-knowledge, some are micromanagement and some are deck design based. I like having versatile decks that can face all kinds of shit - paralyzers, vigils, Mark of the keeper, evil eyes etc. I am also growing motivation to actually record comprehensive LS guide that will show how much easier it can get. I really dont want LS nerf.
  26. Adding damage reduction to Banditos (Frost) does a lot for the design I feel, as one need only look to Skeleton Warriors and their success through Undead Army as a swarm card for Shadow. As a small note: changing Blessed Alliance to scale upon friendly over enemy units is a step away from a boss unit, another aspect of the Bandit archetype that is mostly absent in the T2 lineup (not that Banditos was functioning before as an effective boss unit, given the additive not multiplicative stacking of attack power buffs). Banditos (Nature), (or is it Fire affinity now?) I worry remain in an untenable state. They must reach the first increment of Gifted Alliance to compare to Bandit Spearmen's base statistics, and the second increment of Alliance to compare to Bandit Spearmen with their freely enabled weapon change. The restrictions innate to reaching Alliance's high unit count only falls away through Corsair's ability (which is why they function well as a summon ability), compounded by the fact Bandits lack economical cards (like Shrine of Greed or Resource Booster). Banditos (Nature) will continue to fail against Gang Up Thugs both in battle and for a deck slot. Other T2 S->S cards have forms of alternative game edge like Rippers, while Dark Elf Assassins can kill said Gang Up Thugs (and thusly anything Banditos is trying to) for cheaper with ranged advantages. The shifting of the friendly unit requirement alone I see only as a significant benefit to Corsair, not the state of play in T2.
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