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  2. You know that these files are not an actual XML, so knowing structure of real XMLs is helpful, but not necessary. And LUA is mostly defined by interface provided by the game, so knowing plain LUA is again just helpful, but I think anything more than function, calling a function, and creating string from numbers, is not really necessary. And if someone know any programing language all that can be figured out in minutes
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  4. For most of the client development it is sufficient to know a bit of XML (quite similar to html) and some LUA, which is much easier than C++.
  5. PvE Map Modifiers LET'S GOOO. This is a feature I want so much that I might learn C++ just for this. Reading the requirements on the staff position posts really makes one appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the project. thanks to the whole team for all their contributions up until now!
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  7. Cool, bit late, forgot to read this one
  8. Amigos sou Brasileiro tenho um problema com o jogo ,toda vez que atem atualizaçao eu nao consigo solta a carta no chao faz tudo menos solta a carta no dia seguinte volta ao normal..uso windows 8.1 sistema 64 bits
  9. Thanks! I always seem to have good luck opening boosters from your events!
  10. Hey all, I have just sent out all rewards for the previous contest. In case you did not receive the correct reward, please contact me as soon as possible.
  11. Guys keep up the amazing work! I would suggest to go to other RTS game forums and try to inform these players that battleforge is alive as skylords reborn. And btw custom games are the future for these type of games. I still play warcraft3 for some good old legion td. Skylords have a great future!
  12. Hey everyone, Below you can find a link to a The Insane God gameplay video that is done solo by Kapo. He is playign a pure Nature deck, so it qualifies for the promo Mana Wing achievement. Enjoy https://youtu.be/aTxxv1j7v7I
  13. logs please, ideally switch to upgrades, wait for it to unfreeze and send logs without closing the game, so I do not need to search it in the file
  14. Kapo

    Upgrade Tab BUG

    i‘m experiencing this too lately. one time the game froze for more then a minute
  15. NAME: Upgrade Tab BUG DESCRIPTION: everytime when i click the card upgrade button(near booster button), the game will freez for 5 seconds REPRODUCIBILITY: everytime
  16. NAME: Nightguard & Amii Phantom, SLOWMOTION DESCRIPTION: Sometimes when I play Nightguard and Amii Phantom, they walk really slow. REPRODUCIBILITY: if you spawn only one the will walk at walk speed
  17. will be waiting for my cheque in the mail when it gets implemented
  18. Hey there, I'm also having the same issue as you are; how did you resolve it?
  19. With the exception of Hatecaster, which has more of its stats in life points, Necroblaster is the most stat efficient card in the entire game and it is only T3 and completely splashable. In terms of damage per power, it is the most damage efficient card in the game. To pay for this incredible level of efficiency, the card is supposed to have the downside that it costs corpses. Except it only does at the beginning, and then never again. As it currently stands, Necroblaster would functionally be no different if we just removed the corpses entirely and gave it slow construction to simulate waitin
  20. Hi there, If a replay of an unrecognized map is selected in the Replay Section the displayed minimap placeholder image is weirdly zoomed in. Further Information: Possibly broken since the UI rescaling that took place months ago. Reproducibility: Always, affects almost only community map makers. Create a replay by playing on any map, edit said map file, save and pak, restart game and click on your now invalid replay, cause the map is no longer available. Image: Displayed below on the left is how it used to look back in the days, right is how it
  21. The proposal to adjust every map around Necroblaster is completely unfeasible. It is the single best tower and a nerf won't make it unusable. Currently it has a condition tied into its power that does pretty much nothing because once fueled it won't run out again in the vast majority of cases. It's true that most defensive building set-ups currently require way too much attention and don't do a good job at actually locking down areas. And in a way the goal of building a defensive set-up is to just not having to care for that area any longer. But Necroblaster is way too good at it for what
  22. Glad to hear it! Please check out this page:
  23. Map progression indicator will be a nice feature to have. I would like to help
  24. There is currently only 1 case planned afaik. The issue is the UI, which somewhat restricts a card to have only a limited number of activateble effects. Afterall you want it to have an effect even if you cast it on someone that already has 4 actives and a Santa present.
  25. Man, I want that free power lost souls deck... Ha, sounds so fun. Hope a looting ability is added to some cards.
  26. I like Necroblaster being able to self sustain, and at is one of my favorite shadow cards. I might be a noob, but the build, set up, and then forget nature of Necroblaster is core to how I use the tower in pvE. With the requirement of corpse setup / using enemy corpses, it already feels shadow themed. Not every shadow mechanic needs to come with a major cost. A lot of the core ones (furnace of flesh, chaos altar, time vortex) instead involve cheating cost, which is a very shadowy thing to do. (e.g. making a pact with the devil, and then weaseling out of it), and I don't think making
  27. OMG, I love the spawning on fire mechanic. So cool, and unique!
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