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  1. Yesterday
  2. Here is vote for what gameplay do you like the most ! See you guys next topic ! fauch
  3. What is your deam ?



    Mine is to have one :(.


  4. 69.

    Poor @DawsonTheFish... next time ! I can use Kappa on forum so !
  5. Oh,.... oops... O_o
  6. 69.

    I was proud and then I realised it wasn't your 69th post now I am just ashamed and disappointed.
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  8. 69.

    I guess, not like it really matters
  9. 69.

    this could have easily been talked about in discord.
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    off-topic doesn't count....
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    wha? how! It hasnt updated yet!
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    You are still at 68
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    This is my 69th post. @Kiwi would be proud.
  15. This doesn't really show anything about customizing your cards. To me it looks like "merging cards" you should maybe rename the post if possible.
  16. Hey there Skylords ! Today I got a idea (I don't know if it was already suggested but sorry in advance if it the case... ) Merging CARDS Ok, let start with the main idea I got. First of all, I would like to say it was pretty amazing to give cards a new mechanic like merge two card together to craft a new one. For Creature 1. You can't merge frost with fire or any other color that aren't with the first one. 2. Once you merged a card, You can't merge it again (it irreversible !). 3. These merged cards will have custom design (I know it hard to do but it can possible to do.) 4. Small unit can't be merged with M,L and XL (that apply to all others). 5. Attack and life will be merged too. 6. Abilities will be chosen randomly. 7. Promo can exceptionally be merged with another color. For Building 1. Building can't be merged. For Spell 1. Spell of any color can be merged together. 2. 2 heal spell together make them more stronger. 3. 1 heal spell with for example 1 damage spell can't be combined. All of these Customizations can only happen if you have no upgrade on cards. (except for promo.) Fauchderial Lord of RNG
  17. Hello Skylords, Here's the list of all our actuals Patrons, thank you all for your support ♥ We'll make sure to make this project a reality in long-term thanks to all of you! OUR PATREON PAGE https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn Aaron Hunter Anonyme0273 Dainel Flemming Flatlander Jan Hauke Rentzow John Ny Meister Rihno Michael Egorenkov Peter Sjöstrand Salenstern Sekkonds Starnas (Last update : 17/10/2017 - 16:30 CET)
  18. Design is reworked...i mostly like it with the new and not that situated border
  19. 2. ah now i got you...but there is a relief in the border already tho ^^ 3. good it will stay 4.not always bigger
  20. regarding finding a group to play: like mentioned above a good idea would be to make a chat channel for each map... regarding the problems that come with difficulty and all that maybe do different channels , one for each difficulty in the main menu, so that the players could form parties and organise themselves better... when it comes to AFK or trolls (I don't know if BattleForge had already a system like that as I discovered the game pretty much before it was "killed") do a report system and then the members who troll or go AFK could be highlighted during 1 or 2 games after they where reported so that the party knew what to expect... And I believe nobody likes to be highlighted like that so it could reduce the number of players who "misbehave"... P.S.: If anybody already suggested these I apologise but just joined the community recently and didn't had time to see all topics...
  21. Last week
  22. 2. Look HERE. It's mostly the use of shadow to create a more plastic and 3dimensional feeling. 3. I like it when it is seen on the card. But maybe I'm sentimental. 4. As I said I don't think the font itself is an issue. Rather it'd be things like font colour, texture, transparency, scale (for example the first letter of a word is always bigger), framing, etc... Usually card games use a simple, consistent font in white to improve readability but it often looks better when the text is designed for the background. You could google 'trading card games' for some inspiration.
  23. @Kaliber84 of course we will keep doing what we already do! We will keep listening and talking to everyone, that was never the intention to set aside. The meeting is meant to be like being together with several devs talking live about SR or whatever, but it does not make said patrons have any more value in their opinions or suggestions. I'm so sorry my reply made you believe otherwise. We are and will always be a development team that listens to its community and their feedback and suggestions, and I try my best to take everyone into account and to make design and development decisions that are best for the community as a whole. We will never change our mentality on this and I will personally represent the entire community as best as I can towards the development team, and our Patreon programme will not at all influence the validity, value or meaning we derive from community members. Every voice matters: members, testers and patrons alike, and we will make sure to treat all opinions equally. Don't worry, we've got you, SR community! ^.=.^
  24. I never wanted an advantage nor any benefit besides from being acknowledged as an alpha tester. To me that doesn't only mean a badge on the forums but also to be taken seriously when I post something. During the course of this project I have gathered a lot of experience regarding both the game and especially the community. For me, seeing that respected means being acknowledged. All that I ask of you is to not make the development cycle into a 'pay-to-talk-to-the-devs'. You guys talking with any- and everyone, taking their suggestions and feedback is what makes this project more than just BattleForge or SkylordsReborn but into a community. I just hope this won't change. Seeing you say our status will be reflected is nice though.
  25. @LagOps If we end up being able to support more than 5 $50 tiers, we can always look into that later. It's not something that's forever set in stone, but it's the limit we're sticking to for now. If we require more high-value donation slots then we may add those in the future. The $25 tier calls for meetings that are intended to be private. Streaming said meeting would take away most of the privilege of being in said meeting. Also note that suggestions in said meeting will not at all be guaranteed implementation or increase authority in development discussions. As for your alpha/beta tester inquiry: Alpha and Beta testers have been willingly able to help our development of the server, in exchange for being able to play the game. This is the main reward that people were interested in, after all you'd get to play the game way before it would be released. This was at the condition of testing said game, and helping around. In addition to this, you will retain your forum ranks as well as your Discord ranks, and will be listed and thanked in the game credits. We understand and greatly value your commitment to the game and its development, and if you are an active and helpful member with Alpha and/or Beta experience, of course we will take this into account in development if the situation calls for it, but there will be no special meetings, no priority in developer decisions, and no additional benefits as what is already mentioned. We also mentioned in the start of the alpha phase that additional benefits would be unlikely as we simply can't offer a whole lot more. Any advantage over regular players would be out of the question; as would providing this through Patreon, for example. Your alpha/beta ranks bear quite the weight; it shows that you've been here from the get-go, from before the open beta even launched, and have served and supported this project massively to make it a reality. Without you alpha and beta testers the game would be way further away from the state it is in now, and that idea itself is quite an impressive and valuable trait to carry along into Skylords Reborn. You will reflect this on Discord as well as the forums, and even within the game itself. I understand your concern about this, I truly do, but for now this is the best we can do.
  26. While I do understand your point and would understand why it may bother you, I believe it's also necessary to acknowledge that gaining early access is a reward as is. Early alpha testers were chosen on streams without signing up, however they were not forced to stay.. Anyone who had received their status could have given it up, in other words we were not forced to do bug testing. While it was frustrating to deal with constant bugs and issues, we also got the chance to enjoy the game as well, which many others had dreamed about doing. I honestly would be content with just having the alpha/beta tags on the forums as a form of gratitude, but beyond that; I don't think they are capable of providing us with more. Not to mention it is necessary, to keep the project alive, to give somewhat a higher importance to donors, which on the long run encourages people to donate and keep the server alive, it's a way of business really and you can't blame them for that really.
  27. @InsaneHawk While i can understand that you can't talk to everyone, limiting the 50 dollars tier to just 5 seems a bit much. As for those 25 dollars+ monthly meetings, would it be possible to stream those? I mean, sure you can't have everyone in voice chat, but with text chat (from the stream) that issue is being mitigated quite a bit, no? What about all those alpha/beta testers? We have kinda been involved for 1 year+ with the devs over discord; will that involvement just end and we will be treated as any other player? If not, what kind of treatment would we expect? Don't get me wrong, we (well at least I...) are very happy for getting an early go at the game, but we were also there trying to crash the game in every way we could think of, writing bug reports, reproducing bugs, showing up on streams, making yt content, promoting the game etc.. All of that is a pretty big commitment for the game and i would honestly be quite a bit upset at getting sidelined as soon as we are no longer needed and don't have the money to subscribe a high tier on patreon.
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