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  2. Open Beta Information

    I'm hyped as fuck esketiiit
  3. Yesterday
  4. Pattern for Status Update, freely reusable :


    TERES FREE GAMS HIR : (Link to the place where the so said product previously announced, is located)


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    2. sylvix95


      Hey, if you guys wanna promote a free game via an update, please use the pattern above

    3. anonyme0273


      I will try. I expect you will want a cut of the rep for the template... 30/70 sound fair to ya?

    4. sylvix95


      40/60, and we're good.

  5. Open Beta Information

    I'm fuckin' hyped already
  6. Last week
  7. Can we have it back?

    bafo is the best, but it won't be after battleforge will be Open Beta ^^ ----> cause a lot of people will create his deck from the game itself fauch the manitor
  8. Its the final Countdown

    Did you know how much extra Damage per target Artillery gains with the Lvl 3 Upgrade? Exactly, ist 48 damage per target BOOOM Hype
  9. Its the final Countdown

    49- one less power then it costs to cast the Brave Deffenders
  10. Can we have it back?

    Yes thank you!
  11. Patreon - Thank List

    Thanks, just couldn't find it
  12. Patreon - Thank List

    The thread where donors are thanked is still up and I believe it will stay that way
  13. Patreon - Thank List

    What about us who previously donated before you had a Patreon?
  14. Can we have it back?

    Like this: bafocards ? or do you mean something else?
  15. Can we have it back?

    Before a few months you could make you decks here in forum it was an option .Can we have it back as the game is close to release to make our plans? Thanks!
  16. Grim Fandango Remastered free on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/grim_fandango_remastered

  17. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    Sadly I could not find that on spotify. The fix would be to take it off youtube and then add it to the playlist, which to my knowledge would make it unable to be seen rendering the solution pointless.
  18. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    I also found a complete soundtrack on deezer once, I can post it here, if yall want.
  19. Is Santa in the game?

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    2. Kiwi


      I believe both Easter egg and Santa will be only available during their season. So Easter egg at Easter and Santa at Christmas.

    3. DawsonTheFish


      The real question is, is will Santa be available during the open beta or not. Maybe we'll never know :o

    4. anonyme0273


      I reckon we will know pretty soon tbh. January 2k18 :hype: 

  20. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag free for a limited time, redeem on Uplay here... https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/assassins-creed-black-flag/16/

    1. sylvix95


      Thanks for reminding me.

    2. Fauchderial


      thx, I'll give u rep for this :P

  21. Introducing .. The entire team !

    Hi guys, I'm NanoRhino and I'm a 20 year old french baguette math student, who spend most of his time making art instead of making maths ! I played BattleForge when I was like 15 with my friends and It was a lot of fun, we played mostly PvE, I never tried PvP (but I might soon thanks to this cool project !) If you guys wonder what kind of art I'm making, you can check out my tumblr or my deviantart here : https://nano-rhino.tumblr.com/ https://n4n0t3ck.deviantart.com/ The universe of BattleForge obviously influenced me and I'm having a lot of fun making art for the revival of this game. I also like playing trading card games a lot like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone mostly. Played Yu-Gi-Oh! for a while too. My favorites artists so far are Noah Bradley (MtG), Albert Bierstadt (amazing landscape artist) and Xavier Houssin (Xaxaxa, Dofus/Wakfu). So yeah, I think that's it, I'm looking forward to make the best art I can for this game and for you guys to enjoy ! See ya ! NanoRhino
  22. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    I ain't a user of Spotify, but perhaps if there is a way, could you add MetalForge, so the playlist is complete? Y'know, the metal track variation of Lords of the Sky. Cheers
  23. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    I get shivers when I listen to some Lords of the Sky
  24. Open Beta Information

    It make a lot of time i follow this project. Really happy to see this game comming back. 2018 i'm comming!
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