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  4. the drider (nr 6) would be very cool..sadly i dont think they have a spider model. i really miss spiders in this game xD
  5. Up the irons! xD Not sure if their song and album names are protected to such a degree..well worth exploring if it is save though. I totally see where you are coming from here and i can also see this as a t3 card. Honestly however i have always found 1 nature and 1 shadow start a bit meh. You give up on all the goodies from 2 shadow orbs (harvy ressource booster undead army befallen's curse, chaos knight etc.) or you give up 2 nature (energy parasite, sunken temple, deep one, living towers and creeping paralysis) You have the mandatory amii phantom if you want to flex and play amii
  6. Very interesting mechanics that makes the card very powerful. Therefore I wish we could see it as T3 card, with FoF and Breeding Grounds stacking it into T4 strength should not be very difficult (OP T2), and I believe we miss ideas for T3 and T4 cards overall. I like the picture, ghosty spirit suits theme well.
  7. I frickin LOVE this idea! Iron Maiden for life! But we have to make sure not to get copyright issues with this...
  8. Hey! Weird_flex here. I have had a chat recently in this forum which inspired me to paint a card illustration for this game. Maybe one day it will be used. I would certainly play it. It is also a thanks for bringing back this fun game =) Just for skylords reborn you can use it as you wish but please do not change the painting. Since i hold the source files, i am anyways the only one who can easily make effective changes. I also added the quick pencil sketch which led to the finished painting. I could imagine this getting based on the giant slayer model. I though
  9. thanks for the info..dunno whats wrong there(or right xD )
  10. I finished an idea and illustration for an AMII unit today. You can check it out here =) Maybe this one fits the lore better.
  11. as t2 units deep one and parasite swarm are nice. parasite swam shines on expert maps while deep one takes care of everything below expert. sunken temple is better than most think..you can also swarm those pesky willzappers with it or simply exceed your pop cap and use them as meatshields if you know there is a tough enemy camp ahead. if you ever build a rootdefense and are short on manpower thanks to pop cap then sunken temples can give you some fun..especially since their units do not bind power. in campaign maps and soem rpve i have had some fun with tunnels..i think there are many ways to
  12. It has to be in a best of 3 though, so if the next time toggy hosts Radical can join, we have the exiting final to see if Toggy can knock him out in the 3th tournament.
  13. The card functionality has not been changed. As the building has been build very often by players without achieving a benefit (especially in RPVE), the tooltip has been updated to make it clearer that the potential gains of this building only kick in after the power well would normally have been depleted. Old text: Own power wells in a 20m radius consume 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% less power, thus producing more. New text: Within a 20m radius the remaining capacity of own power wells takes 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% longer to deplete. Production per time increment remains the same.
  14. I understand its a lot of work, but would it at least be possible to distribute them before the next tournament? I see a trent of more and more time in between the hand out of boosters, even though less players are joining
  15. Amii Phantom always struck me as a weird unit to represent Amii. From the lore I always saw them as some kind of mystical creatures, not human-like. A bit like the boss fight spirits from the upcoming Kena Bridge of Spirits game, or the Changelings in Magic the Gathering Kaldheim set.
  16. Hi community, after I bought the juice tank, I could swear that 10 years ago, it did not only reduce the energyconsumption, but it also rised the energy outcome. Am I wrong or was the card downgraded? Thank you ! Adrian
  17. are the boosters out yet? tbh because of my „delete all“ habbit I cannot say if I recieved one or not 🥺
  18. If Radical is not taking part, then is he out of the tournament because of unsuitable time of tournament? Therefore, he is out by Toggy, who chose the date, and therefore wins 8 boosters award?
  19. Ouch, usually pure nature is perhaps the worst color (color combination) with which to face Willzapper. My tactic here would be: Despair, scream, spit, pull hair, cry and sweat. Joking aside: The only option to kill the Willzapper clean(!) with Nature that I can think of would be the two XL-Root-Units, but both are basically not suitable for the Rpve The standard approach would be in my eyes, but maybe I'm missing something, to engage with a mass unit spam and always first full focus on the Willzapper. Until rpve9 Willzapper occur only in the 2nd row after T4, here you should
  20. Hey, that library is mostly just for Regular Expressions and we already replaced that library to inject our own network code. The code for loading and processing the pak files is in the BattleForge.exe, and as of right now nobody is actively working on reverse engineering it. We do hook one function related to pak files already, but that's mostly for anti-cheat purposes. That's why this feature is not feasible for us to implement as of now.
  21. Hey guys, is it possible to add an option to the dropdown menu when you right click on a playername like "Find Player" or "Search Player" that will just searches for the players name so you can see the location and rank? Normally I have to type in all the names to check the pvp rank symbol or if they are ingame and this is annoying. Its even faster to just add them as friends and look there. Even better would be a little window that shows these infos if you hover with your mouse over the name but I think this is even trickier to implement. Just a QoL change
  22. Quick Question for Pure Nature rPVE Decks: How do you deal with the "Willzappers" Twilight thingys? My only solution so far is Enlithenment for a nice spell or surrender.
  23. Take part Im rly sry to disappoint u guys and especially topsecret, who probably calculated winning this tournament already, but I managed to be able to take part aswell
  24. Last week
  25. Hi Zyna, I don't think it is impossible here. Did some further research and found out that the filesystem calls are all done from pcre3.dll (see attached image), which is an open source library and available here https://www.pcre.org/. Injecting a pcre3.dll with some monitoring features might lead to some results, where it is loaded and therefore it can be modified in the open source library. Regards NovacX
  26. Hm perhaps in the process of doing the changes for the first balancing change, an accidential other change happened and a card did in fact change, but then I guess u have to make a custom map and spawn units with these ids one by another, this should make it possible to identify the rogue id.
  27. Hey, that's not something we can influence. We don't have the source code to the game. I'll be moving this to rejected.
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