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  2. Hello everyone! As in the subject, when I play for about half an hour, when selecting cards from the deck, the game minimizes to the desktop, it's as if I had an icon from the taskbar right below the deck. I don't know what's going on because in the case where I have a browser shortcut it's somehow explainable, but if I click on a card in the middle of the deck, the same thing happens and there, I don't have any icon. the only solution is to click the very top of the card but it is not practical as I want to quickly heal the unit and it minimizes my game. I will be grateful for any
  3. The game runs smoothly, but then my FPS rapidly drops, then full freeze, then crash to desktop. Ive done all the usual things, like update graphics drivers etc etc, i didn't have this crash until last weeks update. Latest crash dump. _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  4. Can you show also the folder from which you launch the game?
  5. Hey, thanks for respond, I don't see any file that named "diag" , anyway it must be in documents? i attached how it is see in my computer I attached also the error
  6. Hey @zviel Could you add the log files to this report? Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. sorry no clue, the dump is too corrupted. Maybe next one will have some useful info.
  8. SpiritAlpha did a great job on both the card artwork and the model textures. Try using it with Promise of Life, it is a whole different card. Promise of Life is also useful in T4 to unbind your Forest Elder, greatly increasing your rate of building an army. We discovered this before releasing the last round of changes but did not have time to fix it. We are still investigating the issue. We do not think on-death abilities of this kind are fitting for Fire units. I think this is a great explanation of what makes the challenges different than our regularly occ
  9. hey i start to play yestersay. i was play the game before about 10 years ago, and every 5-10 minutes the games crashes because "client server lost connection" but i have internet and i can open other websites, so i don't sure why it collapse when it happend it close the game and throw me to desktop
  10. Yesterday
  11. Since the update last week by game is random crashing to desktop. Any ideas ... _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  12. yes, or you can just delete all pak files that start with `sr`, if that would be easier for you.
  13. well if u see from my donation date , you can see i was here waiting this project to progress since 2015 around September but it took some long time and i wasn't given an alpha access , i forgot the project overtime but now I had a discussion with a friend what new games we can try , i suddenly remembered there was remake projects for battle forge so i came back to check , 🙂 Thanks for the video though
  14. As my feedback, I specifically want to mention I really enjoy the achievements. Often times I like the idea of the PvE contests (e.g., do a specific map in a certain amount of time with a set of rules) but I am always intimidated by the time limit and competition. These achievements that call for very specific game rules (only buildings, only 1 color, etc.) are really a fun way to challenge myself in my own time frame and with no pressure or external competition. Really love them and I would enjoy more of them! The new cards are really cool and blend in well. As far as I can tell, they br
  15. Xamos

    Dying Breed

    Good point, but what would you suggest then? The closer other enemies are to the affected unit, the more damage they take or something like that?
  16. Oh well, thanks for the reply nontheless! (I thought these are related because it sporadically closed for me aswell) Corrupted file means that I should reinstall the game or smth?
  17. Welcome back 🙂 We just had our 2nd Anniversary, so have been online for quite some time. How did you find out about the project again? Use this video to get up to speed 🙂
  18. what i mean the game is actually playable by everyone now instead of trying to hope for getting into the alpha test i mean , am still downloading it i just want to play it and thats it i told 2 of my friends to download it too , i literally cant wait to play it , waiting them to download it too so we start together , u dont know long i have been waiting since EA shutdown of the actual game
  19. 🤔 what you mean finished? It is still actively developed, and new features are cards are being added.
  20. I didn't realize the project finished , I even remember I donated here under the name "Hasan" was hoping from the bottom of my heart its come back again the game battle forge Am downloading it atm , i will check it out am so excited , cheers
  21. With the recent Deep Dive into Stonekin (my favorite faction since the old BF times) I got some ideas for more Stonekin buildings. With the intention of being more structure-focused, I think the faction deserves more cards in this regard. As such, I tried to come up with first support building for the faction, which could at the same time synergize with the new idea of offensive towering. Numbers are just rudimentary. Mountain Spring (MS) - shrine card with supporting capabilities, that can be deployed on the frontlines. Freezing Stream - Every 4 seconds, the structure emits a con
  22. The Stonekin plans are really interesting, and I love the idea to build their identity around buildings. Stonekin WBG when? 🤑
  23. @Xamos these are not related to the original question. First crash is when trying to render some donut, so if it started only recently I would suspect some corrupted file. Second one crashed when logging the crash, so there is no info what happen 😞
  24. wow another awesome Community update, love that community maps are getting a chance to shine because there are so many great ones. Keep up the great work!
  25. will be fun to amass an army of willzappers to use against twilight
  26. cc is hard to justify for fire. Especially the second point and 5 seconds sounds kind of weak. Slow might work, question is if the price of the card makes it worth it. Last one is interesting. I wouldn't make it an actual cc but similar to one of my idea, force a situation where the enemy doesn't wants his units standing close (Aura of Pain, Transcendence). When I wrote my original post I didn't realize that Transcendence and Aura of Pain would've a similar effect, but Transcendence is t4 and even at t3 is not that interesting to single out units anymore. I can imagine that it would
  27. Last week
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