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  3. XYDominicYX

    Idea with Gambling Influence

    I got a question, yesterday someone (dunno if im allowed to call him out) rolled out his cards to random people. That gave me the Idea to make something out of it, something like a little Casino where the Luck decides the Winner, for example payin an entry fee of 200 (once for the entire 5-10 card round(this is cause i aint got no sponsors for the cards im givin out, these are all mine at the moment and most of them are worth more then the Fee of 200 + multiple copys of them)) and playin against other players for 5-10cards of value a round with using the /roll command, for another example lets say the card we are playin around is Grinder (worth around 450 so the winner of that card already made profit) and Player 1 Rolled a 77 Player 2 41 Player 3 11... so in that scenario Player 1 would win the card cause of gettin the highest number, Round 2 we are Playin for another Copy of Grinder.. Round 3 we are Playin a for 3 Copys of Deepfang (since the value went down the copys went up) and so on, till we got through 5-10 different cards. So the first 2 Rounds here would count as 1 round into the pool of the 5-10 cards we are Playin with. It may sound complicated, may cause im not that good in explaining stuff. But to the point of my question, is that kind of "Gamble" allowed in our Community, if u show the winables before hand, meaning before they even joined or paid? Regards VAJIaMaNo0b p.s. Concept could change in the Future.
  4. joshgandosh

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    offline mode? i'm from asia, afraid of lag if im playing on eu server
  5. Your positive message of this month: 

    Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  6. Updated with a few more guides that I noticed. Let me know if I missed anything!
  7. Last week
  8. Dion

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    HalisYesterday at 6:01 PM @Ombreverte I think, some players want to change Battleforge completly, but I dont know, if anybody still wants to play the result anymore, if we completly change it. To be honest, I think even one small change would have a huge impact on the reputation of SkylordsReborn, because it would not be exacly the same Battleforge as we know. Right now, I am telling the new players "All cards are still the same, but it is free2play now". The causual players, who just want to play the game and do not even bother themself by discussing about card changes will get a really bad feeling, if they here that something got changed. It does not matter if it is a big change or a small change. Just the moment, when they here "Something got changed" they will feel bad. 1 HalisYesterday at 6:12 PM But dont get me wrong, I am not against changes. There are cards like "Fleshbender" which are completly useless in PvE, since the card just do not work in PvE Maps and it is also completly useless after a certain skill level in PvP, since "Fleshbender" is binding 120 energy for the very limited use case. @Kubik Fleshbender is a goode example, why counting the number of decks with this card, will give you a wrong impression. I see it sometimes in decks of new player with "Fleshbender", even though it is completly useless(edited) I am just saying, that it could make some players thinking bad about SkylordsReborn, because it would be a "changed version" and not the "vanillia version" of Battleforge. It seems there maybe two type of people... and i see this in many games including private server WoW Old and New.. Do we stick with old battleforge for nostalgia.. Do we move into new battleforge because we are not battleforge we are skylord.. will people play the skylordreborn because of old nostalgia and how the game use to be will people play the skylordreborn because of what has been changed and this is the new 2019 battleforge [SKYLORDREBORN] Game.. 2 MAN 2 battle 2 decision ONe outcome, coming to theater near you ^,^

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    We are not old BF we are SkylordsReborn, so we can deviate from how it has been and nevertheless it is a map that can be speedrun. And as this is a speedrun ranking archive, it makes total sense to include it.
  10. Treim

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Ravens End solo: 29:10.6
  11. Kubik

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    I did not add it to the dropdown, but if it was not possible to tick the checkbox, it would explain why it was empty (if it was empty)
  12. MephistoRoss

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Yes, maybe not even possible to select it in the drop down, not sure. And I also think it was not possible to tick the Speedrun checkbox in the lobby.
  13. Kubik

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    it was there you want to say it was just empry?
  14. MephistoRoss

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Because the Introduction is not a normal map but just a tutorial in which you can only use the Tutorial deck and have to follow fixed instructions from Moon. In the old BF it was also excluded from the rankings (also ingame), Kubik just shows the rankings ingame now because it is possible.
  15. I 'member when the open stresstest started and it was like only up to 100 players could connect the same time.. And now seeing you talking about 100-200 players in JUST PVP A DAY!!! What an awesome development the project is doing, keep the great work up! Kudos and respecc to everyone doing his part
  16. This is nice and all but yall overlooked something i posted, and with alittle effort yall shall see it. ill leave that game to you, you are not allow to tell synthc lol..
  17. Yes, that's been suggested before and I think it's a very good idea. Ideally you would have automated events that happen every day at certain times with increased rewards to get people playing at the same times.
  18. I guess, he was right, the luncher.exe crashed and that is why we can not login anymore afterwards :P
  19. Since we're in this topic also discussing PvP, how about in-client tournaments that run at specific times? Some other games have these and would push more people to play during specific time windows. Just have them in the evening between 8-10pm or something, or during weekends. You can still get pvp at other times but with these times they could be guaranteed.
  20. Agreed. I think you should have a pool of R/URs to choose from, so if you choose to get multiple charges for the same card you're passing up other cards. Maybe have only up to two of each card in the pool so you can't get all 4 charges from these quests (buying them will still be relatively cheap since there will be people getting them from quests who don't want them and sell them). When it comes to new players you can actually use some psychological trickery here. Since these cards are R/UR, they will still feel special/valuable to new players because they probably won't know that lots of people have them (and this lack of knowledge will last longer for solo PvE players). Even if you do know that everyone has them, the higher rarity still subconsciously make it feel valuable (even if it isn't). Another aspect of this is simply that all of these cards are just really cool in general. They look cool, they feel good to use, and they have powerful and unique effects. So regardless of actual rarity, new players will still be excited to get them and this would help show them how much interesting stuff the game has to offer.
  21. I'm not sure these cards should be able to earn up to 4x charges. Maybe you can complete each achievement 4 times and you have to choose which cards to get (so 1x reward for all colors, or 4x for all fire but none of anything else, etc.) We should balance the specific card rewards, but I think part of the charm of getting a powerful rare card (for example, my wife getting soulshatter) is that you know that the card is rare and not everyone has it. She doesn't feel the same satisfaction when playing giant wyrm, for example. She started with it and everyone has it. Soulshatter feels unique to her deck.
  22. synthc

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    Double Erupt and Drake shot + Erupt to kill Parasite Swarm is generally an effective counter, but fire/frost tends to rely on shields to attack effectively. Ultimately, this matchup comes down to the fact that fire/frost just doesn't have anything scary in early T2 that kills pure nature's wells. Once pure nature gets rolling with SoM they have a big advantage (even without getting any EPs off). The power advantage combined with the need for fire frost to invest in Ice Shield Tower or Frost Sorceress gives nature enough of a power advantage to use two Parasite Swarms + CC in a lot of cases. If fire/frost doesn't use shields, then Spirit Hunters + Parasite (the spell) is enough to cost effectively kill ravaged Drakes. As for pure fire, I also mained pure nature and played quite a lot of matches vs pure fire with it, except I was around 170K ELO (don't remember my exact highest ELO). You have to play very aggressively in this matchup; if you fall behind, you lose. But if you can keep the pressure on with Deep Ones (which pure fire can't cost effectively deal with), then it's a winning matchup. There never were many high level pure nature players, so I totally understand why people think it has a terrible matchup vs pure fire (and most other decks). For balance purposes, win rates are only really relevant at the highest level of play. Player experience at the lower and mid levels is still important, but I don't think it would tell us much (especially in an alpha phase where most people aren't active).
  23. indubitablement

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    I only played this matchup once as the nature player and once as the fire/frost since beta (both rare faction to see), but I saw parasite swarm against drake quite a few times and it never work. If nature player use oink, you can double erupt. Because parasite swarm animation is so slow, you have plenty of time (giving you a small 5 power advantage). If nature player doesn't have the power to oink, you can hit once with drake+eruption (giving you a 25 power advantage). Ofc spirit hunter+parasite doesn't work either because of ravage and shield. Even if you screwup and nature gets a drake, you have shielded drake to easily deal with it, so it's not even a big deal. Early attack from nature with burrower+CC is easy to counter with stormsinger+frostbite. Samething with energy parasite. I played nature vs pure fire a lot in the 120'000 elo range (I used to main pure nature and pure fire is very common). Even if the pure fire's trade aren't 100% efficient, a good fire player never let me repair my well and will eventualy get it down. If I could repair, it cost 100-150 power which would easily end the game. Some map with a lot of cliff dancer spot are auto lose like yrmia. Maybe I just need to get good. I need to see replays of two equality good player. @Kubik Sorry for ping. Do you have the win rate for specific pvp matchup like pure nature vs pure fire? For me I think it was around 20:80.
  24. Totally agree here. I talked about this and made some suggestions primarily from a returning player's perspective here: I think that the solution is to have four main quest-lines that are available from the start - one for each color. These quests would give account bound R and UR rewards for playing each color. A simplified example of rewards progression (in no particular order): Path of Fire: Firedancer Wildfire Juggernaut Batariel Cluster Explosion (Repeat rewards up to 4 times for charges) High level reward for like 1000 pure fire matches would be promo Juggernaut. Path of Nature: Spikeroot Parasite Swarm Shrine of Memory Mind Control Forest Elder (Repeat rewards up to 4 times for charges) High level reward for like 1000 pure nature matches would be promo Swamp Drake or Razorleaf. Path of Shadow: Shadow Mage Nether Warp (B) Harvester Soulshatter Grim Bahir/Shadow Worm (Repeat rewards up to 4 times for charges) High level reward for like 1000 pure shadow matches would be promo Harvester. Path of Frost: War Eagle Area Ice Shield Northstar (B) Dreadnought Worldbreaker Gun (Repeat rewards up to 4 times for charges) High level reward for like 1000 pure frost matches would be promo Lyrish Knight or Construct. It's important to give players ways to get pure cards early on, otherwise the meta will be completely dominated by splash decks which require fewer R/UR cards. I also like the idea of allowing players to choose which cards they get as rewards. As Eirias pointed out, getting some of these more rare, unique, and interesting cards will help a lot with new player retention. This would devalue these rares and ultra-rares, but that's really not a problem since we're not trying to make money off of boosters. Effectively making these earnable basic cards opens up the possibility of playing pure decks early, which otherwise just wouldn't happen until people farmed up a lot of BFP to buy these cards. The requirements for these main questlines should be diverse and require players to play a variety of games modes (it would make sense to require people to play PvP to get the PvP cards and PvE for the PvE cards). The game has a lot to offer, and now that it's not pay to win we can give new players some of the many cool cards early on, rather than locking them behind a deprecated paywall.
  25. GOD I miss the ol' chat box.
    Fun times. 

    1. BurningWorld



      in eternal love your horse...

    2. Kazayrian


      I miss making fun of you dumbdumbs.

  26. synthc

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    The Magma Hurler change was based on the idea that the game will reach a point where every deck has good ways to deal with pure fire aside from air dominance and abusing L units. This idea was perhaps a bit naive on my part as at our current rate of progress I doubt we'll ever get close to that point. Still, it would be an ideal change later on if we ever got there to help smooth out pure fire's strengths and weaknesses. As for Stormsinger, there are plans to rework frost T1 which should help make pure frost more consistent as well. I also want to rework fire/frost as it's been pretty underwhelming ever since Mine and Mortar were nerfed way back in the day (which were good nerfs, just to be clear). Stormsinger is just a bit too efficient for a T2 splash card. -------------------------------------------------------------------- As for Deep One... well, it seems that the more recent top players have been pushing the idea that pure fire is top tier and pure nature is trash tier - both of which I disagree with. When the deck is built and played correctly, pure nature is actually a very strong deck (as you can build the deck to compensate for its many weaknesses while still capitalizing on its insane strengths). Regarding your matchup breakdown, pure nature actually has an advantage vs fire/frost due to its ability to mind control their drakes and scythe fiends and fire/frost's lack of offensive power (that doesn't rely on shielded drakes/scythe fiends). This nullifies nature's biggest weakness which is early T2 defense, allowing them to get SoM up and dominate the matchup. Vs lost souls, pure nature actually has the advantage here as well. The T1 is an even matchup vs shadow and in T2 you don't have as much trouble on defense as you would vs nature splashes, plus you can get a lot of EP activations vs lost souls which gets you a huge power advantage. Souls also has no great ways of dealing with Burrower + CC so you can snowball that power advantage hard with SoM and Burrower attacks. Pure nature vs pure fire is actually surprisingly even. As long as you don't lose the T1 fight (which is pretty even, thanks to Dryad) you just pressure them hard with Deep Ones. Deep One is also awesome on defense because it can grab Firedancers and kill them quickly. Once you get SoM up you have a huge power advantage and as long as you launch an all out attack and kill and orb when they try to go T3 (not too hard since you have tons of power with SoM and Burrowers + Deep Ones with spell support can do tons of damage), you win. A DO nerf has the biggest impact on this matchup. Fire nature and shadow/nature are the worst machups for pure nature by far due to their high early T2 power level with supported Burrowers, and DO is hard to use vs shadow/nature because of Nightguard + CC. DO helps vs fire/nature, but a buffed Spikeroot would play this role better anyway. Yes. What you're missing is how much counterplay there is to a Treespirit that has no M damage or poison. Treespirit only hits up to two targets (and the second one doesn't take full damage, which is more pronounced without poison damage). This makes body blocking to protect your wells/orbs very easy and effective (especially in conjunction with the HP nerf) and makes Treespirits completely unable to focus down wells that are being actively defended. What they would be good at is stopping players from going T2 against nature T1 with impunity, and defending against / launching attacks against towers. Make no mistake, this is a nerf (technically a berf, but definitely reduces the card's overall power level by a lot). I get what you're saying here, but back when Enlightenment was 150 and not pure nature, it was only really a problem with Earthshaker. T3 pure cards should be very strong and nature T3 is otherwise underwhelming, so I don't see a problem here. If Earthshaker is changed as per my suggestion, Enlightenment would become fairly strong in 2v2, but certainly not an auto-include (it wasn't even when it was 150 and splashable). I considered lowering the Earthshaker cooldown, but decided against it to allow frost to at least save their orbs without needing Shield Building. On second thought though, I suppose if you let your opponent go T4 you probably deserve to lose anyway, so I can agree with a CD reduction to maybe 10 seconds. This would make Earthshaker something that definitively closes out games even vs frost.
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