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  3. For a cheap beginning this may also be a nice reference - I liked it: Only beware of the "cheap Fire" that is linked, guess that one isn't such a good idea
  4. Very cool idea and yet again a proof, that you don't need expensive or meta cards to play the game. I might refer to this post, when people ask for beginner decks in the future Also I like the challenge aspect and might try something like this in the future as well
  5. Good analysis. I was somewhat expecting this result, as it makes most sense within current game constraints. Seems to be a good thing for economy in the end, though we will see what future brings. Mainly the booster price increase, but also potential new cards.
  6. man i was report to fix skycatcher attacks , it not good in small unit ,,,,
  7. I guess the anniversary discount, while blessing for players is a curse for statisticians ^^
  8. Yesterday
  9. I bought a bandit sniper card for 44BF points and when I opened the mail it wasn't attached with the mail. However, I did lose my 44BF points. Issue resolved, had to reset game and it was automatically thrown into my deck.
  10. I had an idea to try and make commons-only deck. I went with Frost-Nature because... Best common flyers in the game! (Yeah Lost Dragons would argue, but with commons only you can't sustain them ). And so I tried it with current month rPvE lvl 10. It was pretty easy (no Windhunters on t3) I haven't made any preparations and it was just second try (first try failed at cleaning of first camp). Few notes I have to mention - unfortunately Nortland Drake ability was VERY clunky to use, and it probably was activated 1 out of 5 times. Rip Shattered ice combo. At least still able to
  11. Another small proposal: Put the beacon for the wrath of the souls in the middle where the starting orb clusters meet, anybody who puts a unit near it can activate it. (this would also would repair the bug that if noone starts at Pos1, that there is no beacon spawning at all cause it's part of the Pos1-Orb-Cluster)
  12. but amii paladins reflect is not tied to negated dmg. it just says "distribute 100% of the incoming damage equally to hostile units". I would agree with you if the wording was "distribute 100% of the PREVENTED incoming damage equally to hostile units"
  13. Well voidstorm also says that it ignores all shields, hence the amii paladin shield does not detect it and nothing gets redistributed.
  14. NAME: Amii Paladins do not reflect Voidstorm damage DESCRIPTION: Voidstorm damage is not reflected to Units in 15m range using Amii Paladins active ability. Amii Paladins ability says "Activate to reflect incoming damage using the ancient magic of the unit's armor. For the next 10 seconds, Amii Paladins will take 100% less damage and distribute 100% of the incoming damage equally to hostile units in a 15m radius. This damage cannot be warded off with the help of damage reducing abilities because it is able to circumvent every buff or protective shield. Reusable every" I'd say Voidsto
  15. Great work on the analysis! I would really like to see though, what the prices will look like, once the 100 bfp discount on boosters is over for a few months.
  16. wow that is some good stuff Got to make opening every single card position to have a certain level of suspense. I think i open the bottom 4 (even the top right) so quickly because you know its just some lame commons haha
  17. no I made only a config option for it I am not touching that GUI you can make it yourself
  18. Last week
  19. @Kubik Hehe now you have to add another GUI button somewhere
  20. Hello everyone, As everyone knows, the in-game economy shifted massively after the advent of the Reforging system. This has led a number of players to express concerns about the health of the economy, and as such we would like to share some relevant economic data with the community. Some important information on the data: When it says "Fire Pool" it includes every card in the game which includes a Fire Orb. The data was collected and presented in this manner because this is how Reforging works when it tells you that the output card has an X% chance of containing a Fire Orb. Additio
  21. Hope this will help, I'm currently on Discord with GF and she run into same problem
  22. which file? Do you have an exact identification what it claimed to be?
  23. to me personally it sound stupid to not have them in defined order, but designers seems to like to have it as an option, so here is an preview:
  24. I know that this might sound weird, but I know some antivirus programs might get it wrong, but I didn't have an issue with this and I've scanned the file, but my friend who recently tried to download it had his 360 Total Security claim that it contains a Trojan... If this could be answered I could easily put his fears to rest :)
  25. Excellent suggestion and I've added it to QoL queue EDIT: not a confirmation that it will actually happen, as this may not be straightforward to implement.
  26. This is in fact priority #8, according to the last list I sent the devs But there is a shortage of people who can implement changes like this, so feel free to encourage anyone with coding knowledge to apply!
  27. Old thread but with the new filter system you can now do it your self. My daily used filters: upgrade=1&charges<1&copies>1 upgrade=2&charges<2&copies>1 upgrade=3&charges<3&copies>1 --> That are cards which i can apply a charges upgrade upgrade=3&copies>1 upgrade=2&copies>2 upgrade=1&copies>3 upgrade=0&copies>4 --> That are cards which i can sell / reforge (i keep the cards i will need up upgrade the charges to max)
  28. Sorting by price is planned and one of the things I will work on next, I just haven't gotten around to implementing it yet.
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