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  2. I’ve downloaded the game on my computer and it works fine, but I downloaded it on my friends computer which is newer and it does not work. When I click the skylords updater it shows up and I click play. Then a window pops up that says ‘skylords 1.2 retail’ and then disappears. Any ideas?? windows 10 home x86
  3. Yesterday
  4. bartyll17

    it won't start

    Hello, my game won't start, I download evreything and the updater works and updated it, but my game doesn't start.... can you please help me. greetings.
  5. Last week
  6. Aviat0r

    Help with installation

    Can you post a screenshot of the directory where you "installed" the game?
  7. Ultrakool

    game is unfair to working class people

    @calvin85Please don’t revive dead threads >30 days(especially when you don’t really add something of substance, and also that meme doesn’t really have any place here. Locked
  8. SunWu II.

    Balance Changes

    He probably ment units like lost dancer, lost wanderer (wich has seen some play though), twilight minions etc - S/F relies on shadow and frost units while F/N relies on nature and fire units. But even stonekin and bandits can do fine without their respective faction units, wich just shows how much strong splashable cards there are. Concerning frost vs nature T1, i don't know if there's a better way to play this, but if the optimal play is frost mage spam, this macthup is outright stupid in terms of balance. If mountaineer gets a nerf, pure fire gets buffed and fire/frost nerfed, i don't think that's good. In situations like this combinations of changes are needed, otherwise some matchups will turn out worse then before if you only look at the ,,problematic'' matchups. (In this case mounty vs fire/nature or pure fire).
  9. SunWu II.

    rPVE 9/10

    I'd always go for a shadow start when playing 2 x shadow for early ressource boosters. Not a fan of netherwarp, it heals like nothing and if you warp your teammates it might mess up their spells and focus fire (i for example hate when i cast a spell like revenge on my units and then get ported somewhere else. Or i carefully micro my tanks in the front and low HP dragons in the back only to get thrown in the middle of the base by some netherwarp). You should think about incredible Mo cause otherwise lost dragons are a huge annoyance for your ships. Maybe a second affinity of frenetic wich i find to be more valuable then for example oink. Thunderstorm is also nice.
  10. Kubik

    2 - Stuttering on Insane God

    I have no proof of it, but my theory is that this map uses specific system resources, and your PC can not keep up. I think 3 people in total report that, and we was testing it by being in same match and streaming, my game and stream was fine. Just a side note new Nvidia GPU does not mean it is faster for older games, Nvidia uses software to keep compatibility with hardware they removed, and this game is over decade old, so it is likely that they remoded something important BF using, these GPUs are much faster than GPUs of BF original era, but some effects can just require 100x more performance if done in software without hardware support, but no one tried with profiles, so it is just guess.
  11. Kubik

    Trade doesn't show entered bfp

    Was anyone else able to reproduce that? (remember to press enter after the number, it is not most intuitive way, but EA make it that way)
  12. Kybaka

    rPVE 9/10

    For a lvl 10 random map, I would go with something like ...
  13. Please make sure you use the corret template given as a pinned topic in this part of the forum: As far as i can say to this title i have to admit that lost souls battlefiled is 3 times harder than the other ones imo. I also experienced a camp on rpve9 which had over 6 dragons in a single camp. But the fact that 2 camps have been together could be the answer for this. Also the running track was beyond any rpve9 i had before there has been a single lines which had to be followeed line by line like this at the upper end of the map: -------->------------------------------>-----------| | |-----------<----------------------------<--------| | |------------->------------------------>---------- Conclusion: I do not believe that this might be a bug. This could be called a possibility to balance out the game a bit maybe in the near future since sometimes lost souls is just impossible to solve especially on rpve 10.
  14. Headbanger

    Cards always getting bugged

    I believe this theme here is strongly related to that one: I can confirm that this sometimes happens if you drag a card into the trading window. Happens for me as well.
  15. Headbanger

    Group system issues

    I can confirm this. Sometimes this still happens to me as well. But as Toggy said, this has been reduced since the open stress test got "released". All three points pointed out by Toggy are somehow more or less the same for me. I believe the grouping system somehow also affects other systems like maybe the trading system or others since i traded a bunch of times with others while being in the same group together. At this point it surprisingly crasheda lot more than before. Maybe it was just randomly.
  16. Headbanger

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    I can confirm this happens to me, too. I traded a bunch of times and around every 3rd to 7th time either the accpt button freezes, both players tick accept and nothing goes on, both accept and the trade immediatly gets as done instead of giving one player the 5 seconds delay time or if you place a card into the trade the trade window itself somehow does not fully accept the card and gets stuck. Somehow it removes it from your inventory (clientsided only ofc) and you cant trade with it again. Also the game spits out a system error called: unknown error! (translated from german "Unbekannter Fehler!"). EDIT: I believe the grouping system could increase the "chance" to let a trade freeze or something. I remembered that i often traded with people who were in the same group as me. Surprisingly the trade did not go right way more often then usual.
  17. Hello there I would like to play with LSS in deck. Any advices ? What should've i remove/add . Shadow T1 Nature T1
  18. Upoo

    What do you do in life?

    I work with government biddings, I'm a crier.
  19. Some really awesome cards here
  20. felkin

    What do you do in life?

    Pretty much this
  21. calvin85

    game is unfair to working class people

    thanks for sharing!
  22. calvin85

    What do you do in life?

    started exploring web development
  23. natan_sabag69

    Help with installation

    I downloaded the game file and the SkylordsRebornUpdater and downloaded it according to what is listed on the site and just did not open the game I checked and my computer meets the criteria I would be happy to help Thank you all in advance
  24. felkin

    Balance Changes

    Mountaineer seriously needs a rework to fix his bug and balance his stats. Not sure what u really mean by twilight and lost souls units... I would really disagree with juggernaut being unbalanced, he's strong, yes, but u need 3 fire orbs for him, he'd better have a good attack, otherwise it's not worth it because u miss out on things like building protects and crowd control. Church of negation is also fine in my opinion, needs 2 shadow orbs and support from kobold trick and nether warp, has a lot of good ways to counterplay and if you're talking about "huge" maps it's only on 3v3s, where it's more pve than pvp and needs totally different decks. Curse well I never liked, I would honestly remove it because it ruins 2v2 games in my opinion and is just boring to play with and against. Fire nature is nowhere near weak, especially in t2, its t3 is usually very small because it needs the slots to have its power, and still not weak if played right in t3. Frost vs nature, rarely ever seen this matchup, but I bet it's pretty balanced. Frost t1 is definately bad is some maps, but doesn't mean u autolose, there is nothing much that can be done about that atm, removing maps, buffing frost t1 units or giving frost a swift unit neither seem like good options. Instant t2 pure shadow vs nature t1... this is what is called matchups, some cards are stronger than others, different colors have their advantages and disadvantages... as simple as that and doesn't necessarily mean it's unbalanced, need to learn how to play around it and understand what the color u play against can do versus u, and what u can do versus it.
  25. felkin

    Balance Changes

  26. no MrXLink is busy deciding on more important things
  27. any progress on this? even if it's for the little amount of pvp players around
  28. Treim

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Sunbridge solo: 14:03.7
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