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  3. Sit back be quite on the cheaper sits and be patient, you have no idea about programming @threadmaker.
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  5. It's cute that you think I'm still a top PvP player . Not that I mind, of course, but I think @RadicalX is the best player with access to beta right now. But thanks for the reminder that I should update my guide Well, generally I'd say bandits is the worst deck, so that's probably the hardest to play at a high level. But if you can consistently win t1, I think you stand a good chance. So my actual answer is Pure Nature, because you have to be really good to execute the t1 correctly and even then it has some terrible matchups. But at lower levels, where players don't pressure in t1 as much, factions like frost, stonekin, and nature do much better because they can usually just chill in t1.
  6. and it's comments like these that make me want to make more I'll see if I can schedule a recording session with @YaBro0 or @RadicalX
  7. @Defqon oh well do what you think is best
  8. @ThomasMann a deck with only maulers. Just cause you can't even summon them. I mean it would be very hard to win right? Jokes aside I never really saw a lot of frost in pvp so maybe that might be hard. Not that I am a proper pvp player. Maybe @Eirias can tell.
  9. or maybe just as sidestory, that chronos tells the legend to it's ppl & my char can die, just not of time
  10. Personally I think it would be beter if all RP stories happen around the same time. Ofcourse you can write what you want in the RP as long as nothing is too overpowerd so you could maybe write something about your character losing his powers and trying to get them back I guess. Not sure what to say about those creators though. You could however lead a stonekin army (which could be those failures you talk about) to conquer Nyn or something like that but your character has to be able to die or else it could be unfair for everyone else.
  11. Give me opinions & toughts, thanks! :D

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      sellout in what? i'm just clashed with what to do :3

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      Here you go bigstock_A_person_thinks_of_the_word_Op_


      Thank me later.

  12. As you all should know the Battleforge RP - The Elemental Clash has started again Due to some reasons in the past RP, I had to make a new character sheet (wich is allowed in the RP allrdy). However, if you have read the legend about my character in the character sheet. (If not, Read just below this) As you have read or know, my legend is telling about The Archos and The Creators (of wich NOTHING is known from). I was wondering if in the RP, I should make a story out of that legend as some kind of 'prologue' or a 'prequel' from the elemental clash? So that I will tell the entire story of Chrono battleing The Archos? Second of all, I was wonder if in the RP, I should make The Archos return somehow? 3rd: I was wondering if I should make a story about The Creators too? As nothing is known from them, I can literaly go ANY way with my story that I want, like making them some evil Mass Effect Reapers that actually wants to destroy the universe, or some kind of Creators from the movie "Transformers" Where they created the actuall transformers, but came back to destroy them because they built "mistakes", "failures", or make the creators some thing as a god like they made every creature in the universe or something but needs to cleanse them because of reasons. As I said, many ways I will definitly make a story ofc about The Elemental Clash wich will be the main story, but I was wondering if I should make those stories too. Also, ideas FOR those stories would be greatly appreciated.
  13. A deck with just windweavers... nothing else, no upgrades on them, no extra charges...
  14. what do you think would be the most difficult deck to play at the highest level of pvp?
  15. nice work! would like to see more
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new here and I want to share my opinion on this interesting topic Frost (pure) dragondave or radicalx Fire (pure) 1 cdkillroy 2 cdkillroy 3 cdkillroy Nature (pure) idk, probably dekka, synthc or radical, only highranked nature players who didn't abuse treespirit Shadow (pure) Who played this well apart from Killroy? Remember SilenceofGod and Duellord but they were not as good as killroy. Did matos play shadow? Fire Nature 1 Obesity 2 Higtech pls don't mention farrock, he wasn't even a top player Shadow Frost radical & hirooo > all Stonekin Dragondave Fire Frost elendil, hirooo and reloaded were very good fire frost players Bandits Obesity was good Shadow Nature elendil got up to rank 3 or 2 without losing a single match when alot of highranked players were playing
  17. thanks
  18. @Defqon looks good to me, simple and not too strong abilities, mainly a lot of knowledge. I can accept this @5MERTN1K Looks okay enough now. I'm going to class you as a tiny shadow worm being part of the nature faction. You seem very underpowered and I am intrigued by how you're going to make a story out of this. Hope it doesn't grow out of hand, we'll see how it goes. For now you're accepted.
  19. A loud, lowly echoing laughter resonated through the Broken Mountain passageway. As sharply and clearly as Araxes could hear, his senses barely required any effort to listen in; even a long-deaf kobold could have clearly identified the clumsy yet surprisingly loud snickers and war cries of a Wrecker from miles away. And that would not even be taking the cavern into account, amplifying the sound to an extent which seemed more than tenfold. "That's right, run home to yer wee ice cream parler, we'll stop by for tea one day, ya hear?" he roared in the distance, following by more laughter. Underneath his bulking voice, faint chuckles of several others could be heard. They were distinctly less obnoxious, but clearly and notably deriving from fire tribes. Enforcers? Thugs? Firesworn? Araxes could not quite place the accents of the living. All he was used to would be the reverberating, ghostly voices of the spirits of Akylos; the accents of the living had eroded away in his mind. Slightly quieter, but still obnoxiously loud, the Wrecker seemingly turned to his group of militia, clearly exerting dominance. "That'd be all of 'em gone. Dumb, posh bastards callin' 'emselves Lyrish Knights." "They had it coming for years." a snarling voice added. "And we just trusted them and let them be here, guarding some wretched passageway no soul has passed through for the last decade. And even now they go run home in fear, as if their beloved queenie were to save them from her grave. Ha!". Quiet mumbling in agreement followed. "Now that they're all gone, all these ice cream towers could prove useful. I've always wanted a new barn." "If we can't use 'em as is, we may as well WRECK EM!" the Wrecker joyously replied. "FOR THE TRIBE!" he screeched. "FOR THE TRIBE!" the crowd responded in unison. As expected, this was the opportune moment to strike. More than opportune, as it seemed like the fire tribes had no clue as of how to operate the frost kingdom's tower defenses, and although being in a minority, the frost troops having vacated the passageway. Nobody would expect a 20m tall flame-engulfed dragon to emerge from the gates to Akylos at this time. Clearly, wrecking ancient defenses for their own good was more important than to guard a passage nobody bothered to cross for over a decade, regardless of pressing times of elemental conflict. Araxes quickly glared at Bardor, who was stood in the exact same position as he was in the moment he told him to be still. Good. At least he knew to never take a dragon's word for granted. Not even that of one used to spiralling his victims' minds into paranoia. He learned that the hard way, as a faint, burnt scar on Bardor's ghostly body would remind him of several endured blazing tail whips. Few troops. Fire tribes, not heavily armed. Selfish, foolish, blinded by greed. Easy prey, Captain. Finish them quickly. Araxes' haunting voice echoed in Bardor's head. He slowly nodded, readied his gleaming dark blunderbuss with lost mana wing shrapnel and cautiously approached the dragon, following him slowly towards the faint gleam of daylight at the end of the mountain tunnel... or was it starlight? It was hard to make out, coming from a realm of eternal night, devoid of any moons illuminating the dark plains of Akylos. Approaching the gateway, the dragon's flames lit up brightly and Bardor held on to his weapon steadily, not shivering or trembling for even a fraction of a second, aside from when Araxes' claws made the earth shake under the weight of his slow, crushing steps, despite being a lost soul. Upon gazing into the world of the living, there were three clear but small groups of several fire tribe members, heading in different directions towards the ancient, inactive frost defenses. Though otherwise engaged, the Wrecker did not take long to realise that danger was afoot. "Ey! Guys! Get yer butts over here!" he shouted, as Araxes rapidly jumped out of the darkness, pouncing onto several sunstriders, crushing them whole beneath his claws, bathing them into a soothing, crimson pool, rapidly turning darker and hardening due to the heat of his wings. He roared furiously as he glared deeply into the tiny, rallying-staff-wielding demolisher's eyes. The Wrecker swiftly and aggressively responded "Those were good lads, ya blockhead! You got me angry... and you don't want me to be angry... FIRE!", followed by several remaining sunstriders and firesworn soldiers unloading their weapons onto the massive dragon. Most shots simply rebounded onto his sturdy scales, and the few that hit barely left a scratch and a few dents. "Are you done with your little fighting game?" the dragon's voice rumbled over the suddenly silent group of fire guardsmen. "Perhaps you'd have made things more difficult with those towers of yours, but your pathetic little conflict and homeland seem to matter more to you than anything else." "If ya kill me, yer gonna regret it with yer life. If you even have any anymore" the Wrecker stumbled. "I am not going to end your life." Araxes responded softly. Within a mere second, a loud blast launched the Wrecker forwards. Deep cuts and burns all over his back, if you ignored the hole in his chest. "That would be me..." Bardor grinned from behind the Wrecker's corpse, and jumped up right in time to avoid Araxes' tail flooring most of the crowd gathered around them. Paralysed, and burning with searing pain, even despite being fire troops, they found it impossible to get up properly or take aim. Shivering in fright, they looked up to the massive, brightly burning dragon as he opened his maw widely and a stream of scorching fire erupted from it, engulfing them in flames. Their screams echoed against the Broken Mountain as their flesh burnt to a crisp, their final breaths sending their souls straight to the dark realms past it. Bardor in the meantime swiftly managed to hunt down remaining runaway troops, the sharp Mana Wing pins cutting through their skin at high velocity, crippling them and damaging them enough to make them bleed out within a matter of minutes. He was lucky enough to be able to reach the fleeing soldiers due to his slow reloading time, but most ended up being a victim to dragonfire, should they have gotten the chance to run. When at last the final striker buried his own face into the rocky grounds, all that was left was desolation; a vast area of ruin, destruction, but mostly teal flames and crimson blood. Bardor slowly lowered his blunderbuss and sighed softly. Araxes' wings darkened and his flames calmed down, the soulfire rapidly growing less bright and fiery. "Well... that was somethin'..." The captain mumbled. "They barely stood a chance." The dragon nodded, and proceeded to lick the blood of his razor-sharp claws. "Your strikes were brutal. None left alive. None left to flee." Bardor mumbled, taking a knee and getting himself in a more comfortable resting position. "Should give you some time before they find out." "As were yours." the dragon growled quietly. Bardor smiled. "Did the grumpy ol' dragon of fear just compliment me...?" he intimidatingly and teasingly replied. "Don't make me regret it." Araxes sharply snarled, hiding his own excuse for a smile carefully. "Well... You best be off soon, before they find you, ya monster..." the captain chuckled. "Besides, I have no business in Nyn. It was good harvesting some fresh souls for Akylos. Should do it more often. Maybe I'll even rebuild me Osprey, 'specially for you. We could hunt down some crew at some point." Araxes slowly nodded in agreement. "On your way then, captain." he said monotonously. As Bardor stood up and walked towards the passageway, the captain snickered, looking back at the massacre he was partly responsible for. "Good luck out there, Araxes, and see you soon. And I don't mean at the Gate. Let's avoid that bloody thing altogether." "Fear will consume all." the dragon growled. "Thank you for the company. May Ashia be the last place for me to ever find you." As Bardor disappeared, Araxes used his wings to extinguish the blazing array of flames he left behind with a strong wind gust, and with a terrifying roar, he proceeded in the direction the Lyrish Knight had fled to before... the Frost Kingdom, leaving the crisping sound of extinguished fire and the gentle dripping of the blood down his claws and neck to accompany the peaceful chirping of birds and the rustling of trees at the fall of dusk on the way.
  20. Last week
  21. Guys just be a bit more patiend. @fiki574 and the other devs doin everything in their freetime, and there is progress.
  22. Wow, nice gravedigging boyos
  23. I just looked back at old emails, and it seems like some are missing, but i spent over 500$ on battle forge. The promo cards and the pvp decks were where most of that went to. I had every promo in the game, and im looking forward to start collecting again. Anyone else still have the One year promo code battleforge handed out right around the lost souls edition? cause I have mine and the email was unopened. So lets start the bidding. who wants it!!!!?
  24. Will bw Nothing if he does not play Ninja Rebirth with me
  25. I have learnt the graphic in game Ninja rebirth but I really can't figure out the feet.
  26. In a matter of hours, the council of regents was convened. It consisted of those who were the late queen's closest advisors and was entrusted with the task of leading the nation of Lyr through this interregnum. Jarrik was part of the council, having served as the queen's strategic advisor as well as guard captain. This was much to the chagrin of the other councillors, how could a lowborn such as he be on the council of regents? Who did he think he was? Rogan Kayle? Nobility should be respected, and being at the beck and call of this thatcher's son was straining their patience. Being awoken at this hour did nothing good for their disposition, but they did their duty. Ish'Faithal met with the council in the Steward's Chamber, a small room to the side of the throne room normally used for private meetings of the Queen's Council. At the head of the table, on a chair considerably more opulent than the others, sat Vincent Chisford of Wilkinholm. He had been the queen's master of spies and had now taken leadership of the council of regents. A noble of the finest and purest blood, he claimed descent from the old royal family, before the death of the sun drew people underground. He was a strong proponent of reestablishing monarchy as quickly as possible, preferably with himself as king. "Speak intruder," he said, "explain to us why we should not execute you for the murder of our beloved queen."
  27. Go T3 in a PVP match. Summon a T4 Unit in a PVP Match.
  28. suggestion: earn an X amount of gold per day? also, completing a map on expert i think should reward something 1 time per day per map, even if its like 1 bfp. it gives replay-ability to counter multi-accounting you could also do what hearthstone is doing. after an x amount of wins gain x bfp. to make it more attractive to just stick to 1 account. maybe start this after the quests have been completed
  29. Just uploaded my first chapter for the RP. Tell me what you think and give me ideas for the story. :P 

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