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  3. Aviat0r

    After extract it does nothing

    You didn't extract the archive. You just opened it with WinRar. That's a difference. Extract the Updater as well as the BattleForge.rar which you can see there into the same directory.
  4. I go to extract all the files together and then it says "please place all files from your archive into your Battleforge folder" and I did this but it did not change anything.
  5. Last week
  6. I agree that there is not really a point with that. tho could we not use the ranks in some other way(i like the ranking in and off it self not what it was used for back in the day) we could use it for detachements for instance
  7. I would say there is no point in keeping it. I mean unlike a ranked entry barrier in other games that would for instance remain until level 10, this measure does not add anything beneficial for the player(s).
  8. I think with rank requirements there is no technical problem. It is deleting 1 line on server, and probably not much harder in client. So it is just about decision, I personally do not see a problem with it.
  9. While we are on the topic of the rank requirements for upgrades, is it still planned to remove the rank requirements?
  10. We are waiting for MrXLink's new values, for quests and other rewards. And I have no idea when he is planning to show us his new values.
  11. The players at the top of bfp incomes do not reflect the efficiency of the quest system at all, because they do not generate their main income through quests. They abuse the inconsistent trading values at the market. I would clearly agree, that the current quest system needs improvement. A higher questdiversity (I guess we get this after reset) and a removal of the hard cap should be really beneficial.
  12. @kubik. given when i wrote the replay i had less then 24 hours of time from the first log in i cant say if that is true or not. but given it is the very first few hours that depermens if you are going to play the game it does show that there might be some problem there.
  13. multiple people proven that it is possible to get any cards for your first deck during first week of play, how easier it can be?
  14. @Ultrakool im comparing to just going trough it myself just now, think it is to limiting in options ofc that is assmuning the reward system is going to be as it is now, as the start is very hard to build a somewhat decend deck, atleast if you do not know of the tricks and combos in the game.
  15. one more thing about the npe... since you get decent decks in a reasonable timeframe and get enough gold for upgrades, it is really annoying to be restricted by your pve rank. In particular ultra-rares have too high of a rank requirement to upgrade. getting to the required pve rank (gold 2) takes quite time some considering the exp you get for rpve and campaign maps. In addition, i feel the current reward system gives very little worthwhile rewards after doing your quests. I'm a bit worried about multi-accounting in that regard since you can reasonably do the quests in 30 mins.
  16. Are you serious? What kind of stupid nickname Pritstift2. Search for another unique nickname. There is just one Pritstift in Skylords Reborn = Me. Topic solved: Thx to the GMs!
  17. No! One replay one mode. So if you want participate in all 3 modes you ll have to give me 3 replays of 3 different attempts. I not want to be spamed with participations on modes that are not serious. Like this every speedrun replay could also participate for style even though the participant himself see no chance of winning. If you want participate in one more mode you ll have to play at least 1 more attempt. Kind regards
  18. And is it allowed, if the 1 Player doesn't take the 2 orbs at one base? Then he would not break the 2 player rules and will be clearly in disadvantge
  19. @korsbaek hey there I remember you. Are you comparing the current starter cards to EA F2P starter cards? Because for me I think there’s no question that we have improved the starter cards greatly. If you’re referring actually to the starter deck/cards people got when they originally bought the full game with money back in EA times, then perhaps our cards/decks aren’t as good since we only give out common cards in our starter decks. It’s in an attempt not to devalue uncommon/rare cards, and more importantly most core cards are also in the common rarity.
  20. Kubik

    Battleforge on OSX

    https://www.winehq.org : "Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer" so if OS do not support 32 bit applications Wine can not support them. Only full VM can help with that.
  21. hello. dont know if people remember me anymore tho was very aktive in the later stages of battleforge with a good deal of xp in the game. now not to sound rude or anything tho i would say the starter decks/cards makes some of the fights a lot harder to deal with, and guessing people without the knowledge i had would have had a hell of a time getting into the game at least with the low amount of rewards as getting past the 2,5 hour into quest and then the other quest. so i would agree there would need to be a "few" more achievements or starter quest that could get people started with more cards, you could make some starting quest/achievements ala like a tutorial for how the forge works(could be a different kind of booster with only random commens), same could be done how the auction house and all the other taps work.
  22. Aviat0r

    Battleforge on OSX

    The only way I could imagine is, that Wine emulates the 32-bit application into a 64-bit environment somehow. Otherwise yeah, BattleForge can't run on MacOS. For the Updater (which is currently written in WPF, yes) there might be a solution in some time. I am working on a new version which could be converted to .NET Core when it is working on Windows. Then it should also be able to run on MacOS. But it will take some time until it is usable.
  23. No you can't. You have to give me 3 different replays. You can play it 3 times simular if u want, but I think you can play a stylish speedrun more stylish if you not pay attention to the speed. 2player speedrun you are not allowed to take both orbs at one base, 1 player speedrun you are so you will break the rules in a 2 player speedrun with your 1 player replay. Kind regards
  24. Kubik

    Battleforge on OSX

    battleforge is 32 bit application, so if "all 32bit application support was removed" is correct, then it will not work at all.
  25. FlameForge

    Battleforge on OSX

    Hey guys, just FYI, with MacOS 10.15: Catelina, all 32bit application support was removed. Wine will therefore not work until they update this. Furthermore, the current implementation of the Battleforge launcher is written in WPF and makes use of functionality that is not present in MacOS, and will therefore not work until a new launcher is made. I will update the thread to indicate that it is broken until further notice.
  26. kovacd70

    Cant connect

    i got the same thing and dont know how to fix it
  27. @Karl Lavafeld Is it possible to win 3 challenges with one replay? (Most stylish 1 player run, which is fasterr than the 2 player run)
  28. Ferko_Carstein

    Experiencing "Lags"

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