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  2. ToonHawk

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    Hey ImaginaryNumb3r, Thank you too, for your reply ! I´ll see which deck im gonna make, cause there are so many cool things out there. Greetings ToonHawk
  3. Mak

    nerf amii monument

    I just wonder if the person is retarded or just had really bad day? So toxic. Glad you know smart words like power spike... On the topic, OP is wrong, normal T4 binds only 100 power + 300 is one-time payment for "breaking throught" to T4, comparing to Amii Monument binding 250 power and being limited to 1 per map. Keep in mind that its worth to be used only in PvE higher difficulties and offers nothing that can't be made by simply orb-switching without it. May be off-topic, but Enlightenment is limited rarity-price and power cost and occupying deck slot in order to summon small amount of units that are otherwise impossible to fit, this is actually great to see how it offers such versantility for mere 240 power and a slot in a deck. Batariel, Shadow Worm, Dreadnought, isn't it fun to use them in multi-colored decks? What's important, is that there are HUGE number of cards that are just not VALID for anything short of very specific strategies, while there are many working combos with Enlightenment or Amii Monument. Its not an option to remove working card combinations or rework them, while there are cards that are just unworthy to put in any deck at all. Also nerf juggernaut and harvester they are lame, and make thunder wagon into thunder zeppelin :)
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  6. suguita

    I cant Recovery Account

    Hello, forget my account and when I request recovery I do not get the recovery mail Mail: Agustinpersa@gmail.com
  7. My Friend want to launch the launcher and it crashes just instant without any message or something else i can just describe it we did all steps in the FAQ but nothing worked i have a video how it looks like but thats it we had tryed all hopefully u can help soon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-RPiunvXus&feature=youtu.be ty very much Maxim
  8. MephistoRoss

    Archivements broken?

    Could you post a screenshot of your quests screen please?
  9. Eirias

    Archivements broken?

    I believe you need to play a minimum of 3 hours ingame (total) before you can unlock quests. So it's possible that you played less than 3 hours when they rolled in the implement?
  10. Flrbb

    Archivements broken?

    Don't want to set up a bug report that fast... But is the second way to get a booster broken? I did play some games but the counter is stuck at the same value for the last two days?! Anyone else noticed this, too?
  11. Flrbb

    Sell cards to "void"

    The longer the game is up, the more cards will be there. This will lead to a price drop of unwanted cards. To keep its (minimal) worth, a sell/destruction for those cards - with refund - would be nice. Anyhow, my initial thought was based on the wish to keep my inventory clean and sorted. A feature to sell X Destruction (for lets say 1 bfp each) would be cool!
  12. Baby steps! I haven't been able to convince my girlfriend to PLAY BattleForge yet, but she did agree to try to guess the names of the creatures!

    If you guys leave positive comments, I'm sure I'll be able to convince her to go in game...

  13. DarcReaver

    nerf amii monument

    Enlightment requires quite a lot of upfront power though and is very limited. I personally think the card is pretty cool, because it fits the nature theme very well and requires planning to use correctly. Monument is a whole other story though. Monument should be much cheaper and a t4 card, allowing more than 4 orb colors. I.e. pure shadow x4 + nature, or pure fire x4 + shadow etc. With a cheap cost this would make deck building more flexible.
  14. DarcReaver

    Building Cards (PvP)

    The argument about "too confusing for new players" is not valid tbh. New players who play pvp will notice that they a) need to grind hundreds of hours to get the necessary lvl 3 card upgrades and b) will get stomped by meta deck players because the majority of other cards is unviable. That's why most new players will leave the game after a short time anyways. Simply because they cannot play the card combinations they want to play in pvp because they're unviable. Void power mechanics are completely negligible for that matter. All a new player needs to know is that he gets back a part of his power when one of his units dies and that the rate of void power gain depends on how much total void power he has. Infact, most new players spend lots of power on power wells because they think it'll give them an advantage with increased power gain rate and they don't know that 100 power is lost when the well is destroyed. This is just as confusing to new player yet ignored because all experienced players know it. Argument about "it's either 0%, 90% or 100%" is wrong aswell. Spells give back 80% afaik (at least if that has not been changed post release of lost souls). I also don't see the issue with the different numbers in general. If you can calculate 80% of 75, 90% of 50 etc. you can just aswell calculate 75% from 100. The numbers I stated were not set in stone. Infact I originally made my calculations with 70% instant return on full health for buildings, maybe that would be fine aswell. I just tuned the numbers to avoid useless "lol OP" posts. The whole thing would need to be playtested of course. And I also do not see the issue with PvE. If you decide to keep relocating your defenses multiple times you'll loose more power, and even if you gain back instant power I see this as a tradeoff. Also PVE has different issues that are much worse. Ranging from map scriipt bugs (like crusade door bug), Amii monument destroying certain map win conditions etc.. About pvp : yes, it is balanced, but only around a selected amount of meta cards. The rest of the cards is useless because they're much inferior in most aspects. Furthermore the majority of decks used involves CC spam fests - be it nature-fire, frost-nature and shadow-frost with the sole aim to down power wells while the enemy army is oinked-rooted-dazed-sleeping-frozen. This isn't thrilling either.
  15. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    If I may suggest an alternative, I think 3 x Fire, 1 x Nature is a good combination as well. You can play a mostly pure-fire deck with cards such as Fire Dragon, Thunder Wagon, Cluster Explosion or Fire Sphere. But you also get some great splash cards such as Regrowth, Breeding Grounds, Giant Wyrm or Grimvine. Especially with Fire Dragon you will be able to deal extremely high damage, but it is very fragile. However, this can be overcome with some nature CC or heals. Furthermore, most of the units mentioned above have a high power cost, but that can be mitigated with Breeding Grounds. The only thing you are missing are really missing is Batariel. But I think Batariel works best with nature support and is best summoned with Enlightenment.
  16. Eulogy

    nerf amii monument

    Both Amii Monument and Enlightenment are lame cards and shouldn't be in the game to begin with. Both remove the incentive to play T3 cards and Enlightenment unfairly rewards you with the best cards only mono coloured decks should be able to play.
  17. ToonHawk

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    Hello Kilian Dermoth, Thank you very much for your reply, this will help me alot!
  18. DarcReaver

    too much grinding ?

    Guess what? Age of Mythology EE and Age of Empires DE both went this way, the community left after roughly 1 year is less than 10% of the original player base, with only a couple of hardcore gamers left. In AoM I could easily find quickmatches within a few seconds. Nowadays I can search for half an hour and still get no game. https://steamcharts.com/app/266840#All AoE DE unfortunately has no player tracking, but the amount of lobbies open during 20:00 GMT (when I use to play) was originally at ~ 30 lobbies. Right now you have 2-5. Your statement is nonsense. Most ppl will play some pvp matches, get stomped by players with more upgrades/OP meta cards and notice that their units/decks/upgrades are not enough. Some will try to get better/try out other decks etc. But over time most of then leave and play something else. If the meta and game itself is stale and not enhanced over time this allows players to abuse weaknesses in the game mechanics that are unintended by the devs (like bugs in Crusade map for example) and this alienates most new players. Nobody likes to loose to bug or engine abusing or OP/broken card combinations. There needs to be a clear path: 1) time played <-> reward balance for 24/7 players and casual gamers : the rewards need to be big enough for players with limited time to enjoy the game and feel like they've achieved something. Also they need to be small enough that hardcore grinders do not get a huge lead over others just by being ingame all day. There are lots of ways to do that. For example quest stacking - someone who was not online for 3 days can play the 30min daily quest 2 times, giving him 2 boosters. This way he's only 1 booster behind someone who had spent 3 days ingame and grabbed the daily rewards. 2) card balance : The game needs to feel "fair". That means that a newer player needs to have the feeling that he could have won the game if he had played better or had a more optimised deck. If he feels that he got stomped because his enemy had more card charges, an OP unit card or more upgrades this will lower the motivation to contiinue playing. And the more this happens the higher the chance becomes that he'll leave the game. Which is the worst that can happen. In general there are too many useless/niche cards, especially for rare/ultra rare. Opening boosters is crap when you get a rare/ultra rare card that you cannot use in your decks at all (because it's too weak or has a useless effect in general) and that isn't even worth something because nobody wants to buy or trade it. I personally think this is the most important issue that needs to be fixed for BF to be successful in the long run. 3) Grinding mechanic for card upgrades: depending on the daily rewards allow card upgrades "faster", i.e. quest lines like "play 2 campaign missions and get a random fire card upgrade" 4) booster/market system : more different options to get cards, different types of boosters for example (i.e. "small booster", or "buy a single uncommen card for 50 bfp" etc.) These are just some quick thoughts and in no way relate to a finished concept. But for sure you need to have short time and long time motivation for the game.
  19. PsYcHo126

    too much grinding ?

    This. Exactly my thoughts.
  20. fiki574

    Game server is up! indicator

    The servers are up every single minute, besides for 10-20 seconds while the restart and update process is going on. Can be done? Yes. Will be done? Maybe.
  21. MephistoRoss

    Custom maps collection

    You are placing it in your game install folder instead of the settings folder, place it in C:\Benutzer\dani2\Dokumente\Battleforge\Map\
  22. Kilian Dermoth

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    For heal you usually use Nature so you have 2 choices: 1. Go 5 Orbs For this you would need to steal the orb of someone else (except on a few campaign maps) or you would have to build Amii Monument and hope that nobody built it before you. I dont recommend any of this way. 2. Enlightment For this you would need 2 Nature orbs but in this case I would skip Thunderwagon because you had to enlighten it too and this would be to costly (energywise and charges). I assume you go Fire / Nature so for T2 there are at least 2 good options for units: Vileblood or Firestalker Other good cards for T2: Lavafield, Oink, Breeding Grounds, Ray of Light (with units like Vileblood) For T3 there are also good options, I personally prefer Magma Hurler but there are some other possible good units. Warshrine and Wheel of Gifts will greatly improve your deck. The first allows to spam spells and abilities almost infinite and the second will buff your batariel, other units and even your teammates. Especially with warshrine in a deck I would go with many spells (my decks have about 10 spells) and some of them are T3 spells like thunderstorm and revenge. Btw. you even dont need Fire at all for a Batariel deck but In this case Enlightment and 2 Nature orbs would be mandatory.
  23. MephistoRoss

    can not connect to match

    Please add more information, like a screenshot or video for example. Do you get an error message or are you getting 'stuck' in the loading screen?
  24. MephistoRoss

    Soultree crash bug

    @Lastwish please redownload the client and check if this still occurs.
  25. MephistoRoss

    3 - Quests dosen't progress

    Kubik: new players should no longer see "normal" quests, but only this one that is meant to prevent multiaccounters from getting easy boosters
  26. MephistoRoss

    Daily quests

    It is supposed to work like this. If you dont finish all quests of the day, you will get max 3xbfp quests 1xbooster quest the next day (in total).
  27. MephistoRoss

    Unable to finish quests

    Kubik: new players should no longer see "normal" quests, but only this one that is meant to prevent multiaccounters from getting easy boosters
  28. MephistoRoss

    Quests dont complete

    Kubik: new players should no longer see "normal" quests, but only this one that is meant to prevent multiaccounters from getting easy boosters
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