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  3. No, it is releasing and progress is being reset. We were previously in a testing phase.
  4. Great work guys, have been playing for some bit by now but to see that an awesome, abandoned game can be brought back to life by a bunch of hardcore fans in their sparetime is such a great success story. I've spread the word to some IT/Game etc news blogs in Germany inciting some coverage hopefully. You can thank me if the server collapses Looking forward to more nostalgia around Christmas. io
  5. @Didas I'll presume this is fixed with the change I mentioned in my previous post. If the issue persists please make a new post.
  6. Does not sound like a server issue. Either try lowering your graphics settings, or reinstalling the game.
  7. Today I baked a pizza too! This thread kinda inspired me to do this a few days ago tbh...
  8. Wow, really cool runs and really creative strategies used! I am glad, that I dor once found a strat, at least for T1 that was viable, eventhough the rest was done very inefficient. It's always cool to see, how far some players can push these times down.
  9. Nice runs - really impressive! Most creative attempt is imo the blind spot for flyers in the upper left used by Lebvim and Sylar - great idea guys!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello everyone! The winners are: 1st Pritstift 9:54 2nd Lebovin 10:39 3rd SylarXXI 10:59 creative run: TurnItUp Lebovim.pmvPritstift.pmv TurnitUp.pmv Sylar.pmv Greeting, DasToggy
  12. I have troubleshooted every possibility. there are no errors in the games code and no pings or problems appearing on my computer. The game keeps crashing when I try to play any kind of match. I could crash at any time throughout the game and sometimes I make it all the way through. This dos not effect the forge. Is it a problem with the serversÉ
  13. Last week
  14. Hey, thanks for the message. I already saw it in the other thread. This project is not really useful to us. I'm fairly certain that cloning the voice of the voice actors without their permission is against the law due to GDPR. If we were to make voice overs for characters in new maps, we would look for volunteers within the community.
  15. Hello! I posted in the announcement threat that I hoped there could be new characters/voices for the new maps, as I always found they gave such character to the pve maps. I'm hoping you'll consider this! In that same thread, someone posted links to info about a voice AI learner, which might prove useful? I hope you'll look into this, or if this is outside of anyones technical scope (Ihavent looked at it myself yet). The paper on the voice learning topic: https://arxiv.org/abs/1806.04558 some examples: https://google.github.io/tacotron/publications/speaker_adaptation/ the git r
  16. We are not planning to add new languages.
  17. I would like you to put some way to translate the game to Portuguese because I get very lost when it comes to reading what each card does , and I also can't understand the history of the game without the translation and the story mode is pretty monotonous
  18. As nothing changed, I'll be moving this to resolved.
  19. 2953 Four different digits combined to one single number. Writing your own number like this correctly almost feels like building your own stable home with mere stones and sticks... I'm so proud of myself for being able to build this four-digit number correctly out of all those other infinite amount of numbers I could have written there...
  20. Hey, The winning replays will be cast on stream on Wednesday at 7pm! Greetings, DasToggy
  21. No, i never join or create motm matches.
  22. Or your friend is just really good at poker ^^ Is it really unequally though? I feel like all the 4 factions have the same probability of showing up in 4rpve.
  23. Could you try on a different browser, it might be to do with how your current browser is handling the SSL certificate.
  24. Or maybe going more abstract - like "mana" or similar But I assume it would be just shitload of manual and tedious work to replace all the text references, GUI elements etc.?
  25. In my experience, the 4 factions have never been equally distributed. Most maps on 9 were bandits, the fewest LS. So you rolled a die with 4 "different sized" sides, just 30 times, and it fell 1-4 times less on the smallest side than in a normal distribution. Even if I see 50 rounds of ONLY Bandits in a row, I wouldn't worry about the random distribution because the sample is too small. I once sat in a poker tournament (Hold'em) where a friend started 3 times with 2 kings within 4 rounds. Think about what a statistical outlier this is.
  26. This month's motm (November) is a bandits map, a very easy one on top of that. Therefore quite a number of people were farming it for gold in order to avoid hard maps. For random maps I can neither confirm nor disprove you, as I am not a dev and do not know the code that generates the maps, but my exerience with random maps in the recent past has also shown quite a few hard LS maps too.
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