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  2. I Unninstaled my antivirus and now it say An error occure while initializing your graphics adapter.This might caused by outdater or corrupted drivers or graphics adapter is unable to run DirectX ./n/nBattleforge will not restart in DirectX 9 fallback mode .
  3. Aviat0r


    Did you try fullscreen or changing the resolution to a smaller one in the settings of the game?
  4. robynson


    nah.. i cant open the game . i unninstaled my antivirus but nothing happens
  5. I have exclude the Launcher.exe in McAfee and it is now fine for me. However, many players out there may not be able to figure out the problem which will result in them quitting the game. So I believe the developers need to resolve this problem soon since we don't have enough players to begin with.
  6. Today
  7. For me I run some games for like an 1h after update, then it crashed on end game view and now I am stuck with this, so it's not a firewall issue.
  8. Ladadoos

    Language does not work

    Thanks for the bug report, this is a known issue and will hopefully be fixed soon. As of now, here is a temporary workaround:
  9. I think this is actually very relevant on how early portions of the economy will play out compared to the current version of the game. In the very early stages specific almost universally usefull common and uncommon cards were actually much more in demand than Infect, Netherwarp and it becomes very apparent why that is when you consider the situation players are in in the beginning. You have very little cards or resources to actually build a deck which means that cards that cards that fullfill certain different criteria compared to the endgame suddenly become a LOT more valuable as they are also still very rare due to the limited amount of time the game is out. So the first type of card is the essential t1 cards - especially units and a few key spells are important here - mostly t1 archers as well as Nomads in terms of units and then cards like Eruption and Surge of Light. Secondly cards that are very easily splashable and offer great value for a vast amount of the game and/or offer a solution to a specific early game like charge problems. so cards like offering, furnace of flesh, Curse of Oink, Equilibrium, Regrowth, suddenly become mad valuable - because they are good cards that are still semi available and you get good value out of them in essentially any game you play. This will most likely massively effect how the economy will play out over the first 2-3 months at least. I assume players will much quicker go over to search for very specific rare and ultra rares instead of trying to build up their foundation of commons and uncommons with a few rare and ultra rares sprinkled into those decks that they get from boosters or are specifically searched for. I dont think that the effect on the economy in terms of boosters not being given out as quest rewards will effect the game too much in the firist while after the launch because everyone is forced to buy these boosters to get an economy at all. The problem comes after that initial phase in my opinion, whereas compared to a lot of other games battleforge is as it stands right now an almost solved game or at least a game with a very strong meta game in both rPvE and PvP with a very high veteranship of its population which means that a lot of players are after very specific and in parts scarce cards that have comparatively low chances of dropping out of boosters which in turn are already relatively expensive. The problem here is that I highly suspect that these players will be willing to pay crazy amounts for these cards because they KNOW what they get for it and do not have to experiment to figure out the best way to play which will further hinder the influx of cards into the market. That is at least how I approached the game in the last restart and I suspect that most people with a couple of years under their belt will do the same. To them the risk vs. reward of a booster will most likely not be worth it, especially early on, they just want to get their decks together. I dont think the market will be as bad as people make it out to be, but I do believe that the current values will run into serious issues for especially people who are trying to follow the meta game, which is thanks to the relatively unique situation Battleforge as a game is in right now. That is - strong meta game with a lot of veterans reliant on few cards with relatively few alternative card choices with key cards being hard to come by from boosters and not readily available in the market ( due to restart and low drop rates) and initial concerns for common and uncommon cards being taken mostly care of by the change to the charge system. I think if you are smart in the restart you try to get your hands on a workable tier 2 meta deck such as Lost Souls, Twilight or something of the like which can be build with a lot of commons and uncommons and a few for the most part not so sought after rares and ultra rares and then try to accumulate the highly sought after cards when you see a good opportunity in the auction house, to at least get a couple of charges of these relatively early when the accessible bfp values people have access to are not too high. The economy for sure will build up slower as it seems to me that the current rate at which boosters are aquired seems to be a lot slower compared to now. i think that is fixable early on with a bunch of achievements to get the economy rolling a bit quicker by essentially giving out one time rewards, which become harder to come by (but with better rewards) the further you progress. As I do not think that it was mentioned how this system plays into the economy exactly I will for simplicity ignore it for now and base the opinion above solely on the confirmed information for the current iteration of the BFP system.
  10. Destenysan

    Language does not work

    Hello Many people cant play with their favorite language. When will it work again? Greetings
  11. ThomasMann

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

  12. 2kHan

    Can´t open mail

    Name: Bug where mail can´t be opened Description: starting today whenever i try to open mail i get an error message. After this happens i can click ok to get rid of the error message but can´t use any other actions after that (like can´t open world map, can´t open auction house, etc.) I can get rid of this problem by restarting the client, but same happens everytime i try to open mail again. There is a screenshot attached of the error message (sorry for bad quality) Reproducibility: every time i try to open mail today Screenshot: added as .docx _log_proxy_latest.log Battleforge bug.docx
  13. Not sure I agree on your second and third point, because why would/should someone sell an Infect for 499 BFP when people seem to be willing to pay 4 times as much and right now even more it seems? That is how markets tend to work, whatever people are willing to pay that will be the price and if prices are too low you hold on to your products for as long as possible hoping prices will rise. This unless markets are constantly - extremely - flooded with products. That is the only thing I believe will get prices down permanently. For the ultra rare/rare cards then many (many!) boosters needs to be opened for that to happen. This is then the case for very few cards (perhaps only 2-3 percent, obviously not counting the promos...) and unless the flood comes and stays this will happen forever and ever. For the other cards in the game I do not really see any problems, they are usually reasonably priced. It is just these few ones that will pose a problem. "Give up" is not in my vocabulary, I will continue to argue on this matter, hopefully respectful and not harsh! // Ponni PS. One good thing with the update now is 100 cards in the AH, that is very good! DS.
  14. You make good points right there. Of course i compare the "old system" to the new system because its the only comparision we got. My concern is that it wont be easy to get started, so we need to find a way to make that a little bit easier. In adittion we need too tune the times in which you are able to get your rewards and add something to them (maybe the achievements can help with this) to get a healthy economy started. I like the catchup mechanic but it feels like players who play alot are not getting the deserved lead. This may sound weird but if i want to grind the game after the reset in every free minute i got i should be able to reach more than there is currently possible. Thats just my opinion. I do not want to sit around and complain, i want to be part of the solution. I will put my mind into this and try to propose some possible changes soon. maybe you like some of it. I will keep in mind your reasoning behind the system.
  15. I started playing BF when we had to pay. I had invested a little money but the bulk of my acquisitions were done by buying and selling cards in the market. With the free booster per day, I didn't need to do this anymore. I have a lot of duplicate cards that I would like to get rid of in the market but the 24 / 48h limit is too short. Why impose a time limit? I am too cowardly to put my unsold cards back on sale every 24 / 48h and I must not be the only one. It would also be fun to have rewards when you are in the top rank at the end of the month.
  16. Wildblue

    (Widget not found error) Constant Crash at log-in

    nope wont do it i turn off firewall and window defenders and it wont run at all
  17. Riviel


    Hello Skylords! I think you did a pretty good job. It looks awesome. Finally there would be a release date. Let's the fun begin. I hope you will be advertising BattleForge Reborn. This will help with community growth. Well done!
  18. CilindrV

    "Assertion failed!" creating game

    i have the same problem now, i dont now why..
  19. NAME: Strange 12 Player Map Gold glitch DESCRIPTION: Have played Passage to Darkness (Std) and grab a gold box. The result were 4 messages (see screenshot) Later 4 players have collected gold at the exact same time (another screenshot) And at the end of the game, there were some gold boxes which can´t be opened REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven’t tried. But other 12 Player map worked fine
  20. Some good stuff in this thread. Just gonna add my two cents here: There's a lot of comparison going on with the new and old system, but the fact of the matter is, there was barely an "old system". It was purely supposed to be a placeholder, with accelerated progression and rewards as expressed in the booster in 30 mins that was just arbitrarily created without much thought. Alas, with how the project progress turned out, and bigger priorities, we had that up as a placeholder for way too long, that now it feels like a standard that you compare new things to. Secondly, you are comparing the new rewards with the current market prices, which is a fallacy in itself, because it is generated from the old economy with the old system. There's alot of people who have acquired all the cards they could have wanted, and do not actively participate in the market place anymore, decreasing the supply of cards, causing hyperinflation of prices, and a certain monopoly in some cards, where new sellers can set whatever price they want, which generates alot of fluctuation. This economy could for example look drastically different with a reinvigorated playerbase, and a healthy marketplace environment. Thirdly, similarly with calculating the "worth of a booster" is a very delicate thing, since that too depends on the supply and demand of a card. As prices rise in AH, a booster will also rise in value, which should stimulate more people to buy boosters. Pure boosters should not be easily dismissed for this reason, as alot of pure cards are also very high in value. We need to make some kind of price difference between all cards boosters and specific boosters or no one would buy the other. Now the actual price difference itself is still very much up for debate of course. I hope i shed some light on some matters, and implore you guys not to give up on us yet! This is the very first iteration of a brand new untested system. Please don't be too harsh with us!
  21. @Wildblue Did you also add an exception for Windows Defender? We changed our Launcher with this update, that's why you need to add the new exception.
  22. Please do not ruin my arguments here! We can take the second pricy card into discussions also, Enligthenment, which also is an Ultra rare, but comes with only 4 total charges. The changes mentioned above will have no effect here then...and sometimes that would be fine but in a lot of cases it will not help at all... Again, the use of Offering is of course a valid option but to me this card only take a slot for other better cards. // Ponni
  23. Ladadoos

    Jeux en Français

    Hi, please try to speak english so we can all understand Here is an image on how you can change ingame language, I hope it helps. This is just temporary, later we will fix this bug.
  24. Zyna

    Game won't start after last update.

    This should be fixed by adding "BattleForge.exe" and "Launcher.exe" as exceptions for your anti virus. Please try to edit the "config.json" in your C:\Users\{WindowsUsername}\Documents\BattleForge\ folder. Try changing "fullscreen": false to "fullscreen": true. I hope this fixes the crash.
  25. Wildblue

    (Widget not found error) Constant Crash at log-in

    Yea that dosent fix it i have norton when look up the game in firewall options its allowing it to run the game worked perfectly fine before the update with no issue
  26. Personally i use infect with no charges at all, but i guess this is an other discussion.
  27. Zyna

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    @Ghostrider You have to add an exception for our files to your anti virus. "To prevent your anti-virus software from quarantining game files every time, you may want to Whitelist your BattleForge folder (create an exception for your antivirus software to skip your BF folder in scans), or at the very least make sure to whitelist Patcher.exe, SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe, Launcher.exe and BattleForge.exe. Don't worry, official updater links will never contain any actual malware. "
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