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  2. But I think it looks relatively nice with forum's bright colors and some lines come with comments even though, I guess most of them is not really helpful
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    Ultralord will stream some replays of the first week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight! Join the stream via Twitch with the link below: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
  4. As someone who never worked with disasembly I'm reading this like: Yes... gotcha... mhm... good... ok... yeah... alright, I don't understand what's going on.
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  6. We are aware that the new achievements have led to people trying to get extra boosters by creating multiple accounts. We try our best to catch these players. Please report if you see anything suspicious.
  7. First file (open in notepad or notepad++) implements event chain for one of side quests on Aeglos Fortress map. Second file is my copy paste library. ctrl c ctrl v printer does brrrrrrrrr aerialsupport.lua Battleship scripts library.lua
  8. the new archivements with "play 20 sparrings" (perhaps also "play 20 ranked matches") make some players to create second accounts. watch out...
  9. There's not much point in using a Hero Batariel decks anymore for Speed clearing. You're better off doing Hero unit spell spam. I would argue it's worse. There's no point in bringing Enlightenment Batariel Reds in any other faction anymore. I don't bring Batariel Red because it hits Single targets harder like a knock off Abomination. I bring Batariel Red because it procs splash damage faster. Well the Batariel Reds are having a much much harder time ramping up their AOE damage so why ever bring them? Both Batariels are slow at procing the AOE damage now so might as well use Batarie
  10. Hey guys thank you all for your answers. Its very interesting to read how you started and ended up here. There is a lot to learn and I think it will also be a lot of trial and error just like @Emmaerzeh for me. Could anyone of you maybe show some coding that is behind skylords for example a script for an ability, a coded event in map or something like that, just too see how things look like. I'm very curious if I could understand what that script is for. Not sure if I'm making sense right now, but just wanna get a clear picture of how things should be. Or just in general examples of your
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  12. Maybe @LEBOVIN or @Emmaerzeh can tell you which of those are best/most up to date.
  13. Ok, i understand that, however i feel so frustated to think that i for reach for example rank 13, i spent months of playing, and rewarded with only one booster Oh, i don't know about that. How can use the map editor?
  14. Thanks for reporting, this issue should be fixed now.
  15. The problem can now be fixed with the proven solution. Many cards have already been addressed in the past patches. However, due to balancing reasons, some prominent cards have been excluded from the fix so far. The bug report topic itself is therefore resolved and over time more and more cards will follow.
  16. @undead4ever Root Networks have been substantially improved over the past patches and the card tooltip descriptions got reworded. I will move this to resolved, if any new issues arise, please do not hesitate to file another report.
  17. Root Networks have been substantially improved over the past patches and the card tooltip descriptions got reworded. I move this to resolved, if any new issues arise, please do not hesitate to file another report.
  18. @RedMush @Kapo @Velorio With Patch #400035 this has been changed to now also work with a building in range. I therefore move this issue to resolved. If you encounter a new issue please open another report.
  19. @Riviute Until then, you could check out the map editor section in the forum, then you could spawn the Stonekin Gemeye in a custom map. In the map editor itself you would find the ids and such:
  20. As the title says. Replay said before I entered the last row (12:12min) that it is desync and wanted me to bug-report it. After the message the replay shows indeed different things if you watch it several times reproducibility: yes, watched it 3x and everytime it gave this error code autosave.pmv
  21. Yeah you are right how well a card performs really depends on the playstyle and the skill level of the player. Even before the nerf alot of casual players failed with Batariel on harder maps either because they misplaced a spell or simply because they attacked too early and ran out of energy. For the average casual player red Batariel was never OP because all it took was one mistake and Batariel died. I simply judge cards by how well they perform in tough situations in rPvE 9 and for me Giant Wyrms+Unity+Bloodthirst is a much better choice now.
  22. Hm fair enough, I can see the appeal in that. With suggestions like this (while always welcome!) you always have to take the hours into account that it would take to add this. Theoretically possible? Almost definitly. But it will come at the cost of other features and QoL changes. Since the game is run completely by volunteers, it can be tricky to get the right people working on this without delaying other features. I personally wouldnt hold my breath, but maybe at some point we could add the boss units to the list of spawnable units.
  23. I think he is mostly reffering to the campaign enemies that dont have a card counterpart, like the twilight horror. I'm currently not sure if the campaign Gemeye that you can encounter in Bad Harvest has the same range as the Card because countering that one is crucial. Finding a way to maybe outrange it (or at least have the same range) without being in a match is important in my opinion, but I'm no expert player^^ With all campaign units in forge you can also check if you could mindcontrol them with certain cards like nightguard, parasite swarm and so on, not sure if all campaign units
  24. Just as a quick response: "Outperform" is a wide term here. There are several powerlevels of decks, mainly speed and security, we should not mix that wildly but differ here. Let's take the stonekin example here: Is Batariel usually way faster as Stonekin, yes for sure. So Bata "outperforms" that in this case. Same for the mentioned Giant Wyrms for example. Safety is just another measure, the one that I mainly aimed here when starting this off. Here for example some unit based decks are clearly outperforming Batariel. We should calm down this discussion and differ here as the sit
  25. It depends on how you define dead sure you can still win easy rPvE 9 maps without a problem but in its current state red Batariel is outperformed by almost all popular cards/decks.For example Fire Dragon Wasteland Terror Bloodhorn Giant Wyrm purple Banzai Lord and many others. Just because you can win easy lvl 9 maps doesnt mean red Batariel hasnt been nerfed to death. You can win most lvl 9 maps with Kobold Engineers.
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