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  2. John

    Error Worldmap

    @S4litos Can you please send me your log.txt file? It's located in your Documents/Battleforge/Diag folder.
  3. Simigr

    Server high ping

    I think i have high ping cause i see games and when i press to play they dissapear happen many times. Also ping is 200-500 and its green.Don't know if it works correct but i'm in Europe and Server its at Germany normal pings was 50-80 before 10 years. I have play counter strike and i know this but also i remember one thing if someone with high join the server the server lag and the people kick him from the game cause they all had more ping.Maybe this is happen here cause we have people from all the world. I try to inform you nothing more(i dont mean i know more things than you)
  4. You could be 110% correct, but typically SSL errors have to do with invalid certificates. Again I honestly have no way to know for sure, I was just trying to provide information that may be helpful. Also the error received is actually the same code that can be provided by OpenSSL (which can be a result of a server cutting a connection due to an invalid cert), but whether or not that's used, I don't know. I serenely apologise if I'm incorrect or misleading.
  5. Eirias

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Don't have time to read all the replies rn, so someone @ me so I remember to come back later. What do you think of adding mutating maniac to the list?
  6. Simigr

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    Welcome back!!
  7. Post a screenshot of the message plz. Don't worry about the language, I can read german.
  8. Nerevar

    stuck at success

    How long did you wait after getting the success message? Because it's a know issue that this happens. But it should not be eternat, but let you know that you lost the connection after ~1 minute.
  9. Ultrakool

    Server certificate expired / game folder

    I sincerely doubt those log lines have anything to do with cert
  10. Today
  11. Kemokemo

    "assertion failed" crash, a solo map

    I have the same problem, joined a 2v2 game, it crashed in the loading screen and this problem has been happening to me since then.
  12. I'm logging in fine, but my friend is unable too. It kicks him out just after seeing the news. He's getting the same issue a number of other people are right now. I'm commenting here because the the only error he can see seems to relate to a certification. His documents log.txt file shows nothing, but his _launcher.log shows: [17:56:23] SecureStreamSocket::ReceiveBytes(): [W] Connection to the game was closed before calling this method![17:56:23] SecureStreamSocket::SendBytes(): [E] Error code: 10053[17:56:23] Chat: [E] Worker.Run() SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL: Some non-recoverable I/O error occurred. Check lines above that[17:56:23] Chat: Disconnected[17:56:24] Proxy::Run(): [E] Disconnected from game[17:56:24] PreGame: Disconnected[17:56:24] World: Disconnected[17:56:24] Matchmaking: Disconnected[17:56:24] Borderline: Disconnected Its likely related, but I honestly can't say for sure. If this is a proper cert, anything I artificially generate would be invalid so I can't really test. I'm using windows 10, and on windows 7 (if this matters)
  13. signum1221

    "assertion failed" crash, a solo map

    Same here in any pve or pvp map, was trying to show the game to a friend and we couldn't manage to connect :(
  14. First of all sorry for my english :D my brother just installed his laptop and i did moved him battleforge but he always get the same error (just saw it in german) :D but the error is something like "this app cant run on a 32 bit computer" but he has a 64 bit?? help us please and thanks :) greetings DeathDude
  15. Nandukatz

    "assertion failed" crash, a solo map

    Had the same bug twice now. Was playing with a mate in 2v2 premade. game crashed at the end. after rejoining the forge, we couldn't invite each other because "we were already in a party". We werent. Then when we tried to open a game this errormessage occured. Not sure if the already in a party is necessary for this bug. As stated above it seemed to happen in a soloscenario aswell. Both error messages occured as above.
  16. IYIanuel

    2-Login Error with Game Crash

    Me has the Same Error also again and again.. sended my lot.txt also
  17. S4litos

    Error Worldmap

    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skythings! NAME: Error when start game / try to click on worldmap SEVERITY: ? LOCATION: After Loading REPRODUCIBILITY: 10/10 DESCRIPTION: Everytime i start the game and load it get the first Error. The Sec. Error comes when i click on Worldmap. After i click on it, it does not open and i can do only use the Lobby SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  18. Sylvasoul

    After succesfully logged in the game crashes

    Encountered the same thing just now. Finished Siege of hope, got stuck with black screen / quest rewards for a few minutes, then once i got to the forge connection timed out. Now when i try to relogg, it just closes itself without an error message after successful login.
  19. FarRockBF

    Stress Test going well

    Thanks, yeah I wasn't trying to be mean at all. Just was stressed out I suppose. The instant reaction and calling me a troll was ridiculous. I guess that's the age you guys are growing up in. Someone looks at you funny and you report them to the police for offending you. Peeps need to chill.
  20. Fimion

    Stress Test going well

    I dont see anything wrong or offensive with that post, FarRock just shared his personal experience with the stress test. People really need to chill and stop being so overly protective and sensitive, this is really creating a toxic atmosphere. A guy called Tazermarks made a thread about this a while ago https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4181-save-our-community/
  21. Hi, just saw the Server certificate that is in the games folder expired on 17.09.2018. Don´t know if it´s only me and/or it has any impact on something. Best regards
  22. Bini Inibitor

    "assertion failed" crash, a solo map

    NAME: "assertion failed" error message, when creating a solo map with CTD. SEVERITY: 1 - game crash LOCATION: Forge, map selection, when choosing and trying to create a map REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Not really that much to say. The game crashes the moment you press the create button. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This error started occuring today. EDIT: Error is now happening across all solo maps
  23. OctAMF

    stuck at success

    Sometimes i got stuck at success and i have to altf4
  24. Hello Game says "Character has no Decks" and Quiited the Login *gg* Character is iyianuel pls fix ty Its really depressing lg
  25. Levimon

    2 - Game closing after won match

    Similar report, just to flesh out a bit more detail. Had this also happen after completing the defense of hope mission. Goes back to the forge, the message about having completed a game for the day and there is a reward in the mail box (something to that effect) pops up, otherwise the screen is black though, and it just says the launcher has stopped responding. Had to kill the process from task manager after that to get it to close.
  26. Draconus

    1 - New Account No Cards

    Since it is a followup-error I´m not sure if I should post it in a new topic. I chose the same ingame name I had before and got an error message. I know just enough to read some simple codes, but I expect some remaining files for that name causing the error. For the error message, see the uploaded image. I can replicate the error every time I try it with my account, while a friend could login properly on my computer. If it´s the easiest way to solve this by deleting it again and making me choose another name, I can do that.
  27. Alikku1998

    1 - New Account No Cards

    DELETE Alikku cant even start the game it always crashes
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