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  5. Karosuke


    Hi everyone, while I was writing suggestions for twilight hag and mutating maniac I figured I might also share my thoughts on the rest of the bunch. I tried to play the faction as exclusively as possible and to be honest... they could need a hand here and there but they are not as bad as most people think. I should mention that I'm not a speedrunner or pvp pro or anything like that. I mostly play rpve 8-9 and sometimes a little pvp with friends and ofc some missions for quests and fun. So my experience might be a little one sided but twilight is the faction I played the most by far. Since the transform mechanic is generally way too expensive except for some gimmicky stuff I'll try to keep it out of this. So lets hop into it and start with t2. 1. Deathglider Dies way too fast for what it is... the only ranged t2 that twilight has. And for 60 power not as spammable as it would be neccessary.. so either up his hp to something around 450+ or decrease his power to 45-50 2. Twilight Brute Really good stats, though slow and nothing but raw numbers. If you compare him to enforcer he will loose due to enforcers charge. But his stats are not the point. His ability could be at least consicerable if it wouldn't run out or costs less power. It can be considered a eruption-ish way to use it but its way slower and easy to outmanouver. So either make the mark last infinitely or reduce the power to 25-30 3. Twilight Minions If Deathglider might serve as a true s-counter they are fine as they are. If not, changing them to s/s might be an option. 4. Slaver Stats and ability are alright. His cost on the other hand is nowhere near reasonable. I'd wish for 65 but 70 might be more fitting. 5. Vileblood Stats are fine. But if you compare it to sth like mountaineer... maybe reduce his cost to 120. 6 Twilight Curse Has anyone ever used that card? Its a useable counter to stuff like mounty aggressor or skyfire. But like with lots of other twilight cards I think the cost is just too high. 90 is still a lot but that would make it at leat a little more appealing. On to t3: I have already talked about Twilight Hag and Mutating Maniac in different threads that I linked. Twilight Creeper is absolutely fine the way it is. 1. Treefiend Well.. cost. Just that. His nature original costs 30! power less. Aside from him not really fitting anywhere (sadly) his cost should be lowered to at least 130. But honestly.. I don't really know what to do with him :/ 2. Twilight Warfare The idea behind the card is nice. A wrecker-rallybanner-like effect that gives either lifesteal or a soft-siege to all friendly creatures. But the radius is way to small to be really effective. By putting the range up to 30-35 it might maybe be worth the power... because the opponent might just run away or heal his unit.. or cc yours. And t4: 1. Abomination Solid card. Actually I think this is a pretty good example of what twilight cards should be like. Raw Power with average cost but clunky. No buffs needed I just mentioned him as an example. 2. Nightshade Plant Again comparing the unit to its original counterpart. The ability is somewhat alright though loosing t4 units is generally not that good. It also won't happen that often because twilight aims to have their units close to unkillable. They also do not really need another l-counter. My suggestion would be giving him siege and reducing his cost to 240.... makes it even more like grimvine but at least adds some purpose for playing him. 3. Skycatcher I will leave his terrible hp aside since he can be considered a supporter. But the cost of both his abilities are terrible. Also the range of his aura forces him to go into melee where he might just die off if you dont have both affinities using their abilities at the same time. Infection costing 0 and impairment costing 80 while also increasing the range to match his attacks would be my suggestion. 4. Twilight Pestilence Really good card imo. Just make it reusable every 20 seconds to keep up the effects. It is actually a lot that needs to be improved for twilight imo. They work ok at the moment but there is a reason almost noone uses them... Honorable mention: Hatecaster. Extremely nice card. Fits the faction really well.
  6. Karosuke

    Balance Proposal: Mutating Maniac

    Considering Twilight tries to have units that are somewhat cheap for their stats (fire) and slow aoe damage or heal (nature) I'd suggest making him cost 110 and his ability cost something around 50 but also damaging everything except for twilight units. This would reward having only twilight units while also keeping a little from the original shadowcard - more damage but sacrificing itself in the process. If that sounds too strong to you keep in mind that twilight lacks mobility and cc. So Numbers are kinda their best shot.
  7. Karosuke

    Balance Proposal: Twilight Hag

    I play twilight on rpve a lot. From my understanding she can be used to transform into skycatchers later and with some decent frontline her knockback and L damage is actually not that bad. The range on her attacks is also not bad. I use her along with creepers on t3 and morph them later which actually works quite "well".... twilight-level-well... From my perspective her pros and cons are: cons: - 75 power. just no. even with breeding grounds.. - range and cost of ability having her to be that close is meh... most of the twilight units are melee - 2 nature orbs. for pve its kinda ok since you need 2red2green anyway for your t4 but in pvp I think 1red1green1neutral would be way better - knockback while channeling makes her ability even worse in addition to what I mentioned before pros: - range on attacks is pretty good - damage is actually fine if you think of her not being ment to be a fighter but rather supporting and protecting So I think getting her to 2 orbs req might be a little too difficult. But reducing her cost to 65 and upping her ability range to at least exceed or match her auto attacks would be healthy. another approach could be to make her ability an aura so she can move. If you want to take smaller steps make her immune to knockbacks. Just buffing her stats won't do the trick imo. To sum it up: - power 65 - 1 green, 1 red, 1 neutral orb - range on ability at least + 50% OR immune to knockback - cost of ability to 60, benefit all twilight units, ability is an aura (pick 2) might still not be enough but steps towards the right direction. A whole different attempt would be to make her t2. Twilight lacks ranged t2... a lot (deathglider is NOT considerable as the only ranged t2) just my 2 cents. threadbump btw. cheers.
  8. Halis

    Closing old thread

    This thread is outdated and is still pinned. To avoid confusion I suggest to close it and and unpin it. @Global-Moderator
  9. שלום אני לא מצליח לתקן את בעיית launchr exe אני מבקש לסדר בעיה זו בדחיפות להחליף את מערת זו תודה
  10. Zappyx

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    That is not the point of my post, so I'll edit it because it seems triggering
  11. Loriens

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    There are no GoL hacks only game mechanic.

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Gol hacks lol 😂
  13. Zappyx

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Great work! I look forward seeing this on the open beta server. I do want to state that the PvE grind is very much there, even if you lower the level cap. The reason is that gold is pretty scarce if you only play PvP. If you wish to upgrade one ultra rare you would have to play 100+ PvP games. To counter balance rPvE grinds, and GOL hacks I would suggest to increase the gold you gain in playing PvP.
  14. TheWarrior52

    Logging in problems

    Hey Got a problem, i cant login into my account im typed the right name & password but he don´t accept this can someone help me? Its just sayed Invalid account or password. NVM i got it now
  15. Loriens

    Battleforge Music remix

    Sounds interesting
  16. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Blight duo 13.52.9 ducarev + Loriens
  17. MephistoRoss

    Issue with Email verification/Activation

    Everything is OK.
  18. WvA

    Issue with Email verification/Activation

    I cant remermber reveiving any confirmation e-mail, but my account works fine (created it this weekend), do I need to take any extra steps or is everything okay now?
  19. Karl Lavafeld

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    With the new reward over time mechanic like on test server it will only count the time you play no matter what. If I understand correctly. What's awesome for communitymaps, since they give bfp then too. Zorscy and me work on a defencive rpve mode atm where u have to defend vs random fraction. Kind Regards

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Or the flame crystal!
  21. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Here are two variants of the deck, one fire start and one shadow start: Bloodhorn in for the flying stuff and bosses. Then you can tweak the decks for your own play style and setups. Key cards then are Cultist Master and Infected Tower and Frenetic Assault/Infect. One card that could be useful is Motivate, eg. sacrifice one of the bugs and you will a legion of bugs doing 55% more damage... ; ) // Ponni Edit, entertained myself with playing this months map 1p level 8 with the Shadow start deck (replaced Bloodhorn with Amii monument and also included Motivate). It worked surprisingly fast, at least once you had got the legion of bugs. A bit messy t3 action and Slavemaster took a while to kill, otherwise very straightforward and easy. Here is the replay if anyone is interested to see the deck in action: Infected tower_loads of bugs.pmv
  22. Rancord

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    I just saw one in action , cant give you whole deck, but at least write what he used: T1 shadow: Fallen+Motivate, I guess you want Embalmer and Soul splicer green for higher diff T2 shadow: Resource Booster+ FoF, I guess for higher diff you want to use Shadow Phoenix T3 nature: Cultist masters+Breeding Ground T4 fire: Infected tower (fire afiinity) Spawn a bunch of cultist master on a breeding ground, have fof/2 infected tower spawn nightcrawlers, activate the aura, kill the nightcrawler get a bunch of them to attack and use motivate. Guess Earthshaker and Thunderstorm are spells open to use. Then you have at least 12/20 cards. I am unsure what you do on t4 vs flyers or those aoe stuff, but maybe you can fill it up yourself (ami monument/frenetic assault are also not bad picks)
  23. I did cheating with what ?

    1. Outl4w


      Did i understand that u say i used a cheat tool today or in the past or what and got banned for that reason?

      I didnt cheat, i was in game and didnt get anyreward at finsihed it.

  24. Hello,


    my Account got banned today but why.


    The problem should be following:


    Multiaccounting regrets, before we have taken any action against it, can be reported to @MrXLink or the Moderation Team on any platform, and may allow you to retain your game access while we delete your alternate accounts and hard-reset your main account. Repeated offenses will still result in penalties and/or loss of access.

    I didnt read that but one thing how this happened.


    On my Account goerket@t-online.de   i lost my password and ordered new one. I didnt get any response on that so i tried to create second account on  goerket1@web.de but i never acctived it cause of a friend told me that a second account is forbidden.

    So why i got a  ban maybe casue of that when i never used it to get an advantage of using it ?

    Greets out



    1. Halis


      @Outl4wThis is the wrong place. There is a appropriate forum section for this


  25. Gnougnou

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    BF is not an exception, I just don't have has much free time as I used to have back in the days... Life happened, priorities changed. Well if the community maps work with the BFP gain, then we at least got that. I had no clue and frankly didn't expect "unofficial" missions to give any "official" reward. If the team doesn't want new maps or/and game modes before release then this thread can be deleted.
  26. MephistoRoss

    Custom maps collection

    Updated the first post with all maps as a separate .pak file. I also added a PvE_ or PvP_ prefix to the maps that didnt have one. Also updated to the last version of some maps.
  27. Aviat0r

    Password Forget password

    Sorry for replying late. Our mailing services had some issues. This should be fixed now. Please try to reset your password again. You should receive the reset link then. If not, please let us know.
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