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  1. Today
  2. To the people who make it possible that this game is revived, A warm thank you Her since the best admins, I love the game and am delighted to play it I will donate and help you get the game in the long run
  3. Halloo everyoneūüėĀ I love this game and i would be very happy if i could play it again thx for you hard work and good luck .. WE CAN DO IT ūüėĀ
  4. Yesterday


    1. Eddio


      Congratz melon man :D

    2. ThomasMann


      Yep, the watermelon gods were looking at me and said, this guy needs some luck today. And boom, they have prevailed. Thanks boys! :watermelon::hype:

  6. Happy late birthday?
  7. 8/10 Classic one. Very uplifting
  8. I forgot about this topic. 9/10 music is very good and mysteriously calming.
  9. 6/10 Not bad, but pitty that the lead singers voice isnt more powerful.
  10. Oh, my bad. There is Mind Control (nature t4) And i think stonekin spell that takes over buildings.
  11. Same here! Twilight is a ferocious swarm faction combined with mind control and plague/poison. What spell?
  12. I think there is such a spell already also one for units. But they are pretty useless in pvp
  13. Indeed! And that would also fit better to the lore, as it's a disease/curse and not an independent race/units Just look at the Infected Towe's ability. the Twilight faction need more of this. maybe even a spell, which can take control or infest and enemy building
  14. 6/10 this is not my type of music, but good atmosphere and I really like the image
  15. Some more unit overtaking mechanics would be really cool for them in pvp.
  16. Allmost done with my reports! 47 pages to my finishing exam as a blacksmith for this year! and 22 page in physics chemistry! i would love to show you the table i've made in the workshop as a part of my exam... hope i am getting a good grade tho.. melons praise me.


    1. ThomasMann


      Pretty cool Man. Hope yah get a good grade and good job. :watermelon: will praise you. 

  17. Last week
  18. I have to something to say to you guys. Confess really.

    I havent been online on Battleforge for many months now even thought I can be online atleast for sometime everyday.

    Its not like I dont enjoy playing, its the opposite, I do love it.

    But...Im just too shy to write people everytime I want to play with someone, its just hard for me to do that.

    Plus the stress and thoughts of suicide make me more anxisous to talk or write to anybody.

    I feel guilty that I dont use this opportunity, so...I just wanted to get this off my heart.

    Thanks for reading.

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    2. Dzodin


      Thats what Im trying to do. I exercise a lot. But it isnt enough to heal my mental wounds. After so many years of my current state of mind its hard for me to look the other way and forget.

    3. anonyme0273


      Hang in there man, I am looking forward to playing with you as soon as possible :) if you ever wanted to talk, you still have my Skype. Here is hoping and believing things get better for ya! Think about the good stuff and feel free to share any time. Cheers!

    4. nielsjuh33


      Keep excersizing and keep doing your homework/your job. If you hang in there your life will get better slowly. It just needs time. At some point you'll be caught by surprise as you realise how much your life improved. Just wait and keep an eye out :) don't forget to look back a year or two to see the difference.

  19. Please note that asking for votes on contests is considered as advertising. Thread has been locked
  20. hmm seems reasonable
  21. *transfers 1 bil*
  22. How much will you pay me?
  23. [link removed] Could everyone pleaaaaaseeeee like the pic of my friend maarten? It would be so nice if he would win! I beg you all Thanks in advance!
  24. Happy Birthday guys we will see each other soon in the forge!
  25. Lifehack:

    To maximize horsepower on the highway, shift from 5th gear to "R" for Racing. ;)

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    2. wa2magge


      in Germany the Maximum is ~60 mph. (also my car has 6 gears not 5) and it don¬īt work cars have a Blockade to Switch from the 6th or 5th gear to the Reverse gear (dont know but really old ones should dont have that)

    3. anonyme0273


      Tried it, ended up in jail. Free food and bed, life hack complete! <3 Thank you @Treim

    4. Yoshii92


      On german highway it gives free mph highways. It goes over the 60mphs ^^


  26. I really like the idea of Twilight coming in big packs, just make them weaker and cheaper and make them more of a swarm, that would be amazing IMO
  27. Happy Birthday Skylords! Don't forget the
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