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  2. Ravenheart should have the same "very slow movement" added to the card description same as battleship?
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  4. please check my account if I have multiple registrations or something because my character is blocked and I am actually sure that I have not done anything wrong. if so, then unfortunately unconsciously and I am sorry for that too.
  5. then I ask you to check this and then let me know whether I can use my character again.
  6. Ok ! Thank you ! ^^ after realease my post, I was thinking that it's seems logic to restart the game. It will be really unbalanced for new player without restart. GL HF my friend !
  7. Its not really that important, but sometimes I wanna keep track of which affinity of that specific card I have bought or sold. And sometimes I forget, looking though the mail, I just think that it would be helpful if it had shown: Auction completed on 00/00/2021. Congratulations, you have won the bid for (CARD) (AFFINITY) for BFP Thanks
  8. Please do not make two topics about the same issue. It sounds like your character got banned somehow, please appeal here to have a mod check it out: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/76-ban-appeals/
  9. Right now all decks you make are just in a giant dump that you have to filter with names and/or which orbs they contain. As someone who doesn't focus on any particular deck not only did I hit the 100 cap a few times and had to clean up, I also naturally have a giant list of decks. But I noticed that there are already something like subfolders present. Namely "General" and "Beginner". My suggestion is to implement the feature of creating such folders yourself and the ability to open/close them.
  10. I need help, how can you undo it when you log in character is locked?
  11. @TREX The cardbase has not been updated most likely, as the void power shield was Shrine of Martyr's previous ability and has since been reworked into a void manipulation mechanic. Several other units show old values as well.
  12. I) there sould be some gamemodes already, just watch into the community maps II) sounds intresting. But maby hard to creat. (tetris have similar things if u play 1 vs 1 tetris) III) some maps have a *extra difficulty", but not finisched. f.e. crusade have on top 4 lines to defend on Expert. but if u watch the map in editor, there seems to be even 2 lines more to defend. Sadly this "extra hard" mode was never implementet. I rly would like to get a ultra hard mode for the CPVE maps, but probely only a rly smal playerbase would even able to finisch them.
  13. Shrine of Martyr has different card descriptions from the Allbfcard site?
  14. hi there...There where the full reset on Dez 18 2020. Game is now fully realeased and do not get any "restart" again. Enjoy the game again
  15. Hi ! I didn't play the game since mounth, so I don't really know if it's why it's happens to me, but I play the beta in 2018, and don't reinstall the game on my new PC. I just reinstall the game today, and use the same account as the one I use in 2018. I didn't create a new account, and still it's the game start like it was the first time I launch te game. So I lost all my cards, my friend list, etc... Is that normal ? PS: Sorry for my bad english, and salutation from France !
  16. i) I actually seen / played gamemode like that already. iii) ughm? I am not that pro to understand. Please explain reasoning here in more detail.
  17. Bought U3 for Envenom R. Applied it together with a charge. Error popped up. Deck I had selected appeared entirely empty all of a sudden. Upon relog the deck was normal and I had U3 Envenom R applied regularly. _log_proxy_latest.log
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hey all! Just throwing some ideas i though could potentialy be cool for the game. i) a pvp mode where players have to defend against incoming waves until someone is the last one standing. ii) something like a pvp mode where players have to complete the same random map and the fastest one wins. Also at certain places of the map players could get bonusses to help them clear the map faster or sabotage their opponent. iii) maybe an extra difficulty on the maps harder than expert where enemies are tankier and deadlier. feel free to judje them or add some more
  20. no, I have just registered. so for the first time. i didn't break the rules. do not know what I should have done wrong with the earth registration. The error message is: charater is blocked. I can only register once, right? i had clicked on the link to register and then everything was ok. I am also wondering why it suddenly doesn't work when registering for the game. it is written as it is already written character is blocked ...
  21. no, I have just registered. so for the first time. i didn't break the rules. do not know what I should have done wrong with the earth registration.
  22. Hey everyone, What an awesome tournament today! Congratulations to Crossbow_andy for taking the Skylords Open #7! Greetings, Toggy
  23. Stone Shell needs enemies (purple affinity) or allies (green affinity) around to provide the buff.
  24. What do you mean you registered again? Multi-accounting is against the rules, so maybe you got banned for that? What is the error message you get?
  25. Hello everybody, I have registered again and when I have entered my data in the launcher and confirm, my character is blocked. But why please?
  26. Aka you did exactly what he said. Glad it's working now, have fun playing!
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  28. Now it works for me, have do nothing only wait.
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