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  4. what if the clock makes the enemy sleep....
  5. You can't really say x per x because it depends on a lot of things network infrastructure and optimization. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I asked about servers(Looong ago) it was around €20 per month. Servers still gotta be tested though, the most online was around 20-25 and it worked fine so far but they are gonna need more people online at the same time if they wanna break the server( it didn't overload so far)
  6. Posts? Pretty sure they are actually books
  7. There's no need to keep making new threads about the same project. Keep the clockwork content here. /merged
  8. //DISCLAIMER: This video and The Clockwork Project are fan-made and are not affiliated with nor represent Skylords Reborn updates and/or future progression.//
  9. started a new topic that I will just post speed construction videos.
  10. There's a bunch of threads about game theory, especially in depth guides about the competitive side of the game in this forums, mostly PVP and at least 1 about speedrunning. You can probably pick up some things about game mechanics and efficiency there . Especially @Eirias and @RadicalX have a bunch of threads on high level PVP. So if you're interested in that kinda stuff, it probably is worth a read. Bring some time though because those are pretty long posts
  11. Man I just tried to clean my keyboard for the first time in my lifetime. Could never have imagined how much dust/hair there's under those keys.

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    2. Ultrakool


      under those keys? how do u even clean them

    3. BionicReaper


      I got a spray that shoots air with a lot of force. Basically i dust the "unwanted material" to the sides and remove it from there if it hadn't been launched by the spray duster. @Ultrakool

    4. DawsonTheFish


      ugh i hate that... especially on my keyboard, it happens way to often. I use the razer mechanical keyboard

  12. Hair.
  13. Gold-digger.
  14. because gold
  15. Really cool! Glad you found this Are you still drawing these days?
  16. Get it? Because it's a "shell".
  17. The game will start with a picture. When I will post it, You must find another picture that have not already been used before. after the second picture you have again to do the same thing. In conclusion, I post a picture, someone post another one similar and the next person will post another picture similar with it and vis versa. Don't forget the forum rules ! Here we go...
  18. There is a mission and playtime system in the making to earn BFP in Skylords Reborn. Since we are making this game completely free-to-play, there wouldn't be another way to earn BFP. You could have found this in the FAQ, maybe there are some more questions in there that you may want answered With that being answered, I'll close the thread.
  19. Even tho i agree with the answer, there was probably another way to say it.
  20. Hi there, welcome to the forums! It's generally a good idea to see if anyone might have had an idea you just came up with at some point in the last 2 years - like perhaps the post stickied at the top of this very forum in which you just posted! I'd also suggest the FAQ, as per the big big writing on the homepage. Also don't let the grumpy old people like me put you off, the community is awesome, take a look around,m read, learn, join the
  21. what if bf or skylord reborn have missions that rewarded bf points or types of cards...... that would be cool right guys...??? or... make other points to buy also types of cards...name it: skylord points.
  22. Thx to all donator ! Without your help, Battleforge won't exist :).
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