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  1. Same problem for me as well. EDIT: Game is working again!
  2. Playstyle: Twilight ─ They radiate power, have access to healing and once they get going they're like a steamroller overwhelming their opposition. Artstyle: Shadow ─ I really like the design of their faction; both in appearance (purple looks great on them) and playstyle (Lots of micromanagement with their cards but also possibilities and very satisfying when everything comes together)
  3. Back then around 2010 Nature was the faction that I enjoyed playing the most. I always felt they had the most relaxing music. Whenever I think about that time Swiftclaws are one of the first cards that come to mind. There was just something cool about having a dinosaur among your T1 units.
  4. In terms of raw power I really like Abomination and Skycatcher. They ooze power and I like how they look. I like Twilight Pestilence and Twilight Warfare because flavorwise they fit so well with the Twilight theme. They're all about keeping up the momentum. In terms of flavor and versatility I'm very fond of Shadow cards because they make you feel more involved in the game. Shadow Mage, Shadow Phoenix, Netherwarp, Cultist Master and Sacrifice are some of my favorites.
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