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  1. I am surprised that I can't find a thread like that. What is your favourite card? I like 4 orb cards. I like Fire Worm, Batariel, Bloodhorn and Worldbreaker gun and spell Amok. I like big, strong creatures and appearance is important for me. Probably my favourite is fireworm but I like bloodhorn also and you?
  2. I edited! I can't decide which is the best. I started with Lost souls, then I played Shadow, but also Nature and in last month I tested Bandit.
  3. I am curious what is your favourite faction and why? Did you choose a faction by appearance, story, story, character, gameplay or were there other factors?
  4. I have a question. Is it worth to buy packs? Because I can buy specific cards from auctions. So why I should choose packs? I am beginner so I don't have much cards.
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