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  1. As explained in Discord, AIS will tank almost 2k damage, which regenerates by 480 every second. Unity works with shields, so any damage is spread over the 3 shields. AIS does not bind power and is easy to reapply for just 80 power in a spell heavy deck. AIS does not need as much micro as WW and does not have summoning sickness . Hopefully these are enough reasons for my choice 😄
  2. Hey, awesome to see you have interest in this deck! I've been talking about it on Discord and none believes me it is a good deck 😞 Anyways, here is my variation on it: And the deck code: MEUCNiF0M7TqYdIYFFLgRMUGNwXxXjFqLoLqOrLYX
  3. Correct. But it was chosen this way. It could have been the other way too but then people will complain its no challenge 🤷‍♂️
  4. The achievement is considered a veteran achievement. By allowing Advanced, it wouldn't be considered veteran. Only allowing expert was a design choice mainly as some maps were only made on expert difficulty.
  5. My solo runs are almost sub those times 👀
  6. We gave it to the AI so we have a chance to beat it 😛
  7. Message from nukie: "Apologies for the delay in getting rewards out, I currently have no internet since Sunday evening. I should have it back over the weekend and will get all rewards sent out as soon as possible"
  8. Since so many asked me, I might as well share the replay ^^ It was a fastest run, but by no means my cleanest as I lost way too many Shadow Phoenix and the egg pushing could be a bit smoother. A small explanation on how I did it: Enjoy 🙂 2023-04-15_11-19-31_CommunityMap1P_pve_the_easter_tree_diff3_s65287_GMDutchy_time_0_10_25.6_v260.pmv How to watch the replay?
  9. This event looks sooo cool, or hot, I cant decide 😞
  10. I totally didn't grind that map for 70+ games 👀
  11. No, but Moderators can do it for you. Please create a ticket via #Contact-Staff on our Discord server.
  12. Never had one, first game thing I had was a GameCube followed quickly by DS Lite
  13. The people responsible are trying to do their best to make sure nothing is missing in the patch notes. With that said, last patch there were no nerfs to root network units. ( @WindHunterPlease correct me if there were)
  14. Why does X suck... I guess it can be called a series now. To read "Why does Wheel of Gift suck", please click here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9219-why-does-wheel-of-gifts-suck/ Juice Tank is a Tier 2 building (device). It costs 50 power and passive ability that does the following: "Within a 25m radius the remaining capacity of own and friendly Power Wells takes 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% longer to deplete. Production per time increment remains the same." To explain in simple terms, if you build a Juice Tank near a Power Well, it will take longer for that Power Well to
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