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  1. In case of questions, or a big panic, you can always reach out to me
  2. Even more awesome news and changes. This patch will be fire!
  3. The event was announced, without details, via the calendar on the forum a couple weeks prior. Kapo also made 24 hours before revealing the event a post on the discord telling everyone that this event will be decided on whoever sends in their run first in case of a tie breaker. I do however agree that this is not the most optimal way to decide a winner, especially when the event starts in the middle of the week. A lot of players play only in the weekend, or are a sleep (time-zones) for the first couple of hours when the event is reveals and because of that at a disadvantage. Of course it
  4. Cool event! I'm curious to see how low the score will be and what the total replay time is haha
  5. Hello fellow Skylords, I have been wondering what everyone's favorite campaign map is and on what difficulty everyone likes to play the most. That is why I have made a quick survey to see what it is. Please fill in the form below: https://forms.gle/iPp97ho3ZLp4q4jz7 This could also be helpful for future events, so make sure you select your favorite maps!
  6. Ye, it is really annoying if you are a bit slower with killing the ships that you need to kill the Bandit Walker again. Also, those patrols seem random to me. Is it really random or is there some logic behind it?
  7. Dutchy

    Video: Mo

    Hey everyone, I uploaded a new video on YouTube, this time for the map Mo. There are rumors Mo might be put into the spotlight in the near future.
  8. To avoid some confusion, the achievements will all need to be done again to earn the rewards, previous progress is not counted for the new achievements.
  9. @Majora Lets be partners and be the best 2v2 team there ever was. P.S. I have forfeited my position in the tournament, feel free to take my place for anyone that feels more qualified to join.
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