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  1. Hello @twitch_tv_SCPX, If you would like a name change in-game, please create a ticket on our Discord server. A ticket can be made in the channel #Contact-staff.
  2. Feel free to also join our Discord server since most day-to-day activity and communication happens there: https://discord.gg/HkxG8UdNEn
  3. As long as you only use 1 account, it doesn't matter on how many different pc's/laptops you log in with.
  4. Feel free to send me a pm on Discord. My discord us: rnamer dutchy1307
  5. Dutchy


    In case you didn't see this video yet: https://youtu.be/PQXlwkfklKU
  6. Only a Moderator can change your ingame name. If you want to change it, please make a ticket via #Contact-staff on our Discord server.
  7. @Fundus Read this part again 🙂
  8. Yes, let your friend make a ticket in out Discord server via #Contact-Staff
  9. @LichterLoh You can also reach out to me on Discord if the video did not answer your question(s).
  10. If you want an answer to question 3, I recommend to watch my interview with Kapo 🙂
  11. Actually the first time I hear this suggestion, I like it 😀
  12. SOLDIER Quick Tier - the most helpful clicks to settle in Help drive the most essential metric by subscribing to the official Skylords YouTube channel, and like the trailer. Done Join the Skylords Discord to stay on top of news, and help build an enjoyable community. Done Subscribe to the other official Skylords Reborn socials: Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok. Done CHAMPION Basic Tier - become a part of the community Subscribe to BattleForge content creators, and like their videos if you enjoy them. Done Participate in events - not just for prices, but to support event hosts. Done Make sure beginners are welcomed properly: Answer questions, and play multiplayer maps with them. Done Read the monthly Community Update and help spread correct information about the state of the project. Done Interact with forum posts or Discord messages through likes, emoticons etc. - the creators will appreciate that. Done Make a proper bug report when you encounter a bug or crash. Done This rarely happens, but: report rule violations, either ingame or on the #contact-staff Discord channel. Done Suggest the game to people you know that will enjoy a RTS/TCG game, but make sure you coordinate with the Skylords team Outreach Coordinator when contacting high profile people or outlets. Done HERO Dedicated Tier - invest some time to make the Skylords experience better Accompany some Twitch streamers, while the community is still small, one viewer more or less makes a huge difference. Done Participate in the votes or share your decks on the SMJ community deck section. Done Become an educator: Help others understand core concepts like void power or faction mechanics, and give advice on expert maps on the ingame strategy channel or on the deckbuilding channel on Discord. Done Write a beginner guide or a deck building/strategy guide on the forum, or a more general one like the one you are reading right now. Done Create something: make a painting, a graphic, a short clip, a song, a text, a meme, an animated GIF or just some cookies, and share it in the art, video or meme channel. Done Become a sponsor of a community contest/event to beef up its prize pool. Done Join the discussion and give quality feedback on the Balance Discord. Done SKYLORD Invested Tier - halfway down the rabbit hole Become a Contributor: There are several roles that don't require you to join the team, like Map Tester, Translator, Proofreader, Art Critique, or Internal Tester. Done Get involved into more detail-focussed Discords, like lore, descriptions, mapmaking, or rPvE. Done Help maintain the Skylords Reborn Wiki by either adding or updating articles. Create an enjoyable community map. Host an event for other Skylords to enjoy, be it PvE, PvP or something else. Done Contribute to Skylords Open Source projects. Become a content creator on YouTube, or start to stream the game on Twitch. Done ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 things left to do on the list! I am getting close for a full Bingo! 🙂
  13. May the winner of the Rookie Tournament grow up to be as good as the legendary RadicalX!
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