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  1. Hello @CalamitousDisaster, Moderators are able to change your ingame name. Sadly your chosen name has too many characters.
  2. I got this issue as well (daily) whenever I tab out, wait a while, and tab in again.
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned or requested multiple times. But isn't it possible to only show whatever global; effect affects you? Like I do not care to see someone else's Enlightenment. But I do care if I can see if there is an Ice Age active.
  4. Today we played a RPvE 10 game with 3 frost decks. Maybe interesting for you, or anyone else reading this. Keep in mind, if you never played RPvE 10 before, start with fire first. Additionally, this was a relatively easy 10. 2023-01-13_18-09-48_RPvEFourPlayers_diff10_s13764_{GM}Dutchy_Volin_Ppanta_Hrdina_Imperia_time_0_16_23.5_v259.pmv
  5. I'm so excited for the new cosmetics!
  6. my deck, attached you also find a replay from rpve 9 2023-01-12_12-27-11_RPvEFourPlayers_diff9_s52221_{GM}Dutchy_Volin_dslay3r_time_0_13_39.7_v259.pmv
  7. This picture looks so good! The team did an awesome job the past 2 years in creating such awesome new cards! My favorite among them has to be either the Bandit Sniper or the Evil Eye. My favorite artwork is Coat of Protection. The most played card is probably Bandit Minefield.
  8. Hey @Lacedaimon This is the updated list: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Card_Upgrade_Drop_Locations
  9. Hello @MaiZZen, welcome back! Last time you played was in 2019, which was in our beta. Ever since December 2020, we are in full release. All accounts got reset for this. We did add loads of stuff to speed up progression like quests and achievements, so we hope you will find great joy again!
  10. Got inspiration for a new card as well since Lost Souls is lacking any air units on tier 2. Its based on the model from Mana Wing. Mist Slash: Attacks every 2 seconds and knocks back (only) L-sized units. This attack ignores all damage reduction effects, I.E. Glacier Shell and Adamant Skin. Revenant's Doom: Activate to bestow the unit with a curse that will make it resurrect in case it dies. The resurrected revenant will only be a shadow of its former self but it will be endowed with the same abilities and equal in strength. After 25 seconds the revenant will then die once and for
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