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  1. The collection is growing and growing. New we also have the Ravenheart 🙂 Check it out in the first post. Also the votes has been reset for the next card.
  2. And so the 4th round of BOT comes to an end. TY to all who joined the event and watched the steam as well as all how supported and helped with the event. Prices have been sended out. If you think something went wrong - contact me. The final ranking: All replay can be found here: BOT4.zip And here is the Stream recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gFlcBxili8 MFG Ultralord
  3. You are right, in this event you need around 20 TW cards - thankfully not all events are made in this way If you want i can share some of the cards - most of them are pretty cheap too
  4. @NullSeed Yes, you can cancel / destroy your orbs.
  5. The website counts every Player combination as a different Team. So if you play 3 times with 3 different teams, you would have 3 rows in the Ranking of the website. For Prizes: Only the highest (ranking) one of the 3 would be used I can confirmer. All players for the 1st place team will get 5 Boosters. Same for the other ranks.
  6. VIdeos would be cool, then you could jump on the time line and dont have to watch 32x Speed (or restart replay if you were to fast)
  7. Yes TestStriker is now a Ban Card on my Website 🙂
  8. funny enough -> Kubiks replay is from Productions server and the TestStrike is live on Produktions Server ... https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=4051
  9. Great greetings, people of the Sky Battle of Tactics goes into the fourth round. This time we are focusing on Twilight and the Transformation ability. Winners / Ranking / Stream recording: Rules: 1. You are only allowed to play Twilight cards. (Not the Edition Twilight, I mean Fire-Nature-Cards) 2. You are not allowed to play flying units. 3. You are only allowed to play one Affinity of a Card. 4. You can play every card only once. So if you play Slaver and he dies, you can not re-summon it. He is gone forever.
  10. Yeah well, indeed. The website is not expecting someone playing Test Striker in an Event 🤷‍♂️
  11. Voice Actor -> Check As soon as Spitfires brother, Firespitter will be added, i will be ready. 🔥
  12. Here is the recording of yesterdays Event Stream 🥳
  13. This happened to me too, the other day. In my case the unit died between using the Transformation and the actively switch. Like sacriefice, i was switching to a un-upgraded XL card. So there was only one charge to begin with. (in my case Abomination)
  14. Your vote said Fallen Skyelf so here you go 🙂 Checkout the first post. And dont forget to vote for the next card
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