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  1. Join us tonight at 19:00 CEST for the stream announcing the winners of the second official PvE Contest. There will also be some giveaways, so even if you did not participate; we invite you all to join us for a night of Skylords Reborn fun! twitch.tv/skylordsreborn
  2. Greetings Skylords! It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! This community update is a bit shorter than you have come to expect from us. Every area of development is progressing nicely, but we are currently not in a position where we can share the results just yet. Rest assured new cards are still actively in development, and so are our new game modes. Skylords Reborn is being developed alongside our jobs and studies, and real life can get in the way sometimes. We also don't m
  3. Hey everyone, Please understand this is a passion project that we all work on in our free time, for no profit, alongside our actual jobs. That means both the development, discussions and the moderation. I don't want to silence constructive criticism or complaints, but at this point I don't see this going anywhere productive. To conclude, we won't be removing the multi-account ban rule, but we are looking into a more rewarding system for playing past the daily. I'm not a moderator but since this threat is turning highly toxic, I will lock it for now until a moderator has time t
  4. Glad to see some players have already signed up! If you are interested in joining, please sign-up in advance so the price pool might be increased. The tournament is open for all skill levels, and with a loser-bracket you are going to play at least two best of three games. Hope to see you all this sunday!
  5. We do care, which is also why I spend time to respond to this thread multiple times and explain our reasoning. Im sad to hear that somehow results in you thinking we do not care about new player input, just because we do not agree on a point. I also already responded to (and agreed to most of) the QoL things in my first reply. But after that the post mainly got taken over with a discussion about multi-accounting. I think Kilikem has a point regarding it feeling a bit lackluster to keep playing after you finish your daily. And, as I stated before, we are already looking into that. What I
  6. He is saying he is bored of rPvE, which is a personal thing. For me, personally, I never liked rPvE. I never did in EA times, and I dont like it now. I prefer playing a campaign map, or PvP. That has nothing to do with the reward system however. As for PvP, previously, we didnt even have free PvP decks (or achievements by the way). So players would be locked out of PvP for months until they had enough cards to play it. I honestly dont get you are complaining about not being able to play PvP. Are you arguing all the cards should be available from the start? Cause in that case, ''what is th
  7. That doesn't seem very related to your point at all honestly. He is saying he doesnt enjoy rPvE, so he wants to play a normal campaign map. That is not related to rewards or grinding at all. We have already pointed out why multi-accounting is, and will not, be allowed, so I dont get why you keep calling it ''needlessly banning players'', since we already gave explanations of why this system is in place (ironicly, to make sure people like you, who dont have a lot of time, dont have to compete with just older players, but also multi-accounting). As for PvP, you don't need to grind for
  8. Glad to have you back! Enjoy
  9. We definitly want to do this, but the Outreach Coordinator (Marketing) role is not yet filled. Personally im not a fan of giving youtubers a big BFP account, since I feel we should treat people fairly and they can always play on the test-server if they want a full-account, but that would be something for the outreach coordinator to decide. But short answer: yes, we agree and we definitly want to reach out to more youtubers. I wasn't around when this agreement got made. As far as I know, we are not allowed to make money, or pay money (thus have other people earn money) from battl
  10. This is known, but if remember correctly, it is very hard to fix for some reason. Cultist Master is also one of those units that could use QoL. What map are you talking about specifically? Chest prevent you from opening them if the unit is doing something (aka fighting) but it is indeed a chore. This is well known though, but also not easy to fix. You have to understand we do not have the source code, so some things that seem obvious to fix can actually be a big puzzle. Would be a nice QoL, we can look into this. We will not remove the second-account=ban rul
  11. Hey VyTeex, welcome back! 1, easier said then done We do have a marketing position open in our team, so we definitly wish for this to happen too. How did you stumble upon the game? 2, interesting idea, though im not sure if this is technically possible at the moment, and we would have to look into possible abuse of the system 3, not sure if thats technically possible. 4. in the beta, it was shown that PvP was competely unattractive because of the unfair matchups and grinding. We dont want to force players to first play a huge amount of PvE before they can even start in
  12. Just to clarify, the balance patch wont hit before the tournament, so this will probably be the last Toggy tournament with the current meta (which still feels pretty fresh to me by the way). Personally cant wait for the QoL buff to Rogan
  13. Greetings Skylords! It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! Test Server Patch A new patch has hit the test server, including another batch of balance changes and adjustments. This patch contains many balancing changes and experimental changes for both PvE and PvP, with Frost specifically getting some love this time. We have also sent the first reworked versions of the 2vs2 maps to the test server! Please take a look at the patch notes, test them out on the test serve
  14. Sounds good Stoneshards can also be a decent unit, and so is crystal fiend. Try arround a bit and figure out which units you like
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