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  1. There were some issues with the server. Our devs managed to fix it and the game should work again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. From my understanding (cause I suggested the same thing to the balance team) apparently its not possible for the spell to prioritize. Be sure to join the discussion in the balance discord to give ideas tho!
  3. Are you aware we are all volunteers who work on this project for no profit in our free time alongside actual jobs and/or studies? There is no need to be this aggressive. We are open to feedback, but if you start throwing around childish insults like this, I wont bother replying to you any longer.
  4. Compared to the original Battleforge free-to-play model, the unlock mechanism is actually quite fast. Of course, back then you could make it as fast as you want by spending real money on it, which isn't the case now. But by getting your daily 45min discounted booster and doing some achievements, you can get a pretty decent collection without much problems. Promo's are meant to be rare and sought after cards though, so you either have to get lucky or save some points for them. With the free PvP decks, you also don't need to get a fully upgraded deck by grinding the game. Seeing that
  5. You will have to defend a number of attacking waves and defeat the boss to clear the map. You can also choose to let the next attack phase start earlier if you do not need the full recovery break in between waves. The challenge is to finish the map as soon as possible, but you will have to defeat the same amount of enemies. In the future there will also be a survival defense map where you have to hold out as long as possible. Your prayers regarding the best promo card in the game have been answered! (see your topic) As for the roadmap, I actually wanted to reply to t
  6. A good question, and one I am happy being able to answer: The Promo Snapjaw was a celebration promo for the official release, unlockable with a scratch code. On the 18th of May it has been exactly 6 months after the official release of Skylords Reborn. On the maintenance on the 19th, we will make the Promo Snapjaws tradeable. We have not yet decided if we will hand out a new batch at some point in the future, but this way you will be able to get your hands on them if people are willing to sell or trade them. This bad boy can soon be yours!
  7. Pretty decent chance to win some packs this mothersday so make sure to sign up if you want to enjoy some pvp today!
  8. Greetings Skylords! It's been two weeks since our first community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! PvP Balance Patch 2 (Patch 400028) We released a patch filled with balance changes this week. You can check out the detailed patch notes on the Wiki. Some 1vs1 maps have also been changed (no more offensive walling!) and are now added to ranked play as well. In the meantime, we are already setting our sights on Balance Patch 3. You can check out the upcoming changes in the document attached to this post. Those changes wi
  9. As Zyna already mentioned, we will post the complete list of channels in the next Community Update, and will try to make it clearer on the discord as well. It was never intended to be secret.
  10. Not an expert on this personally, but isnt that the case with most similair games? I remember Command & Conquer and Starcraft 2 had similair issues (patch -> breaks replay).
  11. I dont see any Battleforge content tho?
  12. There are early-stage plans to list some populair and well received community maps on the actual overview-map in a new location. That will surely help the community find populair ones Would that solve your issue as well?
  13. I know this was actually a feature EA was working on but never got to finish. I can only imagine it would need reverse engineering and/or a lot of work so I dont know how realistic it is, but it would be ideal.
  14. Brannoc's "Power of the Forge" claims it deals 50 damage per second for 20 seconds, so 1000 damage total. I tested it 3 times with a Magma Hurler (1000 HP) and they stay alive with 150 health. Brannoc basicly deals 50 damage for 17 seconds, not 20. Not sure if it should be a description fix or a damage increase.
  15. Well my point was to try it without VPN. When I activated my VPN I crashed as well.
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