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  1. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • Skylord Reborn 3rd Anniversary The 3rd anniversary of Skylords Reborn is almost here! After returning to the world of Nyn on the 18th of December 2020, our volunteer team has worked tirelessly to expand upon the original BattleForge with new content, quality-of-life changes, and new features. Skylords Reborn has expanded upon the original game by adding quests, achievements, cosmetics, reforgin
  2. Could upgrading a card also cause this, considering its a ''different card'' ?
  3. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • Halloween Patch Happy Halloween Skylords! Last weekend, we released a surprise Halloween patch. This patch contains various bugfixes and quality of life changes. Additionally, we have implemented some balance changes, including the previously announced Stronghold changes. We have also added the Fire-themed Forge. Keep yourself warm this month with this special themed For
  4. Seems impossible. You must be one hell of a skilled player to pull this off! Lets try this again without the gate switch next time shall we? #cowardbridge 😛
  5. Im a Magic the Gathering player myself, and Draft wont work for SR as well as you think it might. Lets first explore it from a sealed perspective: We had a couple of tome tournaments in the past, and sometimes the pools were ''technically playable'' but resulted in you basicly having your playable cards spread so thin you couldnt really effectively counter your opponents. For example, my tier 1 lacks a range unit, so you can just kite me out. Or you getting a flying unit and me lacking anti-air. In Magic this is way less drastic, sure you might lack a good number of 2 drops, but you
  6. Id like to hear what the pvp scene was like in EA times at the higher levels. I'm curious about his favorite pvp memory, and id like to know his favorite campaign map 🙂
  7. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • General Update It's been a while since our last content patch, and we'd like to provide a brief update on the project. Skylords Reborn relies entirely on the free time of our dedicated volunteers. While we strive to address sudden spikes in inactivity as effectively as possible, there are occasions when unexpected delays are inevitable. Our aim is to strike a balance between revealing upcoming new con
  8. Looks fun! If you ever run into a co-op map with issues, hit me up. If I have time I'll gladly join, I love these kind of challenges!
  9. I would advice against Living Towers. While Towers are generally not good in PvP (they will just attack another spot) fire has access to Fire Dancers, who just outrange the things. As mentioned, Parasite Swarm is a great tool against fire, since their counter play is forced on a few specific units. They HAVE to bring stuff with their scythe fiends to prevent you from mind controlling, or spend double eruption (which costs more than the swarm does). For extra spice, consider Mumbo Jumbo so they dont have ground control for their eruptions if they only have a single unit 😉
  10. Apologies, Lebovin is indeed correct.
  11. I have heard this once before, though I have been on streams before and around for a while, so I thought by now it was common knowledge. I always liked the name, though I mostly swapped to it because my older online name didnt work well in English pronunciation. From the Zelda wiki: ''The gender of Majora is disputed, as neither the game nor any supplementary material states it.'' 🙂 I highly encourage more people to do it! 🙂 You dont even need boosters for it, you can just check your booster history and pick the last 8 to build a deck with.
  12. Welcome! You can find our official loot list here: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Card_Upgrade_Drop_Locations Master Archers should be located on Encounters with Twilight. You can also purchase specific upgrades with gold. Go into the upgrade tab and claim upgrades.
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