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  1. Well there you go, that's all you needed to say from the beginning lol. The way I see it, Frost T1 is pretty strong overall. Whether or not it needs a swift unit has been debated since the very beginning, and honestly I am kind of against it. I've played against a lot of Frost t1's, their units are very powerful for the cost, and you basically always have to contend with ice barrier and homesoil for any engagements. You litterally lose fights if you try to S unit spam because of frost mage. As for not having a way to slow units down, what about Frostbite? Frostbite is a very powerful card when
  2. @Ragenarok Why are we having this discussion in my thread about Frost/Fire cards? T.T
  3. Frost finally has their swift t1 unit Pog. One question though, why are you posting this on my thread? I do like the idea, but I think it would deserve a thread of its own.
  4. I would recommend only opening boosters after you have a playable general pve deck, as that will make it easier to complete quests. As for pvp quests, I have found that if you leave 1 unfinished, it won't show up again. So if you don't want to pvp then just leave it and you will only get pve quests from there on.
  5. If you need any advice just be sure to ask anytime, I can also help. There's also a discord you can join if you want.
  6. Welcome! I'm always around to play some PvE, I'll play anything really though.
  7. So I see a lot of heated discussion here, but I think I'll add my own opinion anyways. At the core, Battleforge is about collecting and upgrading cards. This is something I don't think should change (because I enjoy grinding and marketing a lot), but I'll have to agree that the game as is, is not new-player friendly in the slightest. There are hints in the beginning that tell you what you can do, but there are no tips or anything like that saying what you should do (or at least what type of mindset you should have // I have seen a couple of tips and stuff in loading screens, but there is
  8. I'm sorry, I didn't notice there was a template. Kubik, who answered the other thread, didn't mention it when replying so it didn't even occur to me to check. I'll fix the post.
  9. lol all good. Since it's a known bug then there shouldn't be any problems.
  10. Name: Trade Skipping 5 second grace period. Severity: 3 Location: Trade Window Reproducibility: 4 out of the 4 times the scenario has allowed outside of testing the bug itself, I'll test it with a friend when I et the chance. Description: There's a scenario where a trade will skip giving a participant a 5 second grace period when the other hits accept trade. I'm assuming it's when both players hit accept trade at the same time. Screenshot: I'll supply one later tonight after more testing.
  11. I wanted to get a screenshot, but I forgot. I mean like /team chat or group related chats. I mean a red message will appear so I'm assuming the server, could be the game idk how it's coded I mean when I join a lobby, so I should be placed into a group no? One of my options is to "leave group" when I right-click on my name so I assume I'm in a group no? It might be me not understanding how the game works, but if it should be like this then isn't that a bit inconvenient? Thanks for your time, sorry for being vague.
  12. So IDK what causes it, but sometimes I'll try to write /group or similar specific chats the server will send me a an error message telling me I'm not in that kind of chat (when I obviously am). I get out of it either by leaving a group or resetting the client.
  13. That would be insanely hard, especially for people who didn't actually make the game, or make money off of it. Though it would be nice if they did.
  14. So I was playing some pvp, and I came across a couple of Avatar of Frosts. They get that shield and stuff, and I found it a little hard to determine how much damage was needed to get rid of it completely before it would refresh, so I could determine when the best time to go all in was. But there are no numbers on the shield (other than written in his ability set), which can be a little hard to get accustomed to when I haven't seen one in forever. I've been playing League of Legends for about 8 years, so I've grown accustomed to the way they've set up their health bars. It occure
  15. Sprites? If you mean the pictures in the cards then no, I just looked for random pictures on the internet to give a sort of idea on what they would look like. I made the actual cards on Battleforge Card Creator, and then printscreened them onto here lol, nothing to serious
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