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  1. You did so much work, it is an absolute feat. We'll be missing you and I hope all works out for you irl. So long and good luck!
  2. What's with people and my 5 year old pizza lel
  3. Wtf? A little too hard on the gas there. Also I don't even know what SSF means even after looking it up.
  4. Should also disable purchasing card upgrades with gold. Force people to only be able to unlock them from their specific campaign loot. That's sounds pretty hard-core too.
  5. Best strategy for countering Willzapper is to avoid it altogether, just skip any level with twilight
  6. I feel like this is such a non-issue, and that there are other cards that need more attention. The main mechanic behind the shrines is multi-tasking, since they don't inherently do anything by themselves. I find it very engaging (yes, I am very practiced in it), and I never thought of it as boring or grueling. Also, shouldn't the argument be that all the shrines be changed in the same way then? Healing gardens is very similar in that you almost always want it to be permanently on in rPvE, especially with Wheel of Gifts regen on.
  7. Possibly has completed all the expert maps?
  8. I don't necessarily agree unfortunately, but I don't see us ever coming to any consensus at this rate so I'll just agree to disagree if you will. Also I had not taken any offense before if you were wondering. It's all a fair discussion.
  9. But is the added versatility worth over tier 2 that costs 25 more power? Also in pve, you can already use multiple colors by switching out orbs, it just costs 100 power to do so. This card was more of a way to make a more practical way of doing it. Also, rather than saying how op it can be, costs can always be tweeked, this is just my first draft of the idea.
  10. You say op, but why would you think it would be?
  11. 2976 I swear I know how to count.
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