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  1. 2969 at least I get to post this number... nice. >.<
  2. I'd want the actual model to be a much smaller version of Amii Monument, since it's just a shrine. I was thinking more like the size of a Morklay Trap.
  3. I'm on the same page, though slow construction does make sense for such a card. It could be another idea to add 25 more power to the toggle abilities too. I don't play pvp yet so I wasn't completely sure this wouldn't be busted or no, but just building t2 is almost the same cost, so idk how far synergy in t1 can bring someone vs a t2.
  4. So I'm always trying to think of new card idea for Battleforge, and I recently started thinking about a potentially not broken version of Amii Monument. After some brainstorming, this is what I came up with: [Amii Monument, 100 Power 1, Orb of any color] [Nature/Fire/Frost/Shadow Mirage, 25 Power to Toggle On: Gain the essence of a Nature/Fire/Frost/Shadow orb. Basically, it looks like a mini Amii Monument, and the premise behind the abilities is that they unlock the color the orb represents. That means you gain a color without boosting the available tier of cards.
  5. How is this thread still alive?!
  6. Well there you go, that's all you needed to say from the beginning lol. The way I see it, Frost T1 is pretty strong overall. Whether or not it needs a swift unit has been debated since the very beginning, and honestly I am kind of against it. I've played against a lot of Frost t1's, their units are very powerful for the cost, and you basically always have to contend with ice barrier and homesoil for any engagements. You litterally lose fights if you try to S unit spam because of frost mage. As for not having a way to slow units down, what about Frostbite? Frostbite is a very powerful card when
  7. @Ragenarok Why are we having this discussion in my thread about Frost/Fire cards? T.T
  8. Frost finally has their swift t1 unit Pog. One question though, why are you posting this on my thread? I do like the idea, but I think it would deserve a thread of its own.
  9. I would recommend only opening boosters after you have a playable general pve deck, as that will make it easier to complete quests. As for pvp quests, I have found that if you leave 1 unfinished, it won't show up again. So if you don't want to pvp then just leave it and you will only get pve quests from there on.
  10. If you need any advice just be sure to ask anytime, I can also help. There's also a discord you can join if you want.
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