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  1. New card hype! Taking a hiatis right now to play other new games, but it's always exciting to see new content for the game! Also the effects of Tectonic Shift look really polished! Love it!
  2. Making an easier version of rPvE 10 makes a lot of sense! Very cool include!
  3. Holy, the amount of things that have been changed is really amazing! I think my favorite changes have been the campaign map changes, and the multiple global buff UI change, which I didn't think would even be possible. Absolutely amazing job, it was really exciting to read it all!
  4. Amazing how much progress can be made in one month. Really love that every month has a handful of cool stuff to look forward to!
  5. Full visibility for card upgrades is probably one of the best quality-of-life implementations since skylords reborns' inception. Extremely excited to see it implemented and save space on my chrome tabs! 😄 Fire Worm squad looks quite cute too 🙂
  6. Oh wow! Perfect timing on the community map stuff, as I was wanting to try making my own maps! Loving the path forward, keep up the good work!
  7. I was keeping up with that conversation, and I didn't see anyone be outwardly rude to you. Everyone just had their own point of view on your predicament. With that said, I do agree that all this could be pretty much fixed if there was a way to add an extra bullet point to defend the shard at the end, although it could also be said that it's supposed to be a sneak attack in design and story, even if it's cheap for players trying it blind for the first time.
  8. I dont think it's fair to say that the pvp balance is in shambles just because 1 card seems to be overpowered.
  9. What are some cards? I went through the balance changes and all I'm seeing is that Stone Tempest received a minimal 10 cost raise.
  10. Weren't stonekin cards always more expensive cost-wise on average? Or did I miss a change? Also I remember Bandits before the new cards were really underwhelming. I do think there will always be a disconnect between the casual playerbase and top players. I've seen it in League of Legends and Overwatch, where game balanced is determined by proplay. Anyways, I don't play pvp yet so I won't comment any further on it, but the changes to pve content have been amazing and fun. I can't thank the devs in charge of new cards and balance changes enough for the amount of fun I've
  11. Is there a way to add a placement # ranking to make it easier to see what place I'm in and how many people there are total?
  12. I was thinking about adding an extra effect like a leftover poison cloud or maybe a knockback AOE around the unit (double corpse effectiveness sounds fun too), but I think sometimes the simplest designs might just be the best in terms of understanding and using the card. My main comparison to MC was to make it cheaper, but this kind of effect really can't be too cheap.
  13. I have many cards ideas to share, but one that has been a constant in my mind is Void Maw. I really like the idea of a one-shot mechanic, but I believe Void Maw falls under the bar in terms of playability. My main issue with the card is that it comes out way too late. By the time you're at t4, you have so many more ways of dealing with units, that Void Maw becomes too much of a liability having to micro it to deal with a single unit. It's been uber-buffed and I still don't really see it be used much. Here's how I think Void Maw should be changed: Of course Void Shear's damage w
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