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  1. Well there you go, that's all you needed to say from the beginning lol. The way I see it, Frost T1 is pretty strong overall. Whether or not it needs a swift unit has been debated since the very beginning, and honestly I am kind of against it. I've played against a lot of Frost t1's, their units are very powerful for the cost, and you basically always have to contend with ice barrier and homesoil for any engagements. You litterally lose fights if you try to S unit spam because of frost mage. As for not having a way to slow units down, what about Frostbite? Frostbite is a very powerful card when used right, I know I hate it especially when I try to run away. If you play starcraft, then a great comparison is a Terran Mech slowpush, where you slowly crawl towards the opponent with squads of siege tanks, all taking turns moving forward while others wait, covering the ones moving fowards, it is a very hard to stop maneuver. Ofc they do have trouble vs building spam like Mortar and Phase Tower, since they can't move fast enough to engage with it, but that's a problem for a different day.
  2. @Ragenarok Why are we having this discussion in my thread about Frost/Fire cards? T.T
  3. Frost finally has their swift t1 unit Pog. One question though, why are you posting this on my thread? I do like the idea, but I think it would deserve a thread of its own.
  4. WatcherOfSky

    Upgrade advice

    I would recommend only opening boosters after you have a playable general pve deck, as that will make it easier to complete quests. As for pvp quests, I have found that if you leave 1 unfinished, it won't show up again. So if you don't want to pvp then just leave it and you will only get pve quests from there on.
  5. WatcherOfSky

    Im new!

    If you need any advice just be sure to ask anytime, I can also help. There's also a discord you can join if you want.
  6. WatcherOfSky

    Im new!

    Welcome! I'm always around to play some PvE, I'll play anything really though.
  7. WatcherOfSky

    Boring for beginners

    So I see a lot of heated discussion here, but I think I'll add my own opinion anyways. At the core, Battleforge is about collecting and upgrading cards. This is something I don't think should change (because I enjoy grinding and marketing a lot), but I'll have to agree that the game as is, is not new-player friendly in the slightest. There are hints in the beginning that tell you what you can do, but there are no tips or anything like that saying what you should do (or at least what type of mindset you should have // I have seen a couple of tips and stuff in loading screens, but there is so much to this game that I don't think this is enough). The biggest problem with this is how the cards themselves translate ingame. Some cards' playability are not completely obvious just from what you read on the card. You aren't able to "test" cards to see how they play, you have to invest BFP in them before that. And from what some people in this thread have discussed, this seems to be what's holding them down in terms of marketing. Yes they can see Wheel of Gifts for 2700 (as of when I am posting this), and of course that would mean that it's probably good. But how good is it? I've seen it for as low as 1600, and I would know the price right now is pretty inflated, but there are players who don't have the intuition or smarts to understand how to play with the market. I constantly give marketing advice to people who just want to buy cards that instant and don't think about the long-term benefits/detriments. They will take AH prices as final yes, but that leaves them open to being taken advantage of. And players aren't dumb, they can understand their ignorance and will give up before they even try to get into it. Also, the trait of being able to trade boosters isn't very obvious from the get go. Just opening boosters by themselves isn't very efficient at all unless you open a promo. As a beginner, you can only make so many ignorant marketing mistakes before you give up in frusteration, and I've seen it happen to my friends that I'm trying to get into the game. As for pvp, the aspect of playing pvp before having a decently upgraded deck is very intimidating for new players. Like mentioned before, good players can make a fully upgraded deck in a couple weeks easy (I know I did), but new players don't know the best ways to grind. They don't know the best cards they can add to their deck. To be fair though, the playerbase is too small right now anyways, so matchmaking doesn't really mean much currently. I supposed we could add more game modes, like no upgrades pvp, or commons only, but that's a topic for another discussion I would think. Riot made it so you get access to pretty much all the runes from the beginning, looks like someone hasn't played LoL in a while.
  8. WatcherOfSky

    Trade Bug

    I'm sorry, I didn't notice there was a template. Kubik, who answered the other thread, didn't mention it when replying so it didn't even occur to me to check. I'll fix the post.
  9. WatcherOfSky

    Trade Bug

    Name: Trade Skipping 5 second grace period. Severity: 3 Location: Trade Window Reproducibility: 4 out of the 4 times the scenario has allowed outside of testing the bug itself, I'll test it with a friend when I et the chance. Description: There's a scenario where a trade will skip giving a participant a 5 second grace period when the other hits accept trade. I'm assuming it's when both players hit accept trade at the same time. Screenshot: I'll supply one later tonight after more testing.
  10. WatcherOfSky

    Card suggestion!

    That would be insanely hard, especially for people who didn't actually make the game, or make money off of it. Though it would be nice if they did.
  11. WatcherOfSky

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    So I was playing some pvp, and I came across a couple of Avatar of Frosts. They get that shield and stuff, and I found it a little hard to determine how much damage was needed to get rid of it completely before it would refresh, so I could determine when the best time to go all in was. But there are no numbers on the shield (other than written in his ability set), which can be a little hard to get accustomed to when I haven't seen one in forever. I've been playing League of Legends for about 8 years, so I've grown accustomed to the way they've set up their health bars. It occured to me that we might be able to implement a similar system for our HP bars and shields for units and buildings in out game, so that we can determine how much is left much more accurately and quickly. I know this can be fixed with a lot of experience, but I'd think this would help the newer players more too. My suggestion would be to add a half line for every 100 points of health/shield and a full line for every 1000; just like in LoL. I definately think it could help all kinds of play if it could be implemented at all. (It could also help with damage spells to better determine when to use them) What do you guys think? Edit 1: just realized S units might need something a little different, I don't know.
  12. Sprites? If you mean the pictures in the cards then no, I just looked for random pictures on the internet to give a sort of idea on what they would look like. I made the actual cards on Battleforge Card Creator, and then printscreened them onto here lol, nothing to serious
  13. It seems that my capabilities as an card designer are still lacking for the pvp aspect, but there's always room for improvement and changes to make it fit within this game that is BattleForge. First off, I feel like it would make sense to give the Storm Raptor the ability of Crippling Bite, as well as a couple of stat buffs. It makes sense not only in the color, but it can really use the slow to be able to take advantage of it's limited attack boost. I made Storm Walker's stats so low because I didn't want it to be busted, but I guess I might have overdone it with that. I honestly didn't put much thought into the attack type, but those can also be changed and adjusted to better fit the type of decks they want to be in. Perhaps Eye of the Storm could cost less if you're wanting to actually be able to recast something. Though I was trying to go for the wording of Breeding Grounds, where it still would cost the same as it normally does, but you actually pay the reduced amount. Then there is Shrine of the Storm. I really like the idea of it, but it should probably just count your own spells As for Spellstorm itself, perhaps it can count buildings as well? I don't know how much sense that would make flavor wise, but it would definately make it more playable. If we wanted to make it more meaningful in pvp perhaps we could buff what it did, but make it so it only stacked twice, to lesson the burden of how many spells you would need to cast to make it effective. We could even make it a 1 stack thing and playing another spell would refresh the timer on it. I appreciate the feed back so far, and it seems that there is always something to improve. I'll see what I can do to add these changes, but what do you think? Do you think Spellstorm has a chance? Also I'll still give ye the 5bfp. ^^ I was hoping people would go at it the old fashioned way haha
  14. I'd have to disagree with your dislike of a little dependency on a specific strategy. I like cards that do something a little more specific, so I can snoop around for cards that could possibly synergize with it. Of course, I wouldn't take it to the degree Yu-Gi-Oh did, with all the archetypes and such, but a little less broad effects can also be very engaging. I do think some one the synergy spells have to be a little better and perhaps more versatile to be able to be good stand-ins for the usual staples though. As for the other suggestion, I do like the idea of adding units with less up-front mediocre stats with more passive effects that just enable spell-spamming/spell-empowerment. I just wanted to go over the core mechanics of what this faction would be doing. I think these "support" units could probably end up being mono colored because they don't have the faction-theme mechanic. This does end up being a lot of power that you have to invest into it all though (spell-enhancer, spell payoff and ofc the spells), so it would probably have to settle in cheap buildings (like Embalmer's Shrine) to be able to get the necessary buffs to spells.
  15. So this will be my first real post in quite a while, so I do wonder if anyone remembers me. Anyways, I always remember everyone trying to come up with ideas on how to properly mix Fire and Frost as a dual faction, but with no real resolution or agreements. I just recently realized last week that I could actually play the limited beta of BF and I have been playing religiously since then. I then remembered about the dilemna that concerned this debate for years, and decided that I might give it more thought. And give it more thought I did! I'm very confident in my idea mostly because it just sounds fun to me. There has never been a "spell slinging" strategy in this game yet compared to many other TCG games, and when I realized this, inspiration hit me like a brick. What if we made Frost and Fire a spells matter faction? So my logic begins from here, everyone who has thought of the idea of making this Fire/Frost faction has always battled with the fact that offense and defense do not combine very well in a way that doesn't make it a little more on the broken side, so I said, what does the heat and cold create? Storms and even tornados if the conditions are right. So from there, I came up with a theme. So I combined the storm idea with spells, and obviously enough, their main mechanic could be "Spellstorm". Before I go through what Spellstorm is, I also thought about the lore of this Fire/Frost faction. I deemed them the "Apostles of the Storm". They just want to see the world churn (in a storm). They attack as fast as lightning and can ride the oncoming winds to victory. This faction could easily set up for another part of the campaign where you have to save the world again again from these guys. So what is this new mechanic called Spellstorm. Well, my idea is that it activates whenever you cast a spell (be it a normal or arcane), to add buffs or create additional effects. Here's an example card I came up with (Keep in mind these are first drafts, so numbers might be a little scewed to powerful or weak): So here, Spellstorm would read in the sense, "Whenever you play a spell, Storm Raptor gains 15% damage for 10 seconds; this effect and stack up to three times". That means if you were to play a Homesoil or Eruption with this guy on the field, he would basically gain 67.5 damage not including homesoil, and if you add other spells, it will buff up to three times which makes its attack a wopping 652.5 for a couple seconds, which is pretty decent. Spellstorm needn't only apply stat buffs, it could even do other things like this guys: --> He should probably be a rare yeah? So his Spellstorm would read, "Whenever you play a spell, this unit gains an Ice Shield that absorbs up to 120 damage for 10 seconds; this effect can stack up to 3 times". I would compare him to a mini Avatar of Frost, only now you have access to cards like ravage and disenchant (ooh scary). I don't think there is much more to say about this guy. But how do we play so many spells when the more important ones have large costs and cooldowns. Well I've thought about that too, and here are some neat enablers: Refresh reads, "Reduces the cooldown of all other spells in your deck by 20 seconds. Additionally, all spells you play for the next 10 seconds require 15% less of the usual power cost". Now that's a spell enabler if I ever saw one. Here would be a great way to be able to spam more spells to get those Spellstorm procs off. Though what if you just want to play a spell for cheap? Invigorate reads, "Invigorates targeted friendly unit with a newfound strength: it gains swift speed for 20 seconds and takes 15% less damage for 10 seconds". Something cheap and simple. Can be useful as a way to let a unit get past some obstacles, or just let's you get in a very cheap Spellstorm proc. Though I don't want to think of a Construct with swift . So we've gone past some of the basic synergies for the faction, but what do the big spells do? Where's the "wow" factor? I've even thought of some cool cards for that too, so let's start of with an interesting shrine that could be: Storm the World reads, ""Activate (costs 50 power) to cause all of your spells played in the next 10 seconds to immediately refund 50% of their power cost and then they are immediately reusable ". I'll let you guys think about that one. So many possibilities. >:D Now we go on the Magnum Opus of the Apostles of the Storm, the big spell to end all other spells: So let's go through what the ability does, shall we? "Casts a massive spell storm that deals 150 damage per second to enemy units and buildings in a 30m radius, up to 600 in total, for 10 seconds. If another spell is played within this radius, the duration is extended by 5 seconds, and the damage dealt is increased by 50, up to 200 in total. This can only be extended a total of 10 times. Additionally, enemy units can only move at walk speed inside the radius". Here is what will be able to kill everything, especially when there are more players . I'm sure the spectacle will be more than worth the cost. So that's what my idea for the Fire/Frost faction would be. You can definately point out whats overwhelmingly op, but I'd like to think I made things decently fair. What do you guys think about the name "Apostles of the Storm"? What about the Spellstorm mechanic? I do eagerly await your thoughts on the faction, have a good day! Edit: Before we go on, there is still a lot of things to consider about Spellstorm. I was thinking of it being a spellspam deck, but perhaps it can be left to only 1 instance of the proc at a time, but with more powerful buffs added, then casting another spell after the first would just refresh the timer on the proc. Which sounds better? Also, should it also count buildings played? (Ice Barrier?) Edit 2: it just occurred to me that it might be possible for Spellstorm to count your opponents' spells too. How would that sound? Edit 3: I think I might need to clarify, but this thread is more to showcase what might be possible with this mechanic and cards that can synergize with it. The specific cards don't matter too much.

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