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  1. Fixes - 23 January 2023 General Changes Play PvE and play ranked PvP achievement will now grant their rewards after 20 matches. Cosmetic borders will be handed out retroactively. Include card affinity and promo tag on error while cloning and importing decks. Added tooltip when hovering on players rank icons and name. Added endless checkbox to achievements filter, to include or exclude them. Removed endless category from achievements, now endless / repeatable achievements have a explicit tag besides the name, in addition to a proper category. Ad
  2. Hello @Tyrion thanks for the bug report. Is it possible that you have any custom maps in your Documents\BattleForge\map directory? If yes, could you please try moving them to a different directory and tell us if that fixes the issue? If this does indeed fix the issue, we would appreciate if you can send us the custom maps from that folder.
  3. Hotfix - 16 January 2023 General Fixes Sunbridge: Now requires a squad or building within range (previously only squad) to advance the boss fight. Fixed default inventory filter extensions not being created by default at Documents/BattleForge/custom_filter_extensions.json. Improved performance of the cosmetics tab in the storybook. Fixed new cosmetics not showing up until a game restart. (this time it works hopefully!) Fixed incorrect avatars being displayed in the preview for cosmetics.
  4. Hotfix - 15 January 2023 General Fixes Fixed new achievements causing server-wide freezes. Fixed "It's the player, not the cards" achievement not working properly Fixed "Dragon's Hoard" achievement not counting gold income properly from all sources Fixed "Urban Planner" achievement to grant a tradeable Worldbreaker Gun (Promo) instead of untradeable one. Added extra progressive cosmetic rewards for PvP ranked leaderboard achievements. Fixed cosmetics not properly showing up in your inventory after a match (no more relogs requi
  5. Hotfix - 14 January 2023 General Fixes Allowed players to add [GM] as a prefix in mails again. Fixed incorrect banner alignments in leader boards and trade. Fixed missing portrait name for card avatars bought with BFP in cosmetics section. Added missing name of map requirement for the quests "A Lone Skywolf", "A Dynamic Duo" and "A Tough Tetrad" again. Fixed an issue with rPvE matches not granting players any rewards .
  6. its not working downloaded both still wont work


  7. Hotfix - 20 July 2022 Fixed DoT abilities dealing unintended piercing damage. This caused Mutating Frenzy's Death Wish to ignore damage reductions. Fixed newly introduced network performance issues for Windows 7 users.
  8. @itap Could you also please attach a replay? That would be highly appreciated. Additionally, is it possible that you're using ALT + TAB to minimize the game while in full screen? That is known to cause bugs like the ALT key getting stuck. Holding ALT while issuing a movement command causes units to walk in their walkspeed instead of runspeed. If this is the case, you should be able to resolve the issue by simply tapping ALT once.
  9. @4esan4o95 @RNG Golvigstein We rolled out a hotfix! Make sure to rerun your patcher and report back if it still doesn't work 🙂 Hotfix - 16 July 2022 Fixed the game not starting on Windows 7.
  10. Can you try to run the updater and check if it works?
  11. @sharlajjn We rolled out a fix. Can you confirm that it works now?
  12. Hotfix - 14 June 2022 General Fixes Fixed a server crash related to cancelling ranked queues. Fixed a crash when starting same match twice. Card Adjustments Void Maw: - Void Shear: - Now deals 8000 damage again instead of 0 damage.
  13. Hotfix - 11 June 2022 General Changes Improved the description of the Achievements "The Tools of Ultimate Destruction", "The Rainbow of Power" and only in Russian "Not Even My Final Form" to be more consistent. Added improvements for the newly added responsive deck count. Card Adjustments Ice Age (Frost): - Blessed Glacial: - Fixed broken upgrade description in Russian. Shrine of Memory: - Echoes of the Past: - Improved description to be more consistent in French. Sunken Temple: - Decreased the building's life points from 1000 to
  14. If this bug was still around, it should have been at the very latest fixed since the most recent patch. Moving to resolved.
  15. Thanks for the report. The game used to have an issue when calculating overkill damage. We recently implemented a fix for Fire Sphere and Shatter Ice. We will apply this fix in the future to other cards as well after balancing testing. I will be moving this to resolved for now.
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