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  1. Please stop complaining about "SJWs" ruining the game. We redesigned the boosters because they were inconsistent. The fact that female units got less visible on the artwork due to this change was not really something we thought about. Frost Mage, Fire Dancer, and Fallen Skyelf are actually still visible on the image, but just more in the background. @Fimion@Fundus@Toshio If you wish to continue discussing this topic, feel free to do it in your private messages with whoever is interested.
  2. Greetings Skyfolk! This update is a small content update with various bug fixes, enjoy! Check out our recent community update for more information. Feedback to these changes can be given in this topic or on Discord! Where are balance changes discussed? For now we have a Discord server dedicated for this. An invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/NvSUwpf How can I join the test server? To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installation folder. It is important you run the updater first, so you download the la
  3. Changes: - Added Audio Edtior role.
  4. For production (main server): Forge Server 7401, Game Server 7404 For staging (test server): Forge Server 7501, Game Server 7504
  5. As Majora pointed out, we do not plan to make the game squeaky clean. Instead, the idea is to remove or rework the gender based mechanics, which includes only Twilight Hag and Girl Power. Considering the direction this discussion is heading in, we decided to lock this post. There is no point in making a poll about this, since the group affected is quite underpresented in the project. For future polls, I suggest using a less misleading wording than "Does Battleforge has a Sexism problem? Should changes be made?". Please discuss any further concerns in private messages with those who are interes
  6. Today we are proud to present you some more small additions, which we had to delay for a bit! General changes - Added voice lines for Amii Paladins. - Added voice lines for Banzai Lord. - Allow players to play lower upgrade levels of cards from the card upgrade window.
  7. Thanks for sending all your reports over the Christmas holidays. We were hard at work and are proud to present you another hotfix patch! General changes - Replaced inappropriate Twilight Hag ability icon with a disco ball. - Added the word "Small" to all small crystals in the map Dwarven Riddle. General fixes - Fixed Void Maw description on Dwarven Riddle. - Fixed some typos in French quest names and descriptions. - Fixed some typos in French achievement names. - Improved French descriptions in the Free PvP decks selection window. - Fixed typo in Empire outcry. - Chan
  8. Changes: - Added a new "Community Manager" role. This position is now open. - Renamed the former "Community Manager" role to "Project Coordinator" and updated requirements. This position is currently unavailable.
  9. Hello everyone, we received a lot of bug reports and suggestions from you in regards to this patch. We were hard at work and are shipping a hotfix patch today! Below you can find the changelist. General changes - Added a gold penalty for completing advanced and expert campaign maps faster than 10 minutes. This affects disenchants and the base reward of 12 player maps, but not treasure chests. Maps completed faster than 5 minutes will only yield 25% of the previously earned gold. Maps completed between 5 and 10 minutes use a penalty term of (X - 300) / (300) * 0.75 + 0.25,
  10. This is not a bug. This is the currently intended interaction. I will be moving this to resolved.
  11. Does the bug still occur? If yes, please attach your crashdata.mdmp from the Documents/BattleForge/Diag folder.
  12. We cannot do much with this report, since we need crashdata.mdmp for crashes. I will move it to resolved. Please report if it happens again.
  13. This should have been resolved in patch #400031. Can you confirm if it is fixed @Naturee?
  14. This was resolved in patch #400031. Thanks for the report.
  15. @Kapo Has this issue been resolved, or does it still happen for you?
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