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  1. @Fundus I encourage you to make a bug report in the proper forum section rather than posting in old patch note threads: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/41-report-a-bug/ In that bug report we also need replays which demonstrate the issue, otherwise it is hard for us to investigate this. Thanks!
  2. @Kapo@shaulani Could you please try to see if you can still reproduce the crash?
  3. Hotfix - 30 October 2023 General Changes Adjusted the ordering of cosmetics. They will now be ordered by the Legacy avatars (purchasable with gold) and then achievement avatars. the cosmetic unlock description. the cosmetic name. General Fixes Fixed a regression that prevented ground units from opening gold chests while in combat. Fixed an issue in the cosmetics paging logic that caused entries to be displayed twice in some cases. Fixed replays displaying the wrong date and time in the replay selec
  4. Patch #400044 - 28 October 2023 🎃👻 Welcome to the Spoooooky Halloween Patch! 🦇🕷️ Skylords, gather 'round as the shadows lengthen and the nights grow cold! We're thrilled to present our ninth balance patch, teeming with delightful treats and perhaps a trick or two. Dive deep into the abyss to discover a mysterious new card, unveil chilling new achievements that await the brave, and embrace the night as you light up the forge with a hauntingly beautiful new theme. Happy Halloween in the Forge, Skylords! Achievement Updates [New] Happy Halloween! Rewards
  5. Hi @mx2, Thank you for your contribution and for taking the initiative to support fellow Linux players with the shell script! After discussing with the team, I wanted to let you know that we've removed the script from your post for security reasons. However, understanding the value of your work, we've ensured that the script is still accessible. It's now accessible via the updater and is also linked in the download forum post.
  6. HAllo ,

    möchte gerne das Spiel herunterladen doch das SRInstaller.exe kann nicht herunter gerladen werden, ich hab schon die Datei als SICHER im Google Drive gestellt/beantwortet. Auf PART2/2(link), auf Mega und auf das andere. 

  7. A potential fix went live in patch #400041. Please check if the issue still occurs.
  8. Patch #400041 We're happy to share a small but enjoyable update with you, featuring new content and bug fixes. In this update, we've added the time-limited "Bunny Brawler" Easter Achievement, which unlocks a unique cosmetic banner when you win on the new community map "The Easter Tree". Prepare to hop into action as a Skybunny in our egg-citing event, where you have to push an egg to return it to the Easter Tree as quickly as possible! We hope you appreciate these improvements and have fun with the new content! General Changes Introduced a new Easter Achievement, "Bunny
  9. Patch #400040 We're excited to bring you a new update that addresses some recent issues. Specifically, we've tackled some bugs related to our leaderboard achievements, which now properly use the current month's data. Any rewards you may not have received were rolled out retroactively. Additionally, we've fixed the forge lags that were causing performance issues for some players. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy this update! General Changes Added an option for players to re-roll the same quest multiple times. The minimum quest reward after re-rolls is n
  10. Fixes - 23 January 2023 General Changes Play PvE and play ranked PvP achievement will now grant their rewards after 20 matches. Cosmetic borders will be handed out retroactively. Include card affinity and promo tag on error while cloning and importing decks. Added tooltip when hovering on players rank icons and name. Added endless checkbox to achievements filter, to include or exclude them. Removed endless category from achievements, now endless / repeatable achievements have a explicit tag besides the name, in addition to a proper category. Ad
  11. Hello @Tyrion thanks for the bug report. Is it possible that you have any custom maps in your Documents\BattleForge\map directory? If yes, could you please try moving them to a different directory and tell us if that fixes the issue? If this does indeed fix the issue, we would appreciate if you can send us the custom maps from that folder.
  12. Hotfix - 16 January 2023 General Fixes Sunbridge: Now requires a squad or building within range (previously only squad) to advance the boss fight. Fixed default inventory filter extensions not being created by default at Documents/BattleForge/custom_filter_extensions.json. Improved performance of the cosmetics tab in the storybook. Fixed new cosmetics not showing up until a game restart. (this time it works hopefully!) Fixed incorrect avatars being displayed in the preview for cosmetics.
  13. Hotfix - 15 January 2023 General Fixes Fixed new achievements causing server-wide freezes. Fixed "It's the player, not the cards" achievement not working properly Fixed "Dragon's Hoard" achievement not counting gold income properly from all sources Fixed "Urban Planner" achievement to grant a tradeable Worldbreaker Gun (Promo) instead of untradeable one. Added extra progressive cosmetic rewards for PvP ranked leaderboard achievements. Fixed cosmetics not properly showing up in your inventory after a match (no more relogs requi
  14. Hotfix - 14 January 2023 General Fixes Allowed players to add [GM] as a prefix in mails again. Fixed incorrect banner alignments in leader boards and trade. Fixed missing portrait name for card avatars bought with BFP in cosmetics section. Added missing name of map requirement for the quests "A Lone Skywolf", "A Dynamic Duo" and "A Tough Tetrad" again. Fixed an issue with rPvE matches not granting players any rewards .
  15. its not working downloaded both still wont work


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