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  1. Honestly, I think the first one looks way cooler. In this version the face looks too "real", and doesn't fit with the rest of the artwork. With some more detail in the first version I could even see using that artwork if we were to add an Amii Sorceress.
  2. Please refer to this topic for the current team structure.
  3. Like I said, try playing with a VPN.
  4. Sounds like you are losing the connection to the game server. This is not an issue on our end. Try playing with a VPN, that usually helps with those kinds of disconnects.
  5. PS: People like you with frequent disconnects often can fix their issues by playing with a VPN I'l be moving this back to Tech-Support, since this is quite evidently not a common issue.
  6. Zyna

    4k and tiny UI

    The effort for adding would be too high right now, there is no way to add scaling. Please keep in mind this game is from 2009. Back then games rarely had support for such a big resolution. You can try scaling up your Windows instead. That could help.
  7. Could you please go into your BattleForge folder, click inside the top bar (so you can type) and then enter powershell. If you did it correctly, this window should open. Here you please type: Get-ChildItem -R -Path . > TechnicalSupport.txt Afterwards, you should be able to find a TechnicalSupport file in your BattleForge folder. Please attach that here.
  8. Zyna

    conection issue?

    Glad to hear it solved your issue! The next step would be to find out what exactly is blocking the connection, but that's optional.
  9. And I honestly cannot help you without a video. The logs do not help. Please find a way to send me the video. Do you still see the actions of other players, or does the timer freeze aswell? You are not describing your issue very clearly.
  10. Maybe you can record a video? It really sounds strange.
  11. Please send us your _log_proxy_latest.log and crashdata.mdmp file. Both are located in: Documents/BattleForge/Diag.
  12. Did you try these two points? If they don't help, you could reproduce the crash, and then send us the crashdata.mdmp, which is in the same location as the _log_proxy_latest.log.
  13. Please try to always express yourself as clearly as possible. The game closing vs the game minimizing are two very different issues. The issue with the game minimizing in fullscreen is usually due to other applications. I've heard this can be caused by other applications like Cisco Webex, or League of Legends, and probably even more. You should try to close all other applications and try again. If that doesn't work, can you maybe try deleting your Documents/BattleForge/config.json to reset all your graphics settings? That way the game should be windowed again.
  14. This is impossible, we are not allowed to do paid campaigns.
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