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  1. Anyone could have found those in this thread:
  2. I think you should check this out @articvenom http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Card_Artwork Though not all cards are on there. But you can still find a lot by just checking google images.
  3. Well the beta testers might not stream a lot but @ThomasMann just uploaded some videos to his YoutTube channel. So if you are interested in seeing gameplay I suggest you check that out
  4. Goodluck to everyone who enters
  5. Post 2 Chapter 3 Darkness A lot things were happening at the same time. Kaylen noticed a Stormsinger being send of to the Royal citadel to notify the regents of the attack. Commanders started shouting instructions. And suddenly a massive blizzard came out of nowhere. Surely wipped up by Jenna and her fellow Winter witches. Kaylen climbed down the watch tower as fast as he could. “Gotta find Dragnya fast” Kaylen thought to himself. The blizzard made it harder to see but it would surely be even harder to see for the fire troops. The sound of hooves made him turn around. There he saw Samon riding towards him on his horse. Samon was another childhood friend of Kaylen. He was a Lyrish knight and had grew in ranks quickly to become the commander of the western Lyrish knight defense line. “How many” he asked very loudly, the blizzard made it hard to hear. “Atleast 20 Thundertanks there might be a few more. They are surrounded by swarms of troops” Kaylen replied. “Ah damn it’s been a long time since they launched such a big attack” Samon said. “Have you seen Dragnya” Kaylen asked. “Dragnya” Samon asked. “Oh you mean your kobold partner. Yeah I saw her in the local armory helping the smith”. “Well hope to see you in the morning” Samon said as he rode away without Kaylen having the chance to thank him. It was at that moment that the first loud and very recognisable bang of a Worldbreaker gun being fired was heard. Moments later Kaylen saw a big fireball flying high over the wall into somthing solid. One of the ice shields had stopped the fireball from flying into the city. Kaylen ran towards the armory almost running into other people and horses multiple times. Master archer commanders were ordering their man to fire. Kobold engineers were running to mount the cannons. There Kaylen saw her. Dragnya was just waiting outside the armory already fully geared up. Kaylen greeted her and Dragnya looked relieved and replied wit a grunt. Kaylen climbed her back and stood on her shoulder. “Go to the gate we have to get those Ironclads on” Kaylen said in her ear. A second later Dragyna started running. It had become pretty dark by now which made it even harder to see. Kaylen didn’t now exactly were he was. It wasn’t untill they started seeing the lanterns of the gate that Kaylen saw what was going around him. More fireballs were flying against the magic ice shield. “That isn’t going to hold much longer” Kaylen said to no one particulary. He barely said it before a fireball broke trough and hit a house some 100 meters further. “Ah damn that isn’t good at all” Kaylen said scarec. At last they reached the gate. Kaylen jumped on the back of the first Ironclad. He climbed inside and started powering up the core of the Ironclad. It wasn’t that hard at all he just had to pull some cranks and the magical core started emitting energy. Cogs started turning and the Ironclad came back to life. Kaylen barely dodged some moving metallic parts. The Ironclad was fully active just as Kaylen climbed out of it’s neck. Here he could in the darkness and in the blizzard still get a good view of what was happening below. It looked like a couple of Thundertanks had already broken down and he could see atleast 4 with big damages. Kaylen could see the outline of something big in the distance but couldn’t quite see what it was. He quickly ran to the other Ironclad and after a minute or two the second Ironclad was also fully active. The first Ironclad had already noticed what was going on and had started firing. It seemed like the wall had also suffered severe damage 2 of the 10 Worldbreaker guns weren’t firing anymore. And several big chunks of the wall had been blown out. Kaylen jumped back down on Dragnya’s shoulder and they started making their way to one of the two worldbreaker guns
  6. @Defqon oh well do what you think is best
  7. @ThomasMann a deck with only maulers. Just cause you can't even summon them. I mean it would be very hard to win right? Jokes aside I never really saw a lot of frost in pvp so maybe that might be hard. Not that I am a proper pvp player. Maybe @Eirias can tell.
  8. Personally I think it would be beter if all RP stories happen around the same time. Ofcourse you can write what you want in the RP as long as nothing is too overpowerd so you could maybe write something about your character losing his powers and trying to get them back I guess. Not sure what to say about those creators though. You could however lead a stonekin army (which could be those failures you talk about) to conquer Nyn or something like that but your character has to be able to die or else it could be unfair for everyone else.
  9. Just uploaded my first chapter for the RP. Tell me what you think and give me ideas for the story. :P 

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      @ThomasMann sure next time I'll let one die to show it's weakness :kappa:

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      i love how thomas down rep your comment x)

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      Someone is just butthurt :kappa:

      And can't handle a joke.

  10. Post 1 Chapter 1: The beginning The sounds of the birds came to a rest as the sun started disappearing behind a mountain range. The shadows grew larger as the day came to an end. The weather had been very clear that day. Normally Lyrish people would have found this the perfect day to go out and have fun with friends and family or to bask in the last sunlight of the day. But this wasn’t the case these days. Hurried footsteps, the sounds of hammers hitting metal and lots of other different sounds could be heard troughout the giant city. Lyr was at war. The brave queen Tyria had been brutally killed by what could be nobody else than the fire tribes. The fire tribes however were furious about these accusations and started an all out war against the frost kingdom. They sent wave after wave of troops to the frost kingdom and had gotten al the way to Lyr. Months had passed since the siege of Lyr began but Lyr had withstood all attacks so far. The south of Lyr was were the real fighting was happening since the lands were very plain. The biggest and strongest fire elementals and their leaders had been sent there. Thousands of creatures were fighting the brave defenders of the walls. The west and east gate were a little more difficult to get to since a mountain range made it harder to climb up. The northeren gate was left untouched so far. This was perfect as food, water and other resources could be brought into Lyr from the villages up north. Rumours were spread around that some shadowy figures were recruiting frost warriors to join the shadow army who were at war with the nature creatures. It was said they were very violent but Lyr was to busy with their own war to aid the north right now. This however did slow down the resource flow into Lyr since extra guards had to be used to aid the carts journey to Lyr. Kobold Engineers worked day and night and put the resources to good use building majestic structures and helpfull fighters such as Ironclads and Constructs. Ironclads had been improved since the Twilight war and had stronger guns, extra armor and more magic resistance. It was however very time consuming to build Ironclads so not many had been build since the war started and the ones made had sufferd heavy damage from the enemy. The Battleship docks did a bit better. Located in the middle walls of Lyr founded by the Hero king Rogan Kayle himself they had build numerous battleships that withstood most enemy attacks. The war was taking its toll on everyone hate grew as the war went on. Chapter 2: The ashes Kaylen Storm named after the great hero Rogan Kayle looked around the mountains for any sign of a possible attack. He had been sent to guard duty even though he is part of a kobold engineer duo. It had been 12 days since the last attack on the west wall of Lyr and since every structure around was in perfect shape there wasn’t much left for him to do around here. As he saw nothing that could point to a possible attack he sat back down on his chair and looked over the west part of Lyr. Beautifull as ever it seemed as no war was going on in the direction of the centre of the city. This changed however when he looked down at the area around the gate. 10 Worldbreaker guns stood towering over houses their giant barrels shining in the sunlight pointing in the direction of the mountains. Kaylen had always loved working on worldbreaker guns they made him feel powerfull. Looking at the gate itself he saw two old rusty Ironclads who dated all the way back to the Twilight wars. Kaylen had been working on repairing them in his spare time not that he had a lot of it these days. He had only been able to get the guns working so far. This way they would still be usefull in a fight. There were squads of master archers marching around. The sound of hooves of the Lyrish knight could be heard as they trained. “Typical sounds around a military camp in Lyr” Kaylen tought. He wonderd what his kobold partner Dragnya was doing at this time. “Probably something more interesting than this” Kaylen sighed to himself. “Oh well it is almost time for the change of guards anway. After the sun has fully gone down that mountain I’ll be done. So I guess I’ll just have to hold out about 15 to 20 minutes more” Kaylen thought to himself. “Ahoy up there “ a familiar voice yelled at him happy. Looking down Kaylen saw Jenna a childhood friend who was a Winter Witch. Her main job was putting magic protection on structures and creating blizzards in attacks. “Heya down there” Kaylen yelled back. “Wanna go for a drink later” she asked. “Sure” Kaylen replied. But before he could finish the word he saw something black falling down. It was some sort of a black snow. More started falling as Kaylen quickly sprung up and looked around the mountains. The earth started shaking softly and the noice of engines grew louder. “What is it, what do you see?” Jenna asked with a tone of alarm in her voice”. “Fire tribe attack” he replied quietly. Next he yelled it on the top of his lungs. It was like he had gone deaf it wasn’t for the growing sound of engines. Everyone seemed to have frozen. The next second everyone started running and yelling. There Kaylen saw it, atleast 20 Thunder tanks were rolling it’s way up the passage to the gate surrounded by hundereds of smaller fire troops in a cloud of smoke and ashes.
  11. This seemed like a fun idea to me. 1. Full Name: Kaylen Storm 2. Age: 34 3. Card&Faction: Kobold Engineer, Frost 4. Appearance and Gender: Kaylen is the human of an kobold engineer duo. He looks plain but very muscular. His female kobold partner is called Dragnya she is very strong but not very smart as she can only talk in grunts. A special battle armor has been build for Dragnya which is made out of iron armor imbedded with frost magic. It has a small cannon on its shoulders which shoots out ice projectiles. 5. Kaylen supports the true King or Queen of Lyr. The Fire faction is their sworn enemy after the brave and just queen of the Frost faction Tyria got killed. 6. Abilities: 1. Architect: As they are a Kobold Engineer duo they are trained to repair any structure. Ofcourse how bigger the structure is the more time it takes. The materials needed to build the structure or power from a powerwell is also required. This repair includes structures like Battleships, Constructs and Ironclads. 2. Creation: If the materials or power is available Kaylen can create structures. Yet again how bigger the structure how longer it takes (so he can’t just suddenly build a worldbreaker gun for example). This creation does not include Battleships, Constructs and Ironclads (He is able to create them but it would take weeks to create one of them so he never does it by himself, a team of kobold engineers in Lyr builds them). 3. Snowstorm: Dragnya’s battle armor has the ability to wip up a snowstorm which makes is harder for enemies who aren’t from the frost faction to move and see. This ability can only be used once a day since the magic needs to regenerate and will only last 5 minutes at maximum storm and up to 20 minutes if the storm is weak. This weak variant will only be used to get away from strong foes. (The cannon on the battle armor has the power of a normal cannon so I don’t think that counts as an ability.) 7. Strengths: Kaylen is known as a great courageous builder whose loyalty will never be doubted. He also is a proper fighter who with Dragnya will fight until their death should they have to. Being from the frost faction he can handle the cold easily altough he could still be frozen by spells and abilities. 8. Weaknesses: As he is just a human he can be easily killed trough physical and magical attackes. 9. Personality: Kaylen has always been called brave but reckless by family and friends. It was his intelligence that got him into the Kobold Engineer army and he is always curious about everything. He hates the fire faction for killing their queen even though it hasn’t been proven they actually did it. 10. History: Kaylen was born and has lived all of his life in the great city of Lyr. Kaylen grew up with the stories about Skylords and heroes like Rogan Kayle who foughth off giants, Twilight and Lost Souls. He was always liked by everyone and loved his city above all else. When Kaylen was old enough he joined the engineering school. At 22 he was assigned to his Kobold partner Dragnya. At first their work relation wasn’t stable they couldn’t get along properly and Kaylen’s pride made him think he was worth more than Dragnya. It wasn’t until Dragnayz saved his live from a falling barrel of a Worldbreaker gun which would have crushed him if Dragnya wouldn’t have punched it away that Kaylen finally set his ego aside and finally accepted her as his partner. After that accident they worked together just fine trusting each other with their lives. After Kaylen graduated he and Dragnya joined the army section for the kobold enigneer were they learned to fight and a special battle armor was made for Dragnya. Ever since they have been serving the frost army. Kaylen’s childhoodfriends Jenna and Samon also joined the army. Samon joined the Lyrish knights and grew ranks quickly. Jenna followed her family tradition and became a winter witch. Ever since their queen was killed they have been defending the west gate of Lyr from the ongoing attacks from the fire faction who were furious at the what they say are false accusations. Kaylens rage burning almost just as strong as the enemy’s elemental troops.
  12. Looks more like the archer from Clash of Clans. But I really like the hair. The face could maybe use some improvement I guess.
  13. Oh well
  14. The steam game Jotun is free today so get it while you can :)

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      sounds like something a desperate person would say

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      I was too late :/

      Congratulations to those who got it, but let's be honest - it's not like you will play it any time soon, yet...


    4. Eddio


      I played it for about 30 minutes :P

  15. Anything from Two Steps From Hell is amazing