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  1. Eddio

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    Uhh probably Ashbone Pyro and Lost Horror
  2. Eddio

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  3. Happy birthday :D 

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    2. ThomasMann
    3. Defqon


      @ThomasMann you wouldn't want a downvote would you? :kappa: 

    4. ThomasMann


      @Defqon you saw what he did 

  4. Eddio

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Take all the time you need. You are doing an amazing job. Let's all keep up the
  5. I completely forgot to congratulate you @Ultrakool. So here goes: Congratulations on becoming a moderator it was well deserved.
  6. Eddio

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    Lost Horror for everything
  7. Eddio

    Hello I just wanted to post something here

    Cause he hates me
  8. Eddio

    Hello I just wanted to post something here

    Bruh you have been on discord for months you French troll
  9. Eddio

    Old Accounts

    This is directly quoted from the faq: Will I be able to use my old account?No. As we are not EA we do not have access to your old accounts and most likely never will, so you will have to create a new one and start from scratch. We know this is annoying but there is no way for us to retrieve account information. At least you can play the game again though!
  10. Well I think this an easy choice for me. Obviously Lost Souls.
  11. Eddio

    New Artist Name

  12. Eddio

    Lost Grigori

    Looks really nice. I wouldn't mind seeing a lost horror as a next drawing to stick with the lost souls faction.

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