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  1. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Pretty good 7/10
  2. My Bad

    You mean this @sylvix95?
  3. Happy birthday @Ultrakool !!  :D

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Ultrakool


      Thank you all for those fine birthday wishes :D 

    3. sylvix95


      well that's about time. :kappa:

    4. ThomasMann


      Only 5 days late... :kappa: I'm not mad, just disappointed 

  4. Its the final Countdown

    Only 2017 hours left, fits perfectly
  5. To my favourite pal, the one and only thomas!

    Hahaha I saw it aswell You forgot to add something @DawsonTheFish:
  6. Blue pill? Red pill?

    Well both consist of a mix of blue and red
  7. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I didn't do this.... I wrote that cause I don't think this is the right way of improving... @YT Tobbezockt I don't want to have a discussion I am on this forum for fun and I assume you are aswell. Thus I removed my downvote. And if you want to have a tip I'll give you one now. Don't reply to every single argument here. If someone gives an opinion/critisicm or a tip just see what you do with it and don't automatically start defending yourself there is no need to reply to everything and it can annoy people (since you sometimes sound a little angry even if you didn't mean it that way). So simply don't reply and nothing can go wrong. Edit: Ah just saw someone else wrote this tip aswell. Well anyway I agree on that And let's just quit this now.
  8. Faction Discussion

    Any frost deck or frost in comination with anything else would make me happy @ThomasMann you sure like your Maulers
  9. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I gave 1 downvote? You gave me more downvotes.... This way you aren't gonna fix the issues you want to fix you will only make more. And no you didn't say reputation but you did say position in the community.
  10. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    So you want to get a better position in the community but you don't want a better reputation on the forum?
  11. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Step 1 to getting a better forum reputation: Do not make a topic like this.
  12. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Pretty much what LagOps said.