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  1. 176-231 = ? 

    1. Eddio
    2. Fyrios


      -55 * (-1) = how much content you posted since making your wallpaper :thinking:

    3. Eddio
  2. Eddio

    What animal do you prefer

    Well I know that if I don't answer with crabs you will get mad so yeah I answered crabs.
  3. Eddio

    Shop issues?

    Check the Discord server dev announcements.
  4. NAME: Testing units not spawning SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: The following forge testing units will not spawn when you place a unit of your own in the respective spawning areas: -Thugs -Spearman -Lost Wanderer -Lost Priest -Lost Manabeast -Lost Vigil -Lost Dragon SCREENSHOT: Trying to summon Spearman units when Grimvine is in the spawning area. Bugz.mp4 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Any unit can be used to reproduce bug.
  5. Eddio

    German Players / German

    There isn't one because the forum is all English:
  6. Eddio

    why can i only sell one thing

    If you try to sell one of the cards from the starter deck you won't be able to sell the last copy you have of them. That might be your problem.
  7. Eddio

    Buying and Selling BFP

    I suggest you read the latest announcement in the Discord server.
  8. I always thought that Avatar of Frost is a pretty iconic card so in my opinion it deserves a promo. Avatar of Frost: Retexture: I think it would look nice if the stoney part was made a little darker just like Construct promo. And the ice parts made shiny. Or make a glowy stone part on it just like promo grinder already has. Replace: Maybe replace its axe by a sword. Add: Constant snowing surrounding the unit.
  9. Eddio

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Sometimes yeah, but I will get more active in the next phases of the project
  10. Eddio

    help me with school plz

    @GeorgeHudock you know he asked that over 2 years ago right?
  11. Eddio

    The legendary forum game "count"

    one two two eights one two
  12. Eddio

    publishment and a question :)

    Your answers can be found in these 2 topics: I suggest you read these before asking. But for a quick answer: 1. This is not known yet. 2. There will be one or even multiple resets.
  13. Eddio

    French Discord or French chanel

    They won't do that: "These forums are made for a global community. We assume English (UK/US) to be our global language and thereby it is required that every user posts their content within the English language." As can be read in the rules:
  14. Eddio

    About account registration

    Use your forum email and password to login. Read this before you ask questions:

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