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  1. But the feature should be the following: After the debuff from lost dancer the troops will lost the buff, after the debuff is deactivated the wheel of gift buff should be activated again. you are not able to repeat the wheel buff.
  2. Today I saw the same at different units, that´s true. But is this a bug or just a feature or the lost souls?
  3. Is there a possibility to launch a web service, website or details in the game which pve campaign was successful completed? Just an overview about the missions name and the difficulty of the completed missions. I know there is an overview of the numbers of completed missions in with different difficulty level. Like "advanced maps solved 20/26"
  4. Sometimes while playing a random PVE scenario Grimvine´s buff by the "Wheel of Gifts" will be removed and will not be refreshed. In some matches the enemys can use a debuff and the "Wheel of Gifts" buff will not be refreshed at Gimvine too.
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