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  1. Some of the players want too much but they don't understand how we are given this time spent in endless restarts!
  2. The Russian team will fight for the first places after a while
  3. Хахаха то есть Вы не прибегали к помощи разработчиков из ahahaha Hahaha that is you did not resort to the help of the developers of ahahaha My friend when you were sitting you were sitting at 6: 20 we were already playing a new tactic and we did not work because it was not ready !!!!! And if you're AFRAID to change the replays then you're afraid that your whole team will fall into the mud face and no one will be close to you to compete because your narrow circle of thinking is not able to come up with something new !!!!!!! and to Kubik ran the first you and I have there is message
  4. Сейчас я выступаю от имени своей команды, а именно: Асгард57 , дукарев , ака , Алекс-серг, Антоксаа . И это будет о наших догадках моя команда сделала оружие lyr для 5.1. секунды, после которых другая команда делает то же самое, и эта команда немецких игроков !!!! После этого мы начали сомневаться в их игре и что мои сомнения и сомнения в моей команде исчезли, я хочу предложить обмен повторами!!! И если они скопировали игру так, как мы, то у меня нет выбора, кроме как винить тот факт, что у них был наш повтор, и они смотрели его !!!! Не без помощи немецких разработчиков !Хорошо, если они повто
  5. Now I speak on behalf of my team namely Asgard57, ducarev , aka , Alex-serg , AntoXaa . And it will be about our guesses my team made guns of lyr for 5.1. seconds after which the other team does the same thing and this team of German players !!!! After that, we began to have doubts about their game and That my doubts and doubt my team vanished, I want to offer an exchange of replays !!! And if they have copied the game as we have then I have no choice but to blame the fact that they had our replay and they watched it !!!! Not without the help of German developers !!! Well, if they replay a wil
  6. 2 Player map, Asgard + ducarev 19:40
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