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  1. Had this problem too in the past. Feel you and agree that a few more likes per day would be cool! As you say, why even a limit. But as life happenes in Discord and Forum is half dead anyway, probably not a big thing
  2. Was not sure, that's why I put it as question. But that is mainly my assumption, yes. But as I'm only concerned in card text, names and voice over - I'm 100% satisfied and leave this to you lore guys ^^
  3. Where is the german translation awful? Always played in English, but from what I've heard and seen from the German version (is it even translated?) it is absolutely outstanding!? 🤔
  4. Thanks for pointing out 😄 Was also confused and are glad now w-lan (or whatever) eat my post
  5. The difficulty of your dailies was tied to rank in the past, guess that didn't change
  6. Nah it never did that. You'll have to wait until months end
  7. May I assume it is your first rank 1, made during the month? Achievement will trigger at the END of the month, as the text says.
  8. In the upcoming patch (no exact date yet)
  9. Did you try Bloodhealing before? You can use it on Undead Army, a Revenant, an anyway dying unit, or whatever - it is one of the strongest heal spells of the game. Winter Witch also can offer great sustain, if you can manage the micro.. LSS green was also slightly buffed, as it can vacuum up revenants, but going that way can be a challenging way to play. Very important if you want to play pure LS, is that you bring crowd controls like Frenetic or(!) Freezes. Pure LS decks should be absolutely viable for any content around. But it can be a challenging deck to play with a TON of micro management options.
  10. A replay file saves the whole deck, wether cards are played, or not. So yes, he is able to see the played deck with a few klicks only
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