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  1. Or press the "save replay" button manually in the post-game statistics (only for completeness)
  2. Volin

    Gold and XP

    Hmm, guess you mix speedrunning with that BH-farming-shit Sorry if I repeat this over and over again. But I don't like getting people mixed who are out for the BEST time with people who are there for the best effort/reward ratio. And real speedrunning does not lead to much Gold/XP, as your stats may look like: One missclick, bad luck, whatever -> Restart btw only reffering to the last post, did not read the thread opener
  3. No, and the most never were viable for bg10 ever. Usually you want to bring own heals in BG10, a wide flexible t1, a t2 that is able to handle stonekin t3 camps, and a meta approach t4. Of course, even more the easier random maps, can be done with meme-, fun-, pure-, and faction decks, but that is more a thing for experienced players.
  4. Finally and gladly found it, did not check in browser before! Will edit the title to resolved
  5. Mein Freund, dass Du aus dem deutschsprachigen Teil der Schweiz kommst, kann man an jedem einzelnen englischen Satz ablesen. Bevor du sprachlich vor anderer Leuten Türen kehrst, kümmer dich doch erstmal um deine sprachlichen Baustellen. DU Vogel bist im Übrigen der Grund warum ich dringend nach einer Ignore Funktion hier frage... so viel Worte, so viel Meinung... so wenig Wissen - kann ich gerade nicht ertragen! (JA, ich bin krank und leide an einer schweren Depression mit einer sehr akuten Phase) Gerne passe ich - auf hinweis eines MUTTERSPRACHLERS - meinen Post an, wenn er missverständl
  6. this two quotes make me think that you got a point with this @Cocofang And to explain it with all brevity to you @Asraiel Your first quote shows - this is no offend, really - that you are not deep enough in the topic to discuss - going beyond opinion - balancing. Making Enlightenment 40 Energy more expensive - 4 due to voidback - would only hurt casual players, but not affect the meta at all. (Unit and building abilitys return 100%) I think here is all said for me
  7. Both Enlightenment and Amii Mon couldn't be more far from the pvp meta - ergo they can't be OP there at all. On the other hand, both cards dominate the complete PvE, with a few isolated exceptions. And this on all levels: BG speedruns are currently unthinkable without enlightenment, you can usually even tell the break even to "normal" strategies from the rankings. Solo, the Amii Mon is then added as a more or less set. Does this only affect the speedrunners?Not at all, I regularly see casuals in random BGs using both cards, be it for orbswitches, for supposedly "early" T4s, to cast other
  8. Long story short: Please No Amii & Enlightenment are already too OP
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