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  1. Oh no not again please... I'll say gently that this is probably the only true thing about the above post. But I haven't played much against fire since patch, and so far only in my static premade group, so can't judge it conclusively yet. Perhaps fire has indeed been trimmed too much, but to deny alone that fire rpve was out of balance is already absurd. Sorry, but I wonder - on the one hand fire is way to easy, so you must be one of the best rpve players ever around. On the other hand you play on the inner position and are slower than new and clueless player tha
  2. If possible, yeah pleeeeeease!
  3. Makes sense! Never thought of this in this scenario
  4. Yeah that was mainly my point. Additionally as I was told by some players that it should count for achievements, so I was unsure if it was maybe a bug with the newer ones. If you feel that being kicked out of the match is too harsh and that playing it to the end just for fun is the way to go, who am I to speak against it.
  5. Thats why I always say that I'm not good in testing things - you are right ofc, checked this to hasty
  6. Possible, I have no clue tho Live Weawing and Revenge are probably something different, as they say "transfer" and not "reflect"? If not, those two don't have true dmg
  7. Hey, don't want to spam threads today, but I have another issue for discussion: Is it intended from balancing view that Twilight Evil Eyes reflection is true dmg (pierces shields, hope I got the correct term here) - I think that is harsh! I've seen many veteran players stumbling over his reflect alone as it can deal insane damage, but today for the first time I recognized that his reflect pierces shields as I played a pure Frost game with a friend. Just wanted to open a discussion on that. Perhaps many even don't know this as I could imagine. And if we would have a consen
  8. Hey, perhaps I'm wrong, but wasn't it the deal that even if you get inactive the match still counts for achievements. I mean if it does not count for that (as far as I know it does not count for quests either), as you get now reward, does it even make sense that the game warns you? Then the game could just kick me out as staying in the match does not make any sense, or do I miss something. Put it on purpose not in the bug section as I might oversee something or I might not be well informed enough PS: Don't ask me what I did 2,5h there - I just had a "meeting"
  9. Yes, looks fine again Thank you very much!
  10. Aaaaw seening Wheels not any higher then C makes an old man happy
  11. Hope this was well planned and tested - this fears me a bit atm Else: AWESOME! Can't await the patch! Nice job once again team!
  12. First of all: Thanks that you gave it a review under the mentioned points. Rageflame is a card that gives me much nostalgia . Back in the days I wanted to have this card so badly cause it looked cool to me, and the options with Rageflame and Stone Warrior B looked so great in theory. I can't recall the price but it was high and I remember that when I got it, I was very disappointed. Sadly the Stonekin freeze deck only works really good on the paper. In rpve at least it can take out easier 9 maps, but the options are still very limited. You are glad to roll a bandit map On top t
  13. @LansFor the 6 map: Don't go for T3 until you cleared the camp next to it yup
  14. This leaves me a bit confused. From my feeling the latest buff had no impact at all. I don't think I have seen a single Rageflame at all in the last months in a game. I see you want to make him a sole supporter, but who would rely on a unit to freeze that does not hit air units at all and gives the same CC time as most spells. Coldsnap does this better as it is almost instant and hits flyers. Frost Shard does this better as it is instant and hits flyers. Maelstorm does this better as it covers the whole camp, does more dmg then a half dozen Rageflames and hits flyers.
  15. 50 energy for a (de)buff on a single unit is just poor and not useful at all
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