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  1. For a cheap beginning this may also be a nice reference - I liked it: Only beware of the "cheap Fire" that is linked, guess that one isn't such a good idea
  2. The 18mins and 39mins are not the remaining, but the played time
  3. Of course I can't speak for Hiko here, but I am quite sure that you are allowed to do that. But why would you want to take that handicap?
  4. Hey all, I'm already in a team with one of my usual mates to compete for the top ranks hopefully, but I feel I would have the time and energy to participate in another team. I would rather look for a newcomer or experienced player that is usually not among the top10 then to make another top team with well know speedrunners. I would not want to share the tactic I use in my other team, nor I want to give out a whole new strategy, but of course I would like to give advice and share my knowledge if wanted so. For myself I had a few ideas for some strats that could be fun and would l
  5. Edited to match the 18.12.21 patch and my gained experience on this deck Changelog: - Added Windhunter as being superior to Gladiatrix now - Added new purple Amok, as it can be nice in this deck - deleted Skyfire Drake as flying option (think a M-Counter is not needed as both possible T1 bring one already) - comment on Minefield which I do not recommend - Undead Army added as a 100 matches later I learned this is a great spell to compliment this deck - changed the BG9 standard recommendation to match my experience on this deck - deleted broken Replays
  6. Wanted to like but used my reactions already. Couldn't say it any better
  7. I think that Shrine of War has 30 secs duration, 15 less then Martyrs
  8. If women find this inappropriate, they are affected in a different way than we are. Relax and sit back if you are not affected (as it seems). I really don't get your heavy shitstorm. Why does it hurt you so much to be considerate of others feelings?
  9. Relaxing can help I personally didn't care for it so far (but what can I as a guy say on this), but if people feel offended - why not change
  10. Hey, sadly this is not completly true. I thought first the same. But don't forget, this is a price based on listings. There are still a lot cards that are not often traded which are listed unrealistic high. So the value that SMJ is always a bit (we don't know how much) higher then the real value of a booster. If you want, I can look for some extreme samples, have seen many the last days. But I guess you get the point.
  11. Hey Windhunter, thanks for your opinion here. Yes that was now only a cautious impulse to the discussion, of course I have the points mentioned in mind. Personally I think that the main factor could be the hillarious stacks of cards some of us had before the birthday patch in combination with the quite high possibilities for upgrading them before the first adjustments came. Could be this was just too much of supply for some medium-top rares for a short term. I believe that! And just to emphasize that, even if I would be right with my inventory - I would not be even sure where t
  12. Boosters have never been less worthy of opening, or is it just me? I mean, I'm not going to stop there, but I don't like the current impact of the Reforge system on the economy. When even a booster with 2 good rares doesn't bring in the booster anymore it does hurt
  13. Five. Its max 3 from the camp and max 2 from the wave I would agree with Fimion in most points. Especially the T2 clear is not that hard if you train it a bit and can be done with any color with a 3 card standard setup if you know your enemies. There is only two things that I personally think where LS is too strong. 1. Their shields never expire what I think is quite unfair 2. The disenchant from the dancers take away shields, some heals and other tools that are quite important for sustain like Unity what makes the mid and late game for some decks a bit unfair. Usuall
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