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  1. Hey Toggy, do I assume right, that the most creative tactic is among those 3?
  2. Asking myself too Current best time on the main server is even around 9:20 - I can't even imagine how thats possible
  3. This contest is great! I had to realize again that I am ok'ish in copying strategys, but not in inventing them On the one hard kinda hard to see, that I am not able to beat this map in average time x2 - but also this shows me how much I can learn still about this game. Couldn't agree any more Edit: Seeing the times I would not be surprised, if the ~10 mins runs are hot candidates for the most creative strategy too
  4. Ihhhek how old fashioned Jokes aside, but that is in my eyes the way it should be.
  5. Why.... I don't get the sense (I can see in most games today) of giving ingame rewards for (fake) suscribing on other plattforms. I know its a modern thing - but still don't get it. Kinda frustrating, if you want to keep your progression in a good pace, if you have to watch around on platforms you would not care for otherwise (for me Twich). And if I for example suscribe someone like Nachtwolf on his Twitch account, only for getting a free card (yes, I must admit I would be so greedy) neither he nor me will be helped. He has a suscriber, that never looks his channel and I have t
  6. Though I do not agree in all points the bad scaling is a (well known and often discussed) point.
  7. Volin


    Enlightenment and Bata shouldnt be played with Twilight -> no shadow buffs
  8. Because there hasn't been any feedback yet, I just want to renew the offer again: Anyone need help with starting at BG10 - send me a msg (Forums/Discord/ingame) Alot good info is hiding in this thread to get started.
  9. This would be the almost perfect solution indeed. Did you speak with the devs about this? Even better would be to get data from the game itself about actual trades in AH - because this does not reflect either supply or demand side, but the price itself. Btw - what does the graph show? Lowest buyout I'd guess?
  10. I very much like the idea behind this. More tranparency usually leeds to better prices. But I am a bit concerned about the "enter price" button. How does it work and how can you prevent prices from beeing manipulated there? (In either way) How does it work if different people rate the same card on the same day differently. What does happen, if one persons "spams" a price on your tracker? Sorry for so many questions about manipulation, but sadly I see too many greedy people out there.
  11. Can make the same offer as Buddelmuddel, hope it is ok for you that I conquer your Thread. If you need help starting Bg10 you can msg me here, ingame (weekdays european afternoon-evening, weekend prolly all day long) or via discord (Volin#8101, you'll find me on the SR DC) You should bring: A deck lvl 80+ and an open mind to work on this, for the first steps meta approaches like mentioned above are a good starting point A relaxed attitude and will to comunicate either on english (or german) At least 1-2 hours time A solid Bg9 experience Looking forward
  12. Five years sounds realistic, perhaps even a bit more I would think. But that sounds like a good aim for me. This would be the time horizon with which one could and should plan for the probably largest achievement around, in my opionion. And if the devs would take up Mephisto's idea, this would indeed be the greatest achievement to be achieved I personally would love the idea. Btw, I had some thoughts on the general system for the speedrun titles. But I always come back to the system as it used to be, i.e. there are points for the highest places at the end of the month and the ranks ar
  13. I suggest to either report ingame (right click on the name) or leave the trade chat for a while.("/leave trade" "/join trade" does work with most chats btw). Though I want to agree this is obiously spam, I think pointing at others withyour finger isn't quite gentlemen style.
  14. Some of this old vid helped me to get into BF again. Perhaps this gives you ideas about a budget solution:
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