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  1. Hello Skyfolks, Not only does this masterpiece deserve another push, but I have a question regarding "Ascension". Do you ( @Dallarian) possibly also have a deeper insight into how the 3 maps influence each other and what triggers what there? Did I understand correctly that the progress on map 3 is the decisive step towards the boss fight? Map 1 actually has "only" the task (together with Jorne) to survive? But what triggers the different phases on Map 2, is it the Avenger Counter on Map 2 or the progress on Map 3? Do you understand what I mean? Is there any other connect
  2. Isn't that intended? At least I think they always do
  3. Imagine how much we would have needed to pay in old BF to get a booster plus some bfp EACH day. Collecting and upgrading a full collection, plus charging all core cards took me around 6 months in Beta. W/o any card flipping or doing other traders stuff. I assume we will see the first complete collections that are fully charged in less then a year. Imo seen on the long term we get too much loot now. Prolly this makes not everybody glad, but my humble opinion. Edit: Regarding to the first sentence, does someone remember by chance that prices back in EA times? IIRC the cheapest Boos
  4. Did you even search one minute for this?
  5. For less ping and more chat. For me that ping should even have a cooldown
  6. Volin

    German Chat

    Love the idea really, but sadly brings me to the opening post. As many pointed out perfectly here, too many of us germans live a bit too much in our german bubble.
  7. Hey Sypsnius, I use for level 10 BG that mentioned Batariel Deck, ofc there are many other aproches possible, but this deck is strong and I don't like to come with a knife to a gunfight. Other good aproaches are for example Bloodhorn (either aff), LSS (either aff), Abomination and some other. Green and Red starts are considered as the prolly easiest, red is often seen as they can work together great. For t2 it is heavily recommended to have one player taken Phoenix on each side. In the deck I post I switch for phoenix if needed so, the Shrine of War is optional but one in the group s
  8. I don't like giving out certain combinations over others, because as said there are many ways to rome - but that does not help you, so I try to give some ideas. Though I aimed for an early meta deck I liked to do my campain maps with straight classical and colorfull mixed decks, there I often even played all 4 colors together as the starter pack and my collection had some nice stuff from each color to fit in here. If you like nature, there is nothing wrong about focusing heavy on that, but think what you get if you take 3 or even 4 nature orbs (we are speaking about 3-4 cards with th
  9. Hey all, hope I checked everything this time NAME: Twilight Warfare invisible on low graphics DESCRIPTION: on middle and high it gets properly displayed, on low graphics you can barely see it REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Correct vs. low graphic LOG: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: just testing around, wanted to save the first screenies though EDIT: Seems to occur on this two settings:
  10. Why another thread if there are already a dozen to this topic....
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