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  1. Volin

    Market Market regulation

    Wise words
  2. Hi all, I made a list of all cards for different personal purposes. I looked long to find a complete card list as excel sheet and improved the best one I could find. As this took quite some time, I want to share it for all data freaks who wanted to such a list (as me) The sheet is view only, but you should be able to make a copy. If you people find any mistakes, please let me know! For all that do not trust spooky links some hard facts: We have 538 cards aviable atm (perhaps +1 these days, as easter is upcoming) (Promos included) - 173 common - 149 uncommon - 145 rare - 71 ultra rare GOOGLE-SHEET: All Battle Forge cards - google doc Have fun and let me know if you find any bugs or encounter any problems. Cheers Volin
  3. Volin

    Card List - Google Doc

    You convinced me with the egg. I needed to exclude it for my purposes, but I inserted it in the list here. If you have a picture or so of the second santa I`d be glad to list him.
  4. Volin

    Card List - Google Doc

    Hi Kubik, I have never seen a second santa before, can you tell me more about it? The list contains only aviable cards, thats why easter is out of the count.
  5. Volin

    Must pick cards

    Imho none card is ever mandatory. As Treim stated, some cards are obvious better then others, and ofc some cards are played way more often then others. Reffering to your list: If you play Nature T1, yes, this cards are very good. If you play late nature orbs this cards could be a waste slot. Same as for green, good if you go fire t1, else perhaps a waste slot. And even if you go fire t1, no card is mandatory (though Mine is ofc what you normally want) Two very good cards, but situational: If you play SoW for example, you could decide to leave FoF at home, or or or Here comes my harsh disagree! I see often people playing 4x Juice Tanks in rPvE *facepalm* Please don't spread the message that Juice Tank was a "must pick" card - it is NOT. Juice is a very, very situational card, that almost never benefits. Exceptions are the Juice/Booster combo or VERY long campaign maps (for instance if you solo longer 4 Player maps, and even for this purpose they are mostly a waste slot) Coldsnap is again ofc a very cool card, but can be replaced by other cc cards. My personal(!) "must pick" list, would be situational, like: If you play Nature T1 with WW, I would highly recommend Ensnaring Roots. If you play Fire T1, Mine is recommended. If you have at least one green orb, you usually want to take "Regrowth"; perhaps Breeding Grounds, but that is again depending on the rest of the deck. If you don't play pure Frost, consider any Voidmanipulation! SoW>FoF>SoM (imho) But I think we have enough posts, where we hail the nice cards that everybody plays
  6. I go mostly with Flrbb, there is many good advice in his post. What I missed: Breeding Grounds. If you have 1 Green you usually want to take them with you. T1: If you stick to frost t1, which I like very much, try Frost Mage + Master Archers + Homesoil + Barrier, that is usually really strong. Wintertide or the mentioned Frost Glyph may help in higher difficulties. T2: In T2 usual units are Mounty (personally don't like em, but they are common and need to be mentioned first), Razorshard (super cheap, super strong), Aggressor (as said, lacks dmg but gives superb crowd control) or Stormsinger red (cheap, M-Counter, Anti-Air). Nice spells for T2 where all mentioned imho. Matter Mastery is very strong, though it is a waste slot when you face Lost Souls. But if not, you have a great combo with your T1 Homesoil even in the late match. T3: Depends imo if you go solo/duo or 4player. For 4 player the frost/nature T1-T2 is usually more then strong enough to take T4. If you want to be safe, take 1x T3 unit. If you go solo, your T3 need to be strong enough to face the next camps, you can take 1-2x T3 units then. I like Deepcoil/Core Dredge here, as I prefer not to have melees until t4 in rPve. Strong spells in t3 are Stone Shell (green!!!!:)) and Revenge. T4: Completely go with Flrbb! Other cards you could check out, if you like them: If you go for 2 Green (to get Grinder for example) -> try Shrine of Memories. Inc Mo (he fits always, if you have a free slot) Breeding Grounds Wheels - expensive, but deluxe buffs if you try wheels and have a slot: Construction Hut Cheers Volin
  7. Volin

    "Slow mode" for AH?

    Don't agree, the sense of an real auction are two (or more) people raising the price to an equilibrium price. If you are restricted in time to change your bid, that is against the rules of a perfect market and will add a factor of luck. In RL I am a big fan of regulated markets (where it makes sense), but in games free markets work mostly perfect imho
  8. Volin

    Possibility to disable chats

    Big up! Thanks @Kilian Dermoth for bringing this suggestion and thanks to @fiki574 for sharing the workaround...and finally thanks to @Aviat0r for the idea to bring an option to deactivate single chats in future!
  9. Volin

    Lost bfp

    Thanks for the reply Mephisto! The intention was (at least for me) only to let you devs know. I guess it is helpfull for you, if we tell you if this happens again - correct? I don't want anything back - only want this one fixed till release, cause this is a very nasty major bug imho.
  10. Volin

    Lost bfp

    +2 My BFP dropped too 0 too. Not sure if it is related but a few seconds before a player asked us, to send him a blank testmail. Short after sending a Mail (with ofc NO cards or BFP) my BFP where gone, and some players sayed in chat that they lost their points too.
  11. Volin

    Is Open Beta running?

    So OB is out now? *g* And now?
  12. Wether it is 20, 30 or maybe even 10 - or any other number - this is a very, very, very nice idea in my eyes! Developers should consider this idea.
  13. Buying boosters or buying in the AH
  14. Hmmm, I really don't like the Idea. I am no "good" trader anyway - barely remeber alot of cards, missed afaik a whole edition and and don't remember prices at all. If there are card from the team in the AH this is another advantage for the "pros" in my eyes. Lets start with a plain AH and get a feeling for cards and prices all together! The problem that I see is that any cards that are for too low prices in the AH will be bought out by traders and be swapped for more BFP - ofc the prizes will stabilize on a reasonable price very fast according to marketing rules, but only very few persons will profit - that persons that profit anyway by trading alot Edit: My idea/suggestion if the staff wants to fasten the OB start: Give people another starter deck with more improved card directly or give them a handfull of BFP to buy some more cards at the start - economy will balance very fast then and everybody has the same chance
  15. Volin

    How Should new Cards be Introduced?

    I somehow agree with this. IF someday, after all is done and running fine and smooth, devs decide to introduce new cards, it should be a small and very well prepared edition. The danger that balance lacks when new cards are introduced is very high in my eyes. At least this is my experience with all other TCG I have played. In most TCG, no matter if real cards or PC-game, the publisher is forced to release new editions to make new money - and the games got worse and worse in balance. Very often in new editions somes cards are totally crap or OP and make old editions obsolete sometimes. Long story short: New cards are cool (sometimes) but please be very,very carefull with introducing them. We have alot cards already and there should be no new cards for the sake of having new cards.
  16. Volin

    Multiple Accounts

    I am really sorry for the offtopic, but this statement made me curious how this Upvoting/Downvoting should be used. Cause I used it so far as you discribed, to show my (strong) agree/disagree with a post. Ofc I used it responsibly, what means for me: I would use a Upvote much faster, then I would use a Downvote (in never downvoted so far iirc). But after your post it seems I got this system wrong, how was it intended @MrXLink ?
  17. Volin

    Similar games

    As mentioned there is no game very similar to BF. If you look for a TGC with turn-based strategy, I can recommend "Fearia". This is a TCG/board game mix - I enjoyed it quite a while. And if you enjoy draft-tournaments you will spend a few nice hours there.
  18. Volin

    Collect all cards

    That is how it will be. And that is what makes me so excited about this project. It will be perhaps the first TCG ever where there will be absolutely no pay to win.
  19. Volin

    Open Beta Account Reset Discussion

    Anti Cheat will be only be rudimentary when OB starts, if I got it right this is the main reason for a reset. Btw this is a very good reason to wipe everything on the release imho. And though it will hurt OB players (at least me) to lose the complete collection, I am sure we will survive it, and it will be funny to start over again. Thats at least my experience with similar resets in other games (like back in the days of DII for example)
  20. Volin

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    This triple-delay has one good thing. If only a few of that people that are getting completley mad now are quiting from this community as they promise, the average age raises a bit Jokes aside: It is sad ofc, but if you are not ready for OB, then take the time you need. Really great work, thanks to the complete SR-team!!
  21. Volin

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    I will never get this But I am playing my forums always very casual Btw - some great memes guys!
  22. Volin

    Who is around my age or older?

    Really? Be sure here are people that are FAR older! Always - in every game I would make a huge bet if you seach long enough you find people in their 60s or 70s in nearly every game PS: And don't forget, the active forum members are always a small-very small part of a gaming community
  23. Volin

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    Ravens End

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