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  1. And yet another rare card... We have currently: - 175 unique commons - 161 unique uncommons -156 unique rares - 71 unique ultra rares At this rate there will be quite soon more unique rare cards that uncommon and even commons.
  2. I have been playing now few weeks Moloch rpve deck for fun. And it is very very strong. Hard to think anything what would survive better. Alone it's not great, but when you have 3 they are almost impossible to stop and 4 is train what cannot be stopped. You can just enter camps without worry when you remember to buff them with bloodshirt and unity. Specially against LS and fire it's very strong. It is not fastest deck but not every deck need to be fast. Its fun deck. You can execute very different playstyle with them. Likeyou do not need to hurry destroy spawn, you can simply attack boss 1st and when it's done finish rest. Only problem is ofcourse flying units and bosses. What I usually do is that I ignore flying bosses, let someone else kill them, or if it's deadend camp what I usually avoid going, I leave building as spawn near and when I have power later on I spawn dragons to finish that boss. It's so fun when you hit LS double camp and there is like 8 LS dragons all over and they cant do nothing to my beasts. 🙂 LS and Fire both are ranged attack heavy so thats why Moloch really shine against them. It has happen many times against fire that I have been rekt when I have played my other deck, against fire you kinda need to destroy base little by little with some decks because spike damage from all the towers and mobs is just too high. No problem at all with Molochs.
  3. Old stuff but if my memory is correct, it wasn't actually ships what was used. Nobody cared to even go t4 back in that time, all what was required that one guy popped second chance with enlightenment after most had done 6 ghostbusters (ashbone pyros) and then compost them and quickly spawn 6 more, compost them with same second chance. Then you was ready to roll over every camp. Crazy times.
  4. Yes and no. I was speaking U3 card and in my experience when you had 10 support, and if 5 units did attack same time, support was distributed evenly, if possible. But even with old network you WAS able to get multiple units work well, if you example used 2 razor and you placed one little behind the 1st one so they didn't do attacks exactly same time. Problems started with old network example in insane god if you mixed up to your root network all walls and then also some towers are in range to shoot over wall. Thats when root network poop itself because lot of times in that map there comes attacks to all walls same time. Example I used to do quite much "build and forget" defence in slave master with: - Razor - Spore - Sylvain Gate (red) - 2 * Nexus (green), just to make sure that if one gets damage, other will heal it - 2 * thornbarks I position razor close as possible to fire imitter and spore I position about half to unit forward. With huge morale pool spore can tank quite much and thornbarks was just far away behind providing support. That has never failed me. Only what you need to do is time to time remember to repair imitter because thouse flying stuff will hit it and also dragon likes to aggro razor time to time and imitter gets splash damage. If imitter gets destroyed, then that defence is not enough and you need to babysit much much more. And both units will attack with full support most of the time because stepped positioning spore will attack 1st and after that, spore attack every 4sec when razor attack every 5sec. So chance that they overlap on waves is quite small. Actually I just remember that I did record one run when I had already won the match to see how long it can last. Did hold on it's own almost 6min, it was already on that stage some minutes before I started recording. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfiufyTJGM
  5. Ok perfect! Thats nice, root network feels now more like it used to be in old times, over 10 years ago 😉
  6. Does this mean that before there was hard cap of 10 supporters for root network and if you had lets say 5 using support same time, they each got 2 support? I know that root network got very weak when you did expand it so that multiple attacks happened same time and I really hated that. Some cases it was better to make separate root networks and not mess them up with sylvain gate. And now you can put 30 supporters, example 30 living towers or 10 thornbarks and all 5 attackers even when they attack same time gets full 6 support?
  7. Looks like Sucks and Sylar wanted extra challenge and did it on expert, was it intentional or accident?
  8. This even was fun! And I am happy to our time we got. 1st attempt to last we shaved off like 3min or something.. That what was quite nice improvment. Not sure how we did but I have a good feeling no matter what our position is. Also I didn't even use any t4, I did build it but never used any cards and when I was thinking to use, I lost my t4 😄 Power management in this was also interesting. We did try with shrine of war and memory, but it didn't work out well. Fighting happens in this map pulses and moving from one to another seems to be just enough that normal void return was just enough.
  9. Now that event is over and I watched Prajoss stream, it bought up some memories from 12 years ago. I had a buddy and we did all kind of fun runs. Luckily one other community member back then was interested our run on Convoy where we killed boss with Mutating frenzy. So if you didn't get enough MF maniac, here is some blast from the past. Not really a speedrun, but fun run, abusing all kind of mechanics. 😉 Today people solo it much faster, but back then we didnt know all tricks what is knows now. We just set some goal and when we did succeed we stopped doing it and moved to some other madness, like Insane God, Satanael/Snapjaws spam. 😉 What comes to event, graz to all winners and also @Kapo salute to you, that map did look interesting. Sadly I was missing too many key cards and was busy on other stuff so I had no time to take a part of this event.
  10. Veteran from 10 years ago when game was still EA game. Just started to play again like 2-3 weeks ago and BFP are quite limited still when there is so much other stuff you need
  11. It's perfectly fine that you need to sit out if contest is made that way. But this seems to be more focused to new players/all players, however when you don't have all the cards what can be used, your not in equal position. But in the end it doesn't matter me that much. Contest is perfect and economy is perfect so lets move on.
  12. I think event like this should have been done with cards what everyone have access. Right now I am missing 3 cards and all of them have skyrocket in price, they are like 50 or near each. Even skeleton warrior. Or you guys should have at least give out code what gives thouse cards... I am old veteran, played game when it was official and just started to play again like 3 weeks ago. Even that I don't have much experience of game economy, but what I remember in past, there was lot of common cards on sale. Now there isn't what push prices. If I do quick search on market: - Common 882 cards - Uncommon 998 cards - Rare 1006 cards - Ultra Rare 351 cards Not sure if it's card reforge to put blame on this? Does people just trash all extra to reforge? idk.. But this doesn't help new players because it's difficult to get charges even for most basic cards. At least for me it's worries little that market have more rare cards than common and uncommon.
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