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  1. If I understood the rules right, it doesn't matter how a unit is spawned - through a spell, an effect like Grim Bahir applies.... the only thing that counts is that you gain no ground presence.
  3. Whoa, what the hell is happening here Some time ago there was quite the chill discussion about this on discord, without all that politics dragged into this. The icon in discussion is especially weird, since it has nothing to do with the World of Nyn. Some Hag poledancing disco-style so all males around her into doing nothing? Maybe some kids in mid-puberty are happy with that, but for us grown-ups, this is just lackluster and stupid. I'm by no means a woke social justice warrior, but at some point you just have to notice that there is not one single dancer-type unit that doesn't ha
  4. Beginners Guide for Disinterest in Skylords Economy Or: How to not get screwed over by your own mistakes, the market, or other players Skylords Reborn – a wonderful piece of RTS gaming – but also a Trading Card Game with market mechanics. Some enjoy the economic aspects a lot – but maybe you don't. This guide is as short as possible and gives you simple tips of what you should do and what to avoid. If you just want to play the game, make progress and have fun, this guide is for you. Check prices: When buying or selling something over a certain limit – lets say
  5. I had a very similar thought. If Boosters are economically worth, it is not the same thing how Booster-Opening _feels_. Pre-Patch, you had a Crap Booster filled with Portal Nexus and Altars of Nihils, but HUGE rushes when you got your LSS/Shaman/Frost Mage or your Wheel/Shrine of War/etc. In the new situation, those rushes are dampened, cause the big cards ain't that big anymore, but the crappy Uncommons and Rares gained hugely in value. But those gains doesn't make you feel good, our ape-brains do not care if an Uncommon is 30 BFP or 3, and they do not care if Altar of Nihil is 10 or 70. But,
  6. Kapo

    Crash in PTD

    I was just looking at some dying units of another skylord, so that could be possible. BTW, it wasnt just me that crashed, everyone in the game did - if this is some helpful information in finding the Bug.
  7. Kapo

    Crash in PTD

    NAME: see Title DESCRIPTION: Played PTD - game crashed, got no warning message. REPRODUCIBILITY: No idea SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: n/a LOG: log and crashdmp attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: n/a _log_proxy_0.log crashdata.mdmp
  8. I didnt openly post the full list because some of the more casual participants would not be comfortable with it. But I can post a total list of entries just of the times (without the tenths, I had to use a tool for that one by one), and since you know your own time you can see how you ranked in the field. I might note that there is an additional Entry of someone getting as close as possible to the lose-condition of 15:00, but the entry of 14:58 isnt in the list - that Skylord also submitted a "real" entry. Additionally I'd like to mention that those 9/10-minute entries are Only-Tower
  9. Finish the rest of the maps with Tutorial Deck
  10. NAME: see title DESCRIPTION: On lower graphic settings, when you cast Sandstorm as a player, everything is fine and visible. But the Slavemasters (Boss) Sandstorm gets invisible - on the Slave Master Map and on rPVE. REPRODUCIBILITY: Set Graphics to low, meet Slave Master, don't kill him too fast SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: n/a LOG: n/a ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Can be of importance for newer players. You die and you have no idea why. If you already know what you are dealing with, he makes the animation of casting it, and then you just guesstimate another position to move to.
  11. Hey, about one year ago the Beta ended, and all Accounts have been reset - that's most likely the reason why the cards are gone.
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