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  1. Sunbridge No Gates The start is just aweful. I tried only windweavers, only treefiends, and so many combinations of windweavers/shaman/dryads that I cannot remember until it really worked stable. I also really hoped to make Amazon work (get the bugs killed by their own units) but the Energy for it just isnt there. I even ended up not taking the first well early cause to get the basic setup going you really need that extra 100, even if it would pay off just one or two minutes into the first wave. Considering that all that is under the protection of mark of the keeper (whose positioning dec
  2. I think renaming it to Skylords Reborn was a cool move and - as an educated guess - most likely a legal obligation
  3. DESCRIPTION: Sometimes its fun to fool around. Somebody offered a Promo Rogan for sale and I offered Promo Rogan as a trade. When you try to do such a deal, everything gets wierd. First, it LOOKS like the card doesnt get accepted, sometimes nothing appears, sometimes the place where the card goes gets all white. Furthermore, the card you tried to trade gets "stuck", when you move over it with the mouse it disappears and reappears again. Didnt investigate too deep. The wierd behaviour doesnt stop until you relogg. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always, as long as the card is the same. We tried with Prom
  4. why? once you are past that part and you are not into the "best time of all" you have all the time in the world... just go and kill'em?
  5. If I understood the structure right, "Developers" in this project are people that really drive the project forward. This includes not just working on (a part of) Skylords but also alot of decision making. I dont think you can accomplish anything meaningful in 3 hours/week if you consider that you have to attend team meetings, coordinate with the other developers and communicate with players for their ideas and imput. Just doing "your own thing" for 3 hours a week could accomplish something like a cool new map or some artwork if you take enough weeks. And my guess is if someone endevours o
  6. What would be the most elegant solution is that once you have completed everything, all visual clutter is removed. no matter if you use a exclamation mark or question mark or stars or whatever, after everything is done in expert there should be no visual clutter (e.g. staring at all 3-stars forever).
  7. super small unimportant QoL suggestion, but since it is way more interesting who is online it would be preferable that the "Offline Players" checkbox is unchecked per default when you login
  8. Kapo

    Promo Snapjaw

    For now there are no plans for new codes, but it has been made tradeable with one of the last patches. Just take a look at the market place, they are quite cheap right now and are likely to rise in price in the future, as long as there are no new codes provided.
  9. I made the same suggestion as you on discord but as a T4 unit (so the shower can have more boom), and instead of the Chain Witchcraft the passive ability to be a walking breeding ground. On oracle he summons alot of units, so that kinda fits too. The idea is that less people are forced into taking a nature orb, once Blood Healing and Blood Thirst are tuned correctly. Totally dig the card art =)
  10. After some first tries with a list what to combine with what it looks like I need either a) more skill b) better ideas. Or both.
  11. what I am thinking, if you look at the map only the south is crowded. the northern part is arranged in a way to waste alot of space to look full. especially in the far north all space is just wasted by text. if you put the two PvP-Buttons into the sea, you got a whole new island thats free. if the map key is made smaller you could add islands as well to the southeast. long story short, the map has space for at least 5-10 more maps without getting crowded, if you want to stay on the same map. even more if you would make it as crowded as the Southern Wastes. but as you said correctly,
  12. "Depending on your points you will be group in either one." - could you clarify? I dont get it. =)
  13. Interesting. Unintentional Thread Necromancy on my part ... no idea how that happend.
  14. Hmm. Is it possible to place a enemy wheel of gifts off-screen? those 3 effects would be possible at least then?
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