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  1. I totally agree there should be hard and superhard achievements, though it doesn't have to be that "Play X hours constantly" stuff. If the data suggests the Reserve stuff frustrates Skylords away from the game, it's the right move to remove them. But as we have seen on the "Force of Nature" patch, achievements can revitalize interest pretty strongly.
  2. We will see eye to eye when we will see the eye with our own eyes ?
  3. SMJ comes up with a different number:
  4. Kapo

    Twilight Slayers

    I'm no Expert in all things Twilight, and maybe what you are looking is barely possible without really good supporting cards. I was just arguing that writing they are "completely useless" while comparing two Slayers to a 500 energy "best in slot" powerhouse like a supported Razorleaf isn't really fair.
  5. Kapo

    Twilight Slayers

    If you get an income of a "big wave", you most likely will not survive with two T3-units - no matter which one, right? Also, Razorleaf (260) plus Thornbark (120 each) is a total of 500 energy, the equivalent would be 6-7 Slayers (Not saying Slayers are good, just if you try to judge them, you have to test under fair conditions) Just for a simple test, I took this "enemies", which I would consider to be a big wave against 6 slayers walled Result was one wall segment down (all others more or less full health), one squad of slayers lost. Not great, but not _that_ bad.
  6. Based on that method, even if we stick to the 1000 BFP-example with 200 profit you gave (which is very generous to consider that repeatable that often), you would have to successfully make 75 of those flips on the very first day, and ramp up to make 1000+ such flips in the last days of that journey with always 200 profit each. And every flip is two trades, so to find so many Skylords that sell too cheap and then again find so many that buy too high is very, very impressive. But if you say it worked that way, and you have seen it with your own eyes, that's just the way it is then.
  7. If it is possible, this person must be in possession of "the one trick every Skylord hates" I consider myself having extensive knowledge, and I am well-connected to other traders - I can tell you that none of those known traders know how to accomplish this. There are several known methods to generate BFP with different time and investment requirements, but none yield the Return on Investment needed for this. Just to give some perspective, if you were able to do ALL achievements that yield boosters or BFP in the first day with the starter cards to have some starting capital, you wou
  8. All cards including promos is around 500k. All cards without promos is around 350k. I'm very surprised, and if someone claimed this, I would have a very hard time to believe him/her. Also: above statement that "there is no cap on trading income" is only true in a theoretical sense, in practical terms there are restraints on what you can achieve on different axis.
  9. Hey, Funny enough, I just recently compiled some information on how long it takes to get all cards, and your BFP number isnt that far off from mine (excluding promos). But my estimate how long it takes is FAR less then 3 years to accomplish this. Also, that huge BFP is derived from more or less average prices, if you buy cheap and not average, this will be reduced even further. Since your income is quite fixed, there are only two ways to speed this up: Take a gamble and open boosters, or participate in trading to improve income. If you take the second route, my guesstimate is th
  10. After the stream, I did a quick one without thinking too much, just putting the cards in 2 minutes and... that's what I got
  11. They mind-controlled one of the Stonies from the other side?
  12. Root Network is one of the most powerful tools if setup correctly, but you have to have the right situation for it to shine: in expert maps basically everywhere you have to defend (Defending Hope, Insane God, ...). Here and there, you can also get some offensive Spikeroot action going in the T2 phase. In rPVE its just too slow to setup, you should look for other options there.
  13. Interesting - for me , it works fine
  14. when all the other bugs appeared?
  15. I have just sent out all winners prizes. That concludes all business concerning the Crappy Community Contest #8.
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