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  1. NAME: see title DESCRIPTION: Passage to Darkness, Position 4, T3 - Northern Well. You can spawn a L-Size unit at a spot where it is stuck (see screenshot). Doesn't _look_ stuck at all, but it is. REPRODUCIBILITY: Start PTD. Take the Well. Spawn Unit SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: None needed. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None needed.
  2. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; and welcome to CCC #5 – the fifth Crappy Community Contest! What are “Crappy Community Contests”? This and future CCC's are meant to be small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small-scale on the organizers side too: there will be no stream, video or event announcing the winners. What's special about these contests is a participation price for the whole community. What, when, where, how? While the last CCC was about prevailing under harsh conditio
  3. My pure nature run beat Kserske by a second! HYPE! Looking forward to the stream
  4. Time/speed is the best and fairest metric we have in Battleforge, that's 100% sure. So any feedback/criticism in that direction is absolutely warranted. For this contest, I took the "time submitted" just for the reason to shake things up a little, fully on purpose, while still knowing that speed would have been the better tie-breaker. One thing I have learned though is that it would have been fairer if the contest had started at the weekend, so more Skylords get the opportunity to make a quick run. What I can promise is that "time submitted" will not be a core staple in the CCC, sinc
  5. Its not really about being good or bad at the game, it also was some Test of Tenacity. If you put your mind to the task, this challenge is doable. Here are the Replays of the Top 5 winners: CCC4_2_Bobishere.pmv CCC4_2_Gam3over.pmv CCC4_2_Mati.pmv CCC4_2_MephistoRoss.pmv CCC4_2_Trando.pmv I also just sent out all prices. This concludes all business concerning the Crappy Community Contest #4.
  6. You snatched it away from another Skylord last minute... and... you exactly know that I didn't add that information because I usually don't shame last places haha
  7. Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; it's time to announce the winners! First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for making the Crappy Community Contest #4 happen – no matter in what way: participation, sponsoring prizes, spreading the word or helping me to organize it. In total, we reached a total number of 48 participants – thanks to the Skylords Team for sponsoring the code: CCC4-MOMO-MOMO-MOMO Top Skylords of CCC #4: 1st place MephistoRoss 2nd place Trando 3rd place Mati 4th place Gam3over 5th place
  8. If you haven’t logged in for a long time, your account was most likely reset when the beta ended. With the full release of Skylords Reborn in December 2020, there was a last and forever final reset.
  9. Then I add it as a Bounty to the article, sometimes people dont read the comments... maybe it motivates even further
  10. Not sure if this is a joke or an official sponsoring offer If you want, I can add you to the list of sponsors as a "Bounty" Type if someone makes it.
  11. Duckys Answer is correct - if I would want to count uses, the rules would have stated "Charges". But that would be overly complicated and not really fun to count uses of a card. Just take your deck and count the cards you took to the map, including rarities of course.
  12. Since I had that big donation from Simplifying, I can add the Promos for the top guys from my own pocket
  13. That's why I added the Mo-Video from Dutchy, so you get some starting points how to beat Expert Check it out, it's really well-made
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