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  1. A way to make the Community Maps more organized is very welcome...
  2. Skyrake Alphas are L too, right? Didnt think of that. Agreed, Kri'Rarr should be L. 👍 Mass Blink would be so cool for Hit-and-Run in Campaign Maps 😄
  3. If you already are familiar with the game, check out the achievements - those give about 13-15k BFP and are an automatic "starter package" for veteran players 👍
  4. The Winterbeasts are the perfect example for that. It's just a seemingly small thing, but the "Territorial" effect is mega smart and solves a problem for frost PvP in an incredible elegant way.
  5. All prices (but 4) have been sent out - thx to Metagross - the last four have been contacted, once their ingame names have been gathered they will recieve their prices as well.
  6. If you want some feedback, please contact Windhunter - he offered to talk about submissions. Nothing more I can do, since I don't know the reasoning of the jury.
  7. It's time to announce the winners! First, a big thanks to all involved in the contest, from the participants to the jurors and all in-between - the energy that emerged from the contest was great! Here is a link to the reveal stream, if you don't want to read that much and just want to check the top entries out: Here are the winners of the Card Idea Contest: PLATINUM TIER The following entries have achieved platinum tier: by Metagross31 by Ult by Maze by Kapo GOLD+ TIER
  8. This paragraph is so sweet, I want to buy you a coffee. ☕
  9. Dear Skylords, The Platinum Winners (and some other entries) will be revealed on Ultralords Stream in two days - 10.01.2023 at 19:00 CET. I hope you guys are as much hyped as I am! 😃 Here the Link for the Stream Location: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
  10. Favourite Art: Coat and Transcendence Favourite Card to play: Bandit Minefield ... but my heart always goes out mainly to the Snappies.
  11. Time is up! In total, I have received 140 entries from 88 different participants. The next step is to compile all the data and present it to the jurors, they will (understandably) need some time to judge all the entries and to discuss edge cases. After the jury has made their decision, I will post the results here. Please note that 140 entries is A LOT, so this might take a while. Thanks for all the cool submissions and the awesome energy so many of you brought to this contest!
  12. If you wanted to participate on the contest, make sure to use the template and at least confirm via DM that you want to send them in. Check the contest rules for the template 👍
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