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  1. King of Giants Solo - Peaceful Travelling Once you setup the base, this map is all about being always ready for the next attack command. Every second counts, and the more you stay ahead the easier it gets. In the replay I didnt even bother to build Mo and Wheels because its more important to have your units crush stoneskin then any passive buff. Execution in the replay is debateable, I forgot to move the Timeshifter(s) Way too many times and my two Colossus' got needlessly low on health because I focussed on other things. Time for Green Peace to shine. As an Arcane Card you can
  2. what would be really cool is to add special signature Promos (untradeable!) if you complete with Pure Decks. Like a Promo Shaman, Frost Mage, Nox Trooper/Dreadcharger and erm ... maybe Sunderer (?) that you can show off. Simple, not disturbing the economy, and something to "show off" for those who did it.
  3. Tha really depends on the map. I suggest making two (or even more) decks. You could also consider Dryad (B) as a 3rd unit accompaning WW/Shaman, that combination works very well too.
  4. Dwarven Riddle Nature Solo This is a wierd one. You know what you have to do, but still so many things can go wrong. Tricky bits are not getting hit by spearmen running north (you can summon another Werebeast), get the timing on the warlord right (so he doesnt kill your Power Well), not getting your Parasite Swarm hit by the void maws during mind control (even engaged they tend to switch to the Swarm, Emergency Oink helps). But once you have survived that things get easier - the four friendly Demons are more then enough help to secure your T3 and you only need the "stolen base" (T4) for a
  5. Kapo

    Shrine of War

    In line with requiring 2 orbs of an element, maybe I should have specified - I ment shrine of war as RRX.
  6. Kapo

    Shrine of War

    I guess the smartest thing to do would be to a) Bring it in line with the other shrines in regard of orb requirement (FFX) b) Slightly reduce the return to bring it closer to the other shrines Even under those conditions it can still be the strongest of the shrines but not THAT far off anymore.
  7. @Cocofang „To bring more people in once again the team needs to put in a lot of work to make it enticing.„ I disagree. My argument is that the game is already enticing to new players, especially for casuals there is months of content there already. One priority should be to get the word out it is back. Look at the activity on Skylord Reborn Facebook. I see regular updates up until release - and then everything falls silent. The game is released, and then we dont tell people? I dont get it. The works, from the perspective of a new player it is more-or-less bug free (the map being/gett
  8. First, even if somebody doesnt plan on contributing manpower to the game (besides signing up for patreon maybe), I think its okay to critique because constructive feedback is something any good team needs badly. We love the game and we care about it, and we are really, really thankful what has been achieved. But please dont bash people who give those feedback in a caring way to the devs/admins. That being said I kind of agree that its not in the best interest of the game if card balance gets on the forefront of development. Main focus in my opinion should be to get the word out that the g
  9. Slave Master Nature Solo A really easy one, while farming Insane God I thought I give it a try and got control over the map first run - I was just stupid enough to kill the Slave Master too soon. Strategy is everything - let the Twilight do your work on one Monument you while keeping to the right side as much as you can to access the other (with a time limit of 25 minutes to setup everything, so much room for mistakes too). Nature is really powerful on the defense, with the right buildings you easily get 6-7 T4 units going for offense, only depending on how many support units you want in
  10. Awesome Article - really, really helpful for beginners. Thank you for the work!
  11. While I'd agree with everything that Volin wrote, I'd like to add that even in it's current state the game is very worthwhile. Many, many fun hours will pass until you have everything cleared on Expert, collected all cards, maybe played some PvP, etc. And investing a small amount of money through patreon will keep the servers running for a long, long time. As far as I know the devs are at a point where there is at least the possibility to add new cards and reskin models - and of course there is the map editor so the foundation is quite promising to get more content going. If you are inter
  12. And I thought I'm helpful, sorry for wasting your time by not reading closely enough =)
  13. Insane God Expert Solo - Mumbo Jumbo with Urzach First and foremost: Strategy credit goes to WindHunter and Dallarian, I just combined what was available and improved on that. Especially useful was using Mumbo Jumbo on the Guardians and adding Howling Shrine to ease Unit Limit problems. After alot of trying I found _stable_ Spikeroot positioning that works almost (see below) every time AND provides t4 access before the first attack of the Skycatcher (which is not 100% neccessary, but I consider that a valid milestone for any Insane God strategy), Execution in the replay is everything else
  14. Don't apologize, I guess (hope!) everybody understood its not your fault.
  15. Small detail I noticed: Satanael [P] uses the Card Art of Satanael [R]. Tried to clear the browers cash but that didnt help.
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