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  1. Sadly there are no promos in the prize pool for now , only a lot of boosters and random card draws. :)
  2. Fuckin awesome - HYPE / HYPE / HYPEEEEE !!!!! Lets roll and find out who is the king of the Forge !
  3. Hello brother - BoxIngJester (in-game name) here (you for sure dont remember me) - im still watchin your videos after so many years , goin to sleep with your replays - i swear for sure im your biggest fan out there , literally im hyped out as fuck hearing youll come back !!!!! as only PvP player - there are no better news than this one - we will wait for you sir - i even thought sir Eirias , who is keeping your legacy up to date that actually is you , but i was wrong ofc hahah - that post made my night ! Tho MaranV was the dude who brought me into pvp basics back in the day , sadly he is not a
  4. BIG Thanks for the forge lag fix !!!!
  5. IT WORKS ! ofc its lil bad after every single game to press K or whatever , but it works finally something that will keep good feelings up !
  6. Ill speak from my expirience - im lvl 13 (green rank 1 dot) at PvE (im more like pvp player) - so my green pve rank is 99% from doing Rpves lvl 9 (my campaign is like 40% done only on easy , cause i dont like campaign at all) - so at this case im something like master at lvl 9 , i can solo each map 4p with every deck i build even noobish/starter deck - so , even like that i never ever played lvl 10 since orignal BF back in the days - what does this mean - i dont wanna ruin other peoples games with lacking of skill on something im not familiar with , no matter how much exp. i have in rpve at al
  7. Im gonna try it later tonight - thanks ! Hope it will work for me too ! ^ EDIT: I Tried it - not a solution for me .. :)
  8. It sounded like this - whatever , maybe i misunderstood , like i said - im not arguing with anyone , i just hope someone is searching for a solution (if you or someone else just said - we're trying to do something , but its hard to find/fix - i wouldve shut up already) ! Have a good day and keep making the best game ever better with every day ! :) (no sarcasm!) Just reminder - if i make it through the lag and start a game - no matter pvp , 2v2 , 3v3 ot 4 player Rpve - i dont have a single lag - i still dont expirience bad playtime in-game , only in forge ! if i restart the game its ok and
  9. So you tell us to upgrade our PCs instead of saying that its impossible at the momment to fix something that is really a problem but you still cant find a solution ? Thast not right , cause if its from PC - how i never ever had even low lag before the last hotfix - NEVER EVER and now its daily like many others .. :) I dont want to look like im attacking someone verbally - im pretty sure that problem is something hard to find for resolving or whatever and we should bne patient for sure , but its not cool to sound like "its not from us , cause some people are not having it" , when bigger pa
  10. I cant tell youy , im just telling the bad expirience i have , me and many other players after last small update.. :)
  11. Nobody even looking and talking about a fix - thats just great. Some players (friedns of mine) already stopped playing cause of this - i rlly hope you can find and fix the problem. :)
  12. +1 when i restar the game first minutes anything is perfect even in forge , i do 1-2 games then forge , market and all menus becomes HELL :)
  13. Hi all - early morning game was perfectly fine , in ealry launch it closed for update - after this - me and a lot of other players (they said in global chat) are having big issues with lag or 1-2 sec freez on every 2 sec , but thats happening only in FORGE , menus and groups - in-game anything works fine , but its impossible to stay cool after every 2 sec u have sh*t in forge - so i hope you will see and fix it ! :) my internet connection is perfectly fine , tho i never ever expirienced this before - EVER... only since todays update - me and many others ! :)
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