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  1. Very cool idea and yet again a proof, that you don't need expensive or meta cards to play the game. I might refer to this post, when people ask for beginner decks in the future Also I like the challenge aspect and might try something like this in the future as well
  2. Great work on the analysis! I would really like to see though, what the prices will look like, once the 100 bfp discount on boosters is over for a few months.
  3. Hello everyone, thanks you all again for participating in this contest, watching the stream and helping me organize all of this! I have just sent out all of the rewards. If you did not receive your reward or if you received the wrong reward, please contact me asap. In case you missed the stream, you can watch the VoD here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1250804086 Here are the final rankings: Here you can find all of the replays, as well as the replay by Treim and Wanky, which was used to claim the extra bounty: WinterIsComingReplays.zip
  4. Play more PvP. Hear that RadicalX, I'm coming for ya! (jk)
  5. Just a quick reminder, that the stream will start today at 6pm, which is very soon! See you all there
  6. Hey everyone, we have a stream date! The winners will be announced on January 2nd, 6pm CET! I hope to see you all there
  7. Awesome idea! All aboard the hypetrain, let's get that community price!
  8. Just a quick reminder: The event is only running until friday this week, so only a few more days to get in runs. So, if you haven't already, find a team, finish of some amazing runs and send them in! I am happy for every submission I receive
  9. This is why there is currently an open staff position as "Marketerr / Outreach coordinator": All of those things would be great, but it is a lot of work that someone has to do
  10. I also hit that limit in the past. If I remember correctly there was once the idea somewhere here in the forums to offer an increase in the max number of decks for Gold/BFP to use it as a currency sink, since mostly experienced players wilk run into the cap.
  11. Some of these points are already being worked on and you can expect something to come your way soon
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