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  1. For most of the client development it is sufficient to know a bit of XML (quite similar to html) and some LUA, which is much easier than C++.
  2. Hey all, I have just sent out all rewards for the previous contest. In case you did not receive the correct reward, please contact me as soon as possible.
  3. Hello everyone, thank you for your patience, I have completed the final steps of drawing the winners of the random draws. The winners of the Random draws are: In case you missed the stream, here are the rankings for each faction: The prizes will be sent out via ingame mail shortly. Thank you all again for participating and see you in the next event!
  4. I update my post above. Couldn't finish everything yesterday, sorry!
  5. Finally! A Mauler buff!


    1. ThomasMann


      This is only the start 

  6. Hey everyone, thanks again to everyone who participated in this tournament and to everyone who joined the stream today! Special thanks to @itap for coming up with the idea for this event. Here are the final stadings of the event: Congratulations to all the winners. You can expect the prizes to be sent to you within the next few days. See you all at the next event! (P.S.: I have added all of the replays to the main post)
  7. A disciple in the north is being infect!
  8. I think that would also be really busted in PvP, if it was possible.
  9. Hey everyone, I have analyzed all the replay you sent me and determined the winners. The winners will be announced on Friday, the 24th of June 2022, 6PM CEST via twitch! I hope I see you all there!
  10. Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a headsup that I will be out of town from today until Sunday. I will not be available to answer questions during that time, but you can still send me your replays, I will collect all of them once I am back.
  11. I think you got a valid point with the first paragraph. But I would disagree with the suggestion to remove the switch. Having the switch allows players to progress at their own speed an build fortifications before switching. If it would auto switch, this could add a lot of redundant waiting times because both players have to defend and noone has enough time to really make any progress.
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