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  1. Ultrakool

    Cards always getting bugged

    Please use this template: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4208-how-to-report-bugs-template-inside/
  2. Ultrakool

    Open Beta Information

    Please speak English
  3. Ultrakool

    reverse AH

    Ahh ok so @Flrbb using instead a player driven system(Like you said manual decisions to sell or not depending on the user), it sounds like it mimics the WTB on some level. If such a system gets placed it should definitely be limited in 1) Quantity of the same card you can buy. 2) Quantities of different cards you can buy But such a feature will still indeed still be a step in “controlling” the AH PRECISELY because it is something a lot more permanent than “WTB/WTS”. Not to mention we are talking about a completely different section of Auction House the “reverse auction house” which would need to be designed/coded both in client and server. We would have to very carefully think this out, it might work economically but there’s also a relative high chance for abuse especially if not enough restrictions are put into place
  4. Ultrakool

    Money Trading.

    Holy necro. This thread was necroed by a bot, nothing more to be discussed here ^^ you guys can see the last post was on 2018 September. /closed
  5. Ultrakool

    reverse AH

    Seems like a suggestion for the lazy way of browsing the AH. So if I understand correctly, such a system will (autobuy) cards for you depending on if it drops in price. Some first things that spring to mind that could be an issue. 1) What happens if multiple people want to buy under x price. How do you determine who gets to buy it? 2) If lets say people put a “buy order” of harvester for 100, and a hypothetical “market price” of harvester for 120. What happens if someone(a newbie) puts a harvester for 50bfp? It then automatically gets bought? 3) If you don’t have enough BFP to execute the buy orders, which one will be executed? Now im not saying it’s impossible to do, but it seems like there might be a lot of logic conditions involved, and I’m not so sure how necessary a feature is in the first place. It would (probably) also require significant ui changes to properly display all the needed information
  6. Ultrakool

    Trade Bug!

    @danilosuzuki33 Please be mindful to use bug report template when posting a bug. moved to resolved
  7. Ultrakool

    Press play, launcher closes and nothing happens

    maybe take another screenshot of your folder.
  8. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Open#8 04.05.19

    Any chance you archive the streams/tournaments to YouTube? :O would be a shame if the tournament footage would be lost due to twitch deleting them after x days
  9. Ultrakool


    Please post in English or we can’t help you
  10. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Open#7 21.04.19

    I gotta drop :/ might not be able to make it. Sorry guys
  11. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Open#7 21.04.19

    J> tournament. LF to getting my butt kicked
  12. Ultrakool

    Can not start the game...

    We can’t help you further if you can’t understand and follow those simple instructions. :/ sorry Maybe you can bring to IT shop and they can help you
  13. Ultrakool

    Can not start the game...

    You have to download and run those programs It’s not the laptop it’s you It’s a common error that shouldn’t happen if you followed all those steps so follow them please.
  14. Ultrakool

    Can not start the game...

    Try reading this step 6 @nilspferd
  15. Ultrakool

    Im new!

    Hiya, it’s always a very pleasant feeling to meet players new to BattleForge as a whole, and not just new to this project (skylords reborn). Welcome! As WatcherOfSky said, feel free to ask anything and everything about the game. It can be quite daunting for a new player haha

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