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  1. @avM but thanks for sharing your story
  2. too easy perhaps. hax
  3. Thats nice idea kind of like rewards for achievements. Was suggested long ago but dismissed cuz client couldnt be changed i think. Something to reconsider now.
  4. Month?
  5. @KosmodanI would say 6/16 of those players chosen are not active enough to be called active, and probably had very nice stories. Of course,this is very subjective matter when it comes to who has the best stories I guess it also involves a bit of luck. Saying basically that ONLY active people got in is not fair to those who actually got in by writing a good story that was touching in some way perhaps and got in. I saw your discord message to and of course it can be disappointing but in time I hope you will accept this a little better and stick around.
  6. Congrats to all giveaway winners. Just to let you know we got an unofficial Skype tester chat so if you wanna be on it pop me a pm on forums or discord :) See you in forge really soon!

    1. Sykole


      Shhhh Ultra! You shouldn't have told them about the super secret skype group of ours!

    2. Ultrakool
  7. On top of all the answers above, aesthetic changes are not high on their list of priorities right now, and maybe not even after release.
  8. @Collac who's the dude with the beta key?
  9. @MeatyChi That's awesome, I thought this kinda died out. I'm not playing anymore though so if you need some space feel free to kick me. Good luck with the sister clan
  10. Today is the last day of this giveaway! Make sure to submit an entry if you haven't done already before the official close! Good luck to everyone moar testers
  11. Nov
  12. Havent been active much lately but hope im in it
  13. u wanna reduce rewards for RPVE? or take it away?
  14. @TheMrMeffHi there, I'd like to start by informing you that there is already a proposed change from the team to abolish the token system in the old BF. Only two acquirable "currencies" will exist in the game. Purchasing and applying upgrades should both be bought for gold. Secondly, since the green light was announced on stream and their consequences(monetization etc), I was and still am sceptical about possibly alloweing BFP to be bought for money like in the old BF(and that's not only me). However your suggestion to alter progression rate like 2x xp, 2x gold rewards, other possibilities like maybe even extra reward card for pve maps etc seem a little fairer. Since very little monetization exists other than monetizing ingame content, this compromise seems fair seeing that people would still need to play, to benefit from the increased rewards, not just pay their way outright for more BFP. P.S: As a sidenote, any suggestions concerning x BFP earned should be expressed in x% of a booster imo, as that is the most relatable.