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  1. Ultrakool

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    i dont even know your discord name lol
  2. Ultrakool

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    join ze discord
  3. Ultrakool

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2723 something went wrong bo beep bo beep
  4. am I the only one ? I got problem with discord...


    1. Ultrakool


      nope ^^ discord has been going crazy

    2. BurningWorld


      That happened because you played too much Dead By Daylight with me .. I'm sure about that! :P 

  5. Ultrakool

    Jungle Temple Scenery

  6. Ultrakool

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    Another free steam game from humble bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-flame-in-the-flood
  7. Oh boy things seem to be getting serious that even lawn mowers are invloved! Yikes!
  8. Ultrakool


    Granted, you got his attention but hawk didn’t know what your question was. I wish our devs the best of luck in finding the remaining bugs and being able to push skylords reborn to open beta. (Who is gonna corrupt it now? )
  9. Hey guys 👋 Looking to stream in 3 hours 20 minutes 12pm CEST

    Heres the countdown:https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180504T12&p0=37&msg=Ultrakool+Skylords+Reborn+Closed+Beta+Stream&font=cursive

    Hope to see you there!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ultrakool


      @Nephilimyou should join discord if you haven’t already you will never miss a stream again

    3. Nephilim


      @Ultrakool i am on discord since it launched but i am not very active

    4. Ultrakool


      There is a separate channel where we post streams only so if you set up some kind of notification you shouldn’t miss it

  10. But... was that the first thing you did? X
  11. Ultrakool

    The story behind your nick.

    found you:
  12. Ultrakool

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Hi, the official language in the forums is English so please keep your posts in English or provide a translation as per forum rules. An example translation has been provided for you just this once.
  13. Ultrakool

    Faction symbols

    I like the skull idea tbh cuz bandits are like pirates with their Corsair etc although they are (most of the time) not sea pirates they are pirates. Banditos(pirates) spawn from the Corsair after all
  14. Ultrakool

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    @Eviatar10 You say "Don't get me wrong pal" and "I want to remind you man that you still appreciate your work guys and i believe you do your best" but from others perspectives, some may find the tone of your post to be a little confrontational. I'm talking about stuff like: "this Method of you guys , is that look normal to you pal ?" is meant as a theoretical question and insinuates that since its our "method" we do it on purpose and that's not a normal thing to do. You responded to @Luki for linking all those dates of other games that you claim you dont care for, so why did you ask "Have you ever seen a game , promised to release a month after a month and consistently and repeatedly fails its fans down?" if you didn't want an answer? Seems like another theoretical question for which you purport to know the answer of, and when someone actually gives you evidence and answer to your questions, you respond negatively to that. General things like "Dont take me for a fool" has very negative connotations and also abit accusatory and confrontational like I mentioned. If you "dont think they fooled us with dates" why in your original post you said "stop making false dates"? Overall of course in regards to the forum rules you are not breaking any, and accordingly no official action was taken, but that doesnt mean that people will not see or feel the negativity in your post and downvote or upvote based on their own opinions or beliefs of how the upvote and downvote system should be used. And thats how the system is designed. Overall, the content you shared in your post has a good sentiment to it, and in the end we did listen to that, but you could have carried the message in a better way.

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