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  1. Published a video announcing open beta and talking a little about what to do and expect moving forward: 


  2. What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    What are these new farming techniques I discovered
  3. Hello everyone,

    Just to inform you, as we are inching closer and closer to the dream of the grand reopening of BattleForge, with open beta release set during 19-26 th of March week, (Not set in stone)

    I've gotten in touch with Destoyerfros and we have decided its a good idea to open a Coaching and Tutoring server on discord. Please bear with me, the server is a Work In Progress and is not even close to done. We have a bot system where you can apply your own roles and the factions you play etc, as well as text channels to ask and receive answers regarding strategies etc.

    Anyway, regardless of whether you are a Tutor who applied or an apprentice, or just a keen BattleForge soon-to-be player, or a rts player with a potato computer and 500 ping and want a place to chill, anyone is welcome in the discord server. 

    The link is here: https://discord.gg/dZzKexQ

    As always any comments or critics are welcome as a reply or in the server under #Serversuggestions.


  4. help Exp gaining glitch

    Did you really made a bug report in a forum where the game hasn’t been launched yet? lol
  5. Open Beta Information

    Mega is a big site and this is an official download. same goes for media fire these are well known file sharing sites.
  6. Open Beta Information

    @Skankinpig Projected numbers are really a hard thing. But to put things into perspective, discord giveaways generally tend to attract 300 people on average within the minute or so that it runs, so to extrapolate that I would guess that it’s not impossible that the first 1000 would sign up within a day. As for concurrent players, it’s impossible to tell but I would guess around 1000 people for the first few days and afterwards maybe 1-2k. I have seen similar revives and with a much higher forum member count their concurrent player count was still 1000 so the figure I predicted is actually pretty optimistic one. The biggest problem we have though stems back to EA times. Due to (almost non-existent) advertising, more than 60-70%(a pure guess but I’m pretty confident about it) of the playerbase in the original BF and therefore probably also skylords reborn is from Europe, therefore keeping a high concurrent player count during night time in Europe will be a big challenge. so with regards to advertising it is more important to make sure the revival gets worldwide coverage, with a bigger focus on the americas and Asia. I’m talking about American/Asian based gaming websites etc. I’ve seen a lot of German gaming sites for example post about this project since alpha so I’m pretty sure that will continue at every milestone for the project, but global advertisement is still a huge problem. @Kiwi Just double checking, that’s something Hawk said to me long ago in not such an “official” fashion, maybe it was just an alpha thing. He also said that way way before we got green light from EA so that might have been a big factor. thanks for your answer regardless From EA’s side it would seem they allow monetization of their game footage through some quick research on their site
  7. Open Beta Information

    Really? Last info I got from Hawk was that monetization on YouTube was not allowed, never heard anything to the contrary.
  8. Card ideas with description

    Some really interesting card ideas and new mechanics. It seems you have put quite some thoughts into trying to balance those cards and at a first glance with my (rather limited) knowledge it does not seem too OP. In my own opinion, There’s quite some potential to develop these ideas into actual cards in the (relatively far) future for SR. Great Job! One thing though is the privateer army seems to be totally shut down by any form of cc, making it significantly weaker than normal since any nature splash is so prevalent in PvP. This card seems like one of the harder ones to balance. Bone tower will be ridiculous in PvE with the already ridiculous void power manipulation by shadow this card will probably just make it way too crazy efficient
  9. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Maybe this thread might deserve a pin in "Cards"? Since this is the official cardbase of skylords now.
  10. Open Beta Information

    https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn This is the project’s Patreon, the only way you can donate at the moment.
  11. Your favourite PVE map!

    Seeing it done is one thing and doing it is an entirely different thing for me
  12. Your favourite PVE map!

    Bad harvest solo? Teach me senpai
  13. Converting cards

    Yu gi oh? Nice Avatar o Frost seems Op though, if I understand correctly you gotta attack/ use a spell twice in a turn for it to die? And omg construct destroying cards left and right
  14. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    There’s also entire playlist on YouTube! enjoy
  15. Isn’t your birthday the 3rd of December? I remember we wish you hbd not long ago :P or maybe time goes by so fast

    if it’s indeed your birthday happy birthday :) you’ve done tons for this project so take some time to enjoy your special day

    1. InsaneHawk


      Maybe time goes fast :wrathgazer: but thank you very much appreciate it a lot mate! (And yes, this is my birthday ^^)