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  1. Ultrakool

    game is unfair to working class people

    @calvin85Please don’t revive dead threads >30 days(especially when you don’t really add something of substance, and also that meme doesn’t really have any place here. Locked
  2. Ultrakool

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2912 new life
  3. Ultrakool

    What do you Love?

    I just searched up Brazilian cheese bread and it looks so tasty! There’s something similar in Germany called käsebrötchen but it looks nowhere as good
  4. Ultrakool

    WTB T3/T4 units

    Maybe instead of a list you can provide which colors you wanna play? That would help people know what you’re looking for too Other than that you can check http://allcards.skylords.eu/ and find some yourself
  5. Ultrakool


    Oh my bad then
  6. Ultrakool


    I know it’s what he asked though xD To expand I mean running direct x 11 doesn’t allow any extra graphics settings ingame.. it’s just you will use dx11 then
  7. Ultrakool


    It’s not really about the graphics options ingame afaik
  8. Ultrakool

    DC when I click on ''news''

    @MaloloYou posted in “resolved” section xD moved to bug report forum. Also, please change your post to adhere to bug report template, it makes it easier for devs to understand your report.
  9. Ultrakool

    Second Booster gone

    @Nymeriayou posted in “resolved” section xD moved to bug report forum. Also, please change your post to adhere to bug report template, it makes it easier for devs to understand your report.
  10. Ultrakool

    loot for comunitymaps

    What maps are you talking about. This thread is about community maps... were you talking about rpve maps?
  11. Ultrakool

    Question about "reset on full release"

    There will be no BFP/Gold rewards upon reset for players who participated in alpha and beta tests. The only reward is that we will all enjoy a less buggy game :3
  12. Ultrakool

    Just a "BIG THX"

    I think I can speak for the team when I say that we really appreciate you taking the time to make posts like this. When times get tough this is our fuel to carry on See you in the forge skylord
  13. Ultrakool

    Balance Changes

    Every card has their niche use but there will always be a meta at the highest level of play. It mostly depends on matchups of their relative decks
  14. Ultrakool

    A Thought for Improving the Rewards System

    Hello, We have been thinking about achievement system for quite some time now, and we have plans to add one in, our current quest system is very rudimentary and just a placeholder more than anything, just a few quests to test the implementation of that new system. There’s still some internal discussions on how we are going to expand that. Your suggestion sounds solid, and you make a great point about how it would incentivize new players to complete a hard challenge by getting an achievement.[clearing expert map on first time(1p,2p, or 4p)] Something similar has a very good chance of being added I think the clearing with another deck just stacks the reward abit too much so maybe there could be a sub-achievement that doesn’t actually contain bfp or gold reward? There’s actually been another megathread made about quest/achievement suggestions: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/ Maybe it’s worth a read if you’re interested.
  15. Ultrakool

    Mobile App AH

    Moved to suggestions

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