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  1. how can i join beta?

    imnewbz vs imanewb i guess its different
  2. Hiring a developer?

    No it's not a bad idea indeed but last I heard there were some legalities regarding the donations and it not being accessible I'm not sure of that changed in the mean time iirc the loose quote was " it will be long time before the team can receive any money from donations"
  3. Find a similar picture.

    What do these two pictures have in common
  4. Donators - Thanks list !

    You can't really say x per x because it depends on a lot of things network infrastructure and optimization. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I asked about servers(Looong ago) it was around €20 per month. Servers still gotta be tested though, the most online was around 20-25 and it worked fine so far but they are gonna need more people online at the same time if they wanna break the server( it didn't overload so far)
  5. Wheel of Gifts

    Posts? Pretty sure they are actually books
  6. Find a similar picture.

  7. Challenges

    Is it me or do you only speak to my left ear when I'm wearing headphones?
  8. soundtracks for playing

    The ingame music is already awesome, why do you need extra soundtracks?
  9. The legendary forum game "count"

  10. Topic for new people

    awwww man you guys crack me upp
  11. Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    It's just copy pasta at this point No need to even watch the stream
  12. Majestic Pleasure (Family) Tree

    I didnt get added either and i think lada secretly broke up with me
  13. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    L san!
  14. Topic for new people

    people have received downvotes for posting Xs
  15. A question about private servers.

    I'm not sure ownership has much to do with it. Ardent Peak is just responsible for overseeing the project, revenues and stuff like that. EA gave permission for this project through the company. All source code is probably still owned fully by the team. I don't see why any legalities would prevent them from releasing the code. Although this is all just speculation, we would have to hear from the staff themselves to be sure.