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  1. Hey Skylords, unfortunately I have to go on an important appointment at 4pm. Should I NOT be back home in time, do not panic, we will play this tournament. If we have to start a little later, bo3 rules might be changed to bo1 before the semi finals in each bracket but I will communicate this again. If you can, take your cardpools now to save time later. See you this evening. Toggy
  2. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, It is time for chaos, it is time for a new tome tournament! When On Tuesday 17.05.22 starting on 18:30 CEST (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance, Cardpool is dished out one hour before the tournament starts. Contact me for your cardpool! Format The format will be Tome, meaning you will build your decks for this tournament out of a booster pool I provide to you. We will play on the Testserver. The tournament will be played as a 1on1 best of 3 double elimination tournament, grand finals will be best of 5
  3. Oh my Jugg, this is HUGE! I am so happy with the pvp changes, so happy with the new card. This is...all we needed. See you in the Forge, Toggy
  4. What a tournament! The vod will be watchable on my twtch account for everyone who missed it.
  5. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, It is finally time, the PvP League will start on the 16.05.22! But everything step by step, we finally have a PvP League Homepage (big shoutout to Triggz), you can find all the info there. It is still under construction and some minor positions in Divisions, Admins or rules might change. During the next week the Matchplan with all the upcoming matchups will be updated and released. This homepage basically shows you three things: • The Divisions and their Admins, check in which Division you ended up and bring your questions and compl
  6. Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords! The PvP-League is just around the corner and after a long break it is finally time to have a huge tournament to determine the strongest of the skylords! When? On Sunday 08.05.22 starting on 2pm CEST (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance. Format? The tournament will be played as a 1on1 best of 3 double elimination tournament, grand finals will be best of 5 with the player coming form the upper bracket starting with a 1-0 advantage. Prize Pool! (subject to change) 1st place - 5 Booster packs
  7. Greetings Skyladies and Skylords, We have crossed 50 participants for the league and everything is advancing as planned, therefore I can proudly announce that we will transition into Phase III and the start of the league soon (~2weeks). This also means that the signup to the league will end on 06.05.22 . Stay tuned for a final release of the rules and the divions with members and admins. Greetings, Toggy
  8. Awesome Update as always! The Bandit Dragon looks absolutely gorgeous, same for the promo Manawing. See you later in the tournament stream. Greetings, Toggy
  9. Hey Skyladies and Skylords, to give you a little update: We crossed 40 participants for the league today! Pretty much all the divisions are coming together quite nicely and I am very happy to see a lot of new names there. Signup will stay open for another ~4weeks until we go to Phase III which will be a tournament to kick things off and publishing of the Division lists. See you in the Forge, Toggy
  10. Hey Eirias, good points, the rules were now updated. Feel free to help us improve the rules in the general text channel on the PvP-Discord. Greetings, Toggy
  11. Okay Skyladies and Skylords, it is time to advance to Phase II of the PvP league and that includes more info on the whole thing and opening of the signup page! Format The league will consist of small groups (divisions) of about 8 players who will fight each other, one opponent per week. A season ends when everyone played everyone in the group. Players should be roughly equal in skill level but be aware that the first seasons(s) might be a little of a wildcard to get that sorted. To give you an example of how the structure of the league may look: • 1a: the target audie
  12. Just a clarification for all new players: The league is also for you, there is a special division just for silver and new players (like the old rookie tournaments) where you can enjoy PvP and learn together without getting stomped by veterans. More details will be shared in Phase II. Greetings, Toggy
  13. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, As hinted before and announced recently on stream, we will have a PvP league starting within the next two months. But all in order: What?! A league like a football league will start for every PvP-player who is interested. You will have one opponent per week (rules not yet completely finished). The exact model will be presented soon, but imagine it like this: A league system consisting of different divisions (1-4) each consisting of groups of about ~8 players. The top players will be in division 1a, the new players in 4a-z. After every season (
  14. Hey Jasonfly, You start with the free decks as a skeleton and then exchange cards to fit your style. Also you can only have 2 free PvP decks (and maybe want to play more later on). Promo cards do not give any advantage, they are simply maximum upgraded cards with a visual effect. Nope, you can use the free decks in ranked PvP. Absolutely! In tournaments being predictable is a huge disadvantage though, so if you ever want to win one (good luck) you should have a few decks or special cards up your sleeve. Greetings, DasToggy
  15. Hey, Absolutely right. As long as we (and your opponent) can find you its alright. Dont forget to hit me up on discord at ~1pm for your decks! Toggy#8400 If you do not have discord (shame on you for making this complicated) I can also send it to you via forum PM. See you soon, Toggy
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