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  1. THIS IS A COMMUNITY-DRIVEN TOURNAMENT. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE SR-TEAM. Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords! We had one Skylords Open yes, but what about the second Skylords Open? Now you know about second Skylords Open! Format? The tournament will be played as a best of 3 double elimination tournament, grand finals will be best of 5, no reset. Prize Pool! 1st place - 15€ + promo Juggernaut 2nd place - 10€ 3rd place - 5€ Big thanks to Nachtwolf for the € sponsoring! Big thanks to NewGuy for the promo
  2. There was not only a hint but a full description at the "news" page ingame plus several promotions via stream, chat, forum and discord.
  3. No it started and finished at the 03.01.21. If you played both the upper and lower backet and did not get a boosterpack contact me via discord. Greetings, Toggy
  4. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, The rookies have battled it out and we have a winner! Congratulations to Mirosius for winning the Skylords Rookies#1! You will receive your boosters within the next week, I will send the BFP until tomorrow. Big thank you to the mods for helping and the devs for sponsoring! Greetings, Toggy
  5. Yes both, the only rule regarding decks in a best of 3 is that the winner of the previous round has to lock in first. Greetings, Toggy
  6. I guess after 128 the switch to best of 1 for 3 rounds should be necessary to keep the tournament below 6 hours. Since it is single elimination though I will try to keep it bo3 as long as possible. Greetings, Toggy
  7. You mean why I do not host one tournament with two groups, one for rookies and one for the rest? Well because I cannot stream both and still want to give them a chance to shine. Also this might help with strategical advice or explaining PvP matchups in general. A lot of newer players like to watch the top10 but their games play out so differently. Greetings, Toggy
  8. Hello new Skylords! The first tournament was fought out and we have a champion. But who might become the first squire? All the newer players may gather to show off their freshly gained skills! Veteran Skylords step aside, it is time for the new recruits to put up a show. Format? The tournament will be a best of three single elimination tournament. Should a lot of participants register again the format might be changed to best of one again. The access to the tournament will be restricted, only players who... ...are not part of the top 40 ...have a w/l
  9. Hey guys, Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, a new tournament will be announced soon. The Boosterpacks for the tournaments should be added to the account by now. Note that only people who actually participated got a booster. Greetings, Toggy
  10. Hey guys, Seasons for PvE and PvP are, in my opinion, crucial for a long term motivation to play the game. Also it is an opportunity to introduce changes to balance/rankings/new cards (one day) PvP: Ranked ladder seasons of about 3-6 months following a reset or soft reset of stats and elo. This would help a lot to make people actually improve in the game and focus less on stats but ranking. Maybe with an invitational tournament of the top 16 with some goodies for the winner, thinking of shiny portraits, frames, ranks, hall of fame. Or maybe even to decide the next new promo card
  11. After a long day strife and warfare a champion emerges victorious from the battle. Congratulations to RadicalX for winning the Skylords Open#1! 1st - RadicalX, 2000 BFP 2nd - Draken, 1200 BFP 3rd - xHightech, 800 BFP 4th - TopS3cret, 500 BFP Thank you all for the support and stay tuned for more tournaments in the future. EDIT: The Booster packs will be distributed next week as soon as possible. Greetings, DasToggy
  12. Format Update: Since an overwhelming number of participants entered the tournament (you rock) the format will be best of one (one match) in round 1-5 and then return to the regular best of 3 (2-3matches) in the winner bracket. The lower bracket will be played best of one round 1-7. If you are unsure about the rules, maps played or how to change your name in Challonge contact me or a mod. The stream will go online 30min before the tournament starts going over format and rules again. See you guys later. Greetings, DasToggy
  13. Your account name in challonge does not matter. You still can use the feature explained in the rules to take part in the tournament with ANY name (and can change your name once you have registered for the tournament). Challonge=>Register=>Sign in with alternate name=>Change your name to your Skylords ingame name. I already changed your name to s0ul, if that is not your ingame name just change it again. Greetings, DasToggy
  14. Sorry there is not a lot of time for waiting on players. As long as you show up according to the rules nobody will bat an eye but with that many participants we cannot delay the entire tournament for a single match. Greetings, DasToggy
  15. Hey, Ingame name. I need to be able to find you with a mail and even though I love detective work every now and then finding out the accounts of 50+ guys might take a little too long. Greetings, DasToggy
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