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  1. Mynoduesp

    Titans - scripting bug: Rogan doesnt move to Brannoc

    It does fix the case shown in the replay, I'm sure of that, but It doesn't fix the clusterfuck of GoTo commands in the Titans-scripts. I'm sure if you look long enough you'd find another way to get Rogan stuck. :/
  2. DESCRIPTION: Rogan Kayle (aka. Maddie in the scripts) gets stuck at Scriptmarker Target "TargetMaddie". REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens when Gate 7 & 8 are activated prematurely (before - I think - either the last spawn building is destroyed or Gate 2 and 4 were activated). SCREENSHOTS: Struck Rogan: Gate 7 & 8: REPLAY: 20200926_001416_11304_PvE_04p_Titans.pmv ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not the cleanest of fixes, but the best I came up with is bf1>map>pve>11304_pve_04p_titans>script1>gates.lua>line:104 replace OnOneTimeEvent with new OnOneTimeEvent: OnOneTimeEvent({ Conditions = { MapFlagIsTrue({ Name = "mf_Gate07Open" }), MapFlagIsTrue({ Name = "mf_Gate08Open" }), EntityIsInRange({ -- new check to prevent premature trigger Name = "Maddie", TargetTag = "TargetMaddie", Range = 10 }) }, Actions = { SquadGroupCheckpointGoto({ Group = "sg_Civilians", TargetTag = "sg_CivilistEndstation", Run = default }), SquadCheckpointGoto({ Tag = "Maddie", TargetTag = "sg_MaddieEndstation", Run = default }) } })
  3. Mynoduesp

    Speedrun Titles

    Unfortunatly I'm very sceptical about a prestige-system (new game+). On one hand they would be very special and function as a currency sink for the economy, on the other hand the relative distribution would be heavily weighted towards urltra rares, ultimatly further expanding the general price gap between chase cards and regulars. Additionaly would those ranks more often be achived by traders than speedrunners/actual player who play the game. This wouldn't be a bad thing, just a different thing from intended "speedrunner"-ranks. Also, don't ignore PvP in this discussion. Yes this is about a PvE achivement which can overwrite your PvE rank, but the same possibility should be given to PvP players to overwrite their ranks. Lastly, if these ranks should be achived by in game achivements (which cannot be lost over time until a certain threshold), we should be concerned about distribution. A.e. If only 3 players would get such rank you can be very sure in a year or so, maybe 6 players at all will get those ranks. Pretty good for the hardcore competative scene, but very unmotivating for above average players. Easily fixable with increasing numbers if distributed ranks though. And a concern when a system needs to be fleshed out. My general idea: Overall, once achived these ranks cannot be lost below 17 - Chronicle Keeper (fitting name lol). No rank 17 should be achived directly, it would only be achivable by getting the higher ranks 20, 19 or 18 first and getting deranked to 17 on the monthly reset. For PvP: Every month top 10 positions (very few bc the playerbase is small and there are two ladders) get the special ranks 20 - Master of the Forge, 19 - Vigil of the Forge and 18 - Loremaster. Only one rank 20, three rank 19 and six rank 18. Depending on the # of rewarded players, numbers for rank 19 and 18 would change, I'd say in general in PvP just 1 rank 20, one third of remaining rewarded players rank 19 and two thirds rank 18. (For 2v2 PvP each member of the ranking position would get the ranks.) Additionally a soft ladder reset every month, normalizing the elo values to more easily climb the ladder and push top players down. For PvE: Changing the map to compete every season/month instead of overall storymap competition: Similar to PvP there would be a singleplayer ladder and a team ladder. For a singleplayer map and a 2, 3, 4 player map respectivly. Ranks would be distributed by position on the specific ladder like PvP. (I suggest singleplayer and multiplayer ladders because aus of player preferences and accessability. Players who don't want to play multiplayer should still be able to achive these ranks.) These two maps "of the month" could either be regular story maps or community maps such as "Rise of a Demon" or "Into the wild" or even altered story maps with special restrictions aka certain banned cards or additional goals (only t3/destroy building XY as example) which would add new challenges for old maps. What do you think? I didn't put much thoughts into this aspect, maybe it is possible to just add those ranks besides the normal PvE and PvP ranks. Just adding these ranks below the currently existing ones. I'll do some scuffed paint magic when I get home to illustrate what I mean.
  4. Mynoduesp

    crash QueekQueek Crash Ocean

    Very strange, there's only one spawn for en entity with Tag = "QueekQueek" which is in an OnOneTimeEvent in ba_light.lua. Can't easily explain this one... Couldn't decompile every file, but I really don't think there is any other QueekQueek spawn in there... strange indeed. At least I found a cheat.lua script LUL
  5. NAME: The Soultree - Amii Monument trivialising wincondition DESCRIPTION: The map wincondition for "The Soultree" gets trivialised. This is no true bug, but a scripting and description error from old BF by giving an alternative wincondition to the map. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I already made some changes to new scripts (listed below for download) and tested them quite well. The only things changed are 1. how the monument counter works and 2. what the banishing/game ending triggers: The new mission counter (11103_01_07MonumentCounter) which counts monuments (duh...) doesnt use PlayerOrbAmount conditions anymore, instead the monuments (pl1_monument1, pl1_monument3, pl1_monument4, e_monument1, e_monument2) on the map are hard coded into the script. OnToggleEvents check if monuments are controlled for at least 30s (construction time of monuments) to increase the mission counter and also decrease the counter when a build monument (alive 30s min beforehand) is lost. Losing a monument in construction will correctly not affect the counter. The game ending is now triggered when the mission counter reaches 5. All checks for a correct value from the mission counter are in the counter itself. SCRIPTS: moon1.lua new lines 184 - 208 (replacing 184 - 209) goals.lua new lines 296 - 674 (replacing 296 - 538) Feel free to check my changes and try them out in a community version of The Soultree. Note: When depaking maps .xml files can get lost thus missionmarkers on the minimap as well as the map description will get lost too. These "bugs" have nothing to do with these scripts.
  6. Mynoduesp

    crash QueekQueek Crash Ocean

    Uuuuuh interesting. This goes into my "investigation-pile". I'm sure Ladadoos can fix it with some logic changes. Here's a bit of insight what crashed your game (FYI): Seems like a script-bug, the game tried to spawn an unit with ScriptTag "QueekQueek" (most likely QueekQueek ^^) but the Tag was already in use, thus causing the assertion-error and crash.T his is a different issue than the conmection issues you mentionend.
  7. Mynoduesp

    How to open map

    Get "Dragon UnPACKer 5" to unpack files and the editor to repack them. Also if you want to decompile .lub scripts, rename them to .lua and upload them to "decompiler.com". Have fun
  8. Mynoduesp

    Speedrun Titles

    A fun idea if you're into trade and less into playing maps I'm afraid. Thanks for the input about overwriting PvE ranks, I wouldn't have considered that personally, but you're totally right, I also know ppl who care about PvE ranks more than I do. :^)
  9. Mynoduesp

    Speedrun Titles

    I like these special ranks for both PvE and PvP. I'm trying to come up with a couple of ideas maybe involving community events/challenges/tournaments and/or semi-permanent options for these ranks. I'll post it here and hope for others to do the same
  10. Mynoduesp

    CardBase API

    yikes XD
  11. Mynoduesp

    CardBase API

    Maybe, but since https://allcards.skylords.eu/ already has a deck building feature I'd start there
  12. Mynoduesp

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Didn't mean to be rude, was a bit harsh, you're right @LEBOVIN :^) The booster pictures are without a doubt fitting and nice, but compared to Amii-boosters green/purple "Battle Forge" which tells you this cointains nature and shadow cards without even knowing the card that is printed on the booster. I should have elaborated that more clearly, my bad. x)
  13. Mynoduesp

    CardBase API

    I'm not very familiar with APIs and the information I was hoping to find in the there isn't part of the API either (CardIDs and more importantly AbilityIDs). So I won't use it any time soon anyways. That said, an up to date API is still a nice feature to have. Deckbuilding and such still work with not quite up to date data I know. I'm curious what the future brings though, maybe you'll implement a deck import/export feature to Skylords reborn as a QoL feature, things like that would cause trouble if not maintained. :^)
  14. Mynoduesp

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Small feedback on the booster art: First of all, I love what you did with the new Amii and Frost/Fire boosters (please coin a name for the last nameless faction or make a pool/event/competition for the community to do so :D). Secondly, while the new boosters and the single faction boosters show what's inside, older boosters fail misserably. Bandits, Twilight and even Stonekin booster art deserve an update sometime soon (I know this is low prio :P). About the booster content window: I like that you're able to search for card and also that the fist cards shown are colourless/legendaries. Since ppl like to see primarily shiny and secondarily actual data I'd move promo cards even above colourless cards. And if it's not too much trouble add a dropdown to sort by either name or rarity
  15. Mynoduesp

    CardBase API

    So the official cardlist on https://allcards.skylords.eu/ isn't up to date...? That's a bummer, but alright, I wont play with it before release then. Would be nice to have an API after launch though. :^)

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