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  1. Very well written, informative (but not too detailed), compiled and clean. Looking forward to these updates every other week. ?
  2. I've not made a statemant about this in my reply...? I disagree with you on a factual point. I'm telling you, removing the most efficient way leaves you with the second most efficient way. You're proclaming there are "no other options right now". That's just a banger on its own. There's nothing to prove you wrong about. The argument of there being no stragety to fill its void is simply wrong. No doubt it wont be as efficient - but that's where the whole disagreement of meta evolution starts.
  3. Of course there are strategies on BH without Decomposer.You are just unaware of them because... - Decomposer it's the default and most effective strategy by far. - No strategies were perfected after the abuse of Decomposer really took off. > Buffing unused stuff is the good decision, but doing it while nerfing the "OP" stuff just nullifies it. What?
  4. There's Infernal Machine and Kobold Inc. I'd suggest to start playing around with those too
  5. I love the advanced map challenges. For me, there was never an incentive to play the difficulty at all, therefore the map is like a fresh take on uncharted territory.
  6. It's been a blast reading through this thread, seeing both sides of the coin really puts progress into perspective. I love how Zyna and Lada manage the project currently, it surely wasn't a smooth ride up to this point. There's just so many things to be done and to manage it in such a small team is a full time job. For how the whole team managed this time of huge workload and even bigger community expectations I have the upmost respect. As they mention in on of their latest announcements, staff expansion an restructuring has taken away time from progress being made in other parts of
  7. If you were to apply a buff with duration and reapply it each ~1 second. You'll most likely end up with bigger performance issues. But if you want to try it, a sceleton ability would be the global regen buff of fountain of rebirth.
  8. Making WoG Effects auras with lets say 500m range should do the trick just fine. Same goes for Incredible Mo.
  9. Yes Wheel of Gifts should reaply and it's a known bug. There are already a couple of bugreports on this.
  10. Random report, deck 2 should be because of tremor t3. ?
  11. To read the description of Community Ambassador is all I needed to sleep well tonight.
  12. Something similar/related occures when trying to attack units under the affect of Frenetic Assault. The cursor behavior is pretty weird. Didn't hut down bugs as if now.
  13. can you specify this report? which language is it in? German? could you add a screenshot of it?
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