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  1. This is not a video about BF/SR, but one about RTS. Worth a watch for ppl interested in dev-ing and the RTS genre in general.
  2. C. New Description: "Grants an Ice Shield every 3 seconds to friendly entities in a 25m radius without. Each Ice Shield absorbs up to 450 / 550 / 700 / 880 damage for 30 seconds. Target cannot currently have an Ice Shield. Lasts until deactivated." Is the shield applied on activation, on a global timer or on a local timer? If instant, this is strictly busted. If on a local timer (entity timer), the description is okay, but maybe better of with a statement about initial cooldown. If in a global timer (map timer), pls no.
  3. @Kubik If its just scripts that need to be changedand you guys are able to implement them, this shouldn't take too long. Maybe 2h, including gathering of the translations. @TREX Changes are planned, but still in babyshoes. Theres a thread about it.
  4. Make the portal devices manuallly with a bigger area (somehow indicated) to teleport consistency.
  5. I like the concept of getting an advantage (void recycle) in a defensiv manner, but took technical limitation/easier implementation into account. There's nothing wrong with a sac lamb, fire has litteraly a bomb for enemies to bash into. Give the proposed "Soulstone" an additional AoE taunt abbility and *bam* another layer of complexity. Sidenote: Correct me if I'm wrong, there is no trigger on damage taken so far, thus making the proposed effect somewhat impossible (or at least far fetched).
  6. Rather than reworking SoMa (again). One could take this idea and make a new card (obviously no thought went into numbers): Name: Soulstone Cost: 50 Power (Frost) (Frost) Class: Shrine - Support building, does not attack. Unsealed Knowledge (passive) - On death, immediately transfer 50% of the owner player's current void power back into the acutal power pool. Unkillable (passive) - This entity cannot be deleted/sacrificed by the controlling player. HP: 1000
  7. @__luc I think Dallarian means DMs, but I'm sure he'll accept this anyway bockquote widget (Somehow didn't see the reply from Lans.... lul)
  8. Maze has all (with different upgrades and charges) 370x510px Cards over at https://smj.cards/ If this resolution is sufficient for your prints, these will be the best you can get for little to no effort. If you want max resolution you'll have to patchwork Cardbacks, Cost, Text etc. together. There are Files for every part of the Card available. Also, I'm pretty sure the API for cards is up to date. https://allcards.skylords.eu/ used an legacy version which (I think) is not supported anymore. Here's the comparison between smj and allcards:
  9. -1. Focus Fire Basic: Especially on low tiers and low suplly, focus your damage on one enemy entity after another (declare an attack on one entity, after it dies, declare the next attack on the next target and so on). Advanced: Use supporting and supporting CC units (a.e. Frostmage/Dryad/Shaman) in a different controll group and depending on the unit let them attack on their own at random or focus CC key targets. Expert: Change focus fire target while lethal projectiles are still in the air to maximise damage output and move individual units which get targeted by the enemy fur
  10. For me, being able to have a cleaned-up inventory (without tedious trading) provides me more pleasure than opening a promo harvester.
  11. A suggestion for Event Organizers and devs in regard to Community Challenges. Even with the small sample size we have today, it becomes apparent that Community Maps are not something everyone is familiar with. For Community Challenges with Community Maps such as CCC#2 and Dallarians “Lyr’s Distress Call” is this an additional hurdle to reach players - no matter how well the event is managed. I suggest an additional location for Community Challenges (very well illustrated below in orange (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ). It would host the current Community Challange, be it a Community Map or any specif
  12. My bad for not noticing this issue. I've had the discussion like a year ago already (another group) and it didn't cross my mind. Back then we've agreed on CEST, but a 'global' event like this should definilt use GMT or UTC. As well as a universal date format with written out months.
  13. 100% agree. An event with a singel runtime of 15 minutes on average shoud not be held longer than 7 (max 10) days. Events with runtimes over 30 minutes and especially 3+ players can be held over a longer period like 14 days. Go give ppl the chance for optimisation, team coordination and team organisation. Only if the whole purpose of the event is multiplayer optimisation (rPvE MotM is such an event), then it could be run for a full month (without patches during uptime). But these events can easily be run in parallel.
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