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  1. I can only comment on this section and say we try to improve the game on this front: clear and easy to grasp visuals as well as accurate descriptions are being worked on Especially for new releases and reworks. I hope this shows in past releases and will show in future ones too.
  2. @DefAnske Nowadays you could include your deckcode for ppl to import it. 😛
  3. @Timatijs To put it in other words, you'd like that the achievement also counts for sub-categories like 2 player completion on a 4 player map? But else the achievement is working as described, right?
  4. @Kayrie Just an FYI: The term "entity" is used to describe "units", "buildings" and "Amii strucutres". From a status-effect point of view it makes sense to use "entity" since it hits all bases, no matter what kind of entity the status effect is on. That said, we'll look into it, thanks for the report. 🙂
  5. Alms Collect all the gold from chests from a campaign PvE map. Reward: Gold Type: Endless (maybe daily limited to X times)
  6. Missing classes: Spell Arcane Enchantment Raven Statue Legacy classes (can be removed): Thugs
  7. One Trick Pony Win a rPvE difficulty 5 or higher while only playing one card. Reward: Pony (Avatar)
  8. @Draconnor Unfortunatly there's a bug with the achievement Cheapsake which makes it so the whole team is required to follow the restriction. We're already working on a fix for this. You can expect it within the next days. Thanks for the report.
  9. Cheapsake and all new achievements - which do not state a group requirement explicitly - only require you to fulfill the requirements. Other behaviors are unintended, if you won a map without the achievement counting it, please let us know with additional information which map - if possible with a replay. The achievement should also work on 12 player scenarios. We will add explicit text for all achievements with such solo requirements to improve clarity.
  10. Suggestion and personal expansion of the idea from someone in game for cosmetics. Felt like this is a close enough match to write this down: A cosmetic... displaying the amount of boosters opened displaying the amount of promo cards owned displaying the amount of cards owned for a full collection for a fully charged collection And my personal favorite: a cosmetic for the amount of "Mo" cards owned called "mo mo farm" (diablo 2 reference)
  11. Exclude promos from these statistics (adjust name to reflect that): > Common/ Uncommon/ Rare/ Ultra rare unique cards Add addtional statistics for promo cards: > Unique promo cards Maybe there are more ideas to expand these empty pages from more community members...?
  12. Damn @Maze your site came far... 🤯 All I'm missing is the buymeacoffee link. ;D
  13. Not much of a suggestion, only bringing this to your attention: Kinda grinding my gears. 🙂
  14. An additional option to buy multiple booster packs with far fewer clicks. edit#1: Could be a bit challenging with the daily booster discount... Some possible UI-mockups:
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