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  1. As someone who never worked with disasembly I'm reading this like: Yes... gotcha... mhm... good... ok... yeah... alright, I don't understand what's going on.
  2. So... the deck isn't dead, but now has a narrower usecase? I wonder, how good is it's performance in this usecase compared to other decks? If it outclasses other compeating decks in this usecase you can't make an argument that de deck is dead. However, if it's performance in this usecase is now also lacking behind many other decks, you have a valid argument for it's demise.
  3. You'll get in troubles with this solution as soon as two hybrid Orbs are in one card. I suggest to expand the package by (at least) 4 elements.
  4. @T1421 I reccomend you to increase your retraction setting and set z-hop to 0. This stringing looks out of hand. Also, nice to have found this thread, I might give it a go with my pronters.
  5. The deck already heavily profits by an arbitrary exception; Promos circumventing the legendary rule. ;D
  6. Just encountered another scripting error in map 2. When the final fight was triggered, the "Spirit of Viridya" was still on the map. We killed the 4 aspects and after a couple of seconds "Spirit of Viridya" ported back on top of the mountain. After another minute or so the map ended with a kick form the map (no defeat screen).
  7. He put every point in perception and charisma. Skylords just have an incredible passive perception score.
  8. When it was possible for Cards... It's probably possible for Decks too. Just implement it 4Head. All we need is an export to the clipboard: "id=703|id=374|id=677|id=663|id=664|id=1409|id=426|id=524|id=661|id=527|id=1482|id=1343|id=414|id=662|id=427|id=431|id=707|id=707|id=1200|id=1318|id=1224"
  9. How likely is it that borderless windowed will be developed in the future? I have a couple of issues with the workaround besides it being clunky.
  10. Can't wait to see ppl pinging their Altar of Nihil and Juice Tanks in rPvE.
  11. This is not a video about BF/SR, but one about RTS. Worth a watch for ppl interested in dev-ing and the RTS genre in general.
  12. C. New Description: "Grants an Ice Shield every 3 seconds to friendly entities in a 25m radius without. Each Ice Shield absorbs up to 450 / 550 / 700 / 880 damage for 30 seconds. Target cannot currently have an Ice Shield. Lasts until deactivated." Is the shield applied on activation, on a global timer or on a local timer? If instant, this is strictly busted. If on a local timer (entity timer), the description is okay, but maybe better of with a statement about initial cooldown. If in a global timer (map timer), pls no.
  13. @Kubik If its just scripts that need to be changedand you guys are able to implement them, this shouldn't take too long. Maybe 2h, including gathering of the translations. @TREX Changes are planned, but still in babyshoes. Theres a thread about it.
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