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  1. Unfortunatly I'm no help in this regard. No experience and no ambition to change it for as of now. x) Thanks for the insight of the state of progress in that regard.
  2. I'd love to see the feature to deselect certain units and/or units of the same type from ones active selection via the UI below. In case you did not know, this is already possible via the units themselfs: Use <SHIFT + leftclick> to deselect a specific unit and use <SHIFT + CTRL/STRG + leftclick> to deselect all units of a kind. Furthermore: If possible let the UI dynamicly expand or at least increas the default to a 3 by 4 grid to increase the units shown from 9 to 12.
  3. You can join the MapCreator-Discord where ppl generaly help you to learn how to use ceate custom maps (or change existing ones). But a disclamer, this rabbithole is deep.
  4. That was quick! Just 6 days after your initial report you not only present a fix, but also an impact report. Good work! Also.... praise Hel- [...] praise KUBIK! I'd love to see it implemented, but also have my concerns. Pretty sure the game feels and plays a lot different in t3+, to the point of having to relearn how to play with and against certain cards. Maybe in a fully fledged SR expansion (soon™?) this change would fit in...
  5. @DutchyI'm sure you already have access to all of those BF music files. Just use them as background. Ref. to this Post:
  6. The only issues I had so far was not knowing the exact keywords and the lack of intigration into the upgrades register in ones inventory. Anything else, I simply love. Examples for keywords: 'copies', 'copy' or 'count' 'charge' or 'charges' Small possible "improvements": It would be nice to be able to use 'true/false' and/or 't/f' additionaly to '1/0' for attributes.
  7. try "promo:1" For values (health, attack, upgrade, charge, copies) you need to use "=", but for attributes (a.e. promo, flying) you need ":". Think of it as true/false for 1/0 rather than the number.
  8. @Cocofang This speedrun was 95% execution and 5% "luck". Of course it would be automatable with hotkey scripts, but besides being TOS it's a pain to sync to perfection. @Kapo This is just one (more precisely my) way of optimising. As a run gets shorter (and thus less random and more optimised), details gain on importance. That's why this is very detailed to every point of energy. There are more experinced player in the community which theorycraft and optimise runs on the fly. So don't expect every strategy has this much of a detailed plan to execute.
  9. Hello fellow skylords, since GoL got changed here's how the map was beaten as fast as possible - without an explination. The document shows different timings for player-inputs for 4player to 1player speedruns for the map before the changes in Patch #400031 - 18 December 2021. Here's also the Google docs link. There won't be an explination. I'm just sharing it for the sake of sharing. Cheers, Myno GoL_Timemap.xlsx
  10. I've got two, Swamp Drake (promo) and Amii Monumet. As a free-to-play Gamer back in the days Swamp Drake was my goto Card for any deck, any map and after months of flipping cards on the market I was able to buy the promo version. I knew it was stupid to invest that much into a single card - especially when I didn't even own Enlightenment. But... I had Promo Swamp Drake and was a happy boy. Amii Monument I remember for the outrage it created - and still does. For me, it was the turning point of EA. Once a well respected game publisher and now just greedy corporates.
  11. Guns of Lyr. Devloping new 4p as well as 1p speedrun strat was lots of fun. The map is cursed by design, which makes its heavily abuseable - and I like abuse. However, I'm looking forward to the planed changes to the map and how the strats will adapt to the changes.
  12. Very well written, informative (but not too detailed), compiled and clean. Looking forward to these updates every other week. ?
  13. I've not made a statemant about this in my reply...? I disagree with you on a factual point. I'm telling you, removing the most efficient way leaves you with the second most efficient way. You're proclaming there are "no other options right now". That's just a banger on its own. There's nothing to prove you wrong about. The argument of there being no stragety to fill its void is simply wrong. No doubt it wont be as efficient - but that's where the whole disagreement of meta evolution starts.
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