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  1. Further information: The card description specificly states immunity against Oink instead of transformation.
  2. Snapjaw (fire) - <PLACEHOLDER> Deutsch Ist Zustand: [...] weniger [...] Soll Zustand: [...] erhöhten/mehr [...]
  3. I tried to make a frontier keep + infernal machine (+ kobold inc) rPvE deck once. The concept is solid and the cards are pretty solid on their own, but my deck didnt work too well. MM seems to be way superior
  4. Tower of Flames - U1, U2, U3 Upgrade Description typo Actual status: Volcanic Ground*/**/*** +1 fire waves Target status: Volcanic Ground*/**/*** +1 fire wave
  5. It's a known issue with damage application, we can work around the issue by not having any HP with a value of 300/600 (if dazed) /1200(dazed, 2x erruption) on squad units. Not a propper solution, but a good workaround
  6. Sounds very much like alt-tab during loadingscreen. It fixes itself most of the time by alt-tab again during the game.
  7. In PvP the global buff apears for the enemy player but with no effect. Not sure if global effects are always displayed for all teams in PvP, either way the description is misleading or wrong, depending on how you interpret the buff.
  8. Reported the same thing earlier to maze, he's aware of the issue. He also responded with following message: I mirrored the site on a different account. you can find it here https://smj2.herokuapp.com/
  9. Already made the report for hurricane This thread can be discarded ^^ Already made the report for hurricane This thread can be discarded ^^
  10. - The edition is missing - Card misses frost affinity dot & lining on requirements - Mode icon misses frost affinity background - Both species and trait (classes) should be uppercase Just kidding, amazing progress
  11. Shrine of War - Song of Battle U3 effect description wrong, shows U0 values
  12. which nicely fits the price raise of booster packs from 350 to 450, who would have thought :^)
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