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  1. He sources the information and images from the cardbase, hence I said the card base needs to be kept updated, then he hasn’t to do anything either
  2. If you look closer on some cards, the displayed info is no longer correct as the cards have been changed with the first balancing patch .... but to fix that the card base needs new images I suppose.
  3. Were there perhaps low hp allies nearby ?! If yes then the shaman was occupied attempting to go to heal them
  4. Well the issue that PvE rank does not reflect actual game knowledge is partly a thing because you associate certain skill with a certain old rank. But as the Xp requierements have been massively reduced for the highest rank (~90%) same should hold true for your expectation. Also deck level has never been a reasonable indicator for game knowledge. Secondly a big portion of players are veterans that do not want to play every map on the lowest difficulty once, before finally unlocking expert (saves a lot of time for the achievement for instance if u complete all 3 difficulties at once)
  5. add it to meme thread
  6. All your descriptive issues (and hundreds more) have already been noted down, solutions have been jointly developed and summarised and now await implementation.
  7. request deck of players before the game, if u dont like it kick them from the group
  8. No thats the worst timing, because then there is almost no remaining capacity left that would take 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% longer to deplete...
  9. The card functionality has not been changed. As the building has been build very often by players without achieving a benefit (especially in RPVE), the tooltip has been updated to make it clearer that the potential gains of this building only kick in after the power well would normally have been depleted. Old text: Own power wells in a 20m radius consume 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% less power, thus producing more. New text: Within a 20m radius the remaining capacity of own power wells takes 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% longer to deplete. Production per time increment remains the same.
  10. Hm perhaps in the process of doing the changes for the first balancing change, an accidential other change happened and a card did in fact change, but then I guess u have to make a custom map and spawn units with these ids one by another, this should make it possible to identify the rogue id.
  11. afaik only the id of fire sphere was changed (in fact duplicated so the old and the new one continue to work)
  12. well I added the subcondition that not t4 but the highest orb a player has achieved in the game counts, but for the bad harvest example this would be the same so I omitted it there Here the full proposal: Each player in the PvE game that has not reached the higest orb count achieved by any of his teammates will additively reduce the gold income of the entire team by 30%. So as in the case of Bad Harvest, the highest orb count reached is 4 (by the carry), so the 3 T1 feeders will lower the gold income by 30% x 3 = 90% aka the speedrun grants only ~400 instead of ~4000 gold and thus ev
  13. I assume it is currently like this to prevent overflow on smaller resolutions.
  14. I got you covered ;D https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Starter Decks
  15. the 3 players just feeding, is really only bad harvest where it applies cause in the first 4 min almost no attacks come in and all players are conveniently starting at the same location. taking the second prominent gold farming map guns of lyr and suddenly the other positions also have to do some work.
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