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    Map editor tutorials

    They are within the respective .pak files of the maps.

    Тормозит игра

    The game freezes every 5-7 seconds for 3-4 seconds. Re-installed the game 10 times, updated and reinstalled the video drivers, uninstalled almost everything from the computer...nothing helps -https://www.deepl.com/translator работает удивительно хорошо!

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hi! I got a problem. The game freezes every 5-7 seconds for 3-4 seconds. Next time: https://www.deepl.com/translator helps

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    We are not old BF we are SkylordsReborn, so we can deviate from how it has been and nevertheless it is a map that can be speedrun. And as this is a speedrun ranking archive, it makes total sense to include it.

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New Guns Duo 4:11.8 by LEBOVIN and Wanky Regarding ur message: Subjective believes shouldnt influence the rankings. If there is a Ranking for a map it should be shown. No reason to exclude the map cause it is not available on expert. Sorry wrong thread but u see it anyway

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Why don't you add "Introduction" to the rankings aswell? It is featured in Rankings in the client. I believe it should be featured here aswell.

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    Why is that a dumb thing? Why would that require a fix. As you say in PvP an overpowered card ruins the game for the opponent. But in PvE we only have people benefitting and the opponent is AI, you purposely want to increase energy cost, and thereby weaken every player using it just for the sake of fairness amongst orb energy cost? Amii Monument comes with many disadvantages (examples below) compared to a normal orb and the developer simply lowered its costs to make up for that. - Amii takes up a slot in your deck, depending on your strategy this is a big deal - Amii requires save space to be build, which can cause you to need more defense - Amii takes 45 / 30 seconds to be build plus an additional 10 seconds for the granting of the chosen orb, making it significantly slower then a normal orb - Amii requires to becompetitive in build-up speed with a normal orb a construction hut, limiting deck choice even further as frost is required for the hut - Amii can only be started to be build after your t3 is already finished, whilst a regular orb can be build at any time - Amii total up front cost for building and orb selection is higher then for a normal monument, requiring void return and thus limiting your deck again Especially in a speedrunning perspectives those points cannot be easily neglected. For a casual gamer they do not play a significant role and the slight power cost increase does neither. Making the proposed change effectively a nerf for everybody, but the only thing that really changes is that speedrunners times are getting hit, usage won't be affected.

    Balance Proposal: Curse Well

    There were plenty of other ideas available. Many of those might be better, but aren't feasible to be implemented right now. Increasing the power cost and thereby also decreasing the difference in permanent power loss is a temporary solution and not a final decision. The card will be revised once we have more possibilities available.

    nerf amii monument

    Maybe someone can close this post and we can shift the discussion to the balance proposal post only (linked above by Dion). There are already way too many places people discuss this.

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    Firstly Amii t4 does not enable new strategies . All these strategies are ALREADY playable. Secondly majority of people right now use it to get t4 faster /easier to clear . When u right now do clear everything with t3 people will then do it with t4 first and not t5. Like that’s one unnecessary step, when ur t4 u have enough, if u really want to play a strange t5 strat you can do it already.

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all time records: - Blight 13:03.7 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky September 2019 - Blight 15:59.2 Pritstift + Treim + Wanky September 2019 - Crusade 13:36.4 Pritstift September 2019

    Inflation Incoming!

    Can we get a feature in market to show in a graphical way how prices per card developed Kubik (i.e. like stock exchange)?

    Rifle Cultist

    Necrofury cannot Hit air units, 1 point for rifle cultist

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    This sounds cool, but belongs to the achievement proposals

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