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    Balance Proposal: Thugs

    Well the current proposal is complete removal, this change allows for easier kiting for the opponent and therefore increases skill to use the card. Sounds like a fair price i think. for the m counter change remember that only 1 s unit squad can attack the m unit they would fight against, so in an open fight of 2 thugs vs 1 now trooper 1 squad could only watch

    Balance Proposal: Thugs

    I would be fine with no change at all, but here are several potential suggestions to nerf the unit other then removing looter 1. decrease hp pool, 2. (not sure if that’s currently the case already) deactivate looter while dazed, 3. Make looter a toggle at the cost of movementspeed (my favourite), 4. increase summoning cost, 5. change counter to m size ofc combination of the above is possible If technical limits exist maybe just delay until Kubik has it resolved
  3. There are currently only like 12 active people present in the leaderboards. Yet there are more votes.
  4. There is a wiki already, feel free to add those desired articles after proper research and testing. I will be happy to help with formatting.

    (2) - Bad connection causes game crash/freeze.

    I am not sure if really all players experience same lag in that case, as I am playing on a shitty laptop now and others already continue to play normally while I still experience the freeze.
  6. Probably ur rpve was less then ~10 minutes lead dev intentionally decided to keep descriptions vague and exluded that subcondition there

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    So what it is Kubik idea?

    Suspicious unit behaviour

    Try to describe it with words. The replay file shouldn’t be too big. Attach it to ur message here and give a timeframe. Maybe images do help. Otherwise on Discord. But the limit is not too big there either.

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    How is the use in speedrunning questionable right now , if IT SPEEDS UP - that’s what speedrunning is about

    PvE expert replays with commentary

    Haha maybe Mephisto is willing to contribute there ?

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Because in the tokens are sometimes exclusively assigned to players. For instance play King of the giants, and only the tier 1 orbs are missing but all other ones are there. if amii had a 4 orb requirement the card would have absolutely no use for speedrunning lol and on soultree you already have t4 for the last camp anyway, so it should be easily doable last statement: I am not a developer, secondly when you care for preserving speedrun tactics you ignore pvp but it is vice versus just the same, depends on your priorities - but banning people’s opinions is not this forums intention

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Not sure if u got my point, so just for clarification: I propose a solution in which a card has 2 versions 1 for pvp and one for pve, that way the balancing of the modes DOES NOT interfere
  13. Although it is random pve many variables in the map are 100% consistent, like income spawn buildings etc. visit treims rpve guide
  14. Yes this is true, if you pay close attention or check out treims rpve guide you will notice that there are many „settings“ on how rpve maps are generated. And in duo the one side has it harder is one of those.

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    honestly as common ground is hard to find here, @Kubik can u deliver the pvp and pve specific balancing for cards? If yes, even if it takes a long while, the remaining issues like how to make it visible on the cards or make it new player friendly are easily manageable later but the conflict between Pvp and speedrunners would be resolved

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