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  1. What's certainly is going to happen is the reduction of the aoc spawn rate on Standard difficulty. Unfortunately EA managed to configure it in the most twisted way imaginable, hence it won't make it this patch.
  2. I checked it, this appears to be not fixable inside the map editor. Terrain cliffs come with an automatic movement blocking in their proximity. This is overpainted in the blocking editor to be ignored so that the walkers do not get stuck. Unfortunately this also overwrites the construction blocker paint in that area. Edit: Solution found, revert map back to EA version, place scriptmarkers inside the path and cast an invisible clone of scorched earth's construction blocking in troubled areas.
  3. Interesting, thanks for the report. Just to make sure at other areas especially at the beginning were the blocking was usually done, it did work as intended ?
  4. I wanted that time stop ability ever since the orignal video^^
  5. use the left column of this link instead, maybe easier than opening each page one by one https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/ID_Lists/Card_IDs
  6. Isn’t this rather report a bug? xD Edit: Just tested it, the slaver thing is sadly a reproducable issue, surely introduced by EA.
  7. Yeah, xp requiered and difference between ranks has been lowered by a lot (left old, right SR)
  8. Oracle mask already has got substantial changes on test server.
  9. Eventually at least all permanent units are indeed planned to be bound by the population limit.
  10. I mean could it just cut off the name after x characters and only display the full name in a tooltip? Like permanently display „{GM}Mephisto…“ and the full {GM}MephistoRoss on hover in tooltip only?
  11. The cards displayed on the all cards website are also no longer up to date. (For example new cards are completely missing) Using the card viewer template in the wiki you can increase the displayed scaling of a cards but afterall the quality is not better than the original 320 × 320 resolution that is available for all cards. Additionally you would have to screenshot each card using this scaling method which would be an absolute nightmare^^.
  12. I mean the XP requirements were lowered to a point where they are basically irrelevant, if we want to incentivize with XP, these requirements would need to be increased again or additional dependencies created.
  13. English only pls.
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