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  1. Bad Harvest 02:54.7 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim January 2021 Bad Harvest 02:32.8 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky January 2021
  2. Old screenshots show there used to be some kind of filter back in the days. Maybe it could be reinstated to allow filtering between all kind of lobbys and by difficulty.
  3. They seem to be untouchable, I am desperately trying to get rid of them/ alter them for a certain map Any ideas on how to, are welcomed.
  4. must be an upcoming elo boost achievement
  5. U might have not yet come across upgrade 3, claiming this one costs far more gold than disenchanting yields. for ultra rare u pay 15k gold ^^
  6. Thou shall play nightmare shard 1000 times. 😉
  7. Hello Community, below you can find my educational video showing one way how to beat Blight on Expert difficulty. Hope you like it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The replay file and video is attached below: Blight_Quadro_Expert_16.44.8_(Guide Run).pmv
  8. Is there some kind of error message displayed?
  9. Usually they just unsynch and onwards from the point when a card that was changed is played out, the player's units stand there doing nothing for the rest of the replay.
  10. @MephistoRoss One is wrong here, if it is ingame pls update it there accordingly:
  11. If the flat dmg is converted to an actual percentage buff the short double appearance should at least be fixed too, as then only the highest percentage counts
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