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  1. Diff 2 and 3 are also leaving us. Maybe CCC13 = Diff 3 rPvE or combined best time Diff 2 + Diff 3?
  2. Update: It was fixed with last patch.
  3. A Kobold Engineer doesn't repair damaged buildings and amii structures when there is a glacier shell on that building/structure. He will do his animation, but repairs 0 health. He works korrekt with Amii-Ritual (both affinities) and shield dom, but not with glacier shell.
  4. Sometimes Mana Wing is played in PvP, too. Will the promo version from the Reborn Edition be in the prize pool?
  5. It is not handeled for different spells/effect the same: Mindweaver / Parasite Swarm: A freeze, oink or paralyze effect stays on the unit after it was taken over und runs out normally. Mind Control: A single freeze, oink or paralyze effect gets canceld after the unit is ztaken over with a "Mind Control" spell. When there are two effects of those kind are at the same time on the unit, the effects stay on the unit after is was taken over (similar to Mindweaver / Parasite Swarm). So i guess there is a bug with "Mind Control" with single freeze, oink or paralyze
  6. This is so with all Creatures, which are summoned and not hard cast. I assume its a well known issue.
  7. Maybe repeat the CCC11 with more time some day?
  8. maybe give us two weeks more time next time when its about creative stuff.
  9. Can you add a filter for prize, please? E.g. showing all commons which cost at most 7 BFP would be "rarity=common & prize<=7"?
  10. Maybe you make a new archivement for 9.5 similar to 9 and 10?
  11. Goal 1: Is it necessary for this quest that at one time there are 12 Orbs builded/in construction? Or is it legal to start building some orbs at least one time and cancel construction?
  12. An outrunning effect of Scorched Earth seems to enable a well to be repaired. The well has glacier shell on it and is attacked constantly. But repair was possible. see replay at 1:34 bug repair.pmv
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