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  1. oh thank you Kubik. When I tried this bevore I might made something wrong. Ok. cool feature.
  2. "Added ability to search for missing copies and charges in the Auction House. For example, writing `(charge=2 & copies<2) | (charge=1 & copies<3) | (charge=0 & copies<4)` in the textbox will show you all the cards you can still potentially buy to get a fully charged collection." What I would like to have is a function to search in own inventory for cards with copies > 3.
  3. Are neutral cards allowed for new archivements? especialy for Promo Manawing?
  4. Cool Idea. I will be interested to see the others in the insanity league. And maybe even possible with 2 cards?
  5. aah, sadly I cant participate tomorrow.
  6. I didnt see the register button. Do you add players manually?
  7. Would like to participate too. Dont have you on Discord..
  8. In which surrounding does a map tester tests the maps? On the official server, the testserver or somewhere else?
  9. What are the best times so far for each challenge? You wanted to collect the times until 23. May.
  10. gibt es noch den Sonderpreis wenn man RadicalX schlägt?
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