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  1. Jolares

    BFR Contest - 4 Categories, 12+ Winners !

    They should be centered correctly, it might be due to the stroking shadow (schlagschatten?). If not i could edit the image to get it more(-ish) centered.
  2. Jolares

    BFR Contest - 4 Categories, 12+ Winners !

    contributing for the fan-art contest, an edition icon, boosterpack and cardback for the Rebon-HYPE
  3. Jolares

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Oh, I realy like the idea of this daily rewards system. Also the thing about getting boni from referred friends, as this will quite end in me having 3 ppl(ze friende) arround playing the 4 player maps.
  4. Jolares

    Where are you from?

    Germany, out of words, work work.
  5. Jolares

    Say something about the person above you.

    acts eagerly in self-defense
  6. Story time: " I clicked on the *'!@&%-button to do the thing, and won 2x as much bfp as my bet was " which does exactly this -> you can randomly watch other people playing PVE or PVP and bet on the winner or a certain event which happens like, player 1 loses the scenario in 10 minutes flat, or player too will acomplish something faster |/| player 2 will barely win the scenario over [insert stuff here] to sum it up : watch other people playing and bet on certain events with bfp and depending on the possible odds of this exact thing happening you gain x times your bfp back or lose it ofc.
  7. Jolares

    Say something about the person above you.

    Became pudding with chocolate on top, to snack all the ladies
  8. Jolares

    Say something about the person above you.

    Lives in Slovenia, must be addicted to stonekin, guess what he uses as avatar. oh a stonekin
  9. Jolares

    Best looking creature(after being spawned)

    Agree, Ironclad was realy neat but also liked Abyssal Warder and the Deepcoil Worm
  10. Jolares

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    breeding grounds is pretty dang imho
  11. Jolares

    favorite 5 cards

    Forest Elder-green | Abyssal Warder-red | Deepcoil Worm | Wheel of Gifs | Spikeroot

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