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  1. how does enlightenment play here - just dont build t4 orb or also no elightenment allowed?
  2. add a fast build skill to the card. "will be constructed 0/ 15/ 30/ 50% faster"
  3. Please let Sanctuary protect against Willzappers
  4. Damage vs Buildings works properly now. Tested with Meteorcatchers and Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Stampede damage. @Zyna
  5. Kubik and me worked out a solution that was also applied with The damage value now applies correctly and the overflow no longer gets multiplied by Tainted Enrage or Unholy Hero or the likes. Damage was off only if overflow happened to buildings. Damage to Units done remains the same pre and post changes. That should only affect Units with the Stampede ability. like Mo, Bloodhorn, Juggernaut.
  6. imagine this only works because buildings take lotsa dmg. imagine many small hp targets, like 5hp s-troops. does charging stack dmg the same way against units if done correctly?^^ hardly abuseable because of all the circumstances, but if done right can oneshot anything
  7. atleast it gets broken consistently until the 6th where it seems to get a .5 multiplier instead of 2.0 how is the 24.800 formed? 9.900 x 2 + ___ ? where do the 5.000 come from? additionl insight: I mean this could be a longshot, but the building has exactly 5k life. is this where the addition 5k come from? that'd be hillarious.
  8. maybe it has a max amount of damage, as you've stated. and the carried-over-damage is then multiplied again? this way it only works if the initial target is destroyed so subsequent targets get the damage mulitplier applied additional times.
  9. NAME: Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Stampede damage vs buildings too high when buffed with Tainted Enrage DESCRIPTION: Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Stampede damage = 9.000 Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Tainted Enrage = The unit will deal 100% more damage 9.000 = 100% x = 100% + 100% x = 200% 18.000 = 200% (am i rite or am i rite?) I am calculating this in this way based on the damage done to units. Normally 200(100%), when buffed 400(200%). Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Stampede vs 2x Comet Catcher(5.000 hp each) Bloodhorn(p) upgrade2(II) Stampede destroys one Com
  10. but amii paladins reflect is not tied to negated dmg. it just says "distribute 100% of the incoming damage equally to hostile units". I would agree with you if the wording was "distribute 100% of the PREVENTED incoming damage equally to hostile units"
  11. NAME: Amii Paladins do not reflect Voidstorm damage DESCRIPTION: Voidstorm damage is not reflected to Units in 15m range using Amii Paladins active ability. Amii Paladins ability says "Activate to reflect incoming damage using the ancient magic of the unit's armor. For the next 10 seconds, Amii Paladins will take 100% less damage and distribute 100% of the incoming damage equally to hostile units in a 15m radius. This damage cannot be warded off with the help of damage reducing abilities because it is able to circumvent every buff or protective shield. Reusable every" I'd say Voidsto
  12. Oh, I realy like the idea of this daily rewards system. Also the thing about getting boni from referred friends, as this will quite end in me having 3 ppl(ze friende) arround playing the 4 player maps.
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