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  1. Tweeto absolutely smashed it, the artwork is amazing!!
  2. Is this really neccessary tho? Cant just the current effect be marked as "red affinity version" without any change (other than giving the card the affinity?) I do like consistency and the current Affinity-System isn´t consistent throughout all cards. What bothers me is that some cards like Lost Spirit Ship can be used twice in a deck, even tho these two affinitys only differ in the active spell (which is very minor because it´s almost never used). So in my opinion there should either be 2 affinitys for all relevant cards (especially T3 and T4 units) or it should not be possible to
  3. Though I do not understand the title at all, I would also like some rewards for reaching PvP ranks! Maybe there could simply be monthly (or every 3 months) rewards based on your highest rank that season, or one-time rewards for reaching a higher rank for the first time. (or both kinds of rewards would also be nice). Also PvP Matches should reward card upgrades aswell - just like PvE matches do. Or just more gold. But I heard this before somewhere else here on the forum - is this maybe something that is been worked on already actually @Majora?
  4. Oh that sounds good, I have been annoyed by that ever since too.
  5. Is the cap on Ward of the North justified tho? Or even needed? It's restricted by a time limit anyways. And is Lifestream of any use currently? Haven't seen the card used by another player yet and I don't know myself, gotta test it. I just remembered being disappointed by the usefulness. I think to make it more playable the cap could be increased by quite a bit.
  6. Na I mean I'd prefer to literally pause the game. (Like, as example, as we see it in official LoL Tournaments from time to time when a bug occurs and the game gets paused and later resumed for everyone) In the other post it sounds like that's possible, only the reward system is the current problem.
  7. Thinking about this, I´d actually prefer the suggested "Pause"-Option more
  8. I´d really appreciate such features! A "Save and Exit current match" would not interfere with the reward-System, but probably much harder to implement? Being able to Pause would be great tho and be more in line with the multiplayer-aspect (the game could pause for everyone I guess if all agree to pause).
  9. Thanks for creating this. A bit more allowed afk-time would come in really handy. I understand that being akf and still getting rewards should be prevented - but maybe it can be in done in a different way? Maybe change it, so that you would only not get any rewards for the playtime After the 5-min afk waring comes through (and not how it is now - no rewards for the entire match, even if you played 90 min, then went afk for 6min, played another 10 min and won the game.)
  10. Oh and what about a Speedrun-Achievement? "Gotta-go-fast": Beat the PvE Campain-Map "insertName" in under X Minutes. (dependent on the average Time spend on that map)
  11. Xamos


    This does indeed sound like a very fitting change. Alongside that I´d also appreciate another QoL - that Tortugun starts with a full hunger bar instead of only 3/4 filled. And maybe let it also loose hunger less quickly (it gets less annoying to use on U3 due to that, but an increase in the "loose less hunger" would be nice).
  12. Yes i think so too! I´ve just come up with another idea that would work better with a Fog-of-War-PvP-mode: - unit-cap could actually be based on buildings build (I´d go for a simple approach and either add new "House" cards, or a more difficult approach and give some/all existing buildings a unit-capacity) - if there were to be a lot different supportive buildings, you could actually build up a base- trying to protect you support buildings as good as possible, and scout your enemy to see for which support-buildings he went
  13. That´s still quite interesting. Elemental spirits that reshape themselves ... tho that sounds a lot like the transformation-ability of the twilight units? In my opinion it doesn´t fit Twilight anyways and I wanted something different for Twilight ever since, but according to this lore it would actually fit Amii. -> Maybe this current transform-ability could be switched up to fit Amii and changed a little to become viable, while Twilight could get a different faction-ability based around infection.
  14. That would be the easy way (as in easy to use), but sounds good to me! If it's also easy to implement, why not^^ However, I'd prefer a reroll system based of raritys - as example: put in 10 common cards, get one random card that has a 50% chance to be uncommen and 1% chance to be rare. And so on for other raritys.
  15. Yes please, I wanted this so many times before - not having to ask for the (selling) deck again.
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