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  1. Sorry for never answering these questions. 1. Disarmed units are units which cannot attack, either with melee or ranged attacks. Green Peace is a disarm effect, as is Rogan's "It's the Shoes," and Twilight Hag's charm. We are trying to use more standardized terms for crowd control effects to reduce player confusion. The intended goal here is that Forest Elder(p) will naturally synergize with the crowd control effects a Pure Nature player is most likely to use anyway in Primeval Watcher's paralyze and Green Peace's disarm. 2. Both affinities will have Magic Link. It is very possi
  2. Just wanted to update everyone that we will be changing Banzai Lord birds in the upcoming patch. Banzai Birds A. Damage (p) / Healing(g): 1000, up to 3000 --> 1500, up to 4500 B. Life points: 800 -> 1200 (+400 life points on each upgrade) C. Explosion radius: 25m --> 20m D. Total Birds: 3 --> 2 E. Remove +1 Banzai Bird summoned from U3 upgrade. The idea is to condense the strength of the card from 3 birds to 2 to reduce performance impact, while giving a small nerf by reducing total explosion radius from 25m --> 20m. Additionally, as regards the main point of
  3. I think the current mechanic for Altar of Chaos is a good one and fitting to Shadow as a faction, though I can understand both the current frustrations with using it around allies as well as its current strength. I would prefer suggestions which help to alleviate some of the current issues without wholly reworking the card from scratch. For some more transparency from our side: we as a team are not interesting in promoting any of the superweapons (Comet Catcher, WBG, and Altar of Chaos) into top tier strategies. Given their very long range (infinite in the case of Altar), they are strateg
  4. I think the question of whether or not this will be strong enough is a fair one. As-is, Mind Control is rarely if ever used, so, as always, I'd like to cautiously move forward in the process. In the first step we can see if the card fits a distinct niche within 3N+ decks, and then we can adjust its power level appropriately. Whether that is through changing Mind Control's available targets, its cooldown, its power cost, or any other option we can determine once we see it in action. I would like to point out that there will be zero changes to NPC power and orb costs in the upcoming patch.
  5. When I say that it connects to everything in a 100m radius, that is exactly what I mean, both in terms of pulling and providing support. The battery can be 100m south of the Sylvan Gate and the frontline attacker can be 100m north, and the battery will still be able to support the frontline attacker.
  6. A certain distant Twilight cousin of Primeval Watcher may or may not be on the horizon...
  7. I think Core Dredge (b) should be considered the PvE variant of the card. In that context, if the player were intending to run a Core Dredge + Rageflame composition, Core Dredge(b) and Rageflame(r) would be the proper combination. Core Dredge(b) does not benefit additionally from the new Rageflame(b)'s freeze compared to normal freezes with damage reduction. Either way, Core Dredge(b) deals the same amount of damage. This leaves Rageflame(r) to combo with Core Dredge, while Rageflame(b) can combo with other units such as Stone Warrior, Deepfang, etc. We have looked into Rageflame's abili
  8. This change was made specifically for PvE. Here is just a random assortment of Stonekin units in T3. As you can see, Earthkeeper makes them quite tanky as a group as long as you can keep the ranged units behind the unit being targeted by Earthkeeper (which should not be too difficult given the ability's long range of 40m). The ability scales well into higher tiers, with its primary limit being Earthkeeper's health. While it could be used offensively, it is mostly a component in a static defense, so its use will be limited to map which need defenses of this sort and the upcoming DRPvE.
  9. We have the ability to make effects count as internal buffs, even when they are applied externally. So allowing stacking is not an issue. Lebovim and I tried to find the script for the attack waves which spawn to retake the Elemental Nodes as I wanted to reduce their strength, but the map has so many scripts it is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, when we did find what seemed to be the relevant files it had no information inside. The reason I am saying this, is that I am in favor of reducing the current strength of these particular attack waves as they are ridiculously stro
  10. Thank you for all the comments so far. It is important for us as faction designers to receive feedback from a diverse set of players and typically speaking the more feedback the better. Feedback helps us to get a general sense for how the player base feels about our changes and if they think we are on the right track. I have a few comments in response so far: Matter Mastery: There is a lot of speculation about Matter Mastery already here from just a few tidbits of information and I would like to state that it is important not to get worked up over a proposal or an idea both before you ha
  11. Right now Matter Mastery (g) can takeover every building in the game that is possible to be taken over, so there is no reason to use the tainted affinity in PvE. 80% of the current buildings will remain within reach for the gifted affinity, but by putting some minor limit on the card we give a reason for the tainted affinity to actually exist without hopefully impacting gameplay in a major way. We don't actually think Matter Mastery is a problem card so we are looking to keep at least one affinity useful for existing situations while giving them distinct reasons for existing. It is possible th
  12. I think this is a good idea, and I would assume easy to implement.
  13. Stonekin is a faction which we have slowly been working on in the background for awhile. Given our previous changes to Frost and our upcoming changes to Nature it feels right to also touch-up the hybrid faction which exists between them. For other topics, we have split the discussion into a main thread and threads for individual cards. In the case of Stonekin, the faction has so few cards we thought it best to keep everything combined in one thread. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such are subject to change. Balance Changes Tier 2 Earthke
  14. The last time we collected data for map completion times, the average time to complete Nightmare's End was 72 minutes. Nightmare Shard took 48 minutes on average for comparison. Nightmare's End is by far the map with the longest average time to complete.
  15. Significant changes to proposed changes, see initial post for details.
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