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  1. There are plans to eventually release T3/T4 archers for each faction. Issues with Twilight Slayer's orb restriction should be taken in light of this consideration.
  2. One important thing for us to consider when discussing Batariel's strength is that despite all the changes there are still only a few decks which can reliably clear RPvE 10, at least outside of a subset of highly skilled players. Potentially losing Batariel(r) from this group is an issue because it reduces deck diversity and pushes players to default to well-established Bandit decks.
  3. Hey Spizzy, Achievements are generally split between two categories, skill-based challenges and progression trackers. Some achievements, such as "Among the Old Gods," are both simultaneously. Skill-based achievements are meant to encourage a person to play the game in a specific manner, often with restrictions or odd challenges attached, and to then reward the player for succeeding. The goal is to make the reward match the difficulty of the achievement and to expand the game's content through opt-in challenges. Progression tracking achievements are meant to give players the ability
  4. Hey Zomby, The change was made because many people were joining RPvE 10 to get the achievement who were unable to actually contribute to the group. This caused many people who regularly play the game mode to stop due to having to face the consistent issue of unprepared players who expected to be carried. This is a non-ideal situation where you have been caught inadvertently in our attempt to fix a different problem largely due to your own elevated level of play in relation to your rank. I'm sorry about this and I understand it is very frustrating. While the achievement is locke
  5. In terms of the reserve achievements: these have caused substantial problems and I would argue were a mistake from the very beginning. We should not be encouraging players to burn themselves out from the game. Achievements should generally challenge a player's skill or track their progress, neither of which is true for the reserve achievements. In terms of the others: I think we need to draw a distinct between achievements which reward gameplay related items, such as boosters and gold, and those which do not. I agree it would be nice to have a set of much harder achievements as well as m
  6. One of the issues we face as a balance team is that we are often unable to release changes as completed wholes, instead things are released as they are completed. Twilight Slayers falls into this category as there are other changes to Twilight we plan to make which we aid it in its job as a defensive wall-based unit. It is hard then to determine if the current situation is due to a particular weakness in Twilight Slayer or due to an unfavorable environment around it until we actually fix said environment. Of course we very possibly could have gotten the numbers wrong with Slayers, it is our fi
  7. Hey Role, If you head to the wiki: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn and scroll down a bit you can use the filter option (PC only, it isn't supported for mobile) on the front page. There is an option to filter for Edition, where you can chose "Reborn" and see all new cards that have been added. The wiki also has all balance changes a card has undergone at the bottom of a card's page in case you run into something that seems different than before.
  8. There are plans for eventually expanding on the Ravenheart deck through introduction of other notable Raven squadron cards as legendaries. I think this is the correct path forward, not making an arbitrary exception to the faction-legendary divide. Additionally, allowing Corsair to affect Ravenheart would require a full rebalance of Ravenheart's stats to compensate and essentially make it useless outside of Bandit decks.
  9. Hello everyone, It has been a week now since the patch has released, and while this is not exactly a long time, I wanted to open a discussion and encourage everyone to provide feedback on the changes we have made to the game. Below are some of the topics of which we are most interested in soliciting feedback, though feel free to offer any suggestions regarding the patch and the current direction of the game. What do you think of our first PvE nerfs? Do the various decks still feel usable? Have they changed much at all, etc.? Do you like the changes to card and factions (PvE and
  10. I would like to clarify that root network units drain support not if they are attacking that exact moment, but if they are considering "in-combat." A root network unit is considered in-combat if it has been issued a valid attack command against an enemy, regardless of whether or not they are attacking in that moment or even capable of attacking. Note, that an attack command can be given automatically when an enemy enters sight range. What this means is that even if, say, a Razorleaf is currently paralyzed by an attacking Windhunter, that Razorleaf will still drain up to 6 support as long as en
  11. We have some exciting plans for Twilight and Lost Souls coming up in the not too distant future. The upcoming patch includes a major rework of nearly all T2 and T3 Twilight units. While we don't have anything for this patch yet, we are working on making each of the hybrid faction spells help enable a unique play style for their respective factions.
  12. Patch #400036 Welcome to our newest patch. This update contains a follow-up to our larger patch earlier in the month with new achievements and changes to existing achievements. General Changes Added notificaton when all gold chests have been opened. Fixed bug where you could start campaign PvE matches with free PvP decks. Solved numerous smaller textual inconsistencies in the UI. Renamed "Delete all" to "Collect all" in the mail window. Added dialog box that mentions the mails will also be deleted, instead. Removed map seeds from the random PvE
  13. Map Balance Changes PvE Map Changes Bad Harvest, Defending Hope, & The Soultree: Replaced player variant of Defense Tower with NPC variant. All player variants of cards on campaign maps are being swapped out for NPC variants to prevent balance changes to player cards affecting the cards used by NPCs in campaign and random PVE maps. Crusade: Players should be able to fulfil the victory condition immediately now when both paths are cleared early. Speedrunners can now compete for top times without having to wait a fixed period of time, therefore removing
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