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  1. I've been ruminating a bit on Lifestream recently. One of the primary issues is that Lifestream directly competes with Revenge which is a top-tier support spell which requires only 1 Nature orb. Lifestream binds a substantial amount of power, self-damages, and has a large cooldown. Overall it's hard to see how it can compete directly with Revenge in it's current state without massive number buffs, and the guess becomes how would you balance the ability to absorb huge amounts of damage? Nature armies already have phenomenal sustain and while I think Nature should have the best sustain, the
  2. I agree it can come off a bit misleading, but this document is also meant to be convey our long term thinking on Pure Frost and in only a few weeks it will be on the live server anyway. I will think about the idea of giving Winter Witch the ability as well.
  3. In a previous patch we buffed Ironclad's damage per 20 seconds by 33%. This nerf to Ironclad's life points is only a 15% reduction, leading to over a 16% total increase in stat efficiency. Even losing 1000 life points Ironclad as a ranged unit still possesses a larger health pool than many T4 melee units such as Batariel, Bloodhorn, and Grinder. With these changes Ironclad still possesses over a 1000 more life points than damage leaving the low damage/high health identity intact. It makes complete sense that Grimvine and Nightshade Plant have better stat efficiencies than Ironclad given that I
  4. As mentioned above, Skylords work by turning the dreams and wishes of mortals into the various cards the player uses. This both explains why the cards you use and the campaign versions are not identical (you get all of them second-hand and can't just create the real version) and why it's appropriate to use any deck you want for any mission. If you were to attempt something like this though, it's important to note that outside of perhaps the two Nightmare maps and Passage to Darkness you wouldn't be able to use Shadow cards given they are typically evil.
  5. We are going to remove the initial cooldown for Lifestream and Comet Catcher next patch. After that it would be good to consider what we could do to help the card.
  6. Unity is a T3 support spell. The spell has been discussed at length in our balancing discord: Beginning of Unity Discussion. The spell description is included below: "Installs a magical bond between up to 8 friendly units within a 25m radius. The affected units will then mutually share their life points with each other as long as they are positioned within a 25m radius towards one another. All incoming damage will be equally spread among all members relative to each units current life points. None of the members can die as long as the group still has more than one life point left."
  7. I don't think two nether warp healing affects can be applied to a single unit. This is a fuller description of the change: Healing/Rejuvenation Changes: - Change all flat healing to be stackable. - This means all flat healing (fountain of rebirth, soul splicer (g), unity (g), etc.) stack with each other. - Only one percentage heal can occur at a time, but can stack with infinite amounts of flat healing. Thus Regrowth + Viridya will not stack with each other, but Viryda/Regrowth will stack with all flat healing effects.
  8. Hey kYw, thanks for the comments and I am glad you enjoyed reading it. We had a lot more we wanted to say but didn't want to continue expanding an already long document. In the future, we are looking to put out individual documents for each faction (4 pure + 5 hybrid) describing our thematic vision for them and how we think that can translate into designing their gameplay.
  9. We like this suggestion and are currently looking into implementing something similar in the near future.
  10. WindHunter

    2 VS 2

    This caused the infinite loading screen bug if one of the solo-queuing players canceled his search.
  11. It took me about twice my normal Solo run time but after a few attempts I was able to win. Its not pretty. Apparently my second circled area doesn't spawn an orb in solo; I'm too used to using Amii Monument (which if you have makes this easy). I had to push into the square area for my t4 but I didn't have a real t3 so I had to walk a razorleaf, a move that might have saved me (see below). I could in a second attempt cut at least 10 minute off this run, likely more. The first wave of Urzach Guardians is terrifying but spammed Spikeroots seem to do the trick (warning its fairly micro intensive).
  12. I'll see what I can do, I usually run it with Shadow/Frost. A major part of the defense I just suggested is the Twilight Horror you steal. He can tank and then kite the Guardians for you. Another tip on tower placement is that you need to place one about 2 tower spaces below the temple. This will ensure the enemies aggro onto your tower and not the temple. Then if you tower dies they should aggro your other towers or wells. To help this, you can bait and kite units coming from the northeast with your grove spirit priestess. PS: Are you wanting to run it as Pure Nature? Just want to m
  13. Once you reach the center, you can spawn a parasite swarm and steal the Twilight Horror at the 3 well/ 1 orb cluster directly north of the Position 1's second well on the way to the center. If you send a swiftclaw with the parasite swarm and kill the spawn hut right there you can build the 3 wells and orb safely (You don't even need to kill the Hatecaster tower). Nothing will attack that position as long as you don't leave any units or buildings next to the cluster itself. The same strategy works with the well/orb cluster directly north of Position 2's northern walls. You can steal the Vileblo
  14. If we could create a damage amp that stacked additively that would be wonderful, but the same isn't needed for damage reduction. As it stands now "reduced" and "increased" make sense to not stack because they actually reduce and increase the damage directly (absorption also does not stack, ice shields function as 100% absorption with a visible limit. Ward of the North is 50% with a hidden limit). For example (and for anyone who doesn't know how this works): All stonekin have 15% reduced damage. That means if a stonekin unit receives 100 damage it actually only receives 85 damage. If lifew
  15. There are a few different mechanics at work. We are looking to give more clarity to this by clarifying keywords. For damage multipliers we will be using "increased" and "more". "Increased" takes the highest multiplier, "more" functions multiplicatively with itself and with the highest "increased" multiplier. Once we have them sorted out and clarified it might be a good idea to go back through and change some of them where it makes sense. For damage reduction multipliers there are actually three, "less", "reduced", and absorbed/blocked. These are also poorly clarified and it is something a
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