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  1. Hello everyone, As everyone knows, the in-game economy shifted massively after the advent of the Reforging system. This has led a number of players to express concerns about the health of the economy, and as such we would like to share some relevant economic data with the community. Some important information on the data: When it says "Fire Pool" it includes every card in the game which includes a Fire Orb. The data was collected and presented in this manner because this is how Reforging works when it tells you that the output card has an X% chance of containing a Fire Orb. Additio
  2. Watching people play this map again, I think increasing the well capacity for the T2 from 600 -> 900p would also be beneficial. Again would only help people who end up in long matches, but given the average completion time of Nightmare Shard is 48 minutes I think this is warranted.
  3. It has likely worked like this since the beginning. All PvP players know that damage doesn't overflow just from the Nasty Surprise interaction which you can see in even the oldest PvP videos on Youtube.
  4. Normal = S & M-units. Reach = Units with extended range. Ghostspears is a good example. Huge = L and XL-units. --- S-units count as 1 normal (or reach) attacker. M-units count as 2 normal (or reach) attackers. L-units count as 1 Huge attacker. XL-units count as 2 Huge attackers.
  5. You can share it, I already showed the changes on the balancing discord.
  6. I have the actual sale data as well, I just haven't had time to parse it fully yet. But if you want a snapshot of how wildly card sales can fluctuate here are two examples, Master Archers and Coldsnap. We plan on making a fuller report on the current economic state once we have been able to fully sift the data. I want to clarify these are in-order of sale. So yes, the one Master Archer sold for 3bfp and the next one for 19 bfp. Same for Coldsnap, one for 66 bfp and the next for 100 bfp.
  7. So I notice a lot of players have been claiming that boosters are currently not worth opening and I would like to address this issue. While it is true that the average worth of a booster has decreased, this is not that surprising given that there is a -100 bfp discount for all boosters right now, we gave out an unprecedented amount of free cards, and Reforging has recently come into existence and been used nearly 300,000 times. In terms of active players within the last 3 months, nearly 1/5th of all cards in existence have been Reforged. Right now the current cost of a general booster i
  8. We are still monitoring the current situation. We already made an initial adjustment to Reforging and reduced the reforging rates for UR and R cards (it is now harder to reroll these two rarities) and will make further adjustments as the data comes in. Things are in a state of major flux right now given the large amount of free cards we gave out, the -100 bfp booster discount, and the huge amount of cards people have been Reforging. Right now Reforging has been used ~750,000 times, resulting in over a net 2.25 million cards being destroyed or about 15% of all previous cards in existence. We ha
  9. I think the idea of card specific interactions is theoretically a fine idea but with the current state of the game I don't think the idea is practical yet. Right now, we are still working on fleshing out factions in general as some factions, such as Pure Nature, currently have major deficiencies and a substantial lack of synergy between what should be key cards. These issues are true in both PvE and PvP. Now somewhere down the line, when we have successfully fleshed out each faction, we might have the luxury to add more niche and specific cards with individual card interactions like those
  10. Demiron, As you might have seen, we have already applied a few changes to the Reforging formula.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a quick announcement about Reforging. We have been monitoring Reforging and its effects on the economy very closely since release and while we are in general happy with how it has performed we have determined that the system needs to be toned down. As such we have made it more difficult to roll Rare and Ultra-Rare cards. We have also increased the cost of the Mini-booster from 50 to 75 Forge Shards while increasing the general value of rerolling Ultra-Rare cards. Overall it will now be more worthwhile to reroll multiple Ultra-Rare cards. If you are one of the p
  12. There are a large amount of new achievements and other such systems coming up meant to deal with the new player experience. But, I also do not think this is true. If prices are increased for commons and uncommons, which is one of our goals, then new players can sell an excess or unwanted cards of these rarities and buy others instead. This should encourage them to engage in the market earlier and more frequently. Or so we hope. It is really hard to judge how things pan out because of the absolute number of reforges that occurred in only a 24 hour period. Even if we had made reforging 50% less
  13. Hello Demiron, First, I'd like to thank you for your feedback on the Reforging issue which I think you have articulated well. As the person principally behind the system's design (with many others also helping) I am very anxious to see how things turn out. We have built-in the ability to apply changes quickly and are closely monitoring card price points to determine if we need to make changes. Our intended goals with Reforging were many and varied, but much major goal was to stabilize the economy long term. Prior to this, commons were mostly worthless, most uncommons were driving tow
  14. This is intended. Double Ravenheart is already a top tier deck and synergizes with Jorne's "Giant Shelter" ability. Making it synergize with Corsair this way might push it even higher. Also, Ravenheart is a legendary, not a Bandits units and it would be odd to make an exception like this.
  15. Additional question, does this seem to happen on any target or only certain targets? For example, does it only happen as regards buildings, XL-units, squads, etc.? Again as Zyna said some visual evidence would be of help.
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