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  1. I do not see how these are logically connected. One pertains to the fact that people speaking in different languages necessarily excludes others from the conversation and makes discussions difficult or impossible to follow. The other pertains to where people want to talk and discuss. While English-only has its own problems, we have found it is the best available solution out of a set of solutions, each of which come with their own tradeoffs. Regarding forum versus discord discussions: We wanted to, and tried, almost a year ago now to move most balance discussions to the forums in an att
  2. Welcome back. Unfortunately our forum is fairly low activity, but if you want to chat with people you can pop over to the Skylords Reborn discord which is quite active.
  3. There were no changes to any root network cards in the last few patches. It is possible there was some other circumstance that caused this issue, such as your supports being drawn into combat.
  4. The issue here is that the whole reason we designed the card was to put it on walls. With our defensive rPvE finally moving towards an endpoint in the foreseeable future, we are trying to add units which can be used in the game mode. The other issue is that design-wise we were intending to have it leave a pool of magma on the ground which burned enemies, but with 4 to 6 small worms this cluttered the screen. So, many small issues with the card, which is not that uncommon, but the community usually does not see the "failures." Yes, I agree. Also as a hint towards some coming changes to
  5. Wow, this update makes me look bad, why are we showing everyone I have only played a single map on standard? On a serious note: We also ran into the issue that Fire Wormlings were intended to work on walls and this seemed to bother most of our playtesters. We will consider whether we can fix the current issues and kept them mostly as-is, or if we will have to make them M-sized instead.
  6. I would recommend posting a picture of the deck here along with the deck code.
  7. WindHunter

    Lost Wanderer

    Gold chests are receiving a change which will allow them to be opened even if units nearby are currently occupied doing something else (like shielding their allies). In terms of Lost Wanderer, I agree he could use some love. We can likely make his targeting prioritize units currently without shields. I do not think making it prioritize units in the same group is possible.
  8. We are dealing with this. Expect changes soonish.
  9. SpiritAlpha did a great job on both the card artwork and the model textures. Try using it with Promise of Life, it is a whole different card. Promise of Life is also useful in T4 to unbind your Forest Elder, greatly increasing your rate of building an army. We discovered this before releasing the last round of changes but did not have time to fix it. We are still investigating the issue. We do not think on-death abilities of this kind are fitting for Fire units. I think this is a great explanation of what makes the challenges different than our regularly occ
  10. It is difficult for me to say whether or not this was a conscious design choice, because I have no knowledge of a conversation about it. I remember previously asking for more global slots, but I do not ever remember discussing limiting the amount of buffs to only showing your own buff. It is very possible this discussion happened prior to me joining the team, or perhaps without my knowledge (remember I have only been lead designer for a year now), or perhaps so long ago I no longer remember. I have not followed the thread here, but I would be open to changes to the existing system which
  11. I would like to avoid a situation where players go searching through every map and player count in an attempt to find the "forgotten" mode where they can finally achieve a top 3 result. Ideally only one of a player's top 3 results would count, that player's highest, and the rest would be ignore. This way a player would got fifth could actually receive 3rd place if 2 of the people in front of him already received rewards previously, but I do not think we have that kind of modularity and it seems like it would be more effort than it is worth for an achievement that rewards only 3 booster packs o
  12. Hello everyone, It has been ten days now since the patch has released, and while this is not exactly a long time, I wanted to open a discussion and encourage everyone to provide feedback on the changes we have made to the game. Below are some of the topics of which we are most interested in soliciting feedback, though feel free to offer any suggestions regarding the patch and the current direction of the game. Do you like the changes to cards and factions (PvE and PvP)? Why or why not? Where did we hit the mark, and implement something exciting you'd like to see more of? Where did y
  13. We as a dev team only have so many resources with which to work. Anything which has been announced but is not included in this patch will come in some future patch.
  14. Patch #400039 Welcome to our newest patch. This update contains our seventh balance patch for the game, brand-new cards, and many other changes, enjoy! Patch Preview - Four new cards are now available as well as our first ever promo building! Jump in-game to collect Raven Archwalker, Sanctuary(b), Sanctuary(g), and promo Worldbreaker Gun. - Added player cosmetics! In addition to your avatar, you can now change your border, title, and banner; earnable through achievements. - 32 new achievements and changes to several existing endless achievements to go alongside our ne
  15. Card Balance Changes Global Balance Changes Ranged attack delays standardized: - Towers and ranged units are now assigned a standard 0.5 second delay on spawn instead of a semi-randomized number between 0.1-1 second in 0.1 second increments. This only modifies cards affected by the bug, many ranged units and towers will be unaffected by the change. If a tower or ranged unit's attack has a longer resolve timer than its attack speed, a number is assigned to said tower or unit on spawn between 0.1-1 seconds, which is permanently added to its attack speed. For examp
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