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  1. WindHunter

    Remove Wall Attack from the game

    I would prefer no walls or substantially less myself. Even on areas where archers on the wall can't hit your wells/monuments you can usually place a firedancer behind it with no counterplay available to the non-fire player except to bind a bunch of power in walls that the fire player won't have to do. With many maps already possessing an inherent advantage for pure fire, removing one more that also promotes boring and frustrating gameplay seems appropriate to me. The places I'd leave walls would be where the players both start with one pre-built, since destroying these walls for void power changes the way the maps are played in a way that is worth preserving (Yrmia for example).
  2. WindHunter

    Balance Proposal: Twilight Hag

    I think this is a good first step for this card.
  3. WindHunter

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Kubik has already stated earlier in this thread that they will not be adding two different versions of the same card. Even if that were possible, it would be a lot of work. We had this suggestion before, which Phenomic also rejected, and afterward Phenomic rightly deferred to PvP balancing over PvE when cards overlapped since balancing in PVP is substantially more important and has a greater impact on game play. I can't remember more than few cards that Phenomic balanced specifically for PvE, and each of these were the most egregious examples such as LSS, enlightenment, and Amii Monument, and even those they only slapped-on band-aid fixes. That is not surprising when they only balanced 4-8 cards every few months and PvP always needed, and still needs, changes. With a more active Dev team it seems it can change. Kubik I throw in my opinion that you should go ahead with a discord server, at least among the PvP players who are competent and understand theorycrafting. You can even give us some starting guidelines on what type of issues you/the team want us to focus on to begin with.
  4. WindHunter

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Can we stop spamming the thread on this subject so we can talk about other things without it getting drowned by this? Kubik has already said he is making the change, and you guys are just throwing a lot of words at the wall saying the same thing other and other again without understanding his reasoning. Kubik I am suddenly understanding your reasoning for discord a lot more. Also, from earlier, will you be able to add/remove unit abilities like Steadfast, Swift, and Slow easily or is that too complicated for now?
  5. WindHunter

    Refresh in PvP needed

    Has anyone tried Kaldra's PvP maps with neutral units? I'd be down to try it with someone if they are interested. If it is good we could try to create a few more or modify it.
  6. WindHunter

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    This is a flawed reasoning, let me illustrate via two examples, one for PvP and one for PvE. (1) Imagine you are playing checkers. In checkers you can only move forward, until a piece is kinged, and you must jump a piece if it is possible. Now imagine you set up a nice 2 for 3 jump trap for your opponent but when he falls for it he refuses to execute the jump. He says that the rules of checkers violates his "freedom" and not only should he not have to jump, and thus give you a piece advantage, but he should also be allowed to move backwards at any time. You would rightfully think this absurd as the game isn't a game without rules and freedom in the game exists only because the rules exist. Your opponent checker nihilism/relativism in defense of his "freedom" would make the game itself unplayable. This is the PvP example. (2) Imagine you are running a 5K race. When you start the race you run the first 2 kilometers and are tied with a fellow runner. At this point your fellow runner stops, walks over to a car waiting on the side of the road, and decides to drive the next 2 kilometers. You run the fastest 5K time ever on that course, but your fellow runner unsurprisingly wins the race and "runs" faster then you, such that he know holds the course record. When you confront him afterwards that he violated the norms of the race and cheated/exploited the system by driving he tells you that "it doesn't sound fair to me to inhibit other runners' freedom by forcing them to only run in the slower way that you like". Now its obvious this person's appeal to freedom is absurd, because unless the norms of the race are enforced, then their is no reason for the competition in the first place. Additionally, his time should be stricken from the record for its exploitation to begin with. This is the PvE example, and I think its obvious to see how to fits the scenario with cards like Amii Monument in Soultree.
  7. WindHunter

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    While I prefer the forum, I see that discord could work if it were very systematized with individual channels for each card (a different balance specific server would also be good). The ability to ban/allow certain people per server is also a bonus. One issue with discord is the inability to quote someone else, this is especially an issue if the person's post was from awhile back. @Kubik Would you be able to add abilities to units such as swift, steadfast, or slow? Additionally would you be able to add/remove knockback from abilities or change damage modifiers (S -> M, M-> *).
  8. WindHunter

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Bandit spearmen suffer from the issue that they can be perma-cc'd due to knockback. Stat-wise the card is incredible with its ability. Spearmen can kill all standard T2 M-units in 10 seconds or less (nightcrawlers, enforcers, burrowers, etc.) and it even beats or comes close to beating some of its own counters (scythe fiends, ghostspears). Its flaw is that it is slow and almost unusable against nature splashes, which is exactly where the card is most needed by bandits. The card, and Bandits as a whole, would benefit from bandit spearmen being given steadfast (knockback immunity). This change would make spearmen an all-arounder card for Bandits (+50% damage against any melee unit, and M-counter), which I would hesitate to add to any other faction, but Bandits lack of CC and building protects means that its units ought to have higher stats compared to other factions to compensate. The only faction this would give Bandits a lopsided match-up with is Pure Nature, since Bandits already wins this match-up and spearmen beat ghostspears in a 1v1 while steadfast would make spearmen useful against deep ones.
  9. WindHunter

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    In terms of balancing in the PvP community I am pretty optimistic that we can come to a consensus on a lot of the changes while just letting the controversial stuff sit where it is for now. In the last year of Battleforge's balancing, MaranV, myself, and 1 or 2 other major English players were able to present agreed upon changes to most watchlists. The English forum's watchlist on homesoil is a great example where a number of us privately worked out an acceptable homesoil change that MaranV then posted to the forum. The entire rest of the watchlist was just people posting "I agree with MaranV's proposed change." Of course Phenomic then responded by releasing the current slapshod homesoil change that almost no one is happy with. I think these discussions are easier to have on the forum because you can go back and review what someone has said previously easier and long posts don't appear as walls of text. In terms of current Devs making PvP changes, I'd prefer if they just deferred to the top players on issues to avoid more bad balancing like with homesoil and thugs. The current Devs have also made it pretty clear that they don't play PvP anyway.
  10. I voted to remove Yrmia. +1 bring back random maps +1 remove Wazhai. I don't know if it is possible but I'd like to keep Lajesh but remove the walls. They are the entire reason that map is unfun.
  11. WindHunter

    Current Proposal: PvP Rewards (AOT rPvE)

    I like all the suggestions so far and generally agree with RadicalX's way of thinking. Thank you for being willing to address the problem. Just an an example in all this, I am a formerly active top 20 player (in EA days) and I haven't logged into the game since December, even while following the project, because I have been unsatisfied with the current system. As is, I am being forced to play tens of hours of PvE to get to the game mode which I enjoy so I quit playing until something changed. So I am really looking forward to these changes so I can start engaging with my favorite game again.
  12. WindHunter

    Stress Test Open#2(vs2) 17.11.18

    Is building, activating, then destroying a Shrine of Greed considered bug abuse?
  13. WindHunter

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    I think saying that his Twilight deck works is like saying my Pure Shadow no-t3 deck works. Sure, it got to me to 12th on the ladder, but the deck was reliant upon an obscure gimmick with Shrine of Greed that become obsolete once everyone understood it. There was a similar case with Aaaaaabama's annoying Church of Negation deck. Once you figure out he isn't good at T1 and T2 and is just trying to stall for his strong T3 the deck becomes sub-par and he is ELO fodder on small maps where rushing is possible.
  14. WindHunter

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    I'd love to if I didn't have other obligations that day. The harvesters or windhunters will have to wait.
  15. WindHunter

    Undead Army

    Pure Shadow has a hard time defending in an even match-up versus Pure Fire. If you are wasting 100 power repeatedly on skeleton army you are going to lose multiple Wells by the time you take anything meaningful. Skeleton army could be useful right after a major shadow attack where you almost take a well, with skeleton army as the finisher, but in practice it doesn't work like that. Pure Shadow can't sustain long-distance attacks in early T2 against fire. In a close well situation skeleton army is worthless. I doubt in early T2 you could deliver enough corpses to a far-off base and do enough damage that you would be able to take the base without a minimum of 2, if not 3 skeleton armies. This would take a minimum of 60 seconds and put the shadow player at -200 power. The fire player should have no problem counterattacking and taking more than he loses. In late T2 skeleton army isn't worth it because you should be spamming harvesters before the fire player can get to T3 for juggernaut.

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