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  1. You need to download it separately.
  2. I think our balance discussions have convincingly established that "no one is forced to use it" is a bad principle for balancing a game. Anything that stratifies a segment of the game should be reviewed and modified. The fact that the card says "own unit" shows the current practice is unintended. Funneling all power into a single player such that you turn a multiplayer map into a singleplayer one is against the spirit of the game. The game has been continually balanced, rightfully, to nerf and remove group power management. This is worse is every sense.
  3. Pretty sure this is a bug needing to get fixed. The card specifically says "own unit" and should be changed to act that way.
  4. It would be nice if they could implement an inactivity check instead of kicking you. As in, if you are AFK for more than 5 consecutive minutes, you forfeit any achievement or BFP rewards but retain your gold/upgrade rewards as well as level progression.
  5. I'm looking forward to people uploading a replay of whenever they happen to beat @RadicalX, even if they only won because he disconnected. Even a "Replays" forum section, where we can make megathreads for each PvE map and for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 PvP would be good.
  6. Do we currently have an active site for posting PvP replays like old bfreplays.info? Watching high-level play through replays was the primary way I improved in the original game. If not would we be able to make a connected site to the forum or potentially even in-game?
  7. Free PvP decks is a boon for the gamemode. Handicapping the PvP scene at the beginning by removing the free decks would kill the game mode long-term, and removing it later would make the barrier to entry incredibly high. I play Pure Shadow, the most expensive deck in the game bfp and gold-wise. I don't want to grind rPvE for weeks to be able to play my deck, if that's what it turns into I will quit. Only change that is appropriate is locking the free decks into their own card pool like the old tome decks. This way you could mix-and-match between the two weekly decks but otherwise be locke
  8. If your intent with a fee is to instill the feeling that the deck isn't yours this is already true because you need your own cards in order to change it. Again to use Pure Shadow as an example, I don't like Knight of Chaos and will almost never use it. Instead I like Unholy Power, shadow phoenix, skeleton warriors, Shrine of Greed etc. etc. which I will need to buy on my own in order to include in the deck. Unless these are mechanically different than the way tome cards functioned, I will also need to re-add these cards to the deck every single time the decks refresh. Beyond that, I don'
  9. @DukeDublin Several decks are entirely unplayable without their legendary cards. Pure Fire and Pure Shadow are the perfect examples. These are also the most expensive cards of the game and gatekeep a players ability to play these decks. @RadicalX Thanks for the answer. @Cocofang Having a fee just serves to gatekeep PvP behind PvE, which is the entire point of this change. If a player consistently picks the same two decks he plays and doesn't collect cards, the chances are he cares about playing PvP, not collecting cards. No reason to interfere with this. But what if one week he doe
  10. @RadicalX Really only have one question, why corpse explosion in Pure Shadow? In my own experience the card feels unsatisfying to use and I don't think its worth the power or slot cost. Issue is exasperated by needing corpses to damage while also requiring ground presence. (I've always thought this card should be arcane). Its also not an easy card to use because you have to be tabulating corpses which requires knowing how much health each unit has and how long corpses last. Shadow phoenix seems the better card and also teaches the corpse gathering mechanic. Just continuing to think o
  11. I would prefer no walls or substantially less myself. Even on areas where archers on the wall can't hit your wells/monuments you can usually place a firedancer behind it with no counterplay available to the non-fire player except to bind a bunch of power in walls that the fire player won't have to do. With many maps already possessing an inherent advantage for pure fire, removing one more that also promotes boring and frustrating gameplay seems appropriate to me. The places I'd leave walls would be where the players both start with one pre-built, since destroying these walls for void pow
  12. I think this is a good first step for this card.
  13. Kubik has already stated earlier in this thread that they will not be adding two different versions of the same card. Even if that were possible, it would be a lot of work. We had this suggestion before, which Phenomic also rejected, and afterward Phenomic rightly deferred to PvP balancing over PvE when cards overlapped since balancing in PVP is substantially more important and has a greater impact on game play. I can't remember more than few cards that Phenomic balanced specifically for PvE, and each of these were the most egregious examples such as LSS, enlightenment, and Amii Monument, and
  14. Can we stop spamming the thread on this subject so we can talk about other things without it getting drowned by this? Kubik has already said he is making the change, and you guys are just throwing a lot of words at the wall saying the same thing other and other again without understanding his reasoning. Kubik I am suddenly understanding your reasoning for discord a lot more. Also, from earlier, will you be able to add/remove unit abilities like Steadfast, Swift, and Slow easily or is that too complicated for now?
  15. Has anyone tried Kaldra's PvP maps with neutral units? I'd be down to try it with someone if they are interested. If it is good we could try to create a few more or modify it.
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