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  1. I would recommend reading this if you are interested in our approach to rarities: SkylordsRebornDesign_Rarities.pdf As regards the ratio, the original ratio between the various rarities is 3-3-3-1, and based on that ratio, the number of rare cards in the game is substantially less than it is supposed to be. While it is unlikely we can ever properly fix the ratio due to the overabundance of ultra-rares, many of which do not justify their own rarity, we do intend to equalize the disparity between common/uncommon/rare. It is also important to differentiate between the amount of a certa
  2. I could have said the population pattern, i.e. the manner by which each camp is populated on game start, but I thought it was clear we are not talking about the attack waves. The point is, that if the game actually spawned the amount of units specified in the code on startup, we would be talking about random maps so populated it might crash people's games. Regardless, we have no idea what caused the change. The present LS population patterns are well within the acceptable limits of their given difficulties, so we as a team have not given looking into the error a particularly high priority afte
  3. The spawn pattern in messed up in the original code and the amount of units that spawn is wildly different than you would expect. We basically have to estimate based on how things typically work. It is likely something bizarre happened when we swapped in Lost Crawler because that was the only change we tried to make.
  4. The Amii NPC does not have elusive. The faction abilities (Revenant 's Doom, Elusive, Lifestealer, etc.) are exclusive to the player versions of those units or buildings. Additionally, many NPCs are equivalent to U2 player cards in terms of stats, though this is not a hard and fast rule as some are different tiers entirely (i.e. Bandit Sniper or Stone Tempest vs. Stonekin Rockstorm). We have been trying to fill in the various missing NPCs from each faction, both for ourselves but also to give our community mapmakers more options.
  5. The question of nerfing Shadow Phoenix is a tricky one. The card is a definite outlier in my view but that does not mean we can simply nerf it. One reason we delayed touching Batariel for so long was because nerfing it would not have helped at the beginning. When we first started balancing, there were only a few high performing archetypes, some viable ones, and many many unviable ones. So while Batariel was a definite overperformer, there simply was not a wide enough roster of viable alternative strategies for the game's hardest content to fill the gap if we had nerfed it from the get-go. Inst
  6. While perhaps too late for yourself, Parasite Swarm's U2 and U3 upgrades will be swapped in the upcoming update, making access to Parasite Swarm's stronger swap substantially more accessible.
  7. We want to create a deckbuilder mode where you progress through increasingly hard challenges while using a limited pool of card which slowly increased sei-randomly over time. We just have not had the development capacity to implement it yet.
  8. This is an idea we in the dev team are supportive of, but which we have not yet been able to implement.
  9. I think it is worth mentioning here that after community feedback and playtesting, that we have decided to change the Stonekin card which we announced last month, Tectonic Shift, to also affect Frost and Nature buildings. In terms of Bedrock itself, this will open up access to Worldbreaker Gun and Stronghold, in addition to Deepgorge and Stone Launcher, as good companion towers for Bedrock's "Living Rampart" ability.
  10. You can read more about the changes to NG and their reasoning here:
  11. The issue we face with Deepfang is that we cannot make the critters respawn without allowing the player to spawn infinite amounts of them. This would make Deepfang into a Stonekin Satanael, which we are not interesting in doing. But if we cannot allow the critters respawn, then there will always arise a moment where Deepfang is permanently weaker because of the lose of the critters.
  12. The days of wandering in the desert will soon reach their completion. Changes are coming to the achievement alongside the upcoming release of rPvE 9.5.
  13. We do a new survey every year in the summer. Some of the questions stay the same, so we can measure changes in player sentiment, while others are removed or added due to relevance and changes in priorities.
  14. Mapmaking Fundamentals - Camp Design (Cont.) Area Formation - Lodgement The type of camps a map designer employs has a major effect on the feel of both the map in its entirety and also specific subsections of the map. For example, Mo, which will be discussed below, transitions from a one-path map from T1 to T3, to a lodgement map in T3 & T4. Camp formations in Mo then transition types accordingly. Lodgement maps, or map subsections, are sufficiently different from normal maps that they deserve particular attention. In these types of maps, the player is required to progress
  15. Mapmaking Fundamentals - Camp Design This was originally written as an internal design document meant to guide our current development of new campaign maps. It has been shared here for interested players and as an aid for aspiring community mapmakers. Introduction BattleForge campaign maps have a particular feel to them, and this feel is a fundamental component of the unique experience which is playing BattleForge. The goal of this design guide is to use existing campaign maps, particularly the best campaign maps, to understand and to categorize the distinct features of t
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