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  1. In response to both community feedback and from testing without our PvE Taskforce, we have amended the upcoming changes to Forest Elder as follows: New Iteration 2 1. Pest Plants (add to both affinities): A. Poison damage: 30 dmg per second --> 50 damage per second 2. Forest Charm Rework: A. No longer applies a healing buff to up to 10 units over a 30 second period. B. NEW - "Every 2 seconds, friendly units restore up to 300 life points, up to 3000 in total. Also affects the caster. Lasts for 30 seconds. Reusable every 60 seconds." 3. Class: Beast Dominator -->
  2. The gold earned from disenchanting upgrades you receive from campaign maps will be receiving a substantial buff next patch. Anywhere from 25-80% total increase in Disenchant gold based on the difficulty (standard is receiving the largest increase, expert the smallest). We are also buffing single player map gold by 50% independently of this other increase to help increase their replayability and not punish players who can complete 2p and 4p maps solo.
  3. SkylordsRebornDesignPhilosophy.pdf While our design philosophy document is a bit outdated, particularly the first section, it is does a good job of explaining our reasoning in terms of how we think about the game. I think for your purposes you will find the 3rd section most interesting, which is also the only section I would regard as up-to-date. You can view more of our design documents here: Skylords Reborn Design Documents I would heavily recommend the Frost one as it goes in depth about how we carefully pursued the issue of Dreadnought and our new card Cost of Protection ne
  4. Small update on upcoming changes to Batariel. I am posting it here due to how much discussion has occurred around the card: Batariel: 1. Stage Duration (both affinities): A. Stage 1: 4 sec --> 5 sec B. Stage 2: 4 sec --> 5 sec 2. Stage Threshold Value (both affinities): A. Stage 1: 1200 damage --> 800 damage 3. Damage per Stage Batariel (r) (a) Stage 1: unchanged (b) Stage 2: 150 dmg --> 200 dmg (c) Stage 3: 200 dmg --> 300 dmg
  5. We would love to both improve the animation and remove the line of sight requirement, not just for this card but for others as well such as Northland Drake and Primeval Watcher, but we currently do not know how to do that. This is a different issue, and also one we do not know how to fix.
  6. While people should feel free to continue to offer suggestions and theory craft on how to make this work, there are no plans at present to release any hybrid faction cards for T1. We plan on continuing to flesh out existing factions and combinations for the foreseeable future. Making new cards takes a lot of time and resources and we still have the Amii faction waiting with only 4 cards to its name.
  7. Conjuration only works on spell charges.
  8. In order for a second Forest Elder(p) to outcompete a second Forest Elder(g) in a 20 second period, it would require there to be 13 units simultaneously in range for the entire 20 second duration. This functionally means it is never worth it and if Forest Elder is your only T4 card and you only plan on using a singular instance, you will have a better time just using T3 units as Forest Elder has a poor stat efficiency. For the same cost, you can summon 5 Fathom Lords or Swamp Drakes, or 2 Abyssal Warders and 1 Swamp Drake. Given the coming ability buffs for Abyssal Warder, it will solidly outc
  9. Purple Forest Elder is still getting the proposed changes. Multiple Forest Charms will be able to stack, same way all spell-effect style heals, such as Ray of Light and Regrowth, currently work.
  10. While not perfect, the plan is to use the existing animation for both Lost Converter and Waystation. Given they both have a Shadow orb it should be close enough. But it is interesting how Bandit's aesthetic is much more Fire than Shadow. If we were to do the same thing by adding a Fire animation to a Bandit card, I do not think anyone would question it.
  11. Yes, its current damage reduction ability is not changing.
  12. As we announced in our Towers Deep Dive, our faction design team has been working on performing a balance pass across all attack buildings in the game. Some of these changes are relatively minor, while other changes are more substantial. This thread will function as the main thread for our second round of building changes. The original master thread can be found here. Minor changes are included here, while major changes have their own threads linked to below. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change. Substantial Reworks and Balance Chang
  13. As part of our second round of building changes, Ice Shield Tower will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change: Iteration 1 1. Orb cost: 1 Frost (T1) ➜ 1 Frost, 1 Neutral (T2) 2. Power cost: 50p ➜ 90p 3. Life points: 1100 ➜ 1440 4. Ice Bolt: A. Damage: 66 damage, up to 100 in total (581 dp20) ➜ 96 damage, up to 144 in total (840 dp20) B. Radius: 5m ➜ 8m 5. Ice Shield: A. Change from active to auto-cast (30m range, add radius on hover). B. No longer affects flyin
  14. Our plans for Armored Tower have undergone substantial revisions in light of other changes we are making, including Ice Shield Tower. Below you can find the new proposal Iteration 1 Revised 1. Ice Bolt splash radius: 5m --> 8m 2. Gift of Ice A. Radius: 25m --> 30m B. Duration: 30 sec --> Until absorb limit has been hit C. Cooldown: None --> Reusable every 30 seconds. 3. New passive, "Permafrost" A. Friendly wall segments within a 30m radius will regenerate 3% of their maximum life points every 2 seconds. Cannot be disabled by spellblocking abilities.
  15. We have been working on Forest Elder and have an update for its Forest Charm ability. Forest Charm Rework: A. No longer applies a healing buff to up to 10 units over a 30 second period. B. NEW - "Every 2 seconds, restores 250 / 275 / 300 / 300 life points to allied units in a 30m radius, up to 2500 / 2750 / 3000 / 3000 in total. Lasts for 30 seconds." C. Cooldown: 60 seconds --> 50 seconds. Forest Charm was previously implemented in an odd way whereby it applied a healing buff to individual units in range. This seems to have been a workaround to make Forest Elder'
  16. Looks like a fun creative deck. I always appreciate seeing our redesigned cards finding their place in people's decks.
  17. The paralyze beam will remain, similar to how Shaman has both a heal and an attack. Woodland Blessing will be given higher priority, which should mean Grove Spirit prioritizes buffing unless specifically commanded to paralyze an enemy. About Healing Song: By T4 Nature has a lot of healing and nearly all of it is more convenient than adding in a T4 M-unit and keeping it safe. Equilibrium, Healing Gardens, Forest Elder, and Regrowth are all better and you likely have at least 2 of these in your deck. So while this is a nerf to Grove Spirit's healing, it does allow the unit to provide somet
  18. Grove Spirit was already given steadfast as part of the original community changes to the game. Additionally, immunity does not cleanse existing effects, it merely prevents new effects from being applied.
  19. The worry about faction identity is duly noted, but in this particular case I think things might not be what they seem. There is, for example, at least one T4 melee XL unit in every primary and hybrid faction in the game with the exception of Amii which has no T4 units. At the same time, this fact is not one which gives rise to complaints about muddling faction diversity as each of these units are sufficiently different so as to mask the faction that they exist within the same class. Batariel is hardly anything like Forest Elder, which is hardly anything like Dreadnought. Even Overlord and Gri
  20. There are plans to eventually release T3/T4 archers for each faction. Issues with Twilight Slayer's orb restriction should be taken in light of this consideration.
  21. One important thing for us to consider when discussing Batariel's strength is that despite all the changes there are still only a few decks which can reliably clear RPvE 10, at least outside of a subset of highly skilled players. Potentially losing Batariel(r) from this group is an issue because it reduces deck diversity and pushes players to default to well-established Bandit decks.
  22. Hey Spizzy, Achievements are generally split between two categories, skill-based challenges and progression trackers. Some achievements, such as "Among the Old Gods," are both simultaneously. Skill-based achievements are meant to encourage a person to play the game in a specific manner, often with restrictions or odd challenges attached, and to then reward the player for succeeding. The goal is to make the reward match the difficulty of the achievement and to expand the game's content through opt-in challenges. Progression tracking achievements are meant to give players the ability
  23. Hey Zomby, The change was made because many people were joining RPvE 10 to get the achievement who were unable to actually contribute to the group. This caused many people who regularly play the game mode to stop due to having to face the consistent issue of unprepared players who expected to be carried. This is a non-ideal situation where you have been caught inadvertently in our attempt to fix a different problem largely due to your own elevated level of play in relation to your rank. I'm sorry about this and I understand it is very frustrating. While the achievement is locke
  24. In terms of the reserve achievements: these have caused substantial problems and I would argue were a mistake from the very beginning. We should not be encouraging players to burn themselves out from the game. Achievements should generally challenge a player's skill or track their progress, neither of which is true for the reserve achievements. In terms of the others: I think we need to draw a distinct between achievements which reward gameplay related items, such as boosters and gold, and those which do not. I agree it would be nice to have a set of much harder achievements as well as m
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