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  1. We do a new survey every year in the summer. Some of the questions stay the same, so we can measure changes in player sentiment, while others are removed or added due to relevance and changes in priorities.
  2. Mapmaking Fundamentals - Camp Design (Cont.) Area Formation - Lodgement The type of camps a map designer employs has a major effect on the feel of both the map in its entirety and also specific subsections of the map. For example, Mo, which will be discussed below, transitions from a one-path map from T1 to T3, to a lodgement map in T3 & T4. Camp formations in Mo then transition types accordingly. Lodgement maps, or map subsections, are sufficiently different from normal maps that they deserve particular attention. In these types of maps, the player is required to progress
  3. Mapmaking Fundamentals - Camp Design This was originally written as an internal design document meant to guide our current development of new campaign maps. It has been shared here for interested players and as an aid for aspiring community mapmakers. Introduction BattleForge campaign maps have a particular feel to them, and this feel is a fundamental component of the unique experience which is playing BattleForge. The goal of this design guide is to use existing campaign maps, particularly the best campaign maps, to understand and to categorize the distinct features of t
  4. We will do doing just this, yes. The existing level 10 achievement will be moving to 9.5 (6 booster one). A new cosmetic-only achievement exclusively for level 10 will then be released alongside it.
  5. We are looking into the possibility that we accidentally changed some portions of LS. I will ask around to see if there has been any update.
  6. Hello everyone, it has been 10 days since the last patch and it is time for our next feedback thread. You can discuss it both here and on our balancing discord: https://discord.gg/jrGEBG9NT5 What did you like, what did you not like? Do you want to see more of some things and less of others? Below are some topics to help begin the discussion: Thoughts on the many quality of life features released with the patch? New card feedback How does Nature rPvE feel? June MotMs will be set to Nature if you have not been able to play it much yet. Opinions on balance changes?
  7. Thanks for the report, we will be fixing this.
  8. Just confirmed, the daily quests were missed in the scramble leading up to the patch and have not yet been changed to count cards used when playing featured community maps.
  9. There are, generally speaking, 2 types of effects: internal and external. This is true for both damage buffs and damage reductions. An internal effect is one which a unit or building applies on itself or which is possesses passively. Two examples would be Moloch's Hardened Skin and Imperial's Defensive Stance. An external effect is one which is applied by an effect outside of the unit or building. Two examples would be Lifeweaving and Stone Shell. Internal effects stack infinitely with each other. So Wrathblades' Burnout damage buff stacks with Wrathblades S-counter damage buff. Ext
  10. The community map achievement could have been announced better. The issue is that there are not enough community maps of sufficient quality with completed advanced and standard modes. We decided to treat the Forge skin as equivalent to a new promo card and therefore placed it behind a veteran level achievement. We might make adjustments based on the data with get in the next month or so. The next Forge skin will release differently.
  11. It is 3 total. The ability wording takes into account the unit which is activating the ability. So the unit itself + 2 others. Most minimaps are at least somewhat inaccurate as regards terrain and more significantly inaccurate as regards foliage and such. We only changed the things we mentioned and we took the opportunity presented to fix as much of the minimaps as possible.
  12. Since I have now seen this a few times: Frost Mage was not nerfed. We fixed the knock back bug it has had since game release. This is at minimum a bugfix, at maximum a buff.
  13. Patch #400042 - Nature's Awakening Welcome to our newest patch. This update contains our eighth balance patch for the game, a brand-new card, all kinds of quality of life features, and many other changes, enjoy! Patch Preview - One new card is now available! Jump in-game to collect Sleet Storm. - Nature becomes the next faction to join the party in random PvE. - The first half of our two-part gold rework for PvE game modes and card upgrade costs. - The Community Map menu has been completely reworked to increase usability. Also, gold rewards and a new achievement hav
  14. Card Balance Changes Global Balance Changes Random PvE Boss Leader Immunity: - Added Steadfast to all rPvE bosses. Ranged attack delays re-randomized: - Towers and ranged units are now assigned a randomized 0.3-0.7 second delay on a per-attack basis instead of a standardized 0.5 second delay on spawn. This only modifies cards affected by the bug, many ranged units and towers will be unaffected by the change. Last patch, we changed the randomized attack delay assigned on spawn from ranging between 0.1-1.1 seconds to a standardized delay of 0.5 seconds. While
  15. Map & NPC Changes [ NPC Balance Changes ] Lost Reaver: 1. Reclassify Lost Reaver as a melee-unit instead of a ranged-unit. Players are likely familiar with the fact that a Lost Reaver will spawn its Lost Crawlers and then stand off to the side while it and its allies are slaughtered. This has now been fixed. Lost Reaver will use its ability and move towards and engage enemies in melee combat. This should constitute a slight buff to the unit's strength as an enemy. Lost Wanderer (shield variant): 1. Ice Shield duration: Infinite ➜ 20 seconds 2. Targets: All
  16. Keep an eye out on the community map section post-patch (May 19th). We will be implementing rewards for community maps and specifically for certain defense maps.
  17. Please see my answer and a previous discussion of this topic here: Legendary and Bandit cards are not the same thing, even if they might have a strong correlation in the campaign. It is a general design rule of ours that we do not add arbitrary exceptions to faction mechanics or card interactions. Ravens are their own self-contained archetype and making them count as Bandits units for the sake of Corsair not only heavily disrupts their existing state of balance, but it also severely limits all future cards and abilities which would target Bandits as they would also need to be balanced a
  18. I do not see how these are logically connected. One pertains to the fact that people speaking in different languages necessarily excludes others from the conversation and makes discussions difficult or impossible to follow. The other pertains to where people want to talk and discuss. While English-only has its own problems, we have found it is the best available solution out of a set of solutions, each of which come with their own tradeoffs. Regarding forum versus discord discussions: We wanted to, and tried, almost a year ago now to move most balance discussions to the forums in an att
  19. Welcome back. Unfortunately our forum is fairly low activity, but if you want to chat with people you can pop over to the Skylords Reborn discord which is quite active.
  20. There were no changes to any root network cards in the last few patches. It is possible there was some other circumstance that caused this issue, such as your supports being drawn into combat.
  21. The issue here is that the whole reason we designed the card was to put it on walls. With our defensive rPvE finally moving towards an endpoint in the foreseeable future, we are trying to add units which can be used in the game mode. The other issue is that design-wise we were intending to have it leave a pool of magma on the ground which burned enemies, but with 4 to 6 small worms this cluttered the screen. So, many small issues with the card, which is not that uncommon, but the community usually does not see the "failures." Yes, I agree. Also as a hint towards some coming changes to
  22. Wow, this update makes me look bad, why are we showing everyone I have only played a single map on standard? On a serious note: We also ran into the issue that Fire Wormlings were intended to work on walls and this seemed to bother most of our playtesters. We will consider whether we can fix the current issues and kept them mostly as-is, or if we will have to make them M-sized instead.
  23. I would recommend posting a picture of the deck here along with the deck code.
  24. WindHunter

    Lost Wanderer

    Gold chests are receiving a change which will allow them to be opened even if units nearby are currently occupied doing something else (like shielding their allies). In terms of Lost Wanderer, I agree he could use some love. We can likely make his targeting prioritize units currently without shields. I do not think making it prioritize units in the same group is possible.
  25. We are dealing with this. Expect changes soonish.
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