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  1. With the exception of Hatecaster, which has more of its stats in life points, Necroblaster is the most stat efficient card in the entire game and it is only T3 and completely splashable. In terms of damage per power, it is the most damage efficient card in the game. To pay for this incredible level of efficiency, the card is supposed to have the downside that it costs corpses. Except it only does at the beginning, and then never again. As it currently stands, Necroblaster would functionally be no different if we just removed the corpses entirely and gave it slow construction to simulate waitin
  2. We are very happy with the initial Nature changes but we still have a few more lined up, including ones which failed to make it into the last patch. The threads for Forest Elder, Mind Control, Colossus, and Primeval Watcher have all be updated with new information, while Spore Launcher and Grove Spirit are both still awaiting implementation. Other minor changes which were missed or are upcoming can be found below. Nature Iteration 2 Changes Tier 2: Sunken Temple: 1. Add Mode-change, "Hibernate" - "Pest Creepers enter a state of dormancy and are not longer summoned. Has an i
  3. Primeval Watcher has been updated to include an Iteration 2. Most of the changes did not go live last patch. The only two additional changes are that we will be adding Siege to the unit as well as increasing the amount of enemies Stasis Field can affect by 2, to a total of 9. Additionally, New units are currently in development for and to replace Primeval Watcher in these decks.
  4. Mind Control's changes, which did not make it into last patch, have been updated to include the ability to bypass the population limit.
  5. Iteration 1 and its goals have been completely revamped for Colossus. Additionally, we are interested in the community's thoughts on removing Colossus's normal Swift ability and connecting it to Lumbering Step instead. The idea is that this way Colossus would be the same speed as the other units a Nature player typically makes uses, such as Forest Elder and Primeval Watcher.
  6. Added an Iteration 2 for Forest Elder.
  7. Thank you for all the feedback so far and please continue to give it. We also have an active discussion on this topic ongoing over in our balance discord which we invite everyone to check out: Skylords Balance Discord As regards Fire RPvE: Our map team received a substantial amount of feedback over the last few months and the vast majority of players, of every skill level, told us two things: The damage was overwhelming and too punishing for some decks, while the faction was a wet noodle against decks with powerful CC. We aimed then to remedy this situation with the changes made, which
  8. Did you kill the Walker before fighting the Raven ships in your second run but not your first? I always kill the Walker, so at least assuming that is done: The Bandit Command Walker does not spawn until a certain point after you initially engage with the Raven ships. If you kill the Raven ships fast enough in the initial engagement, the map will end before the Walker can spawn, meaning you never have to fight it as part of the final battle.
  9. We have identified the cause and will be fixing it.
  10. Hello everyone, It has been a week now since the patch has released, and while this is not exactly a long time, I wanted to open a discussion and encourage everyone to provide feedback on the changes we have made to the game. Below are some of the topics of which we are most interested in soliciting feedback, though feel free to offer any suggestions regarding the patch and the current direction of the game. Do you like the changes to card and factions? Why or why not? Where did we hit the mark, and implement something exciting you'd like to see more of? Where did you miss the mark
  11. Not all Nature changes made it into this patch. Additionally, the discussions today show that the balance discord is still very much active.
  12. Personally I think there isn't a reason for many of the achievements to be excluded from achievement due to the AFK timer. The issue is that some of them (reserve) should be excluded, and I do not know if there is an easy way to differentiate between them. I think it is something which is possible for us, just question of effort.
  13. Life Weaving is true damage.
  14. I'm not opposed to changing it, but that also assumes we can find the correct script and variable to change it. Finding the correct variables on official maps can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  15. Hello RedMush, Rogan Kayle requires that a unit be next to him in order to begin walking into Hope. There are a few different cards that can help you get around this without breaking the do not play a unit card requirement.
  16. Patch #400033 - Force of Nature Welcome to our newest patch, titled "Force of Nature"! This update contains our fifth balance patch for the game, brand-new cards, and many other changes, enjoy! Patch Preview - Three new cards are now available! Jump in-game to collect Wasteland Terror, Burning Spears, and Transcendence. - Major changes to the PvP game mode, including PvP Happy Hours, reward reworks, hiding player loses, and more. - Added 18 new, primarily PvE achievements for both beginners and veterans alike. Including one to earn the new promo Mana
  17. Card Balance Changes Global Balance Changes Each unit size has a defined limit of how many melee units of a given category can attack it at once. This limit directly affects the viability of melee units in a way that is not true for ranged units. As part of how balancing efforts, we have decided to increase the amount of melee units which can attack a given unit at a time. This should prove especially helpful for early strategies utilizing S-units or when fighting against boss units in RPvE with a primarily melee army. Numbers of melee attackers for creatures of different
  18. Map Balance Changes PvE Map Changes Behind Enemy Lines: increased initial power wells from 2 to 3. All three have a capacity of 1200, equivalent to a 40 min lifetime. Behind Enemy Lines is a map with a high failure rate with non-Nightguard strategies, and is none to have substantial periods where the player is forced to wait. The primary goal is to keep the map strategic and difficult, while removing the tedious moments. A secondary goal is to buff non-Nightguard strategies in preparation for the upcoming changes to mind control. Convoy: buildings are now properly
  19. Thanks for the video and congrats on your engagement! I decided to do a tier list for how good I think certain cards will be after we finish working on Nature as a faction. It takes into account both campaign and RPvE. Some explanation: S-tier: Either breaks the game on certain maps or in certain archetypes, and/or you are trolling not to include it. A-tier: Much stronger than other options in the same tier and/or archetype (ie. Windweavers); or only card of their type, often enabling unique strategies (ie. Sylvan Gate). B-tier: Strong options nearly always worth bringing (ie. E
  20. Sorry for never answering these questions. 1. Disarmed units are units which cannot attack, either with melee or ranged attacks. Green Peace is a disarm effect, as is Rogan's "It's the Shoes," and Twilight Hag's charm. We are trying to use more standardized terms for crowd control effects to reduce player confusion. The intended goal here is that Forest Elder(p) will naturally synergize with the crowd control effects a Pure Nature player is most likely to use anyway in Primeval Watcher's paralyze and Green Peace's disarm. 2. Both affinities will have Magic Link. It is very possi
  21. Just wanted to update everyone that we will be changing Banzai Lord birds in the upcoming patch. Banzai Birds A. Damage (p) / Healing(g): 1000, up to 3000 --> 1500, up to 4500 B. Life points: 800 -> 1200 (+400 life points on each upgrade) C. Explosion radius: 25m --> 20m D. Total Birds: 3 --> 2 E. Remove +1 Banzai Bird summoned from U3 upgrade. The idea is to condense the strength of the card from 3 birds to 2 to reduce performance impact, while giving a small nerf by reducing total explosion radius from 25m --> 20m. Additionally, as regards the main point of
  22. I think the current mechanic for Altar of Chaos is a good one and fitting to Shadow as a faction, though I can understand both the current frustrations with using it around allies as well as its current strength. I would prefer suggestions which help to alleviate some of the current issues without wholly reworking the card from scratch. For some more transparency from our side: we as a team are not interesting in promoting any of the superweapons (Comet Catcher, WBG, and Altar of Chaos) into top tier strategies. Given their very long range (infinite in the case of Altar), they are strateg
  23. I think the question of whether or not this will be strong enough is a fair one. As-is, Mind Control is rarely if ever used, so, as always, I'd like to cautiously move forward in the process. In the first step we can see if the card fits a distinct niche within 3N+ decks, and then we can adjust its power level appropriately. Whether that is through changing Mind Control's available targets, its cooldown, its power cost, or any other option we can determine once we see it in action. I would like to point out that there will be zero changes to NPC power and orb costs in the upcoming patch.
  24. When I say that it connects to everything in a 100m radius, that is exactly what I mean, both in terms of pulling and providing support. The battery can be 100m south of the Sylvan Gate and the frontline attacker can be 100m north, and the battery will still be able to support the frontline attacker.
  25. A certain distant Twilight cousin of Primeval Watcher may or may not be on the horizon...
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