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  1. As I said I never wanted to offend anyone, it was just my opinion, of course he made an amazing piece of art with that and thats something I highly respect! The creator can be proud of this, but its just as people pointed out a little empty. I mean, in the end I dont really mind, it wont be my decision and I will gladly accept any new card in the game.
  2. Alright, i hope i dont offend anyone while saying this, but i feel like the artwork of the dragon is lacking something. The impact is missing but i cant really explain it. Love the overall idea for the design but it looks a bit plain, maybe the fact that its not centralized is a reason for it or that it could use a small piece of bandit armor. But hey what do i know, best thing i can do are stick figures. Just wanna say thats its still looking awesome and i think the scars are pretty nice. I think the name and all is pretty fitting. I really hope that i wasnt going too far with my little
  3. So far it looks like its gonna be Mana-wing... pls nooo i dont want that chicken xD I prefer any card over that one. But oh well if its not gonna be the card i want, it doesnt mean its never gonna happen right? Maybe it wont be sunderer this time, but there is still hope after that. This is a kinda Smash Bros situation were you hope that youre favorite fighter is gonna make it... but this time its about card reskins
  4. Well this is gonna sound weird, but... one of my 2 most favorite maps is actually the introduction (wait what?!). Its the tutorial of the game, and i really enjoy a good tutorial in an rts game. Some games are just throwing you into the game without any directions for you. But this tutorial tells you everything, it even has a great ending since you also have to defeat a smol boss at the end. The whole layout of the tutorial map looks great, and i even sometimes wondered what it would be like if there was also 3 difficulties for that mission. It was a fun start to this game since you could alre
  5. Dang this looks all just so awesome, i cant wait to see which promo its gonna be, and also hyped to see what kind of changes you are gonna bring to my most favorite fire card Moloch. The artwork looks mindblowing, extremely well done. Just one more thing, i think everyone who has been working on skylords reborn, can and should be extremely proud of their work. This whole project is just getting better and better and its fascinating, keep up the great work!
  6. Did you know that music ingame depends on your very first orb? If you dont play a card no music is played.

    1. anonyme0273


      Didn't know about the no orb, interesting.

    2. Riviute


      And the music is depending on the color, if you play shadow first you will hear the soundtrack "bitter chains". With frost you might hear "northern steel". You wont hear any of those soundtracks with fire or nature then, pretty neat if you ask me.

    3. Dallarian


      I'd have no idea fire has 8 themes if it wasn't for LEBOVIM ^^

  7. My personal favorite unit used to be harvester, but not anymore. I really enjoy lost vigil these days, in combo with icebarrier this card is really fun. My favorite spell is plague right now, after the recent buff i think its a very amazing card and good to clear bases. My favorite building is worldbreaker gun, i just love the sound of that massive thing.
  8. Got a few questions before i recommend my other favorites. Is your friend living far away from your place or could he visit you for playing several hours? Then which gaming platforms are available? Wii U, PS3 PS4 Xbox Switch or even handhelds like Nintendo 3DS. The game i'd like to recommend now is the whole Monster Hunter series. Yeah its still a while until the release of Monster Hunter World but i still like the previous games like Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 and Ultimate 4. The singleplayer is pretty nice to learn the game but the real game starts in the multiplayer. The raising difficu
  9. Its always kinda surprisingly that you can still learn more about this game. I really appreciate your guide so far, some nice ideas and tactics behind. Looking forward to t4, I'm curious if you are using tortugun, i was never good at using that one
  10. Thank you @Ilsyde i will have a look at this
  11. Another day another card. The stronghold, back in the days i loved this card, but today im not sure about it any more, cause you guys opened my eyes about so many cards. Cards i liked were bad and cards i disliked were good So what do you guys think about this one.
  12. Deviljho from the monster hunter series
  13. In the past im playing heroes of might and magic 3 again, but not the HD version from steam, an unofficial mod together the mod horn of the abyss which adds a complete new faction to the game, the pirates. (Ofc its still turn based strategy but a really good one) Also for all those who loved Command and Conquer, maybe take a look at 8-Bit Armies, you can find it on steam. Pretty fun game though. I was a big fan of the first Arena Wars, Paraworld and the first Lord of the rings battle for middle earth, but its really tough to find one of these, Paraworld got really expensive... Maybe
  14. Thanks @Treim for posting that link, didnt know about that topic, a lot of uselful stuff there Healing gardens is next, rarely used it, guess it was sometimes used for shadow units to keep them alive like mutating frenzy (when powering up with death wish) or shadow worm.
  15. Next card is the blaster cannon. I rarely used this one...
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