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  1. Good work, youve made a lot of thoughts about this. But i got a question, why clocks? xD Sry but clocks always remind me of alarm clocks, ringing and waking up way too early to get ready for work, which can be pretty.... you know. And of course is @Eddio interested in your work since he is a classic guy maybe with a golden clock on a little chain in his pocket
  2. Hey skylords, is there maybe someone who knows how to photoshop and could do me a little favor?

    Please cut out the lizard with the axe standing on the rock and delete the rest of the picture? So just the lizard+axe+rock on a white background or smthg. Would be cool :D


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    2. JangoXIII


      Like this?


      Wait... this is better.


    3. Riviute


      Wow nice as well :) 

    4. JangoXIII


      All done in powerpoint :D

  3. Emberstrike, i loved that card from its design and in the first moments i was impressed by his atk damage and that it only needed one fire orb. But later you realize that you will nearly never need a T4 who counters M-units. But still looks so cool.
  4. Happy easter to all of you, and now that we are already at this topic... Which easter egg was your most favorite in video games or maybe even movies? My personal favorite is the cow level from diablo still got that mooooh sound in my ears.
  5. @Asraiel Thank you
  6. Made of steel? Man this looks amazing, how much time you had to invest to create this?
  7. Next card. I rarely found use for this one.
  8. Yea these blades are made of steel, just like the lost warlords blade. The varnish made it look a bit weird so you may think that this is plastic.
  9. Dont have any plans right now what i'm going to do, atm kinda busy in reallife already Thanks for the positive feedback guys.
  10. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings In the past weeks i was working a lot on diverse small projects for some colleagues and friends. Created some attachements and stuff like that for them. Some of them were pretty interesting things to create and that reminded me of the bladework. Last year at the big contest i also participated in the fanart category and crafted the blade of the lost warlord. It was so much fun and i was kinda proud after it. I then got a bit time for myself so i started another project. I was searching and looking for weapons which i could craft and, cause i really like shadow cards, i decided to make the weapons of the wrathblades. I gave some hints the time before the reveal of my work. Rage is a synonym for wrath. Battlescarred because one of these blades were definately in combat already cause its broken. Burn cause of the ability of the wrathblades - Burnout. If i would have written Burnout you guys would find out what its gonna be way faster cause only Wrathblades and Executioner got that ability. The way i made them was the same way like i did it with my sword, i was not bending the steel into right shape, i took some pieces of metal welded them and cuttet them in the right way. I have to admit that i made a couple of mistakes while i was producing them... but with every mistake you do, the better you get Cause of these mistakes it took way longer than the sword, also the smaller things are, the more work you have to put in.(Pls dont quote that) . I think overall it took me around 30-32 hours maybe more... Last time i got help with the varnish, i did what a friend told me to do, but this time i made that by myself. I'm not overwhelmed by the varnish this time but i guess its still ok. Also i have to say big thanks to @Ladadoosand @lFrostAvatar. Ladadoos made some ingame screenshots for me from the wrathblades. (that happened before i was part of the beta). lFrostavatar reuoploaded the rendered artworks of everysingle unit building spell and so on. That includes the wrathblades so i had a better look at them as well. So thanks guys If anyones interested in the sword of the lost warlord work heres your link if youre interested. So guys pls tell me what do you think about my work
  11. Pls no changes with the deck sizes. Its absolutely ok how it is right now. Not to many and not too few.
  12. Just what you guys think about him
  13. Time for another card, we got so many free to play cards now, time for something else. The Magma Fiend has one of my favorites gamemodels in the game. Also has a pretty high damage output, but this guy is slow, still i used him a lot
  14. Just finished the varnishing, have to wait until its dry and then complete my work. So today or tomorrow i'm gonna reveal it.

    I'm giving you some words as hints so you maybe can find out what its gonna be ;)

    First word: Rage

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    2. sylvix95


      the Sun reaver maybe

    3. Shotty


      Gonna call it Wrathblades 100% :kappa:

    4. sylvix95


      Oh, i just saw the thread

  15. Often seen in FTP speedruns, kinda useful but there are better options.