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  1. lFrostavatar once uploaded all the card artworks here but rendered.
  2. Its always kinda surprisingly that you can still learn more about this game. I really appreciate your guide so far, some nice ideas and tactics behind. Looking forward to t4, I'm curious if you are using tortugun, i was never good at using that one
  3. Thank you @Ilsyde i will have a look at this
  4. Another day another card. The stronghold, back in the days i loved this card, but today im not sure about it any more, cause you guys opened my eyes about so many cards. Cards i liked were bad and cards i disliked were good So what do you guys think about this one.
  5. Deviljho from the monster hunter series
  6. In the past im playing heroes of might and magic 3 again, but not the HD version from steam, an unofficial mod together the mod horn of the abyss which adds a complete new faction to the game, the pirates. (Ofc its still turn based strategy but a really good one) Also for all those who loved Command and Conquer, maybe take a look at 8-Bit Armies, you can find it on steam. Pretty fun game though. I was a big fan of the first Arena Wars, Paraworld and the first Lord of the rings battle for middle earth, but its really tough to find one of these, Paraworld got really expensive... Maybe if one of you guys know where to get these 3, pls tell me
  7. Thanks @Treim for posting that link, didnt know about that topic, a lot of uselful stuff there Healing gardens is next, rarely used it, guess it was sometimes used for shadow units to keep them alive like mutating frenzy (when powering up with death wish) or shadow worm.
  8. Next card is the blaster cannon. I rarely used this one...
  9. Well daily card discussion, it has been a while, have a look at this card and tell me if you maybe know this guy And if you know him, what do you think about Mo.
  10. Well this is what i would go for in pve. My fav combination needs to be in, infect+soulshatter+cluster red. Also an Moloch powered up with wheel of gifts. But its really tough to decide what to choose so i just went for my favorites I'm not a good pvp player so i have no idea what to choose for pvp if all were neutral But nice topic though
  11. Hello guys whats wrong, the forum got really quiet in the past huh. I know i know, weve already waited for so long to be back in the forge but dont let the :hype: fall down now :D  We are still addicted to that drug called Skylords and we freakin need that stuff. So let me ask you something boys and girls.


    There can only be one answer and i hope you guys gonna hype for it... :) 

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    2. Riviute


      Maybe i have written that a bit unlucky, just wanted you to hype a little bit, my bad sorry

    3. BionicReaper


      There is always hype for :watermelon: !!!

    4. Kiwi


      The activity declined because of our URL change as @SunWu II. already said. Hopefully it will pick back up again and you guys keep up the :hype: !

  12. Good work, youve made a lot of thoughts about this. But i got a question, why clocks? xD Sry but clocks always remind me of alarm clocks, ringing and waking up way too early to get ready for work, which can be pretty.... you know. And of course is @Eddio interested in your work since he is a classic guy maybe with a golden clock on a little chain in his pocket
  13. Hey skylords, is there maybe someone who knows how to photoshop and could do me a little favor?

    Please cut out the lizard with the axe standing on the rock and delete the rest of the picture? So just the lizard+axe+rock on a white background or smthg. Would be cool :D


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    2. JangoXIII


      Like this?


      Wait... this is better.


    3. Riviute


      Wow nice as well :) 

    4. JangoXIII


      All done in powerpoint :D

  14. Emberstrike, i loved that card from its design and in the first moments i was impressed by his atk damage and that it only needed one fire orb. But later you realize that you will nearly never need a T4 who counters M-units. But still looks so cool.
  15. Happy easter to all of you, and now that we are already at this topic... Which easter egg was your most favorite in video games or maybe even movies? My personal favorite is the cow level from diablo still got that mooooh sound in my ears.