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    eonben4 (more active on my discord though: EonBen#7626)
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    Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Battleforge, Fire Emblem, Anime, Guitar, Nintendo and random stoogery :]

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  1. EonBen

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    thanks man :]
  2. EonBen

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    Damn.. This really sucks. I'm not 100% sure what my rep was but pretty sure it was around 49. I haven't been that active in a bit on the forums so that's why I'm unsure about the number.
  3. EonBen

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    Back when I played I was always more of a PvE person, but tbh that might've been just because I wasn't exactly the best PvP player around and didn't have the drive to learn either. Since then I've started playing a lot more PvP based games and started to love the competitiveness of it, as well as a drive to improve so who knows this time around, I'll definitely have my swing at both :]
  4. EonBen

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    let's hope for the best ^.^
  5. EonBen

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Ayy, always worth a shot. Good luck everyone :]
  6. EonBen

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    damn, forgot about this one for a sec else I might've posted it, haha. I used to listen to a whole playlist so I just picked one song from it.
  7. EonBen

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    Used to listen a lot to Green Day when I played Battleforge, idk why but if I had to pick one song it'd probably have to be this one (yes I know it's a cover by them)
  8. EonBen

    How long i must wait...

    We knew from the beginning this project was going to talk a while, and to be quite frank, you honestly should just be happy it's coming back at all. We're all in the same boat of wanting to reaaallly play this game again. The devs are doing everything they can to get us this game back but with everything they need to reverse engineer as well as implement the new functions (like daily quests and stuff) it will take time. Just be patient and support the Sylords Reborn team, it's all we can do for now.
  9. EonBen

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    already been 2 years? god damn time goes by. I wasn't here for the entirety of it but still, god damn xD Happy B-Day Skylord Reborn! And once again thanks to everyone working on this game
  10. EonBen

    Moon or Virydia?

    Viridya is a bit too crazy for my tastes lmao, and when I was young I had a little crush on Moon if I'm interely honest here, so I'll have to go with Moon.
  11. EonBen

    MBTI Personality Test

    I took this test a while ago but redid it out of sheer curiosity if I'd get the same thing after like a year or so and yup, still the same, I'm INFP-T
  12. EonBen

    What does you Love?

    hmmm, this will sound corny af but my Friends honestly. also, just to help you out not to nitpick, it should be "What do you love" and not does.
  13. EonBen

    What Does "Kevin" Mean? [Poll]

    When I think of someone named Kevin, I think of someone who's a jokester, the one always telling jokes and some people might even think he doesn't take anything seriously, however at times, he can get extremely serious in situations where it's needed.
  14. EonBen

    kill your allies

    he's also talking about Rifle Cultists, but this topic has been adressed already in a lot of different threats and basically the answer is that it's not big enough of an issue.

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