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      We now have a Patreon !   10/16/17

      Donations are back, but they're now all on Patreon ! Feel free to check it out : https://goo.gl/TwmHYW


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  1. Patreon - Thank List

    Updated Also, I'm pointing out that we do have a full track of who's pledge is either, activated, validated or not. So this list does represent people that are still validated on Patreon. If your pledge isn't active, you may not see yourself here because you're not on the list on our side!
  2. Card Art Rework

    Well, it definitly looks unclear compared to the old one, I can barely see how much orbs we need and it's zoomed, so imagine in-game. Maybe the organization is bad as well (in a square like this), on a gamedesign pov, this isn't the way to go, there's some good documentation about UX/UI on internet, I'm sure you'll find some relative information about it !
  3. Card Art Rework

    Mostly agree with this comment, orbs really looks weird there, but those artworks are really nice !
  4. Guys you're amazing !

    Well, online courses, trying to understand code from someone else that did it great, interest, and a lot of time are the only keys to your success
  5. 2 Years of skylords reborn!

    Thank you for your very kind message @TheSInEater ! Also, we created a topic about it right here if wanna take a look as well
  6. Patreon - Thank List

    Hello Skylords, Here's the list of all our actuals Patrons, thank you all for your support ♥ We'll make sure to make this project a reality in long-term thanks to all of you! OUR PATREON PAGE https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn Aaron Dean Spencer Anonyme0273 artisticMink Axewel Babonja BigD Colton T Pool Dainel Flemming Dakota Miller Daniel Ritter David Peinemann Dominic Jablonske Elizabeth Schneider Flatlander fred Frits temmink Henning Königstein Holger Flessau ICE Itay Kaduri Jan Hauke Rentzow Jay Ran Jeff S John Ny Jonathan Gawrych Joseph Allen Josiah Mahar Kahetabi Kirion Kyllian Richard-edmond Leonardo Lovatto Michaelsen Lukas Lukas Braun Matt Prior Meister Rihno Michael Egorenkov Michael Sass Husum Mindaugas Visockas Moritz Weissenberger Pascal Linder Patrick Walther Pennywise Rune Christiansen Salenstern Sekkonds shrci Starnas Thomasovics Thorben Stiller Tim Schmidt Caspersen timotamun Tom Scheduikat Tri Walker Rudolf Yannick Laubscher Yunus Yaman (Last update : 11/12/2017 - 17:32 CET)
  7. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    If there's big subjects of design, we'll talk at some point generally, but as a Patron, you can be involved deeply in the process. The more players we'll have, the less talk we can have with everyone as well, we're not anymore the little project we were unfortunatly ^^ So we have to react accordingly Also, we decided to chose Patreon for the monthly thing yes, you can participate for one month if you want to, and then next month, just remove it ^^ that's up to you !
  8. Hello Skylords ! As you saw a few days ago now, we decided to disable our global donation system. You'll have more explainations about this in the upcoming stream. That being said, donations are now back ... but on Patreon! Why Patreon ? Because Patreon is so far so best way for us to reward people that are donating to the project, but also that's safer for us than just a paypal donation link. Project is going huge, and we're closer than ever to the open-beta, so according to that, we need to be safe on the few incomes we have. We already said, multiple times that this project isn't going to be pay-to-win, and that's still the case, here's why : Thanks to Patreon, you guys will be able to support the project and get some rewards Those rewards aren't linked and will never be linked to actual gameplay elements (such as BFP, cards, boosters etc..) You can donate if you want to support the project, there's no obligations from you to do so! You can support us from now on our Patreon page ! Become a Patron ♥ --> https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn Here's the Patreon thanks subject
  9. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    Hello Skylords ! Here we are, the Open-Beta Announcement Stream is closer than ever ! Stream will happen the 28th of October at 3PM CET (Paris Time) -> Countdown So here are all information you need to know : - Stream will be on our official channel as usual (be sure to follow it !) : https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn - We'll announce the date of the open-beta, and give information about it right there, so don't miss it ! - We'll give you some updates, regarding Ardent Peak & the projet in general - Until the Open-beta starts, we're still under closed beta, so it may be possible that a CBT giveaway will occur - If you can't watch it, don't panic, we'll have a past-broadcast as usual and an announcement post after Also, latest dev-update is out, if you missed it, go check it out -> http://dev.skylords.eu/ That's all for today, I hope you guys are ready for this, we prepared some nice stuff for you See you the 28th ! ♥ Skylords Reborn Team.
  10. Auction House prices

    Thank you for that list, this will definitly be useful
  11. Good coop games

    I'd say Rock of Ages II, it's must playing with friends, such as fun and non-serious game There's also Dungeon Defenders II that is really a must as well, otherwise for people that want some competition, Battlerite is fun to play in 2v2
  12. Console emulators (Wii U, PlayStation 3, DS, 3DS)

    So far CEMU is the best to follow I'd say... Showing a lot of progress in a less amount of time compared to others (due to the patreon, that's for sure, but still) The PS3 emulator is here since so many times and it's still not in a playable state for 70% of games if note more, that's really a shame (it's like the XBOX360 one so far to me) So yea, I'm following CEMU so far, rest is not worth right now for me. ^^
  13. Donators - Thanks list !

    I'll need th invoice ID since you didn't let a note with your donation, can't find you
  14. I invite you to read our F.A.Q : http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/572-bfreborn-faq/ If you're spamming again, it's a ban. #Closed.
  15. BattleForge

    I invite you to read our F.A.Q. right there : http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/572-bfreborn-faq/ #Closed.