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  1. Fellux

    Unban from discord

    okay , thank you @Kiwi and @armu! I am realy sorry! I promise I won't break any rules in the future
  2. Fellux

    Unban from discord

    My discordname is FelixTheAwesomeCat#0667 @Kiwi. I dont realy know why I got banned exactly since nobody told me, but I think it must happend cause I changed my pic and name to immitate an other discord member (sekkonds) and spamming @ at him in the chat (for which i got muted). We had a small dispute before. I saw he was bragging about his expensive pc for which i called him out. Of cause my following actions were very childish. I already wrote with him after the ban. I told him that i would stop annoying him from now on. I promise that I wont do anything which is against the rules
  3. Fellux

    Unban from discord

    Hey guys, is there a way to get unbanned from the discord server? I did something stupid once, I realy regret it. The problem is that the main news channel is now on discord, since the dev platform is closed for now
  4. Fellux

    Instant DC

    Same Here, worked once in the beginning for 7 minutes xD now instant dc in forge

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