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  1. Im more on the buff other strategies train. Phoenix can be strong and easy to use but its also a cheap start for beginners. For experts we could see some other strategies as well. I mean you can buff some units or spells which will help clearing T2/T3 camps. In my opinion it shouldnt be nerfed. Nerfing leads to less fun and less fun leads to less players
  2. Hi guys! I have a bug which happens during joining a lobby. I click on the map (for example rPVE) then i can see that there are 2 different teams which i can join. but no matter how hard i click on one of the teams it does nothing. I have to click on the "join team" buttom at the down and randomly join one of them. and inside the team i also hardly can click on the role where i want to start. its usually a lot of clicks randomly inside that box when it finaly lets me join (ex.: player 3.) I will try to record my problem if nobody can reproduce it. I play in full screen mode. Laptop but with a
  3. The idea is cool! What about pvp with fog of war that would some next level thing! πŸ˜„
  4. Amazon and Dino HELL YESS! πŸ˜„ they look sooo sick!
  5. Ah thx so much! Yeah i know its not up to date but its easy to find cards with arts πŸ˜„ and i like to fantasy build decks
  6. I mean it wouldnt be so bad if i could import pictures.. but the links doesnt work for me so there are only the blank card without arts..
  7. Hi guys! Just asking where did the all cards deck maker went from the forum? Its missing from the menu. can someone help how can i acces that? Wiki is not good for me i would like to use the all cards one
  8. hi there! Amazing game you made! Im just wondering do you still have the blank cards in digital form? I mean without the lore. I would like to make my own little game but im bad at photoshop so i cant really make nice clean cards with only the pictures in the middle... If you dont have them np. just asking πŸ™‚
  9. Guys keep up the amazing work! I would suggest to go to other RTS game forums and try to inform these players that battleforge is alive as skylords reborn. And btw custom games are the future for these type of games. I still play warcraft3 for some good old legion td. Skylords have a great future!
  10. Thanks the answer! I will def. check it out! Yeah i know its some serious script writing and coding πŸ˜„ I hope I can understand it, but maybe a small number change also can help with the map πŸ˜„
  11. Hi all! I have a question about already made custom maps. Theres a map called Umbabwe TD, can i change the map somehow? (making a new version of it) So that map is really cool, but could use some improvement and also there is a bug where the last player from 3 players will get 6 monuments instant. I would like to change the the early spawn time as well cuz there are like no time to build up towers and the wave already sent. The early levels are hard, esp. small units just walk through towers, there could be some rule applied where units can not cross between close towers so we could
  12. Hi mate! how u doin? πŸ˜„Β are u still doing ur flame TD map? im still looking forward to it πŸ˜„Β if its unfinished can you send me the test version of it?

    1. Dallarian


      Recently I found out that you can decompress a map to get access to it's scripts and .map file.
      Scary it is.

  13. I rly like skylefs for churches the one that restores HP the T2 one. I think that helps a bit, and also kobold tick maybe? just an idea never played this map before πŸ˜„
  14. Yeah no thanks the double total dmg sounds super busted xD. Is there a way to not calculate overkill dmg (ignore it)? so i mean make the dmg randomly split among all enemies inside the area. So therefor there are no need to calculate overkill numbers. its just an idea but maybe without source code its not possible.
  15. Man I would love to see early bosses πŸ˜„ Well I dont know... I think this game has such a great community but we should keep in mind that this is also a relatively small group of ppl. So I mean this is not League of Legends where a small movement speed change could break a legend. This is battleforge a pure nostalgia train with cool new possiblities to improve the game such as making heavy spell dmg relevant. Think about the new playstyles and so on. I know there are a tons of cards which would benefit from the change but its still very much needed. And about pvp. Yeah not very popul
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