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  1. wow nice guys! if i can remember i used to play blaster cannon in my pvp fire deck it was so fun to do some unexpected sh*t :DD I dont like the meta decks. ( i also play hearthstone so its reasonable) i hope at january 30 i can build some craaazy decks
  2. Describe the game with one word!

    TCGSG (trading card game - strategy game) Like whaaaa? this is the only game which used this type.
  3. Orb Ownership

    yeah i remember back in those days this was a real problem. its sure hellah annoying so when i got trolls like this (taking a 5th orb) i also try to troll him, do some extra dmg to his base or something like this... its a good idea to solve this problem but also it can be very frustating. what if you and your friend have a tier 2 best start strategy and you let him build your orb.. so it will be a big throwback for those players who likes to make new things. There could be an other solution as well i like the idea to make only 4 orb avaiable to all players so there wouldnt be so many trolls. also i would recommend a new time based orb mechanics to PVE for example you cant build more than 2 orb until you reach a certain time or scenario at the current map. But Nice topic i like it
  4. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    And the Devs will choose the players? Or you have to sign up to somewhere to join the open beta i know that not everyone can join it yet but do we need to do something or just wait
  5. The legendary forum game "count"

    2483... ... Is The number of days since i had the last T-Rex attack...
  6. Hi guys DownVote here! So i was thinking what kind of deck could we make for like rPVE and for PVP. BUT! Think about the most useless cards the most non-meta cards which will fill your 20 slot in your deck. Then tell your strategies what could you do with it. It can be funny like Fire Bomb rush with pure fire or some crazy things. Just tell me your story about what crazy useless deck would you build the Best Comment will earn a big *CLAP* from me. see ya guys!
  7. I think my BF name will be DownVotedPlayer xD btw im not mad and also its just people oppinion. :D

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      You can not DEFEAT ME fool!!

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      SunWu II.

      Congratulations, you're in the top 10 popular contributers list! The haters must have slept!

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  8. Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Happy Birthday "Soon"
  9. Dear diary.

    I am waiting for this game for like 3 years now. i wish i could play with my friends online...

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      Its always hard to say ur oppinion right? ;)

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      Not really 


  10. BattleForge -> Hearthstone

    Nice Idea to create these cards i really liked them but yeah some just op some just underpowered but a very good and creative idea i am working in a real card game and i would like to use BF art works if you know something about "Gwent" it will be lookalike. points for win ! and i will show it to you guys if its done
  11. BattleForge -> Hearthstone

    damn non hearthstone players creats absolutly crazy cards xD these are sooooo op i was looking at Spitfire too omg his ability is a flamestrike wtf sooo broken
  12. BattleForge -> Hearthstone

    these are just so op not even balanced cards lol I would like to say Avator of Frost would be a 4 mana 4/2 and gain divine shield every end of turn maybe a bit better low health high shield Offering and Ripper are just horrible cards xD 4 mana 2/4 and does nothing maybe a 3/5 stat would be nice for him and offering to your hand instead to your deck 4 mana is a lot and you have to destroy one minion.. or maybe its good for fatigue but there is more control you cant kill your own unit.
  13. Client Download

    i do not agree with you sorry. What if he just want to get early acces via this action yeah he will have the client early then he will say oh guys i cant play video games for the next 5 years can i have an accoun too? lolz i think theres is no such favoritism..