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  1. Yoo fun topic! My favourite card is def. Avatar of Frost! He gives me so much nostalgia one of my most wanted card back in the past. Blood healing is my second winner such a cool shadow card, you gain some you lose some. And for last Forest Elder, big, cute, and pure nature what else you need. Honorable mentions: Grinder, Comet catcher, Corsair By the way im a "get all the cards and play all of them" player so i like many many cards but these are one of my favs.
  2. Hey there! I play a lot of pure frost rpve i would recommend mountain rowdy in T2 he is such a good tank and a great dot and home soil also increases his aoe dmg, the slow also very usefull. I run ice age green cuz the small regen feels a bit better in the early game. Personally i run avatar of frost but core dredge is also super good t3. Your T4 is perfect i usually run 2 witches and they are more than enough. Ward of the North does not work with ice shields so u better cut that card and use +1 T2 unit e.g.: stormsinger or war eagle. Also dont run amii ritual maybe run construction hut to bui
  3. Love to see the Ironclad changes! Im a big fan of the unit but it always felt underwhelming.. you need more than 4 to see their dmg pop now it might be much more fun to nuke enemies with them! Love it! Im a pure Frost player most of the time and i was always looking for some updates for the legendary Ironclad! So yess! Im very happy!
  4. Wow Kilikem is mental.. either salty that he cant make more accounts for grindin' or he cant understand that this is a free game with devs that doesnt own the game and they sacrafice their own free time to improve it... Stop complaining and just enjoy the damn game people why you guys have to be so mental?!
  5. Multi accing = more cards for mains, less players playing hard maps = abusing market = less enjoyable for fresh players, expensive rare and ultrarare cards, less player playing more player maps cuz of grinding easy solo maps = less players playing the game. Isn it obvious?
  6. My personal oppinion about pvp is that its a bit too fast for me. I mean im a bit slow player I like to build up my army and reach the XL units where I can smash everything. In pvp its usually over in the first few minutes if you are a rookie you can not recover, maybe if we start matches with 2 orbs that would be a whole different level (might be even more aggressive) Anyway I like to fck around in a 2v2 map with friends, I usually like to give 5 minutes for each side to prepare for a great fight its much more fun for me. More game modes I can say and it will be popular anyway keep up the g
  7. Man do I love these Ironclad changes! Finally some love for this unique card love it love it love it!!! I always wished for higher attack to be much more viable it helps frost to clear faster and the less health is nothing while im under shields all the time! Yes! Keep up the good work guys! Im amazed!
  8. Wow! Massive update, and I love it!! Im a pure Frost player and I rly like the changes! Im impressed by you guys, also the dmg increase for Ironclad is very much needed he feels so underwhelming on rpve but he is such a unique and cool card, bring him some love! Avatar feels amazing broken shields genius idea, and for the Dreadnought these abilities are perfect I always wanted a bit of healing after a huge fight. Im a bit scared about the new aoe spell shield spell doesnt it make the winter witch a bit useless anyway I will still use her as my main shield maker keep up the good work im amazed
  9. Buying boosters is FUN! Buy some if you have a lot of BFP and you dont want to build a specific deck. But if you are determined to build a deck then just buy the cards on the market. I usually buy 1-2 boosters a week, sometimes lucky sometimes not even near to worth but its fun tho
  10. Cool art! It seems like a young Forest Elder :D
  11. Hey! Former Shrine of martyrs lover here! I was also disappointed when I saw the changes but there isnt much use for the old effect since dmg reduction effects doesnt stack with each other.. (Flat values with % ofc do) But i am using the new shrine of martyrs and its not that bad, espc. in pure frost rpve decks. I kinda like the constant freezing with some void power coming back its fun, so give it a try you might enjoy this new style for pure frost! :)
  12. Bkingn

    The rpve Willzapper

    Forsaken,Skeleton Warriors,Life weaving,Offering(G),Motivate,Soul Splicer(G),Darkelf Assassins,Furnance of Flesh,Resource booster,Shadow phenix, unholy power, unholy hero, blood healing, cultist master,frenetic assault(g), satanael(r),death ray,overlord,shadow worm,rifle cultist This is my deck, it still needs some adjustments like using one nether warp its easier to get the worms into the middle also im using 1 death ray with unholy hero to burst dowm big buildings. Its more like a unit spam deck i usually end up with 6-7 worms and 5 overlords. Its really fun, but you need to build up yo
  13. Bkingn

    The rpve Willzapper

    So is it enough to send just one unit in let him paralyzed then all my other units can go in without the effect? Im playing mass disintegrate shadow worms with overlords its pretty fun and powerful (lost souls are the easiest maps for the deck!) And the only thing that slows me down is the willzapper thats why im asking ideas.
  14. Bkingn

    The rpve Willzapper

    How many units are affected by its power btw? I mean is it enough to spawn 9 nightcrawlers with 3 cultists?
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