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  1. We need a defensive mode!!!! Dont give up! 😁
  2. I dont know but in my oppinion quests are usually tasks you need to do to earn the reward you cant skip or reroll quests in GTA V too theres quests you dont like but you need to do them in order to get the reward you need or to make progress which currently is getting more bfp to make a stronger deck.. i dont like playing shadow but i do fck around with stupid deck in standard campain to get the reward not the hardest thing to do. :p
  3. Dude crying about free bfp quests imagine playing OG BF when u got daily 1 bfp xdddd
  4. So no chance to play a TD game mode. *Sad noises*
  5. How this project going? I would love to play a Battleforge TD game mode.
  6. Bkingn


    Daamn thank you for all those information! I will def. Try these out.
  7. Bkingn


    I would love to play this long range beast in Battlegrounds but its impossible to keep his hunger bar high. It drops so fast and even if i would feed him he still loses hunger during devour not to mention the super long animation of devouring. Do you guys have any plans to make him playable? Im okay with the feeding mechanics just make it less frustating or let him gather corpses or i dunno. any ideas?
  8. Are we sure playing Best of 3 with 100 participants? This will be a lot of time xd why not Bo1 then with fewer players we play the Bo3 and Bo5 or am i wrong and missunderstood something?
  9. Hi guys! I am working on a real life BF card game inspired by Battleforge, and LoR, if you guys have some ideas about my project please share your thoughts. So first of all the main goal of the game is to build 4 Monuments OR reduce your opponents "life points" to 0. Its a Classic 1v1 card game more like a duel, both players starts with 20 life points and 1 chosen coloured Monument. Your deck must contain 20 cards and here comes the twist. You Will have an attacking hand and a defending hand, both hands has a limit of 7 cards which you can hold. so If you do the math it means you Wil
  10. i wish for a server / login status feature :D

  11. Bkingn

    Instant DC

    "your client has lost connection to the server" same for you then xD
  12. Bkingn

    Instant DC

    Does anyone else has instant disconnect as well? i mean i can create my character but when it loads in its instantly disconnect me due to lost of connection...
  13. is it only me or cardbase is loading for eternity for others too... (still cant see the cards)
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