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  1. Well here is my Attempt at T1 Bandit cards haha.. I Introduce you the first T1 Melee Card! Desert Rats, They are a Gang of Rats (funny name) who thrive to charge at their opponents. Name: Desert Rats Tier & Orbs: T1 & (1) Fire Orb Type: Unit Power: 80 Hit points and Size: 580 S Attack value and Type: 480 S Spell Effect: None Passive Abilities: Charge [The default ability that will charge at enemies, just like thugs, Vanguards etc], Life Stealer [Like all other Bandit Unit cards Lifesteal with %] Active Abilities: None Explanation of idea behind the
  2. I really like the Mini-Infect card idea. This one should getting a closer look.
  3. Yeah but the point of this Thread was to aim for an Option for Fog of War that would be in every mission or in all RPVEs, not exactly PVP.
  4. Yeah, it was more meant for PVE and RPVE, and helping people to see enemy camps and what to make to deal with them afterwards, i myself do not have PVP experience, so i cannot speak about that particular part. But your Point has made sense.
  5. Its a suggestion for the whole system, a whole new selection that would needed to be added to allow Fog of War or not. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense why PVP doesn't have Fog of War but PVE/RPVE has. True same thing could go for pvp
  6. We all know it, the Fog of war which is everywhere, beside PVP. So my idea is, Make Fog of War for Missions or Rpves an ON or OFF Option that is able to be ticked off with a box, for people to decide if they want it or not. with this way you can decide if you wanted to have a challenge to play with Fog of War or practise/ play without Fog of War, and have more information to what you would Face against. This also would help people who just started this game, or people who struggle beating those missions or Rpves, making it easier to understand how this works, since no fog of war means mor
  7. It was all about the looks to be honest haha
  8. technically "Aggressor" is kinda like a Promo version of Magma Hurler
  9. ah okay, beside from having given away promo snapjaw with a code a few years back, there is no other way to get it then trade/buy it from someone i belive
  10. What i hope for is that the promos Snapjaw and Mana Wing, will be in packs, so you got another way of unlocking them.
  11. I play since Stress Test and in my eyes i don't know why it is such a problem having bug fixes, balance changes and else, the game has reformed pretty good, new content is what thrived me to have more fun with this game, since if you completed everything theres not much to do then farming gold and bfp. New content with the recent card changes and the new cards itself bring in more farming and more enjoyment to work and test out new deck combinations and as we know the game is actually being worked on, instead of keeping it on one spot all the time. It may be extensions but its still a so calle
  12. I am glad you guys liked this one, i saw it way to much, and thought it might be an ideal idea to bring in. The question is.. is it possible to be worked on since it may be in the core game set?
  13. I was wondering if it was possible to add more Set time to the Auction house. We currently have Short, Medium, long and Very long. a few games i played offered 3 days, 5 days and a week, so if it is possible to do such thing, then i would recommand extend the time ltime limit and add 4 days and a week to it. of course the gold cost will be risen up for the current set time. Name ideas could be: Very Short (2h) Short (8h) Medium (24h) Long (48h) Very Long (96h) Super Long (168h)
  14. This might me a bit not what you wanted but muting the Game sound could help temporarily with that issue.
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