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  1. I built primal defenders to defend the bottom area against flying units, then built a bunch of swamp drakes to slowly march north. If you command the swamp drakes to hold position, they can take out the Banzai birds from a distance without the swamp drakes moving out of position. Once you get to the Banzai lord, you can have a few swamp drakes hold position and take out the birds while your main group of swamp drakes take out the boss. Clearing out the next area with just swamp drakes is time consuming as you have no healing spells. However, you can build power wells / primal defenders and fly
  2. Nice event, something a little different! Thanks for organizing!
  3. This was a really fun event! Thank you for organizing @Kapo! I had three submissions, starting from 11 points, then improving to 8, then finally 3. Definitely learned a lot. Since so many people had 2 point runs, the choice of tiebreaker might have been more significant than expected. Not sure what the best approach is, but I like the idea of something skill based like counting the total number of cards played.
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