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  1. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's PvE event!
  2. Waiting for "Pure Fire PvE Guide"
  3. Dallarian

    2 VS 2

    Contact the 1-2 other teams in-game for better information flow, or even send in-game mails to people on top of 2v2 scoreboard. As you know, popularity is a problem, so you should want to contact all of them to increase chances of your success.
  4. Thank you very much for awesome matches! @Ultrakool @Majora - MidnaMistfire @DutchyDutchy @anonyme0273 @Geradon @tammassakini Well, I didn't really see anymore matches, so don't be mad at me. Congratulation @imanewb13! If anyone looks at the bracket, Ultrakool was 4th and Majora was 3rd. A small mistake by Toggy. The Wrathgazer play was certainly MVP of the evening.
  5. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/allstars_gamepedia/images/c/ce/Alarak_-_Acceptable.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20170525140628 I wonder if we can hit 3000 today. 2998
  6. Reminds me of Maiev Shadowsong. But I like it. Did you make it work as an in-game model?
  7. You can check missing progression of all achievements this way. It does not show list of completed maps. But shows list of remaining maps. Works with "Complete Campaign on Difficulty" as well.
  8. A hero we need, a hero we don't deserve. Thank you for finishing Blight for me I think we got so much resources on it so far, I don't have to further try pure Nature without Shaman nor Mana Wings ^^ Thank you very much for your work.
  9. There is no simply way showing that. You could check all time rankings and see if you are here. However, you can hover over progression bar on relevant achievement to see which maps are missing.
  10. There is achievement for increasing your PvE rank, that grants you boosters.
  11. "Skylords" is enough, yours translation sounds embarassing 1. There is a button below minimap, ! symbol. It allows you to use different pings. 2. & 3. Achievements grant you rewards, including gold, BFPs, Boosters and Mini-boosters. You can find list of achievements here:
  12. Dallarian

    Cheap Pve Deck

    "Cheap" Stonekin rPvE deck by Cocofang:
  13. Dallarian

    Cheap Pve Deck

    Free PvE decks are overall good. From common cards you can make another strong, mixed color deck. Without knowing what colors you want to play, it's difficult to give you a "cheap" deck, because there are like 10-14 combinations, could you specify please? Feel free to play the game a bit and find your most favourite faction, or you can open a few boosters and build decks around them.
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