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  1. It's been already a year? That's so crazy, time flows so fast. I still am still thinking about the results of the previous survey 😅
  2. I swear for a brief moment my smile could be noticed from space.
  3. It's awesome to see unfamiliar names in top 3, and its amazing so many people attempted this event. It's partly @Volin's fault, though, he played in so many teams 😄 Results
  4. I am impressed by all the entries. They all have passion and cool ideas behind them, thank you everyone for awesome read.
  5. Hello, This guide does a short overview of Pure Frost cards and common strategies, with some tips and decks. It's not up-to-date, mainly Ice Age is now a stronger T3 card and Coat of Protection is now the main shield source on T4, as well as Iron Clad, MA have higher damage stats, Dreadnought passively regenerates health of nearby shielded units, Frost Shard freezes structures, Northland Drake redesign, as well as all the upcoming changes to Stronghold and Armored Tower. I really should update this one day. You can get lots of up-to-date insights into frost in this thr
  6. Cosmetics so that I can make my portrait even more frosty, this is amazing! People love new achievements, I am looking forward seeing all of you on the server once the patch hits! ^^
  7. In my view "meet there" is often replaced by "attention", while "Defend there" gives a very clear and useful message.
  8. Genius and madness are two sides of the same coin.
  9. This thread looks so seriously and convincing, I am afraid some players may follow this advise if you don't give them "irony warning". Also its hilarious, you almost caught me off guard.
  10. First file (open in notepad or notepad++) implements event chain for one of side quests on Aeglos Fortress map. Second file is my copy paste library. ctrl c ctrl v printer does brrrrrrrrr aerialsupport.lua Battleship scripts library.lua
  11. I have a very bad habit of commenting even if I know nothing about the topic. There is also a third way, which involves lots of luck and patreon. For example Keystone in Starcraft 2 is a Heartstone inspired card game, with (in my view) way more interesting deck building, mechanics and okayish gamemodes (3v3 is awesome) - great experience created with lots of love and dedication. The creator currently earns ~300 dollars for releasing and balancing a few cards a month (I make it sound easy, its not!), as a side project he does next to his actual work. He has put a lot of ef
  12. Beholders receive some love, that's absolutely awesome.
  13. I don't perceive it as an error. It's not uncommon in media to show character in not realistic way to present a character in a better way. First example of top of my head from in The Boys; Maeve fights with sword in her right hand, but in her movie "for show" scenes (its movie inside a movie) she has it in her left hand, as it simply looks better. Possibly BF cards would be boring to look at if all of artworks showed same side of a unit every single time. Also gj for great observation, haven't noticed it before and now it shall drive me crazy.
  14. Hello, Different forge playsets are a considered and very fun, we even had Skylords Bounty where you could make one: However, as its very time consuming to make one, it is difficult to predict if any extra playsets will be created. Would you like to expand list of features main menu lacks? We already have infinite power, 2 sides, active pause, speed increase/decrease and possibly more. What other features would you like to see?
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