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  1. You made me to log in for first time for a while, congratulation! Your Altar of Chaos deck is really nice, I may try it once ^^ This is my Construct deck, unfortunately I had to get rid of one Construct charge to get Giant Wyrm, to fight TWilight Dragons in rPve, but overall it works well. This deck I call "The Plague Lord", T1 and T2 are oriented at spells for buffing Harvester. The idea is to cast all buffs on Harvester, teleport it behind enemy wall and cast Befallen's Curse on Harvester. It is very satisfying. PS. I usually do not use Motivate on Harvester, s
  2. As far as I am aware, this upgrade is officially a meme. definitely not looking at Majora Feel free to join balance Discord and suggest the changes to wider public, or ask one of {GM}s/balance reps to represent you. https://discord.gg/j2ZZqCxY9c I am happy you enjoy Skylords Reborn!
  3. Finally a Juice Tank buff! I will test it with my friends Treim and Volin in rPvE.
  4. That sounds sad, I still look here frequently, and there is a lot of important content in here
  5. That fan arts are awesome, please use them in every community update Are they made by Rhino?
  6. Weren't antiviruses pinging launcher file, though? I believe I had to whitelist it for my AVG.
  7. Frost is getting some love! May the winter wind be with you!
  8. Kubik is back! Majora strikes with BFPs back! Will all cards have their unique edition symbol? I guess you can't add new one to the game.
  9. Swamp Drake Promo is an awesome card, very useful in my Nature / Stonekin / mixed decks, I'd definitely keep it. @p0lerbear https://smj.herokuapp.com/cards/lyrish-knight-promo Protip: do not trust random people in the internet with weird links, check if it's not a trap first.
  10. Bug fix on Easter Egg, thank you very much!
  11. Yey, Frost boosters! So now I am able to spam my Frost boosters history all over Discord? Great!
  12. If you struggle with some Expert maps, and want 8 boosters from achievement, consider checking "Expert Campaign - Missions Briefing - Among the Old Gods Achievement" on Skylords Reborn forum!
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