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  1. Writing anything in this thread has no meaning. Neither of you are signed. To take part, you must register and log in to Challonge website linked by Toggy, and participate in tournament through the website.
  2. The editing looks really nice. You succeeded blending it all together. Really cool.
  3. Apparently Frostbite + Area Ice Shield + Ice Tornado are enough.
  4. On the Worldmap, there is "Introduction" somewhere in the middle. Enter the map and play it, it is tutorial.
  5. I see a Lady of Culture, it's a pleasure. In PvP there is no fog of war, economical aspect is absolutely easy at entry level, just keep in mind that power well takes 3:20 (minutes) to pay off. At high level, it's a bit more complex, but the idea remains the same. The game is a lot of about game knowledge, particularly in PvP, so you must learn counters and similar. Micro is significantly slower, and therefore less beneficial, but still engaging. Overall, amount of knowledge is not huge within one faction, and other mechanics usually solve themselfs. Therefore the game is significan
  6. Nooooooo please, everything but no Hearthstone RNG
  7. I'd send it even for free, just for fame
  8. Time for update. With Mo, I have covered 20/26 maps, what is 77% of maps and ~45% of work. I allowed myself to put everything to Word, and came up with a few interesting facts: 20 maps. 59 pages A4 (not edited to have nicer form/larger gaps). 18 600 words. Microsoft Word is awful word text editor - I considered publishing the thread as pdf as well, however there are some annoying problems. If you would be interested in such form, let me know. I was mostly surprised by 59 pages part. It turned out to be a small book, and with spoiler sections it looks r
  9. You can use Free PvP decks in the tournament, and you may adjust them as you wish, with your usual cards, to suit your playstyle.
  10. Lost Soul deck give you access to Shadow deck, and therefore to great void power recycle. While Spells feel underwhelming, @Treim managed to create a cool deck for rPvE, where he used Revenants only, kept them alive for ~4 minutes and used spells like Ethernal Storm to wreak havoc upon enemies. I wish this playstyle got buffed/reworked, though, to make it more pleasant to play. Also, since you need to press a button to activate it, it's not passive but active ^^
  11. The hero we all need and we do not deserve.
  12. Dallarian

    Custom cards

    https://bfcards.app/ .
  13. Get rid of Stone Shell, Earth Keeper, your T2 is already nice. Consider Razorshard instead. Also spells like Ensaring Roots. For sure you need more T4 units, like Giant Wyrm. End-game Stonekin unit is Grinder, but it is a bit expensive to get. Great Stonekin advantage is access to Coldsnap and Curse of Oink, they help greatly and it's worth to have both in your deck. rPvE deck doesn't need towers, and some campaign maps too, so you could get more spells and units instead. Also what Volin sent is not an actual guide, it's just introduction of maps, and as mentioned earlier, yo
  14. Very useful thread, and appeared way faster than mine description of the same map. The thread contains a lot of knowledge I do not mention in my description and is an actual guide, which is a great advantage over my content. However, if you are looking for a more complete list of effects that work or do not work on Viridya, consider checking my thread.
  15. Volcano - Lava Sea (both affinities). Does not specify that hits ground targets only. Yes, it make sense that ground lava does not hit air, however, all other buildings with similar effects (for example Fire Bomb) have specified in description nature of it's target. Lack of description suggests that air units can be hit as well, similarly to Morklay Trap.
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