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  1. I actually didn't follow Burning Spears development process and didn't know it was ready for reveal. And I must say I am absolutely amazed by both card's PvP design, as well as the artwork. I wouldn't think of introducing another XL counter to T2, but it's definitely a great idea, Good job to everyone involved, and thanks for giving more practice targets for White Rangers. I like to sum up this community update as "some love for PvP players". [check PvP league] Can't wait for the patch to be released!
  2. The website looks way better than I'd expect it to be, it's awesome, good job! I am d, see you in the forge!
  3. After a match, switch post-game screen into statistics tab and press "save replay". The replay will be saved in Documents/Battleforge/replays Alternatively, after the game (or after leaving score screen) you may go to same folder as above, and rename "autosave.pmv" into anything else. Then you may left click the file --> drag it into the conversation with relevant person and it will be attached.
  4. Hello, Please make sure to use forum log in details in-game. If the game is asking you to create in-game account by choosing a picture and new in-game name, then everything is correct, please proceed, as in-game name (usually is) does not exacly have to be your forum name. Your account does not appear to be banned/blocked in-game, could you please send a screenshot of the message?
  5. You have almost covered every singleplayer map Fortunately there were no mimics in The Treasure Fleet, you'd need more rares to deal with them ^^
  6. I was once told that cards get more expensive over week, and cheaper over weekend, when people have time to put them on AH. From what I see on given graph, this trend approximately holds. But seeing card's price going up long-term is always not nice to watch.
  7. Pernament mind control effects are always powerful, as they not only insta-kill the enemy, but also make him fight on your side instead, drag enemy fire from your precious units and wreak havoc among enemy ranks. However, I never felt Mind Control is interesting enough, as it didn't feel cost effective, and there were other, easier to access, support options available. I can't wait to see what the new version of the spell can achieve in-game.
  8. I am delighted to hear how those changes would influence both PvP and PvE scenes. I am not sure if I am content with the effect being global, though. It had that personal touch before, and now it seems to be perhaps a bit too easy? Shrine of Martyrs requires freeze on enemies; FoF needs 2 deck slots, more power investment and some attention to work (if you want to get power immediately); and Shrine of War requires a player to be in a successful engangement. I found Shrine of Memory to be useful even before the change, but now without cap and even more efficiency, a global powerful vo
  9. Can't wait to see the version without gate abuse
  10. Boosters is RNG indeed, however, we plan to keep the game as "family friendly", therefore I doubt any "hazard-like" mechanics will be ever introduced.
  11. I just realised... Battleforge was released on my Birthday. While Battleforge has it's own unique fantasy climate and is great, if I was to guess for 2009 game looking better I'd go for this:
  12. For some reason I did not decide to use this one as my event submission. Too bad, I'll show it to everyone anyway. I can't wait to see some actual creative submissions.
  13. Challenge accepted. Update: Success! Now I have to add an Ice Age in order to get the 2nd guaranted booster?
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