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  1. How do you play this? 2 nature, 2 fire and then you destroy everything and make 4 shadow?
  2. RP is back! I am so :hype: d about this.

    Waiting for your awesome stories!

    1. sylvix95


      What does RP means ?

      Oh ok, yeah I know, RolePlay revival

      it doesn't show it, but my second and thrid sentence from my post are edited messages, added after I realised i was dumb, please take note.

  3. 2479
  4. @anonyme0273 Was playing in BFR Roleplay game
  5. Chen from Warcraft 3, small easter egg created whole new race and continent in Warcraft story ^^
  6. I just now checked my ingame profile, look what I found!
  7. 2396 How many posts had "Say something about person above you" thread? I am afraid that @Strek0za will change leader in most posts thread
  8. True Skylord? Isn't that me? If we count every player as Skylord, then why not?
  9. Same like Avatar of Frost in Battleforge Do nothing and is easy to kill.
  10. My proposition for Avatar of Frost
  11. Harvaster looks nice Ice Tornado is awesome! Frost Glyph also looks nice In my opinion you could add more cards Great Job!
  12. Cards are same in both gamemodes, and as i know noone will create different version of cards for PvP and PvE. But in game are different version of one card (same card but little changed ability, or something like that)
  13. Happy Birthday Def!

    See you in the forge :hypetrain: !  

    1. Defqon


      Thanks buddy bro! :D<3 

    2. ThomasMann


      Happy Birthday man, hope you have a good day and have a :watermelon:

    3. Defqon


      thanks :D & I'll always have that hhe

  14. Profile pics looks quite nice! Its thread little similar to Lukaznid's, right?