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  1. Name: After destroying the first cannon on Bad Harvest map, it keeps shooting as if it hasn't been destroyed. Severity: 3 Location: Bad Harvest - Standard Reproducility: 4/4 or 6/6 (not exacly sure, 100% anyway) Description: During Bad Harvest, if the first gun is destroyed, it keeps shooting as if it hasn't been destroyed. Marker on the map doesn't disappear and walls/units are still being shot at. Screenshot: 1 Addinotional information: The problem probably didn't exist before one of the actualizations, I might be wrong, though. I am looking forward to seeing other players opinions on the issue, if it existed before or not.
  2. Name: Units leaving battlefield on Bad Harvest (such as XLs like Lost Grigori) Severity: 3 Location: Bad Harvest - Standard Reproducility: 1/2 50% Don't really know, couldn't repeat due to some problems. Description: During Bad Harvest, playing as player Blue (2), after taking 3rd orb, I went western path to clear 2 power wells and prepare for 2nd Stonekin Lord. Lost Grigori (probably) attempted to destroy bandit camp on the cliff, so he entered it. While walking on the cliff, he just left the map by western side. After a while he came back. Screenshot: 2 Added, should be here somewhere. Addinotional information: It might be some kind of terrain problem. And I am terrible LS player, even my perfecly loyal souls are escaping from me.
  3. Dallarian

    Boring for beginners

    I'd to add something from me. It took me 11 days to complete a full PvE Pure Frost deck (atleast one type of card, without cards like AoF and Mountaineer), with Dreadnoughts and Ironclads, War Eagles, Frost Mages, Core Dredges and so on, so that I had full PvE experience. It took me 5-9 weeks to complete my PvP Pure Frost deck, in this time I was learning a lot of about PvP mechanics and in my view I became a decent PvP player. I was upgrading my decks all the time, at the moment I have all the frost cards, most of them 3/3, I stopped selling things on AH and gathering them so that I can create Nature and Shadow decks. I am playing for less than 2,5 month. My experience with BF wasn't big, I learnt something about cards during closed beta/ during the project, in old Battleforge I only played Bad Harvest while using funny cards, so everything now I know is thanks to other players (I love you Master!). When I see a newbie in PvP ranked, I start explaining them basics during the game and after it, but mostly they don't answer or insult me, what doesn't really push me into more advising. In my view balance between collecting/progress and having all the cards in the project is really good, I can have good and fun cards really quickly, but if I want to get better deck, I must spend in game enough time to learn the game. I get knowledge and cards in similar time. @myraezel Did you come across Toggy's tournaments?
  4. Dallarian

    The Stress Test Rookies#2! 06.04.19

    I am going to donate tournament, 50 BFP reward for players who take 5-8 place.
  5. I will donate prizes, for 5th-8th team 100 BFP each.
  6. Dallarian

    Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Why haven't I read it before I started losing 1v1 rankeds? rules!
  7. Dallarian

    The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19

    gg, you were all awesome! Beautiful tournament, I felt like I had a chance to win something ^^
  8. Dallarian

    The Stress Test Open #5 09.02.19

    I like the tournament's system, if you're lucky you might get crushed by RadicalX twice! :D
  9. Name: Game won't load a PvP match with your friend on same IP. Severity: 2 Location: Loading screen, Sparring Grounds, 1v1 match (private) Reproducibility: 2/6 Description: When you try to play a match with friend from the same location (house, same IP) game might not load properly (stuck in loading screen) with information "Waiting for other players" for both players. When you close game, the other player gets into the match, sees "player has left the group" but the game doesn't finish, the buildings keep alive. Addinotional information: Have a nice day.
  10. Dallarian

    The Stress Test Open #5 09.02.19

    "Special Prize: Whoever knocks RadicalX to lower bracket/out of the Tournaments gets 500 Extra BFP." I love it
  11. Dallarian

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    That definitely breaks rules and should be punished (a warning point atleast), so in my view it should be reported to one of Moderators, but I am not exacly sure if they are solving such things. So a report player tool could be quite useful here. I'd to see a official statement concerning this problem. And here some of rules: Global Rules (May Apply In-Game!) 1. No Inappropriate Content This category includes, but is not limited to, content which is: Vulgar or graphic Disrespectful Offensive to any specific group of people (Racial/Ethnic/Country-based) Offensive to a general audience Obscene Threatening Insulting or calling out another member (Cynicism may also be seen as insulting) Relating to drugs or activities involving them Invasive of one's privacy
  12. Name: Auction House loads auctions you didn't want to see. Severity: 3 Location: Auction House Reproducibility: Always Description: When you try to search a combination on Auction House that does not exist, Auction House will load all the auctions available. Screenshot: Addinotional informations: Examples: Lost Soul + Rare + Squad + 4 orb; Frost + Ultrarare + Squad + 1 orb
  13. Dallarian

    BattleForge -> Hearthstone

    I just found this topic again, nice cards guys! Unless my one got deleted long time ago, but you did great work. Specially @Fauchderial
  14. Dallarian

    Cyruel's Decks

    How do you play this? 2 nature, 2 fire and then you destroy everything and make 4 shadow?

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