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  1. I keep some special ones, like The Gold Rush from release day or Among the Old Gods. So I wouldn't be happy with "delete all", while "delete without selected ones" could be a great option next to "delete all".
  2. I am not sure how about performance (I believe mailbox gets a bit laggy when full), but overall increasing limits would be a nice thing. ^^
  3. Good idea. I could imagine it in another form as well, like "testing objectives of month", which basicly would be a highlighted list of things/features to test.
  4. The card looks way better when the higher resolution version is used. When I looked at it it was looking out of place, so I thought it could be the sizing, but seeing that it was because of low quality art used, now I think it's ok. From main post and from Majora's repost.
  5. Dragons are widely represented by both creatures with wings and 4 legs, and creatures with wings and 2 legs, and every Dragon in Battleforge has two legs. However, there are almost no representations of wyrms and drakes as a huge dragonlike creatures with wings, so I hope Devs won't name it Wyrm & Drake ^^
  6. For me it seems a bit "empty". While Frost looks great and climatic, this one doesn't seem to be fitting inside of the card's artwork window. I'd say it's a bit too empty in the middle, what looks out of place. Other cards are not afraid of putting Dragon's body into the centre and the head is always the main part, wings are often heavily cutted & or improportional, yet nobody questions Windhunter's belonging to Battleforge. I believe it may be a topic for Art Critics to consider. Name suggestion: Wasteland Terror
  7. I don't have a choice, do I? We need more people to become steps for Radical's win.
  8. Oh, for a moment I thought event is out till end of November, I do not know why ^^
  9. I like that the events are creative in approach, good job SR team!
  10. That is lower unit count than I am used to, however, double unity sounds interesting. I guess I should finally check what Bloodthirst does.
  11. Was the data base reseted on 26th Oct?
  12. I got Lost Shade and Death Ray, pretty nice.
  13. There was a very similar thread back in the days. And now after release, we play more than spend time on the forum, or abandoned the project for some time. For me ofcourse the card is lovely Battleship ♥
  14. Nature have most expensive units - T1, Lack of 60 cost core units on T2, Forest Elder Giant Wyrm on T4 ---> Therefore they get cost return from Breeding Grounds. Frost is a faction that should be focused on structures like WBG, Stronghold and large outposts (may get buffed soon) ---> Therefore they have Construction Hut. Fire is focused on highest aggression, with Rallying Banner, offensive spells and units with charge -------> Therefore they get cost return when a unit dies from Banner of Glory, which is fast to build. Shadow is "high risk high gain" faction, with m
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