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  1. Since I do not know whether my team would like to be named in public, I deny this. btw it seems that the vimeo render process takes a little bit longer than youtube
  2. My team and I are working on a solution right now. Please be patient a little longer.
  3. You can watch the video with sound @ https://vimeo.com/709862323 Ok, turns out you have to be logged into vimeo to watch the video, since the video hasn't been rated on vimeo yet... At these moments, I miss the good old days when such matters were simpler. Although no I don't miss those times at all, because back then you could only dream of FullHD live streaming.
  4. Thank you very much for your feedback on my Twilight Slaver video. Since the video to my surprise has been received extremely positive Ive got something for you. Hittimo asked me if I can do it again and I had to answer him that this was not an intended move BUT nevertheless I have in fact created another video of a similar situation in the past. Same map - other side. Here you go. Greets, Y.W.W.W.M. P.S. I have created a new topic, because it is also a new video and after all we want to fill the media section with content as we
  5. Hey Skylords, just want to share with you my encounter with Twilight Slaver. Hope that you like these small clip cause there is more to come in the future Sincerly, Y.W.W.W.M.
  6. Awesome artwork Looks pretty official to me. Hehe, poor Spearman
  7. It really was the router. And I had even recorded a gameplay to show it to you. Now everything is back to normal, but I still thank you for your contribution.
  8. The surprising thing for me is that it always worked without any problems before and now all of a sudden these problems appear out of nowhere. In the past it was always like this, that I was forwarded immediately after entering the login data and now there is a delay of 5-7 seconds, when I have entered my login data. I guess "delay" is a better word than "lag" in this case. I mean the unit interaction when I spam windweaver in the forge for example. I can control the units in the forge as smooth as it was before the problems occurred.
  9. Good evening Skylords, I've been playing for quite some time and never had any technical problems, but now I'm suddenly having technical problems with the connection. I've just started the game like always and got massive lags already in the login-screen and all areas except in the forge. The forge is the only area, that works smoothly as in old times. So I'm ruling out a pc problem. I'm not sure if an update caused this problem. I even reinstalled my Windows, but still got these connection issues. Here are some facts: - Iam running on Windows 10 / 64bit. - Whe
  10. I agree. And always remember: its for free Awesome job! PS: Your english is fine
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