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  1. And then there is also this classic situation when playing with beginners on a RPVE-map where it is relevant to split up due to time pressure but the beginner then kindly follows my army. Oh mate, the situation in this clip was more than a year ago now. Perhaps it was due to the different steering groups.
  2. I have been waiting for your answer in this thread for 4 years now. Now I can leave this thread satisfied.
  3. Good observation I used him because otherwise he is not allowed to be on stage so often
  4. 3028 <------ Iam hyped and Iam sick of pretending Iam not
  5. You can just place the bomb and then force the enemies in the bomb with nether warp (ice)
  6. imho magic link is fair and I like it a lot
  7. Gate switched. West, defend! East, attack!
  8. Since I do not know whether my team would like to be named in public, I deny this. btw it seems that the vimeo render process takes a little bit longer than youtube
  9. My team and I are working on a solution right now. Please be patient a little longer.
  10. You can watch the video with sound @ https://vimeo.com/709862323 Ok, turns out you have to be logged into vimeo to watch the video, since the video hasn't been rated on vimeo yet... At these moments, I miss the good old days when such matters were simpler. Although no I don't miss those times at all, because back then you could only dream of FullHD live streaming.
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