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  1. Today I was able to complete all the card playing tasks. Thank you.
  2. Match difficulty 3. I won. It used to be valid. Now does not count. does not count when playing pve matches for 4 players. difficulty 5 and higher
  3. The conditions of the tasks for playing cards do not count. The counter just doesn't go.
  4. Is this a New Year's joke? This is the second time I've been removed from the game in 2 days. I have one account. THIS.
  5. You didn't understand well. This game destroyed my teeth. And now they just stupidly delete progress along with cards and decks? Wonderful. I gave fucking money for dental repairs. Doubt you hate such a Christmas present.
  6. his is not a vape. I was just stupidly deleted. There are no rewards for the test. brilliant. Teeth are ruined for nothing.
  7. skylordupdater and battleforge comportable with windows 7 and administrative rights. try it. it helped me
  8. before I updated Windows, the game was running. after the update, Windows stopped working. and Windows began to report that the program can not be run on this computer. and this is with many programs. right now, I'll re-download the game. and I'll show you a screen if I can. after re-downloading the game and checking the boxes from the admin launch and compatibility with Windows 7 for files BattleForge and sky Lord Updater everything worked. ran on the C drive. on disk D does not work thanks.
  9. hi. because Windows 10 reports that this application cannot be run on this computer. run with admin rights. compatibility with Windows 7
  10. the operating system does not allow you to start the game. it cannot be started. there are no error messages.
  11. I understood. quest .simply does not appear. I was able to get a booster. problem solved.
  12. where did the booster award go? I go into the game today and do not see a reward for completing the task.
  13. Multiplayer matches are not starting right now. none at all. only solos work.
  14. The last update was successful. preloading the client and the launcher is not required. everything is working.
  15. Yes, such a problem exists. Sometimes you spend several hours on endless game creation just to read at least one game. you lose leadership of the group, you don't see anyone in the group. in the end, after each such error, you have to restart the launcher and client again. the problem that the server connection is lost is no longer present, but this does not mean that it will not appear after the next update.
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