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  1. Ladadoos

    Introducing keybindings

    Are you talking about these @ferevus ?
  2. Ladadoos

    Booster packs

    @BFlove123 You are able to trade boosters and send them via mail to other players.
  3. Ladadoos

    Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    Blight, slavemaster. Moon, Nightmare's Shard 'Looks like we're having pork chops tonight!'
  4. Ladadoos

    PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    @Yima Ymir Much work for little profit if you ask me. The time can be better spent my making/altering maps such that it encourages and facilitates players to build more orbs, as community maps then of course.
  5. Ladadoos

    Where are you from?

    So many people
  6. Ladadoos

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    The Skylords Reborn team did what had to be done and it sucks, I know. It's even more frustrating for them than it is for you. An unbelievable amount of hours was put into the project, both by the team and testers, these past couple of days to try to make it for the deadline. It is not like bugs weren't known, it's just that they were proven to be more tricky to fix than first expected. There is only so much a few developers can do and rushing was definitely not the better option in this case. I read many times people stating that bugs are to be expected in open beta and I wholeheartedly agree. That being said though, there is a difference between (minor) bugs that don't affect the rest of the player base and bugs that are, in some cases, easily triggered and crash the server(s). To be able to test you need a solid base. An open beta where the server(s) constantly crash sounds like an open beta that was released too soon if you ask me. The lack of an aforementioned solid base doesn't give players, nor the developers for that matter, an enjoyable testing phase. So, even though it has been delayed yet again, let us not forget that it was for a logical reason and that such delay should not undermine the hard work that has been put into the project the past couple of weeks, even years.
  7. Ladadoos

    Maps ideas

    To give you an idea what's possible and what's not, you can check here:http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Script_Information_-_Full_Reference This site shows many (but not all) of the commands you can use to script maps with. Anyways, to answer your question: yes, it is possible.
  8. Ladadoos


    @GranditsThe game already supports 3vs3 matches.
  9. Ladadoos

    Open Beta Information

    Beta is not open yet. Keep an eye out for announcements.
  10. Ladadoos

    Name change ingame

    @Luuge You can give your character a separate name than your account, if that's what you mean.
  11. Ladadoos

    World Editor

    @steezy Yes, I can confirm it still works.
  12. Ladadoos

    Open Beta Information

    The game can either be in English, Russian, German or French.
  13. Ladadoos

    Open Beta Information

    It is not open yet, no.
  14. You will need to login first
  15. Ladadoos

    Loot List / card upgrades


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