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  1. Ladadoos

    Launcher System Error

    @Nexo A 3 second google search gave me the answer: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install-winpc/msvcr120dll-missing/ef3bca56-3155-4383-ac99-d2a6ea262831?auth=1
  2. Ladadoos

    A friend playing with me at home.

    @Kortawiggas You need to play at least 2.5 hours (in matches) to be able to start completing quests. This information is lacking ingame and should soon be added.
  3. Ladadoos

    3 - Sorting in AH

    Should be fixed with next client update.
  4. Ladadoos

    3 - always highest bidder for own auctions

    Only took a few years... but.... fixed with new client update.
  5. Should be fixed with next client update.
  6. @Flrbb I kinda think the worldmap is a little cluttered with all those difficulty (radio)buttons to be honest. One possibility would be to extend/modify the statistics page to show this information, although that would turn into quite a list. Definitely possible either way.
  7. @sta2109 Not anytime in the near future. This is not a feature that is supported by Battleforge so it has low priority. I believe that won't work @Kiwi, because the chat has a minimum size which is the size the chat starts with. And BF is setting the starting size wrong due to the unsupported resolution.
  8. Ladadoos

    3 - Sorting in AH

    Thanks for the report, I will take a look. Also moved this to client-sided.
  9. For any moderator reading this, this bug has been fixed and can be moved to its appropriate section.
  10. Ladadoos

    3 - Crash while Trading

    Yes. Players should not be able to drag starter cards to mail, trade and auction. It should give "This card is not tradable" system message.
  11. @sta2109 You seem to be running the game in a resolution that isn't meant to be run at, which explains this issue.
  12. @Zeuthen The fix for bug this is still not live, so you will still have the issue. I will let you know once the fix for the bug is there (and therefore should expect it to be fixed). Please have patience. "Alright, I was just disconnected and tried to run the game afterwards, it said that I didn't have the new version of the client.. when I ran the updater after a couple of minutes, the updater displayed 1/1. Since I was in a game I was disconnected from it." Correct, as we mentioned on discord in #announcements-dev @Zeuthen Should be fixed now. Please restart your client.
  13. @Zeuthen Well, the update still hasn't been applied. On discord we announce whenever there is a server restart. Furthermore, I also believe you are also notified ingame by a system message whenever there is a server restart coming.
  14. @Zeuthen I took a look and there was indeed a small issue. I have fixed it now and should be live soon. Thanks for the report
  15. @sta2109 Would be nice to know the resolution at which you are playing the game in that screenshot.

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