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  1. My statement is about the card collecting part, not the PvP (competitiveness) part. Of course this feature creates a higher bar that new players can only reach by choosing the PvP decks. What is also equally as obvious is that these decks don't cover everyone's needs nor eliminate the need to ever collect cards. Plus people at some point might want to diversify beyond the two decks offered per week.
  2. Your English is fine! We do realize that there are some players who want to still gather cards and play PvP. That is one of the reasons why we didn't give PvP players all cards. Also I believe there are many more PvP players who want to play PvP (so they need upgraded cards) than there are players who also want to collect the cards, so looking at the bigger picture this feature is beneficial for the community and the PvP gamemode. This feature still allows you to collect cards, and you are not forced to use this feature. These PvP decks are only usable in PvP (ranked and unranked), but not usa
  3. @Karl Lavafeld You can view your free PvP cards in your inventory (in the same way you could view your tome cards in the old BF), by clicking on the dropdown menu top-left of your inventory. This means you can also create new decks from the cards you get from the two decks you select. In other words: some players might consider looking at the cards in the decks instead of the deck themselves, so they can form a new deck based of the cards from the two selected decks. About maximum deck count: yes, they count as a deck and therefore also for your 100 deck limit. It should not be possible t
  4. Thanks for the report. This is a known issue and will unfortunately likely not be fixed anytime soon as we have issues with more importance.
  5. This was a very important decision for the project, especially with release around the corner. I am happy to be able to lead it alongside Zyna and I am looking forward to what the future will bring us.
  6. You don't earn BFP for winning a map, you gain BFP by spending time in matches. More matches does not equal more BFP. I am also not sure where you are pulling "20 BFP" from. Furthermore, your statement about requiring 10-20+ matches for an extra booster misses the point. The daily BFP rewards (which are different from the daily quests), consists of the daily boost and the reserves. With the daily boost (250BFP) + 2 quests (150BFP) you can buy whatever booster you wish with the booster discount. The reserves is and was not meant to give you an option to buy an extra booster. It is simply there
  7. The prices at which cards are being sold at in the marketplace currently suggest that nearly all boosters are worth their value, some even more (meaning buying the booster is better than the cards from said booster). So I am very confident about your statement that selling boosters and buying the cards instead in the marketplace is the best option. For specific cards, AH is and will be the best option. If you simply want cards, boosters can be equally as good or better (as of now). This is a never ending battle: some people want rewards quickly, some people don't. We can't make everyon
  8. Will move this to resolved as I have not received any report of this after the possible fix.
  9. Ladadoos


    Please look at how to report bugs properly
  10. Yeh, this is a known issue that can be fixed quite easily at one point. The issue is that your card is charged, but the cards that form those charges don't exist.
  11. Please send me a screenshot of your mail and your achievements tab.
  12. All rewards from achievements and quests are sent to you by email. If you have more than 40 mails, you need to first delete a few before you can see new ones.
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