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  1. The hint of the day is randomly selected from a pool of hints. One day you have one, the next day you have another.
  2. Adding a short 'warning' as a hint of the day in the loading screen could also help, @SilenceKiller99 @Asraiel
  3. @JohnMcSwag Check here for what @Dallarian mentioned:
  4. What is a small reward ? I can't give out any rewards with community maps. @Phoenix313 I might work on the evolution game next. Besides what you mentioned, are there any (other) key things that you say must be in this minigame? Does your unit reset when you die? Are you always one unit? What kind of skills do you think the unit should have? Does every new stage of the unit increase its max health and after a few stages he turns into a new unit, or how does it exactly work? Is every starting larve the same or do you somehow choose between preferring flesh over herbs or herbs over flesh (so if you choose to prefer flesh you gain like 150% extra 'skills' when you eat flesh)? Does the map pretty much just consist of some random PVE units running around (which respawn I assume) and herbs (which respawn as well I assume) or are there some kind of special places/events ?
  5. In that match I was playing agaisnt @anonyme0273. I was red, he was blue. It's currently a PVE map so that I can play the map alone for testing purposes (if it was PVP I'd have to ask somebody to join everytime I want to test the map). It's very easy to make it a PVP map so that it's a true 1v1 with a win screen at the end so that shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Happy birthday Dall :frostorb:

    Stay frosty

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      happy b-day Dallarian :]

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      Happy birthday my frost friend :frostorb::D 

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  7. Here it is. Everything works fine, besides the reset switch just like with the Tic Tac Toe game (will have to look into that later too). Here's a video showing it:
  8. @SilenceKiller99 Thanks for the input. And yeah, 1000 was just an example. I'll see what I can do. @Phoenix313 Thanks for the explanation. That evolution minigame definitely sounds interesting to make from a scripting point of view.
  9. Ok, I got a question. I just quickly made something that keeps track of the power each player has, to some degree. Since there is no command to detect how much power a player currently has, I made the following: Each well in the map has a tag and the game detects whenever a player builds a well in any available spot. If a player decides to build a well, the MissionCounter is decreased by 100 (power well cost). The score is displayed in the goals section as "0/1000 power for player X" and a goal for a specific player is only shown if there's indeed a player playing that spot to avoid having the goals section filled with useless information. 1000 is the score/power required to win in this case. For each power well you have it adds 1 each 2 seconds to the MissionCounter. I made the script in such a way you can just copy paste an existing power well as many times as you want and then change one variable in the script (which says how many power wells there are in the game) to change the map accordingly. Nonetheless, long story short: It just simulates the power a player has and displays it as a MissionCounter in the goals section. One big problem though: It can't deduct costs from cards by players and add void power. Although I highly think these are possible to add (you would have to basically make a giant list of all possible cards you can play and check their upgrades since some cards cost less on a different upgrade), it all depends on if we want to have the player even use cards of his own. Basically, my question is: Should the player be allowed to destroy enemy wells and if so, should the player be able to use his/her own cards or destroy them in some other way ? Not sure if you had anything in mind. Maybe the player gets 100 power back if he loses one of his power wells?
  10. Alright, although I think it'll be difficult for you to script since you have no way to know whether it works or not. But I guess you can give this a try
  11. What do you exactly mean ? Feel free to ask them in PM if you want to
  12. Yeah, maybe there's some way, will have to think about it The loading thing sounds possible, but will have to figure out if there's a decent-ish way to input your hero values.
  13. Besides what's shown on the BF wikia, there is nothing else I know about besides some commands I found myself (which aren't listed there). http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Script_Information_-_Full_Reference Should help you quite a lot however. Along with http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Actions Hmmm, that way of saving could actually work now that you say it, although I don't think BF can do anything with text written by players in chat But technically speaking you could just cheat a character if you knew what meant what, couldn't you ?
  14. Alright Well, as far as I know there is no way of doing either one of these. 3 sounds impossible because there is no way to save things and load them on a new map. How did they do it ? As for 4, whenever one player transforms, you can just see who it is by their color on the minimap. Also can't think of a way at the moment to change the player team and also to give his placed structures/units to the rest or to keep them alive if he switches :/ Interesting suggestions though nonetheless! Adding a scoring system to the minigame is very easy. I'd probably use MissionCounters and display them as a goal next to your minimap as "0/5 points for player 1". Could also add some structures like you suggested, yeah As for your second idea, there's no direct way to detect how much power a player has but I think It can be done easily with some MapFlags (booleans). Might try that next, thanks. 'Spots to build certain towers on'. You mean like fixed places where players can build towers and that everyone would have the same tower 'pool' ? And for making towers upgradable, I still have to look at operators a bit more to see if that's possible in a decent way. Thanks for the suggestion. I watched part of the video but didn't really understand it, mind explaining it briefly ? Hmm, not sure if it's doable. The hardest part is the player movement (always make the player move and do not allow to walk backwards) and the unit AI to follow you. This one will require some thinking on my part, thanks for the suggestion Nice suggestions, although most I these (besides the 4th one and 3rd) are just a matter of changing a few settings in the map editor for that specific map The 4th one could be interesting to make however, will take it into consideration, thanks. So many suggestions, thanks everyone!
  15. I always called it tic tac toe, but it seems like OXO is the same. I guess the answer to your question is yes You mean how the map looks like or the functionality behind them ? I have never played war craft 3