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  1. Ladadoos

    Trade doesn't show entered bfp

    @BlueMoses Are you still able to reproduce this bug? I tried three times just now and was not able to reproduce it. Like Kubik said, make sure you press "Enter" after entering your BFP amount or else it won't work.
  2. Ladadoos

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    Doing any changes to how the inventory is displayed (aka with certain filters) requires more work than usual. Anyways, I think the right dropdown could be made less wide and the left dropdown could be removed I believe, so then there's quite a bit more space.
  3. Ladadoos

    Signing up

    The new limit will be 256 characters for both email and password. I'll write here again once the update goes live.
  4. Thanks for confirming, will move to resolved.
  5. Ladadoos

    Addition to deck cloning

    Hmmm... it does this already? @Flrbb
  6. This should be fixed with latest client update. Can you confirm @T1421 ?
  7. Ladadoos

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    We have updated the game with player count filter options as suggested by @Loriens
  8. Ladadoos

    Cannot collect Cards for Mails

    @Halis This bug should be fixed.
  9. Ladadoos

    Can't get bfp from mail after selling cards. 

    @Rossing I assume it was related to error: This should be fixed now.
  10. Ladadoos

    Error: "Attempt to Concatenate local 'a'(a nil value)"

    This error should be fixed. Please confirm.
  11. Ladadoos

    3 - Ultrawide aspect ration card popup is behind chat

    Don't listen to @fiki574, I got you covered @Kiralyka08 Fixed in a future client update.
  12. Ladadoos

    frozen The game is frozen

    The last couple of days the servers have been crashing more than usual. I assume the game server crashed while you were playing.
  13. Ladadoos

    Whispering Rework?

    What would your guys' suggested change be ? @Aprilycan @Eirias
  14. This issue could have indirectly been fixed. Has anyone been experiencing this issue as of lately ? @Zeuthen
  15. Ladadoos

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    @gencko76 That map is just broken. So broken it even crashes the game. So it's not a bug with the game, but with the map that a player made.

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