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  1. Open Beta Information

    The game can either be in English, Russian, German or French.
  2. Open Beta Information

    It is not open yet, no.
  3. You will need to login first
  4. Loot List / card upgrades

  5. f05.png

  6. Minigames

    If someone still has this map, it is still definitely playable.
  7. Points

    @Iron Maid Ann As mentioned in the FAQ, they do not know at the moment whether or not they will be adding cards.
  8. Minigames

    That's quite literally impossible A 6 player PvE map could be possible though I think, with a few workarounds.
  9. what is rPvE

    @MagicCookie54 The wiki should help you out: http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Player_vs_Environment_(PvE)
  10. Minigames

    Here's a map I actually 'finished' a few months a go already, it is called Rogans Revenge and it is a 2 player PVE map. It is 'finished' and not finished because I couldn't be bothered to spend more time texturing the map and fix some annoying things. All of the scripting for the map works. Basic idea is that you have lyrish people trying to defend their bases from the twilight and bandits. The thing is that the twilight and bandits are also each others enemies. Your goal is to free some imprisoned lyrish units, defend both lyrish camps and destroy both the twilight and bandits. The map is quite easy on easy, but is extremely difficult on expert difficulty, if I do say so myself. Here's a description of the map: Five years ago, the famous Hero Rogan Kayle became the King of Lyr. At first everything seemed to be going well, but he soon became tired of leading people who needed to be saved all the time. Despite his good heart, he decided enough was enough and he joined the bandits, seeking revenge on the people he once lead! As a masterful Cobbler and former king, he easily rose through the ranks and now finds himself as their leader! Now does not only the Twilight want to attack the remaining lyrish base, but the Bandits too. Both Twilight and Bandit send attack waves to the remaining lyrish camp located north-west, but luckily they just end up killing each other every time and barely reach the lyrish base. Your goal is to destroy the Twilight and kill the traitor, Rogan! Be warned, if you destroy either Twilight or Bandits, the other enemy will react by sending a massive final wave to the lyrish camp, killing them all. You, Skylord, must therefore destroy both bases at nearly the same time and may utilize the old lyrish cannon located south-east. Here's the map itself with the minimap: PS: Thank you Johnzyna for the help testing and designing the map and stuff.
  11. BattleForge on America's Got Talent 2015 (!)

    Nice find xD!
  12. i need help with this error

    @himasami Dont question the errors too much. Map editor is not very stable and tends to crash very easily. It is a must to save your work as much as possible.
  13. Daily Quests

    Here's a thread with many ideas:
  14. Map Editor

    Pretty much, yeah.
  15. Aquiring cards

    @goldenmoses It will indeed be fully F2P and also not pay to win. A quest system will be added in the game which will provide players with the resources required to purchase cards/boosters. I suggest you read through the FAQ if you have more questions: