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  1. Either I read over it or no one has mentioned it but the damage type and unit size are missing, which is important and handy information to have displayed on the card in my opinion. Regardless, I like the look @YT Tobbezockt, especially the bottom part to be honest. Maybe you've designed the power/orb part to be a bit too complex though. I personally don't feel like a new card design is required, but that doesn't mean yours doesn't look good.
  2. @BlackHammer Hey, the game is currently in closed beta and a lot of features of the game are already working. So to answer your first question: Yes, it is playable but only for beta testers and staff at the moment. For your second question I would like to mention the devplatform, a place where all development updates are written and where you can see how far development is: http://dev.skylords.eu/ Also worth mentioning that there's a Frequently Asked Questions post here:
  3. Mine was LADADOOS
  4. To be honest, something similar could already be made. The only things that can't be made in your are, as far as I know: having a troop with custom name, having a 8 man map and not being able to build a wall/structure if you have ground presence and the power (could have a work around). Of course things like choosing a commander would have to be improvised as you don't have a window for that.
  5. @Fauchderial I believe that since you don't have access to the forge you are unable to test the map, which is unfortunate. So unless you want to make a PVP map, which is more about map design than it is scripting, I think that you will have to wait for open beta. If you still want to give it a shot, I'd say checking the thread @anonyme0273 mentioned is a good start. If you still are left with any questions, feel free to PM me them.
  6. I know about no video. Menchrese however collected a lot, if not all the sounds in the game and they are up for download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s685cq27wstcy1n/ConvertedSound.zip This includes sounds like reading the loading screen text and things like that.
  7. Check this post from @InsaneHawk, there you can find it: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/23-join-our-discord/
  8. @Blood212 You will have to create a new account. Check out the FAQ next time:
  9. @reasinglow As of now all cards will be dropped from boosters, promos having a very small chance to drop. You will not start with all cards.
  10. @reasinglow Hey there, I suggest you read the FAQ:
  11. The hint of the day is randomly selected from a pool of hints. One day you have one, the next day you have another.
  12. Adding a short 'warning' as a hint of the day in the loading screen could also help, @SilenceKiller99 @Asraiel
  13. @JohnMcSwag Check here for what @Dallarian mentioned:
  14. What is a small reward ? I can't give out any rewards with community maps. @Phoenix313 I might work on the evolution game next. Besides what you mentioned, are there any (other) key things that you say must be in this minigame? Does your unit reset when you die? Are you always one unit? What kind of skills do you think the unit should have? Does every new stage of the unit increase its max health and after a few stages he turns into a new unit, or how does it exactly work? Is every starting larve the same or do you somehow choose between preferring flesh over herbs or herbs over flesh (so if you choose to prefer flesh you gain like 150% extra 'skills' when you eat flesh)? Does the map pretty much just consist of some random PVE units running around (which respawn I assume) and herbs (which respawn as well I assume) or are there some kind of special places/events ?