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  1. Tower Defense Tower Defense

    It is most definitely possible to create tower defense maps. There are already some out there, you can check them out here:
  2. Card Art Rework

    I also never claimed you suggested that. I said that changing their rarity (so they have actual different drop rates) would amplify the price *difference*. Regardless, I believe that their rarity (the one displayed on the card) barely, if at all, influenced their prices so I guess might as well just make it a promo star. Although having own rarities also doesn't hurt.
  3. Card Art Rework

    Ah, you mean like that, of course I was thinking of drop chances, meaning less chance equals higher rarity. Nonetheless, I don't know, I guess it would make the price of the promos differ more although they are had quite big price differences. Of course now the situation is a bit different, but don't feel like amplifying the price difference is a necessity.
  4. Card Art Rework

    What falls under common and what under rare ?
  5. Card Art Rework

    Boosters do have a 0.5% of dropping a promo. It was mentioned in the last stream too.
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    Now I follow you.

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  7. #LetLoosTheLadadoos

  8. Card Art Rework

    @YT Tobbezockt I agree with @Eddio, definitely your best artwork so far. Perhaps the only small thing I would change is make the frost shield a bit more obvious by adding some more effects/frosty lines over it.
  9. Cards for social promotion

    If such thing were to happen I would think that rewarding the player with a standard card, like @BKGurke suggested, is the best idea. I would personally not have it be a random card from a certain pool nor give anything worth multitasking for like tradable random cards or BFP. If the rewarded card is always the same then there wouldn't really be a reason to create multiple accounts since it's very likely for it not to be worth selling. The only thing I can think of that might be disadvantageous is that if you implement such system many people will do what's required to receive the free items mainly to get the free items and afterwards not be active on that platform. Not very familiar with how it all works, but might it not give the illusion that something is active and liked even though people couldn't care less (since they only wanted the reward)?
  10. [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Rule 12. Content Uploading Policy might answer your question.
  11. Describe the game with one word!

  12. Card Art Rework

    I personally feel like it lacks a bit of detail compared to the rest. Maybe the souls (those white lines) could be made fancier, the bodies at the front could be showed and just overall a bit more different (tones) of colors. The card as it is now feels like it consists of three big 'blobs' of color: the white from the souls, the purple from the ground/air and black-ish from the bodies at the front. A bit too simplistic I feel like.
  13. Updated PVE content

    Either you would have to have a lot of people working on this weekly PVE map or have them made by the community (and have the staff pick one every week), because making reasonable standard PVE missions is no small task.
  14. can be deleted

    Either I read over it or no one has mentioned it but the damage type and unit size are missing, which is important and handy information to have displayed on the card in my opinion. Regardless, I like the look @YT Tobbezockt, especially the bottom part to be honest. Maybe you've designed the power/orb part to be a bit too complex though. I personally don't feel like a new card design is required, but that doesn't mean yours doesn't look good.
  15. Friends in forge