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  1. Ladadoos

    Cannot collect Cards for Mails

    @Halis This bug should be fixed.
  2. @RazerPrime This bug should be fixed.
  3. @Rossing I assume it was related to error: This should be fixed now.
  4. This error should be fixed. Please confirm.
  5. Ladadoos

    3 - Ultrawide aspect ration card popup is behind chat

    Don't listen to @fiki574, I got you covered @Kiralyka08 Fixed in a future client update.
  6. Ladadoos

    frozen The game is frozen

    The last couple of days the servers have been crashing more than usual. I assume the game server crashed while you were playing.
  7. Ladadoos

    Whispering Rework?

    What would your guys' suggested change be ? @Aprilycan @Eirias
  8. This issue could have indirectly been fixed. Has anyone been experiencing this issue as of lately ? @Zeuthen
  9. Ladadoos

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    @gencko76 That map is just broken. So broken it even crashes the game. So it's not a bug with the game, but with the map that a player made.
  10. Ladadoos

    Game won't start after new update

    You should no longer have this issue with the recent update.
  11. Ladadoos

    Game closes itself after loding 1/4

    @Gerrymovie How did you fix it ?
  12. Ladadoos

    Error about deck

    Ok, thanks, I believe I know the issue, hopefully a client update will follow soon.
  13. Ladadoos

    Error about deck

    Could you please post your log? It can be found in documents/battleforge/diag/log.txt @Zenox
  14. @nerevarin Could you be a bit more precise when the game closes? The forge works just fine? How old (what specs) is your system ? Did you try all PvP, PvE, rPvE and Community Maps ? Can you also try the BattleForge benchmark, does that work?

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