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  1. Only the rerolled quest should give 70 BFP, else should give 75 BFP
  2. The server temporarily went down to give us time to investigate a possible issue with it.
  3. Could you please be a bit more specific? I am not sure what you exactly did, nor what the exact error is that showed
  4. Your account has never received enough BFP to be able to buy 4 booster packs. 2021-01-14 04:46:30 UTC was the only time you bought a booster pack.
  5. I went through your entire log and here's what I found in terms of your BFP "history" during your session: You logged in with 217 BFP Deleted 40 mails, collected 779 BFP -> 217+779=996 BFP Deleted 40 mails, collected 166 BFP -> 996+166=1162 BFP Deleted 7 mails, gained 0 BFP -> 1162 BFP Succesfully bought Nature Booster, spent 400 BFP -> 1162-400=762 BFP Succesfully bought Nature Booster, spent 400 BFP -> 762-400=362 BFP Error buying Nature Booster because not enough BFP. Looking at the server code I see why you did not get an ap
  6. Here are two questions that come to my mind: How are you going to make sure everyone doesn't buy the (cheap) cards and converts them, leaving basically none for the new players? Is relying on supply/demand really enough to prevent this?
  7. According to the logs you only successfully bought two boosters and I see no indication of you having lost 2 boosters worth of BFP.
  8. If what wanky said doesn't help, please provide a screenshot of your worldmap (so we can see your completed missions).
  9. Try disabling SSAO in the in-game settings.
  10. What is your ingame name? Could you please send us your logs found in Documents/BattleForge/diag? Depending on whether you have relogged since this happened, you need to either send _log_proxy_latest.log (if you haven't relogged) or starting from _log_proxy_0.log for everytime you have already relogged since this happened. And do you still not have the BFP after a relog?
  11. We are experiencing unusual issues with our servers and are looking into the issue. If you follow us on Discord you can read updates about the situation quicker.
  12. Besides telling you we do not distribute any viruses in our files, there is nothing I can do.
  13. Good evening. I waited for the reset, after the reset I decided to go to play, but when connecting it gives out that the account is blocked, what to do and what to do?

    1. Dallarian


      Post in Ban Appeals forum or contact GMs on Discord via SR Staff Mail bot.

  14. If we take the normal booster as an example: Originally it costs 450BFP, but with the current 100BFP discount until 18th of January you can buy it for 350BFP or even for 250BFP if you also have the daily 100BFP discount. After the 18th of January the booster will be set back to its original price of 450BFP, after which you can buy it for 350BFP if you have the daily 100BFP discount.
  15. I want to instal the game but everytime i download the installer and try to open it, my windows (Windows 10) tells me that i shouldnt do that because my Windows Defender thinks its dangerous


    1. Ladadoos


      @Garland Unfortunately windows 10 thinks the installer is a virus. All I can tell you is that none of our files we provide our players contain any viruses and we do our best to not trigger false-positive virus detection.

      You can read 2. here for more help 


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