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    To see this game make a huge comeback.
    Spend countless hours playing this game once it's back up again.
    Also to anyone who plays League of legends on the NA server my name is the same MrDepressed just add me and send me an MSG and we can play.

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  1. Should of said something this sooner but I'm really happy that EA gave this the green light when I first joined I was super happy when I found this project but was worried that it would be killed/shut down by EA and I would have been devastated but with EA's green light and all the progress made in such short time and all the great people working to make this game come back and  be better then ever really hit me emotional to just be able to play  one of my fav game's again I know most of us feel the same that's why we're here and it's just great that we can play again.  :hypetrain:

  2. Yo on the NA servers for Arche Age on the fresh server vengeance if any of you play it pm me. same for league of legends even tho that is not a mmo.
  3. This is where the hype gets going hella hard LETS GOOOOO
  4. Just getting back and loving the progress that has been made woah just can't wait to play again I know I have not been here in a while sucks I know but I'm back now to continue the hype and love Go Bandits! 

    1. Eddio


      I am glad you are back can't wait to play this game again. :D :hypetrain:

  5. I like it i had a little look see and I think it looks sexy looks nice has a good clean cut to it. But what i like best is that most of the bars say 100% lol Train wut wut lol well played.
  6. New year is what is on my mind and new topics and old ones as well things have gone back to the norm after the holidays beside the weather lol. The :hype: is still here as it should so lets give it up for another up and coming year to the BFR community. 

  7. Not Bandit but I did like using twilight from time to lore was good too. but back to this card I liked it the U 3 was a beast and color was good to fire with heals lol but ya PvE was fun i saw a few of them PvE gods for boss fights and Just having fun with roar 8/10.
  8. I see all this So you know what that means I must get as well Sign me up for 1v1 and 2v2 it will be nice to stretch my battle forge legs show some people how it is done and meet some of the up and coming players so I can say I played them once lol!
  9. Lol yes yes I would and a promo Soulhunter would look cool I count raven heart as a promo corsair so no need for that but still Bandits may be brutish but they need love lol.
  10. IGN Pick Order older acct that I sold for 400$ is surrefour if you wanted to cheek. Role I main support and Jungle but can also go any other lane and do average. Region NA Rank silver three Highest on any acct Dim 2.
  11. 1383 To each there own but still Bandit all the way woooooooo!
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