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  1. Same thing as my profile picture.
  2. Loptous


    Wish Granted But you are killed in Gilneas I wish I could not be corrupted by the wishing curse
  3. Loptous

    New DevPlatform

    Sexy beyond all belief
  4. Loptous


    Wish granted, but your computer is now a french fry I wish I could not have a negative affects on my wishes
  5. Loptous


    Wish granted but the 4999 people on the server are all Korean and refuse to communicate with you because they are better I wish for nothing
  6. Loptous

    Guess the screenshot!

  7. Loptous

    Guess the screenshot!

    It's golden axe!
  8. Loptous

    Guess the screenshot!

    Indeed it is
  9. Loptous

    Guess the screenshot!

    Metroid Prime? this should be a hard one
  10. Loptous

    Poll: Future Loot Lists

    I like to just have it the way it used to be, it was fun that way to me but, I just prefer Battleforge vanilla right now.
  11. Loptous

    The story behind your nick.

    Almost sounds like Turkish lol Anyways mine is from the final boss in Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. Being stuffed in a magical tome is not as easy as it looks...
  12. Loptous

    Say something about the person above you.

    Apparently there's a first SunWu
  13. Loptous


    Wish granted, but you can only use IE now I wish I had infinite wishes

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