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  1. Must remind everyone that he/she/it is not a member of the BFR staff.
  2. Nothing much to say really. It combines well with any rapid construction structure and ice barriers It is just very easy to use , immediate benefits , cheap cost and you only need 1 rapid construction card be it ice barriers or ralling banner. It's even an arcane spell so you can even use it just for the hell of it! I do wonder however if home soil works on buildings that won't give you ground prescence (which makes the arcane component more usefull), if my memory serves me right , there was a stonekin card that allowed you to takeover hostile buildings(to an extend) but they didn't provide ground prescence.(Due to pve shenanigans , the captured buildings won't ground presence anymore) 9,5/10 Not much to argue about really , except for the minor nuisance to place a fast building.
  3. Never used that card because i never got Santa Judging from what i saw Santa , it was rather bad , many T3 L cards have comparable stats for often cheaper power. Not sure about Santa's ability but from what i've seen it's either very mediocore or rather bad and i haven't seen this card in pvp at all even on christmas , not that it would be a top choice for a T3 to begin with because of its terrible stats. 0/10 This card is only for show.
  4. Granted but stubbing your toe ended up more than painful. I wish i could read everything really really fast.
  5. Granted but you could only control their left toe I wish i had i had vacation like many others around me
  6. Don't exactly have much to say about this card , like previous posters pointed out the window of opportunity of using this card is small in its current state due to kobold inc. I did try to use both architect call and kobold inc(blue) but the results were rather anti-climatic to say the least and besides i barely used this card to begin with , even in strategies involving face-planting structures into your opponnents i've found that architect's call was either win-more or not helping at all. Maybe maybe maybe i could use it somehow very specific situations which i can't currently think of , maybe maybe maybe i can do some funky stuff with it but so far i was unable to make proper use of this card. 1/10 , Buildings still get smashed with architect's call but atleast tried.
  7. Granted , you can now talk with that clock on the wall who has been there for probably many years watching you but the clock isn't doesn't have a nice personality unfortunatly I wish i'm going to be the very best , like no one ever was.
  8. Cheese , unorthodox , troll , unconventional , whatever the kids think is cool nowadays. The way i see it , should one desire a strategy/deck which involves using t4 card(s) abominations are most likely not the most exciting of all choices considering the alternatives , it has qualities of it own but i do think that abomination is a hard seller in this case but i personally do add that to the rating (don't worry i won't go overboard with it.) Considering the alternatives for T4 Twillight frontliners i suppose you're right although i do consider grimvine to be a valid contender I admit it was rather foolish of me to not consider any support at all from the associated colors , very well i concede to that point.
  9. I should've corrected some of the stuff i was saying. Indeed no t4 card is every relevant in pvp but some cases when you can get out a t4 like for fun games or you've some very cheesy strategy to get into t4, abominations aren't really the first choice in that case. And indeed not a single card is able to do anything without support , i should've said that they are somewhat more reliant on support than some other cards like the grinder ánd overlords who can heal themselfs or the lost spirit ships who can clear out some of the smaller camps without much assistance.
  10. Purple affintiy : No , its blows. no rating/10 Blue affinity : i fondly remember abominations roaring every 15 secs causing enemy melee units to withdraw or march into their deaths while the npc bosses were essentially alone. With that all said however it does have 2 red and 2 green requirement which can restrictive , no form of aoe besides it's roar but the ability expensive for damage alone and besides that the roar is rather situationall. Also it has little pvp relevance (No the purple affinity is still rubbish there). The stats a great for the cost making it a decent tank who can about everything but it still need support to achievement anything really. All in all it's an strong beater for a cheap price and 2 of them can essentially stun-lock melee units which is a great perk to have. 7,5/10 Would force npc bosses to fiight alone again.
  11. Granted but you can't help to wonder why the sun doesn't always shine in the morning and why people look older at a drasticly younger age. I wish Half life 3 was genuinely confirmed
  12. I'm going to give each affinity a seperate rating. The green affinity is rather bad and paralyze is rather uncommon , in pvp fathom lord and creeping paralysis are the common of form paralysis but including both fathom lord and stone warrior in a deck is rather inefficient due both of them fullfilling essentially the same role. Whereas fathom lord has a cheap single-target paralyse for 15 seconds, stonekin warrior has a rather expensive direct damage ability which is mediocore but it's aoe so yay?(ah wait it's up to 1392 , bleh). Well atleast it's not helpless against air units on its own. 5/10 dissapointing compared to alternatives but still solid regardless due to stats and the abiliy to fight back against air The blue affinity on the otherhand is great because this card's ability can one-shot many other cards ,a fully upgraded stone warrior ability deals 2600 damage! Enough to one-shot every other T3 large unit and severely cripple the XL or even one shot in few cases. However paying 100 + for whatever you used to freeze the unit is a hefty cost just to get rid of one unit but the option is there and it's amazing for what it does. 8,5/10 Would one-shot deepcoil worms again.
  13. THE END IS NEAR! oh wait wrong thread.....uhm.... Is weirded out by Dalarian's comment
  14. Oh yes it does need a rating. First of all its cost-life ratio is garbage compared to other t1 units even within t1 fire making it surprisingly squishy. With that all said however it's the only t1 large unit available , it deals a lot of damage if left unchecked(more than any other T1 cards) and its sunder ability can deal serious damage for relatively little power but the stats and cost makes it rather inefficient at battles and you need to get close-up to a building get sunderer working at its best which can be tricky. To me this card is rather situational as it can secure early wins but to me this is a win-more card than anything. 4/10 Mainly because it's the only t1 L card in the game and it's exclusive to fire.
  15. You can use elbamer's shrine + soul splicer combo to recover some loses...... It can be glacier shell'd and kobold trick'd........ You can kill your teammates with it..... It triggers abyssal warden and Twillight slaver ability......... ok this card sucks , 0/10 , would rather use mass riffle cultist
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