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  1. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Kubik's Offer to Fix the Upgrade Tab

    I see no valid reason why this shouldn't be done. From what I can tell, virtually nobody could tell a difference. This is a quality of life improvement that should have been there to begin with the launch of the game.
  2. ImaginaryNumb3r

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I'm not sure how I can phrase myself more accurately without writing 3 times as much text. I don't think we are even disagreeing on many parts, but it comes down to understanding. However, given that nothing I say has any relevance in the grand scheme of things this is getting a bit too pointless for me. I think I just leave my points as they are. It's not like arguing changes anything. ... no offense, but I don't think you understand the concept of balancing and the difference between viable and optimal builds. I can't continue, this is pointless.
  3. ImaginaryNumb3r

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I appreciate the time you have put into the reply. Now, I don't question the economics behind it I never claimed anything differently. I'm sure this has been well thought out and tested and I know from firsthand experience that the final parameters always require some fine-tuning. Likely, the parameters will still be adjusted after launch. So the power of the system actually comes from its maintainability. ... but can't you just make Boosters untradable? It's fair to critizie that this is a clunky system and it can be improved in a myriad of ways. But a reward system that is structured into phases isn't bad per se and gives an incentive to play just one more game to be rewarded. The real issue is that, right now, the reward is all-or-nothing on a non-trivial objective. I wasn't stating a personal opinion. Among my friends I know several people who started the game and most left immediately after they finished the campaign missions since "there was nothing more to do". Yes, there is also pvp, but this has a high entering threshold in many regards. And other things like speedrunning is really just fringe-content for the diehard fans. I don't doubt that there are some good community maps, but accessibility is just as important as quality. ... so, I wonder, is that being worked on? I completely understood that part. My original point was that I'm afraid of the concept not working so well a pull-factor that improves player motivation. Since getting a dynamic amount of BFP can't be as tangible than getting a virtual box that you can open. I understood the concept by a 100%. But I'm confident that at the very least not a 100% of the playerbase is going to understand it. I absolutely believe you, but most people I know ingame have one. A good reason RTS games have different factions to begin with is that everybody can choose one or more playstyle they like. Which is also Battleforge's ultimate selling point. I personally can't stand being forced to play one way over another and I just can't stand the slowness of frost. I try to be hopeful that the balancing process is going to fix/mitigate the issue. In theory, Battleforge offers so many cards to choose from but in reality a vast majority is useless or sub-average. Sure, you can get by with some random cards that you find aesthetically (or financially) appealing, but that only goes so far. You simply need an optimized deck to win higher difficulties (and I don't even mean the broken stuff like LSS or Amii Monument). With more valid cards, everybody would win, even speedrunners. Btw. I enjoyed the GDC talk Pillars of Eternity and Proper Attribute Tuning, if you are into that stuff. It's only partially applicable to Battleforge, but the game also suffers from the divide between "optimal" and "valid" decks. Yes, it is technically not the same, but on average both resources will correlate. It was more a critique on the resource system as a whole and I've seen other games tackle this wonderfully by making you play different parts of the game for different resources. But that is a whole topic by itself... I think it depends on the drop rate of boosters and, ultimately, how many cards will be changed into something valid. Given all the crap cards, I'm afraid making boosters rarer just makes disappointments more bittersweet.
  4. ImaginaryNumb3r

    New Player Bandit Deck

    I think your deck is very solid. What you definitely need is a second T4 structure and usually 1 creature in T3 is enough (Soulhunter). Personally, I'm an advocate of Tortugun but only few people like to play with her (eats your own units if you can't micro manage her). Imho, Soulshatter is a muste have and I also recommend a late-game CC such as Amok or Frenetic Assault. Imho, Spearmen are great for campaign missions, but not for rpve. And Bandit Soceress is an absolute niche card. Otherwise I can only repeat what my posters before me have written. If you want a more comprehensive analysis of all the bandit cards, I can recommend that you peek into this guide:
  5. ImaginaryNumb3r

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I'm not a huge fan of algebraic systems, but I see your narrative behind it and given the goals you want to achieve it is reasonable and seems well thought out. What I miss a lot is the emotional aspect of the game. I know, boosters not a good way of earning BFP, but opening them is fun. Just like opening a loot box at the end of a dungeon in Diablo is fun. I think this is also true for the trading and card selling aspect of the game, with the weak link being a cumbersome AH not not the trading itself. Your system sounds compelling and it has the elegance of a mathematical solution. But I'm not exactly convinced of the problem you want to solve. Anyway, it all comes back to player progression. If you think about it, the game has horribly little content and it the progression itself isn't as rewarding, the player experience gets stretched even thinner. Honestly, I like to play the game casually and sometimes I played one more game just to get a booster and open it. Rewards for fixed time frames are much more tangible than following a mathematical system. But overall, I suppose it is an improvement to what we currently? It does add another layer of complexity to a game that is not beginner friendly, but I guess it is worth trying out at the very least. I think what this really does is to take away an immediate incentive to play the game in favour of something that benefits you throughout the lifetime as a player. It's not a make-or-break change but it sounds like the piece of a puzzle that the game needs. I'm extremely concerned about the longevity of the game. What the game needs the most dire is additional player incentives. Once you made a 120 level deck of your favourite color, there is hardly anything left to do. Since this proposal doesn't change any of this, I really don't care much about it. It also makes earn BFP a lot like earning gold. So while those resources were different things to look out for in the past, I'm afraid that effectively unifying them takes away further incentives. And why shouldn't I just waste time on some maps and alt-tab out of the game to earn BFP while I'm doing something else? Again, I don't think this addresses any major problem right now. If I had to voice a wish, it was to have a system that is more wholistic. A reward and progression system which gives players incentives to play campaign maps on higher difficulties, make speed runs, try out pvp more casually and explore the niche aspects of the game. For me, the longtime player experience has always been grinding rpve 9 and to me it sounds like it will keep being this way (and I think after several years I've had enough of it). It's not that rpve 9 is necessarily the most fun, but it's the easiest thing to get going. Campaign missions have a lot of downtime between missions and don't let me get started on pvp lol. On another note, what is to consider is that opening boosters fills your bank with lots of different cards, tempting players to try out new cards that they wouldn't buy on their own. So that falls away as well. But who am I, those are just my 50 cents.
  6. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Balance Proposal: Mutating Maniac

    This card is a strong contender for a buff. Since if you make this card viable, it becomes an affordable version of Fathom Lord and a key card for beginners to create a strong fire/nature deck. Keep it's XL-counter but make it as non-pvp viable as possible and reward interesting mechanics that are of little use in pvp. In terms of stats, the only thing this card needs is a cost of 130 and you get very good stats for your money (along with a good range of fire and nature support). I agree with all points above. But as for the ability, I think Twilight units should excel in supporting other Twilight units. Similar to Twilight Pestilence you could provide healing or a damage-reduction buff to nearby twilight units. Twilight definitely needs some love and could encourage to play fully themed twilight decks.
  7. ImaginaryNumb3r

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    I see, very nice job! It looks much cleaner to me now, the adjusted health bar size is also an improvement. Still, I would try to increase the small lines to 250. And maybe slightly lower the size of the small ticks. At first, you think that the Avatar of Frost has as much health as he does shielding. Don't want to sound nitpicky, but in games details do matter May I ask how you have implemented this? Can you actually control every pixel of the health bar or are you just applying some kind of texture on the health bar? I wasn't aware you could control such details.
  8. ImaginaryNumb3r

    More new cards

    I agree. But to be fair Battleforge already makes heavy re-use of recycling and making texts and textures (and even special effects) is not such a big deal when you got the models and animations already ingame. Special effects too are usually just textures with some kind of GPU transformation going on that can be done entirely in code (not a big deal once you know what you are doing and have a creative spark). But besides that there are still many neutral card monsters that could be turned into a playable card (just think of all the Twilight creatures. Heck, all Twilight creatures are just texture jobs anyway). Either way, I'm more in favour of re-balancing the existing cards before adding more content. Personally, I'd love to see more unique T4 faction creatures that rewards a "pure" playstyle, but overall I think rebalancing many of the useless cards yields more merit.
  9. ImaginaryNumb3r

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    Is this actually ingame or just a photoshop job? It took me a while to understand the numbers behind the bars, but I like the concept. However, I think the bars add too much clutter to Northguards and Master Archers. We would need to see this in action, naturally. While cool, this feature should be added with a lot of care. Imho, such a feature should be use-case driven. For exmaple, fire T1 would benefit from separted health bars because it helps determining when an Eruption results in an instant kill. The same applies to other factions (like heals for Nature). Which leaves the question what the optimal box-size is. I think 250 is too smal for a single bar and 500 is too big. I guess the option of customizing your health bars would be a sensible option as well. Is it actually possible to adjust the total length of the health bar for individual units? Imo, it would make sense for Rifle Cultists to have a visually larger health bar than other units. I'm afraid that many small bars next to each other for s-creatures will lower readability. On another note: This would be extremely useful for units with an "ability bar", such as Death Rays or Tortuguns. If you could quantify their bar you would make reasoning about their abilities much easier. In fact, I think this feature is best served for ability bars (also including the Avatar of Frost, as op stated). Health indication is rather secondary. Just my 50 cents.
  10. If you want to solve the issues with Frost at the start of the game (lack of swift units), you would seriously need to re-think how the faction works in T1. Right now, the slow start of Frost is one of the things that stops the faction from being too good in T1. It's not ideal, but it's not entirely broken either. Another possibility would be to balance the maps and diminish the early game advantage of swift units. But that should be a topic of its own and should involve people such as RadicalX. As for the main topic: If a Fire/Frost faction would be made, it would realistically consist of re-skins of existing units (for the most part at least). I explored this idea many years ago and made some "coule-be" Fire/Frost cards accordingly. In case somebody's interested here are some of the edited cards and the link to the topic with all the cards I made.
  11. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Rate and suggestions for deck

    @Chibiterasu I've also played very similar decks and I changed from Grimvine to Overlord. For me, the selling factor was Healing Gardens that also boost Overlord's soul healing. As a result, you will burn through your Regrowth charges much slower. The L-counter of Overlord also accompanies Death Rays very nicely.
  12. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Improvement to Tortuguns AI

    +1 I really want to emphazise that Tortugun cannibalism should never be removed. It further limits a card that is already in a very niche spot (the way you play it as well as its orb requirements).
  13. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Suggested card changes

    I know it's fun to speculate, but a sledgehammer approach never works when you want to improve the game. A change to a card must add something positive to the game, like allowing a faction to be more competitive, more fun or more balanced overall. Don't forget that every card belongs to a faction in one way or another (including orb restrictions + decks where it makes sense to play the card to begin with), looking at cards one by one hides the bigger issues. Some cards are utterly pointless and need a drastic revamp, while other cards are overshadowed and a simple change to their stats will achieve nothing. And other cards might be beneficial if re-imagined and seen from the perspective of the respective faction to make this faction more competitive / balanced / fun. Your end goal can never be to buff a card because individually it is subjectively regarded as bad or just because you can do so. Even worse, some cards are potentially toxic and buffing the wrong cards can do a whole lot harm than good. I say this because you obviously put a lot of thought into this, but I really miss a little justification behind your suggestions. And some seem really ill-thought out: Yes, Mutating Maniac has bad stats and is downrighter inferior to Fathom Lord. But a 2660/2450 for 140 power is just absurd (sorry), because it turns the unit into one of the most power-efficient T3 units in the game. And it would only remain a boring beatstick. Without question, Mutating Maniac absolutely needs better stats. But I'd change it's abilities so it is more interesting. Remember, Twilight also has access to Fathom Lord which has a powerful single-unit CC that combos well with it's anti-XL designation. Mutating Maniac could work as a multi-unit CC unit (and potentially become anti-L), which also debuffs units with its Toxic Cloud (no healing, damage reduction, slow enemy). It also has a transformation ability that nobody uses because it's too expensive and too situational. The transformation ability would be far more interesting if it was more powerful (like disallowing enemies to summon cards for a short time). I'll leave it at that. I don't mean this to be overly critical, but simply informative. The game has a lot of issues, but many of them are very delicate and require special care.
  14. ImaginaryNumb3r

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    I'd say that rather speaks for the ridiculous power of Enlightenment and can't be conferred to Fire worm so easily . As for Bloodhorn, I'd say it simply makes the shortcomings of Fire Worm more obvious. Fire Worm would be a very useful card if you could utilize it as a damage dealer which isn't exposed to incoming damage at the front line (which is why range + maybe some damage would help a great deal). On top of that, make it require only 1 fire orb and I bet there are a lot of decks that will find good use of Fire Worm. After all, we already got a fire anti-L T4 creature which requires 2 orbs (Magma Fiend).
  15. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Must pick cards

    You should first say whether you mean PvE or PvP, as those modes pose vastly different card requirements. I agree with what @Treim and @Volin said. Nontheless, there are cards that offer so much in pve and pvp that it is hard to neglect them (which starts with T1 archers). I think Lavafield is one of the most universally useful cards, along with Curse of Oink. And then therer are cards such as Twilight Abomination that offers too much to a Twilight T4 to ignore it, but at this point you are extremely faction/lategame specific.

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