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  1. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Suggested card changes

    I know it's fun to speculate, but a sledgehammer approach never works when you want to improve the game. A change to a card must add something positive to the game, like allowing a faction to be more competitive, more fun or more balanced overall. Don't forget that every card belongs to a faction in one way or another (including orb restrictions + decks where it makes sense to play the card to begin with), looking at cards one by one hides the bigger issues. Some cards are utterly pointless and need a drastic revamp, while other cards are overshadowed and a simple change to their stats will achieve nothing. And other cards might be beneficial if re-imagined and seen from the perspective of the respective faction to make this faction more competitive / balanced / fun. Your end goal can never be to buff a card because individually it is subjectively regarded as bad or just because you can do so. Even worse, some cards are potentially toxic and buffing the wrong cards can do a whole lot harm than good. I say this because you obviously put a lot of thought into this, but I really miss a little justification behind your suggestions. And some seem really ill-thought out: Yes, Mutating Maniac has bad stats and is downrighter inferior to Fathom Lord. But a 2660/2450 for 140 power is just absurd (sorry), because it turns the unit into one of the most power-efficient T3 units in the game. And it would only remain a boring beatstick. Without question, Mutating Maniac absolutely needs better stats. But I'd change it's abilities so it is more interesting. Remember, Twilight also has access to Fathom Lord which has a powerful single-unit CC that combos well with it's anti-XL designation. Mutating Maniac could work as a multi-unit CC unit (and potentially become anti-L), which also debuffs units with its Toxic Cloud (no healing, damage reduction, slow enemy). It also has a transformation ability that nobody uses because it's too expensive and too situational. The transformation ability would be far more interesting if it was more powerful (like disallowing enemies to summon cards for a short time). I'll leave it at that. I don't mean this to be overly critical, but simply informative. The game has a lot of issues, but many of them are very delicate and require special care.
  2. ImaginaryNumb3r

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    I'd say that rather speaks for the ridiculous power of Enlightenment and can't be conferred to Fire worm so easily . As for Bloodhorn, I'd say it simply makes the shortcomings of Fire Worm more obvious. Fire Worm would be a very useful card if you could utilize it as a damage dealer which isn't exposed to incoming damage at the front line (which is why range + maybe some damage would help a great deal). On top of that, make it require only 1 fire orb and I bet there are a lot of decks that will find good use of Fire Worm. After all, we already got a fire anti-L T4 creature which requires 2 orbs (Magma Fiend).
  3. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Must pick cards

    You should first say whether you mean PvE or PvP, as those modes pose vastly different card requirements. I agree with what @Treim and @Volin said. Nontheless, there are cards that offer so much in pve and pvp that it is hard to neglect them (which starts with T1 archers). I think Lavafield is one of the most universally useful cards, along with Curse of Oink. And then therer are cards such as Twilight Abomination that offers too much to a Twilight T4 to ignore it, but at this point you are extremely faction/lategame specific.
  4. ImaginaryNumb3r

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    I mostly agree. Rage is the wrong way for this card and it would not do anything to address the problems with this card (because Rage plays/scales best with high HP units). Conceptually, high damage doesn't mean much when you don't have the HP to back it up. The range of Fire Worm puts him into the first lines of combat... exactly where he doesn't want to be. Taking this into account, its clear that giving it more range is the most sensible solution. Good range + good will promote hit and run tactics (for missions) as well as the role of a damage dealer (for battlegrounds). And if you consider its abilities, you can still use Fire Worm close to an enemy to deal strong damage, but it's a tradeoff. And tradeoffs are good aspects in the game because it makes you fall non-trivial choices. I'd even consider making it 1 fire orb, as I think it would make a very interesting splash card for other factions. However, that's just the icing on the cake.
  5. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Improve Shadow Deck / PvE

    As for T3, the primary advantage of Cultist master is to quickly gain back void energy by sacrificing your Nightcrawlers in the Furnance of Flesh. This works great in particular with spell-heavy decks. In general, you should try out Resource Booster for power management. When I was toying with a Shadow deck I found the biggest difficulty in having enough fire power in T3. Nightcrawler spam alone just doesn't cut it, but for normal circumstances mass Ashbone Pyro should do the trick. Personally, I think Frenetic Assault is a must have card becuase it offers you so much, up until T3. Regarding your T4, I'm not a big fan of Grim Bahir. I'd rather use Death Ray + Unholy Hero and heal them with Overlords. In general, Soul Collection is a very powerful trick and Embalmer's Shrine keeps being useful throughout the game. In T1, it boosts your Soul Splicer, in T2 you can use it to great success with Shadow Phoenixes and boost the Overlord Healing in T4.
  6. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    Out of all the aspects that affect balancing in Battleforge, pve balance is honestly a relatively minor concern. For the most part, pve and pvp have completely different must-have cards. Really, pve is fairly easy if you know the map and there are a multitude of combos and factions that allow you dealing with the challanges from the levels. There were some neat fringe tactics that got removed because of pvp (Spore Bomb with Nasty surprise comes into mind), but I can't think of a single instance where it massively affected pve. Having separate card profiles is not a new idea, it was proposed countless times during the days of Phenomic. In fact, I bet that it isn't even possible. Imagine you have 2 different profiles for Thugs. Which profile is stated on the card in the AH? At this point you need to completely re-work and re-design the front end of the game lol. Balancing a game is an iterative process that takes time. You can only ever approximate balance until you are at a point that is "good enough" in a way that the better player will actually succeed (effective counterplay is all that is necessary). The real major problem of Battleforge was that it introduced a massive influx of cards with each release, impacting the meta and the balance in a significant way. You can't work with an ever-shifting meta. Similarly, EA likely did not have the intentions to have a completely balanced game and wanted to encourage certain key cards to enforce monetization. PvP was primarily a "premium" mode that required you to have expensive cards multiple times (charges) if you wanted to compete in higher levels. The game is full of overly cost effective and broken cards that can only be countered with other overly cost effective cards. It's essentially a car that is held together with duct tape and works mostly well for the majority of factions. The question is how much effort you want to put into the game. You can just fix the most broken aspects and make it overall more fair, but some things will always end up messy. To truely fix the balance of the game you first need a gameplay narrative and work on a schema for the game and it's factions. This can be achieved with detailed knowledge of the game, frequent patches and good coordination. I don't know how much time the devs are willing to invest into proper balancing, but at least we got people who have the necessary in-depth knowledge that can serve as a starting point (such as RadicalX).
  7. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Playable neutral cards units and structures

    Let's remember that these faction cards were originally made to serve as an opposing force. They do not necessarily follow the theme or the gameplay of the factions which were released later on. I mean seriously... a Bandit Healer? And we don't need cards such as Bandit Vanguard. And then we have the case where we just got blatant reskins of existing units without anything new (Bandit Hornblower, Twilight Horror). The focus of adding new cards should be entirely around what a faction needs or what they could add to make a faction more interesting. A twilight T4 Evil Eye would add some fun subversion to the faction, the same thing applies to Twilight Whisperers that can only heal Twilight units. As for Bandits, they essentially need a well designed version of the Bandit Sniper to make them somewhat competitive in pvp. There is a lot of merit that can be found in adding further cards, but this can be heavily misused as well. In any case, mindlessly throwing content at the game doesn't make it any better.
  8. This "full fldeged studio" was responsible to make the content for the game (models, textures, animations, audio, maps, scripting etc.). And even then, one studio never fully commits its entire crew to just one game. Even-more, towards the end of the game, this "full fledged studio" boiled down to one guy: "The Black One". TBO was no designer, he was a programmer and had other priorities than balance. Nonetheless, I think the balancing in Battleforge was noticeably improved over time. Virtually every Lost Soul card was broken on release (Lost Shade, Grigori Bombs, Lost Vigil + Ice Barrier and even Lost Reavers were nerfed) and a lot of toxic combinations were fixed towards the end. Again, balance is an iterative process that takes time to refine over time. You are fortunate if you got a single guy dedicated to balance because. Game devs usually change from one project to another and because they are expensive, they are usually not employed on balance for a long time. The problematic aspect is that proper balance takes so much time, as you can only fix one aspect of the game at a time. Your hypothesis that a non-studio developer cannot fix the balance also doesn't hold because it is not uncommon in the RTS genre to have community created balance patches. Such modders don't require pay and put in their free time to come up with time intense tests and adjustments. And the chance is community members have a deeper understanding of the game's meta because they have been playing it for years. Balance is not rocket science, it's a craft that takes precision and insight to get right. You are doomed to fail if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Chances are that you are making everything worse if you randomly tweak numbers. And compared to games like Starcraft, Battleforge has really easy mechanics that usually allow for good counterplay in terms of faction design. Effectively, the game only has several core cards that most of the game resolves around, along with some good and situational cards. I repeat, you are doomed to fail if you tinker around without having a methodological approach. You might wonder why I know? I've been working on balance patches, and my own current mod project is all about balancing atm. I've added content over a long time, but only when you got a stable amount of content you can iterative and improve the balance of the game.
  9. Balancing is a delicate process which works in iterations. Wiping any progress in terms of balance all 3 months sounds like... madness? You end up with a balance behemoth that is dominated by players who are the first in finding the most potent and toxic combos.
  10. ImaginaryNumb3r

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    I think an interesting solution for this would be if you had to protect multiple areas or if enemy waves can come from different directions. In this case, you still need the mobility of an army. Potentially, you could still make use of towers on strategically important parts if the map design permits it. And if two cards prevent a mode from being fun, maybe the cards should be fixed and not the mode Btw. what's wrong with Shadow Worm? I tried it on several occassions but it didn't strike me as broken.
  11. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Executor Rework

    Thanks for detailed reply. Honestly, I don't think that Executor is needed in competitive play in any way. Being an M-counter makes the unit redundant and this probably applies to S-counter as well. Making it an L-counter could make shadow T1 too versatile and give it a situational advantage against fire. I'm against interfering with Shadow T1 for no good reason, because it already is very strong and mostly balanced (*cough* Phasetower Spam). However, my intention for Executioner was to make it a valid choice for pve. I think the "I have nothing better" card is not a bad argument in this case, because getting 2-4 charges of Dreadcharger is expensive and takes a long time for a new player to get. Even further, Dreadcharger and Executor have the same stats, while the former is 20% more expensive. Dreadcharger adds more utility, but you also have to pay the price for it. I wonder... does anybody really play Wrathblades? I don't think they see much play one way or the other, so I wouldn't see them as the limiting factor. Rather, I'd try to think of a buff/rework to their ability so they become a more interesting choice.
  12. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Executor Rework

    Nightguard is already a hard-counter to Sunderer, which is also anti-L and a core Shadow T1 unit for pvp. As anti-L, Executioner would only be a second choice at best and bring hardly anything new.
  13. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Executor Rework

    The biggest problem I see in Executor is not it's ability. The problem is the abundance of (ranged) M counters for Shadow T1. Forsaken and Nox are both fantastic M-counters and Skeleton Warrior's also perform this role well. All of these units are commonly used and Executor can't take away their key roles. So why bother with having another M counter? For Executor to be worth taking, it's ability would need to be borderline overpowered and this is not desirable. Instead I suggest this: Make Executor an S-counter. Executor could be an alternative to Dreadcharger who trades "swift" for "less power cost". In pvp, Dreadcharger would still be a favourite because it's swift and has amazing synergy with Forsaken. However, Executor with S-counter would make for a superb pve unit. You can use Executor as front-line tanks that kill S-units, while your Forsaken/Nox Troopers kill the M-sized ones. It would make for a greater beginner card, since it is common and would combo well with Forsken. The goal should be to make each card useful, even if it is only a niche. If a small change can make a unit useful, you should always prefer that to a more exotic rework.
  14. ImaginaryNumb3r

    The Bandit's guide to pve

    Yes, pretty much. I've written this a long time ago and I would like to re-write it in parts but I think the core of it is still very legit. I also think that many aspects apply to Shadow/Fire splash decks in general. When I didn't specify the affinities, they either don't matter or it boils down to a matter of taste where you don't have a correct answer. For example, some people prefer Red Nomads, while most prefer Green Nomads. It requries a different playstyle but no Affinity is clearly superior to the other one. Sometimes affinities also don't matter, for example with Windhunter. Btw. this is the Bandit deck I currently use for rpve 9:
  15. ImaginaryNumb3r

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    If I may suggest an alternative, I think 3 x Fire, 1 x Nature is a good combination as well. You can play a mostly pure-fire deck with cards such as Fire Dragon, Thunder Wagon, Cluster Explosion or Fire Sphere. But you also get some great splash cards such as Regrowth, Breeding Grounds, Giant Wyrm or Grimvine. Especially with Fire Dragon you will be able to deal extremely high damage, but it is very fragile. However, this can be overcome with some nature CC or heals. Furthermore, most of the units mentioned above have a high power cost, but that can be mitigated with Breeding Grounds. The only thing you are missing are really missing is Batariel. But I think Batariel works best with nature support and is best summoned with Enlightenment.

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