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  1. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    *rolls the dice* Hmmm... do I really want to? I can be really busy with university. *dice still rolls (it has to many sides)* I am about to regret this... *it's rolling*
  2. Card search Built based on Nullpointer CardBaseApi

    Can't find DNS, oh god...
  3. MBTI Personality Test

    I was expecting such outcome. Well, word say for themselves. "I'm in complete agreement."
  4. Starting Cards

    If there is a possibility of starter decks, I might ask: Isn't it possible to make those starter decks locked as tutorial deck? The reason of starter cards is to START with them. >obvious huh? So to speak we can give OLD F2P list of cards WITH the locked Starter decks. However I'm not into old F2P cards, as other desided. Although there is list of Eirias, which is probably fine, but the Shatter Ice is complitely pointless without any possibility to use it moreover to play 3/4 in your deck. Solution is simple: add the Northland drake with frost affinity and this list will be fine.
  5. Daily Card Discussion

    If you can choice between Construct and Lincor oh w8 Battleship, better have a Construct. They are both slow, but Construct knocks back all sizes up to XL and has a Siege ability, which is more efficient vs affecting air units and flying. Also construct costs less: 250vs300 for Battleship. Yes I'm matching Battleship with Construct, and you can tell me that I'm not correct, because they have different usage purposes, but does it so different? They are both slow which means mostly they're defencive units, but Construct has great Knock back and Siege with huge dmg-per-shot which means you might use it in siege-attact as well; when Battleship is a flying unit and affects air, also has L-size counter which means you use it against 'manpower' in defence mainly and not for attacking or sieging, because it is slow and has no means to be efficeint in siege. While construct can do both things quite good exept anti-air force. Welp if you want something specializated only of defence and anti-'manpower' XL unit, than get the Battleship, rather get Construct and have a good day&greate life.
  6. Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    Hello again, since I'm not so good at painting, I've just uploaded there the last version of Stone Warrior with Environment. Also I have been working on new art which is Thornbark/Treespirit, both are used (treespirit mostly I think). Here is Sharpened sketch of 'him'.
  7. Hey guys, I made new pic , but its not finished..You can compare with old.

    Welp, If the common rules of the universe work right, then I suppose first picture is New one. Btw It looks REALLY better in comparison.
  8. pixelmon

    Battlefield ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) btw what is the point of this topic?
  9. New and Improved Wiki

    That's good, but Guys? Which I supposed to believe CardBase or Wiki (side as origin)?
  10. Daily Card Discussion

    Mostly good for PvP and doesn't worth a slot in PvE/rPvE deck. This card does what it might - protects one your building greately...that's it. For PvE (not rPvE) better use a Glaciation - it's same as Glacier Shell but for walls.
  11. Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    Thanks both, have a . It has been done. Here is the final Sketch with environment, some blowings and stones in snow.
  12. Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    I have improved sketch a bit. Last part is to add the con-blades to forearms. And it will be fine (I think)
  13. Daily Card Discussion

    Do you know guy, that this card LooOOOOOng before, maybe while Beta, wasn't a T4? It was T3 and had no Fiery Birth. I have (had?) a real card of Emberstrike. I got it within the game journal, there were also 2 Tremors and 2 more cards (do not remember them). Maybe as T3 he can probably look better, of course with balanced stats. But for now It's just a piece of real crap...
  14. English Grammar Test

    As emmm...Third language from different 'language family' I was expecting such outcome while passing it. The test result is pretty accurate, this IS Above average level in my country. Btw I have more troubles with translating, rather than grammar things. I can listen or read english understanding meanings straight without translation, but can't translate it to someone else fast. And You probably will be surprised, that Russain isn't my native language despite fluency of speaking and great grammar. Aaaand I'm not Russain by myself, there are many (if not - much) nations in Russia. Moi Engloch is weri god ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  15. Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    This is higher quality of sketch. Made by Photoshop. Those are just sketches, but the photoshop rework seems to look much better compare to phone version. I'm also stuned by similarity to canonical version, which I was not using during work. Not complitely similar, but the shapes are near to.