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  1. New card! Hear my word - This is how affinities were supposed to be designed. From this point onward, we can state clearly that you guys, the whole team, have outperformed original creators now in everything.
  2. NAME: Vulcan, Rage Flames do not state that they cannot hit air in their descriptions. DESCRIPTION: Simple as is. Units do not attack air, and cannot hit it ever. The card descriptions do not have the "affects ground targets only" stated. REPRODUCIBILITY: Permanent. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Sadge
  3. I knew about that bug-issue intuitively, but didn't know neither how to properly reverse engineer it and calculate it, nor how to track it down properly. Moreso didn't pay too much attention to the bug itself as I happened to be just lazy \:p Nonetheless - good work, both of You, on not only testing and figuring the issue out, but also finding a solution as well as testing the solution. The assumption & prediction work done as well, which shows how impactfull this is at least in first rough approximations. testing capacities... ...Analyzing seriously i can say: ...That woul
  4. I assume you may move this to the Resolved section as it is now fixed.
  5. Best QoL so far. This please. It was so unsatisfying to notice in the game.
  6. NAME: "First Monument" achievements do not work. DESCRIPTION: The following achievements "Going in Cold", "Lighting the Spark", "Nurturing the soil", "Beginning the Ritual" do not work at all, whether you win/lose play cPvE or rPvE (PvP case was not tested). Assume they got broken after the patch, since the "Nurturing the soil" was done once and it was before the 18.12.2021 patch release. REPRODUCIBILITY: Permanent at least on my account, no data from other users. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: screenshot under spoiler of the achievement list, (just for convenience) + Replay of a 100% legit mat
  7. All Charge abilities - show all the relevant numbers: the colldown in seconds, and total damage done to the target. Affected Cards: Strikers, Enforcer, Giant Slayer (iirc that's all). Healing Well - doesn't state that it has 0 initial healing pool, neither does it state at which rate it refills. Hammerfall - doesn't it state at which rate it refills the Shield/Healing Pool. Max Capacity is stated only for (Green) affinity.
  8. Yo, Really looking forward to the team growth and balancing being one of its direction. Fortunately this will get way more unified through time under lead of a developer rather than just community. I rather agreeing with Rankerz here. Be Prepared. Although You have had an experience in this field, and You as well already have a some of the firsthand experience with this project too (and its balancing in particular). Nonetheless be prepared to experience not the most welcoming and easy time, as most of the people, who are interested in the gameplay balance aren't so easy to come in te
  9. I guess that bug sort of lies in the same ground as the Splash Damage bug of units like Frost Mage? Since the Fire Dragon and Northland Drake have similar attack pattern/types/shapes(? idk how to name it).
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