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  1. I'd rather call this a problem of "expectation management". People tend to think and create an image of a "perfect balance" to their own perception and liking, which obviously is not what devs can ever fathom. My answer is short for the balance dev-team: once you roll out the changes, always note that you do not expect things to be perfect and want people to give a feedback of "whether it is overshoot/undershoot or is very good and should be left as is for now?". It really is just to manage the expectations of 'the clients/consumers' to be a bit more humble and open for a) critique and feedb
  2. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE: part 2 8. Banditos Unity ability needs an overhaul in russian. Text for Copy-Paste: 1. Blessed affinity Юнит будет наносить больше урона, если в радиусе 25 м от него находятся вражеские юниты. За каждые 3 вражеских наземных юнита, окружающие их, урон, наносимый данным юнитом, будет увеличиваться на 50%. Максимум до 9 юнитов в окружении. 1. Gifted affinity Юнит будет наносить больше урона, если в радиусе 25 м от него находятся дружественные юниты. За каждые 3 дружественных наземных юнита вокруг них, урон, наносимый данным юнито
  3. Minor mistakes and adjustments. Required corrections for cards descriptions in Russian: 0. Sunken Temple Replace the current translation with a different sentence: Text for Copy-Paste: Перестанет призывать, как только лимит юнитов будет превышен 150. 1. Pest Creeper Text for Copy-Paste: 1 - 6 м : add a spacebar between 2 - 4 секунды : add [ы] 3 - область : replace the [ауру] word. 2. Parasite Swarm Text for Copy-Paste: 1. подразделением -> юнитом : in the first sentence 2. Цель не должна превышать требования в 3 сферы и максим
  4. New card! Hear my word - This is how affinities were supposed to be designed. From this point onward, we can state clearly that you guys, the whole team, have outperformed original creators now in everything.
  5. NAME: Vulcan, Rage Flames do not state that they cannot hit air in their descriptions. DESCRIPTION: Simple as is. Units do not attack air, and cannot hit it ever. The card descriptions do not have the "affects ground targets only" stated. REPRODUCIBILITY: Permanent. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Sadge
  6. I knew about that bug-issue intuitively, but didn't know neither how to properly reverse engineer it and calculate it, nor how to track it down properly. Moreso didn't pay too much attention to the bug itself as I happened to be just lazy \:p Nonetheless - good work, both of You, on not only testing and figuring the issue out, but also finding a solution as well as testing the solution. The assumption & prediction work done as well, which shows how impactfull this is at least in first rough approximations. testing capacities... ...Analyzing seriously i can say: ...That woul
  7. I assume you may move this to the Resolved section as it is now fixed.
  8. Best QoL so far. This please. It was so unsatisfying to notice in the game.
  9. NAME: "First Monument" achievements do not work. DESCRIPTION: The following achievements "Going in Cold", "Lighting the Spark", "Nurturing the soil", "Beginning the Ritual" do not work at all, whether you win/lose play cPvE or rPvE (PvP case was not tested). Assume they got broken after the patch, since the "Nurturing the soil" was done once and it was before the 18.12.2021 patch release. REPRODUCIBILITY: Permanent at least on my account, no data from other users. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: screenshot under spoiler of the achievement list, (just for convenience) + Replay of a 100% legit mat
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