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  1. All Charge abilities - show all the relevant numbers: the colldown in seconds, and total damage done to the target. Affected Cards: Strikers, Enforcer, Giant Slayer (iirc that's all). Healing Well - doesn't state that it has 0 initial healing pool, neither does it state at which rate it refills. Hammerfall - doesn't it state at which rate it refills the Shield/Healing Pool. Max Capacity is stated only for (Green) affinity.
  2. Yo, Really looking forward to the team growth and balancing being one of its direction. Fortunately this will get way more unified through time under lead of a developer rather than just community. I rather agreeing with Rankerz here. Be Prepared. Although You have had an experience in this field, and You as well already have a some of the firsthand experience with this project too (and its balancing in particular). Nonetheless be prepared to experience not the most welcoming and easy time, as most of the people, who are interested in the gameplay balance aren't so easy to come in te
  3. I guess that bug sort of lies in the same ground as the Splash Damage bug of units like Frost Mage? Since the Fire Dragon and Northland Drake have similar attack pattern/types/shapes(? idk how to name it).
  4. Description: Grove Spirit ability performs incorrectly ingame compared to the description. It is said to heal 5500 in total and 1100 per second, but when the ability is activated you can notice that on the yellow bar there is a missing part of its Healing pool (500 actually) and heals only 5000 in total. It just works like that. Whether activated for the first time of second or whatever else. Reproducibility: Permanent. Solution: Adjust Card actual numbers to perform according to the card's description. So from 5000 up to 5500 (who cares, we will change numbers anyway ecks dee).
  5. Mindweaver doesn't state that there is a 10 second long post-Mindcontrol immunity on the Mindcontrolled target.
  6. Confirmed this as partially Resolved on the test server. Question is how exactly its behavior should work. Currently both debuff auras [+35%] and [+75%] seem to work, but here's how it seems to behave in synthetic Forge tests: First [+35%] aura activates, then stays up for a relatively short time, like 3-4 seconds. Does not get changed to [+75%], though only really seldom changes from [+35%] to [+75%] immediately after (i can be just blind). Second [+75%] aura activates only after about 2 seconds as First one depletted, BUT [+35%] reapplies too at the same time, so now the enemy units
  7. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Description and actual numbers now match. U3 Construction Hut actual performance results. ~20s - Undazed, without Construction Hut. ~10s - Undazed, with Construction Hut. ~15s - Dazed, with Construction Hut.
  8. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. U3 Gives 50% & 50% which matches the discriptions on the card. Upgrades also show correct numbers.
  9. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Screnshot attached under the spoiler
  10. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Screenshot under spoiler.
  11. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Shows correct number on the buff tooltip.
  12. Ok, here are some results Dryad and Mo Statue are now indeed blocking the "DisableMeleeAttack" ability (Abomination NPC either Abomination ()). So this one test can be considered as confirmed and resolved. BUT there is also a thing with 'Mute' sort of ability that is NOT blocked (although idk how exactly does it behave). Here are some interactions with Mo Statue, Dryad, Colossus, both Abomination affinities, and the units with Active Abilities and the Switching abilities, aka Modes. 1) Abomination as a unit with Active Abilities can still cast them, BUT it doesn't work, because the u
  13. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Sylvan's Gate (Red Affinity) buff now is shown properly on Treespirits.
  14. Confirmed this as Resolved on the test server. Both affinities work properly now.
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