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  1. Stupid question... my IGN on the test server differs from my IGN on live. Which one do I register as? Or can I change my IGN for the test server somehow to match?
  2. I can't seem to find the map. Is it not available anymore after the recent update?
  3. It would strongly encourage spreading your forces against potential AOE damage instead of grouping. As is, AOE damage doesn't strongly penalize grouping your units, instead it semi-promotes it, at least in some cases. You can send several, likely pre-damaged throwaway squads ahead, so that they eat up the AOE damage and leave your more important units protected despite being in the area of the damage. Like shielding your expensive units from a Thornbark using throwaways. Also, as is, faster shooting, lower damage AOE damage sources are much more effective than slow, big-number ones, in cases w
  4. There is a longstanding bug in the calculation of AOE (area of effect) damage, affecting spells, unit abilities and unit attacks which have a max damage per target and max overall damage. Examples of affected spells are Eruption or Fire Sphere, abilities like Rifle Cultists' Dark Grenade or AOE attacks of units like Construct, Frost Mage or Deepcoil Worm. TL;DR at the bottom! How the bug works: If an AOE damage effect kills a unit, only 50% of the overkill damage is transferred back to the pool of available damage which is to be distributed to other targets. Let's ta
  5. NAME: Damage bonus for Rogan Kayle and Forest Elder (green) aura don't apply together. DESCRIPTION: If an Unit is within Radius of Rogan Kayle and Forest Elder (green) auras at the same time, there is graphical indication of both buffs being applied to the affected unit, but the actual damage dealt is only ever increased by 25%. Neither of these Auras seems to stack with Home Soil or Motivate either, as this was tested separately at a later date. Only the highest value buff seems to apply (explicitly tested with home soil that it is NOT the last buff applied, but indeed highest value
  6. I would very much like that. Though I suspect that is a weird formula for all AOE damage splitting/overflow in the game and it would fundamentally alter how aoe attacks, abilities and spells distribute their damage, right? 😄 Anyway, I would like to see it.
  7. Hmm... maybe formulated it badly. Instead of "correctly" a more apt description would be "as expected". Also, sorry for not adhering to the bug report template. I kinda overlooked it. Spell description for Fire Sphere states "Creates a huge ball of fire that explodes after 10 seconds dealing 5340 / 5460 / 5700 / 6000 damage to enemies in a 15m radius, up to 6130 / 6500 / 7200 / 8000 in total. Knocks back small, medium and large units. Reusable every 20 seconds.". Since the spell description is already cryptic (6000 max per target? 8000 max overall? Or 6000 overall and maybe 8000 in some m
  8. If the target closest to ability center has less hitpoints than the single target maximum damage of an AOE spell or AOE damage ability, then the surplus damage doesn't overflow correctly to further targets, and is instead mostly wasted. For example: casting Fire Sphere (upgrade level 3, thus 6000 maximum single target damage, 8000 maximum overall damage) on clustered North Star buildings (picked because they have exactly 1000 hp each) causes 3 of them to be destroyed and another one left at 625 hp, amounting to 3375 damage dealt - a far cry from the expected 8000. There is some damage ove
  9. Amii monument being T3 is where it should be. First, it takes up a precious slot in your deck, second, it does cost more upfront investment to get to T4 than actual T4, it doesn't entirely obsolete your T3, since you still need to be able to survive until you can pop it, and then survive the investment, it also doesn't provide you with additional energy supply like breaking through to your actual T4 would. The card requires quite some skill to use effectively, and a very good player to make it even remotely "gamebreaking" (except encounters with twilight and soultree, but who cares). The fact
  10. Enlightenment + Batariel (red) makes every deck better. T4 tempests are meh, throw them out. Throw out the T3 tower. T4 heal is awesome, add it.
  11. It's already become much more stable than it was on the first day of the stress test, and at least for me, it's no longer freezing during matches, so if you manage to login (sometimes you get in on 1st attempt, sometimes you need to try a couple dozen times). I'd say it's very much worth to log in
  12. It's called stress test and not open beta for a reason. It's more or less to see how the server fares under real load, and what the biggest hiccups are outside of the small closed beta environment. I am certain they will put the data gathered to good use. Again, it's for the devs to gather more data rather than for us (though it is appreciated we get to see that it actually works!)
  13. Just dropping by to say I'm cheering for you all
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