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  1. Amii monument being T3 is where it should be. First, it takes up a precious slot in your deck, second, it does cost more upfront investment to get to T4 than actual T4, it doesn't entirely obsolete your T3, since you still need to be able to survive until you can pop it, and then survive the investment, it also doesn't provide you with additional energy supply like breaking through to your actual T4 would. The card requires quite some skill to use effectively, and a very good player to make it even remotely "gamebreaking" (except encounters with twilight and soultree, but who cares). The fact
  2. Enlightenment + Batariel (red) makes every deck better. T4 tempests are meh, throw them out. Throw out the T3 tower. T4 heal is awesome, add it.
  3. It's already become much more stable than it was on the first day of the stress test, and at least for me, it's no longer freezing during matches, so if you manage to login (sometimes you get in on 1st attempt, sometimes you need to try a couple dozen times). I'd say it's very much worth to log in
  4. It's called stress test and not open beta for a reason. It's more or less to see how the server fares under real load, and what the biggest hiccups are outside of the small closed beta environment. I am certain they will put the data gathered to good use. Again, it's for the devs to gather more data rather than for us (though it is appreciated we get to see that it actually works!)
  5. Just dropping by to say I'm cheering for you all
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