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  1. Kiwi

    BF Points ?

    Hello @Practys, The reason you can't buy BFP is because we do not own the game, it is owned by EA who closed it down in October 2013 but they still own the rights and IP if the project were to sell BFP or anything else in the game it would be against the law and also means the project would be closed down. We are just a group of people who have all worked and continue to work in our spare time with no connection to EA and for free on this project with the sole purpose of bringing back a game we loved and so others could play it as well, this was sucessfully achieved on December 18th 2020 when full release occurred. If you are looking to support us you can on our Patreon here where all the money raised there goes towards Forums and Server upkeep.
  2. @Bartillo20Hubo un borrado total de todo el 18 de diciembre de 2020 para el lanzamiento completo, por lo que todo se ha ido. There was a total wipe of everything on 18th December 2020 for full release so everything is gone.
  3. You can't it is gone just like everyone elses.
  4. I have successfully changed your in game name from LordFountleroy to Motzen for you.
  5. Hello, What is your current in game name and what would you prefer it to be? (Please note if that name is already taken it won't be possible to change it)
  6. Kiwi

    Account im spiel

    Hello, On the 18th Decemeber 2020 we had a total wipe on all accounts due to us leaving the Open Beta phase and moving into a final full release, sadly all that you had before this is now gone. You can find out more details here;
  7. Hello, Are you able to click the ... to the right of the message and report it please so I can delete the message or add me to the message. Thanks.
  8. That is perfectly fine, we do also have a Discord Server if you use it and a channel specifically designated for questions called #questions. But I know not everyone uses or likes Discord. Have a Merry Christmas yourself!
  9. You can check yourself here on how many players are online, total games played (both PvE and PvP) and much more. Since the full release we have had over 1400 players on at one time. There is some other links you can check at on this thread here including leader-boards and auctions.
  10. Hello, You need to type a capital i. Such as I not a |.
  11. The game should work and our server is online what does it say when you try to enter?
  12. Could you try on a different browser, it might be to do with how your current browser is handling the SSL certificate.
  13. That is very strange, but seen as the issue solved itself I have closed and move this to resolved. /closed
  14. One of the Administrators took the server down for an update and it took longer than normal. The server should be back online now, if you are still having this issue please let me know.
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