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  1. @Bkingn I am not sure if you understand what I am saying or not. Everyone will get access eventually if they sign up, just not all at once so yes in a way it is open to everyone. We can't let everyone join all at once because we don't know how the server will handle it hence why we're adding people slowly to the Closed Beta. I would also like to point out that the administrators gave a full explanation of to why it will be Open Beta. Therefore that is what we're going to call it. I don't get why people are so upset about us calling it Open Beta and not Closed Beta, we're bringing a game back in our free time without any payment for you all to play again for free why does it matter what we call it?
  2. @p0p218 Everyone can request to join the Open Beta therefore it is open in a way. We have to do it differently to other game companies as we are making a server from scratch and need to test its stability slowly by adding people in small amounts rather than all at once, otherwise we would just have an overloaded server that is continually crashing and over 10,000 members all upset as they can't get on. So this is the best option for the project. If that upsets you we're sorry but it is what we have picked to do as that is what is best due to the circumstances. Sadly we can't please everybody but we're trying to do what we think is best. Hope this helps clear things for you.
  3. As Blank said on BionicReapers thread he doesn't want to do any ads as long as he is part of this project. As well as this for now we prefer to keep the forum clean and accessible without ads being in members' way.
  4. Perfect. Nothing beats a Woodcock.
  5. Hello @RuneSeeker I am the creator and owner of the Wiki for the Skylords Reborn fandom that this video is posted on. Due to the project been taken over by Ardent Peak and our new logo the trailer was outdated and a new one needs to be made or this one edited. Hope this helps.
  6. Selected VIPs? The Alpha testers where selected based on their helpfulness and activeness on the forums yes. However we have done many giveaways that has given a lot of people the chance to get into the closed beta stage both on the forums and discord and we hope to do more on our social media pages as well so I don't see the problem here?
  7. Thank you all for joining us in the stream today! Both me and @MrXLink hope to stream more. Look forward to seeing you there! ;):kiwi::mrxlink:

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    2. ThomasMann


      Well I couldn't join the stream, but I am guess it was good and I am looking forward to more in the future. :D:hype::watermelon: The future is bright, The future is orange. 

    3. sylvix95


      :') it was... perfect...

    4. anonyme0273


      @sylvix95 I can see why you'd say that :P 

  8. English: It is too early right now for a game Installer, it is something we can look more into later on as the project has progressed. I would also like to point that the forums is English only apart from in private messaging as stated in our rules that you can find here: Portuguese: É muito cedo agora para um instalador de jogos, é algo em que podemos procurar mais em mais tarde, à medida que o projeto progrediu. Gostaria também de apontar que os fóruns são ingleses apenas aparte de mensagens privadas, conforme indicado em nossas regras que você pode encontrar aqui: I have also locked this thread.
  9. You can find the requirements for the game here: http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Basics Hope this helps.
  10. Hello @KinasPT could you please read our FAQ before posting threads you can find it the FAQ here: As for the game being free, it will be free as soon as it is open to everyone.
  11. It did. There was set up commands to allow members to get the bot to post links to the forums rules, FAQ and the devplatform.
  12. Hello @Fauchderial as helpful as you're trying to be in recommending this sadly it would just spam the chatbox, we did have a bot created by @Lord NullPointer but the bot is currently MIA as a forum update murdered him and Null is currently busy with irl things as well as coding the game so the bot has been put on hold.
  13. Hello @GrindyCZ it is taking time to complete the game as we the staff work in our spare time, we have jobs, families and school. Therefore progress sometimes takes awhile. There is currently no release date for Open Beta or full release and we don't know how long it will take, there are still bugs as well as the server being unstable, if you have anymore questions please check our FAQ (see link below) before you create anymore threads. To see how far we have got so far in progress and to see the bugs and issues still currently been worked on feel free to check out my All Things Beta thread here: Hope this helps. Kind regards, Kiwi
  14. I had the same problem as well when sorting some back ground stuff out for the project. Unfortunately the developers are mainly focusing on the game code and not the cardbase right now, but the issue is known. Sorry I can't help any further.
  15. Due to this thread possibly giving people false hope and false information I have locked this thread.