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  1. Kiwi

    3 years is so much

    I think this topic has gotten far out of hand so I am going to close it. /closed
  2. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    1. It's been underdevelopment for so long because we do this in our spare time not 24-7. We had to reverse engineer everything before we even started working on anything else, then we had to re-code from C# to C++ which took more time than we thought, we tried hosting the server on windows and that made too many problems do had to go back to Linux, there is more than just the simple "coding" that everyone seems to think is being needed. The code that EA left behind is a mess, as in it basically shouldn't even work but it does and the developers have to work it all out and change it into something they understand. If you see streams now you can see game play (Both PvE, PvP and rPvE games, Auction House, Mail, Direct Trade and Forge) so no, it's not just the Forge still. The only main issue is freezes, crashes and 12 player maps not being playable due to as I mentioned already the coding being such a huge mess. 2. Mistakes where made and the developers thought they could get it out in time but in the end couldn't because problems got in the way like they do in game development all the time, we apologized and that is why we no longer give set dates or times regarding Open Beta. 3. We get money from the project in a sense yes but it all goes towards server upkeep which we barely manage to reach (good servers aren't cheap) and we literally have barely any spare left over (the spare is being saved up for other things that we might need in the future like more servers etc). We also do not force people to donate nor do we expect people to donate. Considering all the staff have jobs I am not sure what we'd spend it on plus the amount we have left over wouldn't even buy a pizza. Keep in mind, some staff have even donated their money into this project themselves (Not that anyone seems to care of course). Finally I'd like to add we LEGALLY can't make any money from this game if we do we risk it being closed down and we don't want to risk that so why would we "spend" the money left over? It would mean a waste of these 3 years of blood, sweat and tears. I can tell you I have not been paid $0.01 since I became Moderator for this project, that's why I have two jobs just to get by. 4. Most people who think we're a scam have been around usually a month or even less and just assume that because they've been here 30 days or so and it hasn't been released that we're a scam. That or the fact when we do giveaways and they don't get access to Closed Beta they throw little tantrums and call us all names under the sun. They don't need to be here to see the streams or updates, it's all on our discord we have a stream channel and a channel for development updates (which is easy to see and have access to). If they don't read stuff before speaking not much we can do about that sadly. I get why people are losing hope I truly do and I don't blame them, but if they where true fans would they give up? Take the World Cup for example, you want your team to do the best they can and sometimes they don't get to the finals but they at least tried right? and regardless of the outcome you're always there. Well we're trying our asses off, how do you think it makes the staff feel to see people dragging this project in the mud while we're here for free doing this for everyone asking for nothing in return. I can tell you it's pretty shit, we made mistakes I get that but we all do, we're human it's what we do right? Anyway sorry about this huge wall of text, I hope I responded to all of your questions. If you want to ask anything else please send me a pm and I'll happily take the time to reply to you. So we can keep this thread on topic. Thanks.
  3. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    Oh sorry about that I do apologize
  4. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    We have around 276 members that have access to closed beta and some stream or upload videos on a regular basis, I am not sure how you can call this project a scam. If you believe we're a scam then why are you wasting your time being here and trying to drag this project down, what are you gaining from this? if you don't want to wait patiently for us to finish this then it's simple, just leave, we aren't forcing you to be here, but please just remember, the developers, moderators, admins, community manager work on this project in our spare time, we DO NOT get paid, we DO NOT use donations for our own benefit but we DO work our asses off to bring this amazing game back to life for you all.
  5. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    It does work again, just not 100% to our liking and a few bugs and other issues.
  6. Kiwi

    new cards

    As mentioned in our FAQ here: It states the following: Will you be adding additional content to the game? Will you be fixing/balancing cards, maps, strategies etc? Will you add new campaigns/maps? Will you continue the Amii faction/Will you add Fire/Frost? We don't know. We intend to and would love to, but right now we should really focus on getting the old game as we know it up and running, then we will see whether we will be involved in any of the above.
  7. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    Can we please keep on topic here and use the chatbox here or general chat on discord rather than spamming here thanks boys.

    I hope that you make progress and it will not take too long until the open beta comes the 4 weeks are already around and slowly you will be nervous if it is really ever come to an open beta:thinking::deck:




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    2. batorfly


      • It was adressed to Kiwi, that's my WUT reason. Kiwi != Developer :kiwi:
    3. batorfly


      Everything explained. Thanks man. The more you know The more you KEK

    4. Kek



  9. Kiwi

    Fandom Wiki for BattleForge

    @Asraiel @Treim The wiki is open for everyone to edit it, as long as it is true to the project and not lies or people assuming then it's all fine for you both to edit it. It is also still a work in progress so some things may be wrong or out of date.
  10. Kiwi

    Fandom Wiki for BattleForge

    We already have one made by me here; http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn
  11. Kiwi you are the best

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    2. Luki


      @Kiwi Don't be too sure about that. Depending on his gifts in form of computergame characters building hearts and kiwis, I'd assume that Burnie likes girls better than women :thinking:  If I didnt know the situation I would assign such behavior to a 14 years old :D

    3. BurningWorld


      @Luki I'm 12 in my heart and soul bruh <3 But sadly I'm trapped in the old dmged body of a 21 year old :(


    4. Luki


      Dude, you're still young <3  there's so much you have to go through!


  12. Kiwi

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I'm so sorry guys I hope you all understand and aren't too mad!
  13. Kiwi

    what is patreon money used on?

    Any donated money will be spent on server upkeep, development and a lot will be saved up for future server upkeep. No money whatsoever will go into our own pockets, and must we have a lot of excess money (beyond our savings for future upkeep), we will make sure this excess money will go to a good cause rather than it being profit.
  14. Welcome to the team Ultra!
  15. Kiwi

    Open Beta Information

    It will be available in English, French, German and Russian just like the old game was.

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