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  1. 69.

    I was proud and then I realised it wasn't your 69th post now I am just ashamed and disappointed.
  2. We have never called what we're in now Open Beta, we have always called it Closed Beta @Tam Hawkins not sure where you got that from .
  3. @Defqon I would love to but I am not even on the design team, plus we aren't adding new stuff, not yet at least maybe in the future.
  4. Heroes of the Storm is rather nice with friends, along with Divinity: Original Sin 2 and of course GTA 5
  5. Nightmare Shard is by far the worst Scenario in BattleForge. @MrXLink
  6. PART TWO As Xyalas and Nozo stepped out from behind the waterfall it was apparent something was wrong terribly wrong. The air was full of ash and smoke. The huge ancient trees that once grew in the rainforest where smashed and in some cases nothing but piles of ash. "What on Earth.." said Xyalas under her breath. Nozo seeing the brightness of the outside world for the first time squinted and looked around at his surroundings. He carefully climbed up Xyalas's back and neck to get a better look. Quickly Xyalas took off from her hidden home to the skies and headed for the cliff where the rest of her flight roost. When they arrived it didn't look like the roosting area for anything apart from perhaps the shadow faction. From as far as she could see there was nothing but corpses of her fellow dragonkin and nests that had been raided or destroyed by something with great force. Slowly they walked around checking each nest and corpse for any signs of life. But nothing. Until, Xyalas saw laid on top of a huge rock Angatos the Swamp Drake Alpha, with a huge spear lodged into this neck. "A-Angatos?.." Xyalas said hesitantly, not expecting a response. "Xyalas.. Is that you?.." Angatos said quietly. Xyalas shocked and lost for words, crept closer to Angatos. "Listen.. Xyalas.. I won't make it.. I need you to do something for me.. For the whole of our fellow dragonkin.."
  7. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings! As some of you who are active on the projects discord may know there will be a give away today at 9PM CEST on discord. (countdown here: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20170829T21&p0=195&msg=SkylordsReborn+-+Discord+New+Giveaway&font=cursive&csz=1) We'll try to do them at different hours, so even people that have different timezone will have a chance. Check the #giveaway channel on Discord for more details. You can join our Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA Good luck! See you in the forge!
  8. PART ONE It was early morning in the Daintree rainforest, Xyalas awoke to nothing but the sound of rushing water from the waterfall she called home.. She knew something was wrong it was quiet.. Too quiet.. The usual sound of howling Werebeasts as they return to their dens to sleep through the day was missing. There was no rumbling or shaking of the ground as the herd of Thornbark's usually pass this waterfall each morning to moisturise their roots in the mineral rich and fresh water the waterfall provides. More worryingly she couldn't hear the roaring of her fellow dragonkin or the sound of their wings flapping vigorously which was a cause for more concern. Hesitantly and carefully, Xyalas walked towards the waterfall. Just as she was about to walk through to see what was going on, she heard a scurrying noise coming from behind her. Quickly she turned around not knowing what to expect. As she turned around she couldn't see anything but the noise was still there, she saw some sort of movement coming from within a tiny crack in the cave wall. Curious Xyalas walked towards the crack knowing whatever it was in there was no threat towards her. As she got closer she could make out what looked to be a trail of scaly bright grass like green and bark brown like egg shell "This can't be a Swamp Drake egg, our eggs are a lot darker green and not as scaly as this one" Xyalas thought to herself. As she got closer to the crack she could make out two green tail blades, which she knew right away wasn't part of her kind. As she looked more carefully she saw a row of small bright yellow spikes all down what she assumed was the spine of the creature and that is when it hit her, this was the hatchling a Giant Wyrm. Xyalas quietly and calmly laid down and whispered through the crack "It's okay little one, you're safe, I will not harm you". The tiny hatchling sprung up in shock and slowly lifted it's tiny head and turned to face her. It tried to roar but all that came out of its mouth was little half roar and half growl. Carefully Xyalas shoved her head through the crack in the cave and gently grabbed the hatchling and picked it up and out of the hole. Gently she placed it on the floor and wrapped her tail around it to keep it warm. "I guess you need a name, little fella" Xyalas said looking down at the hatchling, "How about Nozo?". The little hatchling looked up at her and let off a smile or well what looks like a smile to dragons at least. "Nozo it is then" Xyalas said gleefully. "I think we should go and find your parents" she said remembering the unusual morning. Once again she gently picked up Nozo in her mouth and carefully placed him on her back. Slowly she got up to her feet and walked through the waterfall using her wings as a cover to prevent Nozo from getting wet by the water.
  9. @Bkingn I am not sure if you understand what I am saying or not. Everyone will get access eventually if they sign up, just not all at once so yes in a way it is open to everyone. We can't let everyone join all at once because we don't know how the server will handle it hence why we're adding people slowly to the Closed Beta. I would also like to point out that the administrators gave a full explanation of to why it will be Open Beta. Therefore that is what we're going to call it. I don't get why people are so upset about us calling it Open Beta and not Closed Beta, we're bringing a game back in our free time without any payment for you all to play again for free why does it matter what we call it?
  10. @p0p218 Everyone can request to join the Open Beta therefore it is open in a way. We have to do it differently to other game companies as we are making a server from scratch and need to test its stability slowly by adding people in small amounts rather than all at once, otherwise we would just have an overloaded server that is continually crashing and over 10,000 members all upset as they can't get on. So this is the best option for the project. If that upsets you we're sorry but it is what we have picked to do as that is what is best due to the circumstances. Sadly we can't please everybody but we're trying to do what we think is best. Hope this helps clear things for you.
  11. As Blank said on BionicReapers thread he doesn't want to do any ads as long as he is part of this project. As well as this for now we prefer to keep the forum clean and accessible without ads being in members' way.
  12. Perfect. Nothing beats a Woodcock.
  13. Hello @RuneSeeker I am the creator and owner of the Wiki for the Skylords Reborn fandom that this video is posted on. Due to the project been taken over by Ardent Peak and our new logo the trailer was outdated and a new one needs to be made or this one edited. Hope this helps.
  14. Selected VIPs? The Alpha testers where selected based on their helpfulness and activeness on the forums yes. However we have done many giveaways that has given a lot of people the chance to get into the closed beta stage both on the forums and discord and we hope to do more on our social media pages as well so I don't see the problem here?
  15. Thank you all for joining us in the stream today! Both me and @MrXLink hope to stream more. Look forward to seeing you there! ;):kiwi::mrxlink:

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      Well I couldn't join the stream, but I am guess it was good and I am looking forward to more in the future. :D:hype::watermelon: The future is bright, The future is orange. 

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      :') it was... perfect...

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      @sylvix95 I can see why you'd say that :P