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  1. For the people who aren't aware there is a new and improved Wiki page about Skylords Reborn and BattleForge, I will be working on connecting cards to the cardbase in the future, feel free to check it out my work so far here http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn

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  2. New and improved Skylords Reborn Wiki can be found here - http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn
  3. We want to penalize people for using breeding grounds with this card, so it doesn't stack with breeding grounds basically. We decided to go for not too high attack and not too high defense either, our idea wasn't for it to be perfectly balanced. Yes it is Iorek from the Golden Compass. We didn't balance the cards thoroughly. Although we did try to make use of fire's aggression and frost's sturdiness/CC within the cards themselves. If you look at the Dragon Knight for example, that card doesn't do much for damage until it attacks for a prolonged amount of time, Wendigo's aren't super strong either, but are a cheap and aggressive way to spawn XL units. This could be a fun idea actually, as in PvP you end at T3 usually and it can also be useful in PvE games as well. The Amii faction already switch between two modes like you have mentioned although only from melee to ranged and not offensive and defensive. The reflecting damage trait is actually pretty cool though.
  4. May. The best of all months
  5. I believe Nagual is a small unit I could possible add more if I can think of some more ideas Yeah I couldn't really think of a trait to give them currently, still thinking now to be honest we tried to do some form of balancing but yeah we can work on that as well at some point. I came up with the idea from the Wendigo folk tale mainly, as they are believed to transform into different things or so they say, so I took it from that really , plus most games have robots etc so this is a lot different. It would change to melee yes when in Jaguar form, they only gain swift in Jaguar form.
  6. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings! I have been working a long time on making a new unofficial Faction for BattleForge called Shape Shifters. Shapeshifter History The Shape Shifters where created by ancient dwarves to help them defeat the elves and humans many years ago. Sadly it all back fired and the Shape Shifters killed all the elves, humans and dwarves. They named the Amii faction as their protectors and went into slumber for thousands of years. When the timing was right the Amii where informed to awaken them. Elements Frost and fire. Combining the attack power of Fire with the defensive skills of Frost. Story (WIP) I am currently working on a story-line for this faction. Card Designs All the card ideas, perks and abilities where thought of by myself. Cards where created by @MrXLink (thanks a lot!) Note: All cards are shown as fully upgraded and the images are from google and not owned or created by us. Units Tier/Orb Two Berserker Bear: Perk/Perks: Good against buildings. Special damage: Siege. Passive abilities: Charge. (Faster movement, knocks back small units and deals damage upon impact) Siege. (50% more damage against buildings). Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +75. Wolf Shifters: Perk/Perks: Swift and agile. Bonus damage: More damage to small units. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Stomp. (Tramples small units). Upgrades: U1: Damage +20 U2: Damage +30 U3: Damage +40. Nagual: Perk/Perks: Swift and can transform into a jaguar to do more damage. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Small chance (20%) of stunning medium units. Active abilities: Jaguar form lasts for 20 seconds and enables Swift. (Lasts longer as upgraded max is 30 seconds the Nagual does 15% more damage during this ability, when fully upgraded). Upgrades: U1: Jaguar form lasts for 25s U2: Jaguar form lasts for 30s U3: +5% More damage in Jaguar form against enemies. Tier/Orb Three Dragon Knight & Dragon Knight Promo: Perk/Perks: Can fly, agile and rage mode (does more damage over time). Bonus damage: Rage. Passive abilities: Rage. (Lasts 10 seconds see description of Fire Dragon for full details). Autocast: Frostfire Breath (Every 3 seconds, the unit exhales a frost, yet fiery breath that deals 158 damage to units around its target in a 5m cone-shaped area, up to 630 in total). Upgrades: U1: Rage lasts for 12s U2: Rage lasts for 15s U3 Rage lasts for 20s. Tier/Orb Four Wendigo: Perks/Perks: Strong and swift. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Knockback on S and M units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +100 U2: Lifepoints +150 U3: Lifepoints +200 Spells Tier/Orb Two Cold Explosion: Releases a powerful explosion infused with shards of ice. Deals 250 damage to each entity within a 15m radius, knocking back small and medium units and freezing up to 5 units (7 when fully upgraded) for 10 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +1 Frozen target U2: +1 Frozen target U3: -10 Power cost. Swiftness: Bestows up to 5 units (6 when fully upgraded) within the target 25m radius with the gift of swiftness: Affected units will move 10% (20% when fully upgraded) faster than usual. Additionally, the construction of buildings within the area is sped up by 10% (20% when fully upgraded) as well. Lasts for 10 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +5% speed boost U2: +1 Target U3: +5% speed boost. Tier/Orb Three Card Shift: Allows you use a random usable card (T3 Max) from your enemies deck. Reusable every 50 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: -10 Power cost. Reconstruct Building: Allows you to move any building to any location with ground presence. Takes 20 seconds to transport the building. Both new and old sites can still be attacked while moving. Reusable every 40 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: Building Duration -5s. Tier/Orb Four Vanishing Act: Cloaks every building in a 25m radius, with the exception of monuments and wells, in a mystic fog. These structures cannot be seen or attacked by enemies, and can still attack or use their abilities. Lasts for 10s (20s when fully upgraded). Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: Invisible for 15s U2: Invisible for 20s U3: -10 Power cost. Buildings Tier/Orb Two Shard Tower: Once every 3 seconds, a small geyser spits out shards of frozen magma, dealing 165 damage to enemies around its target, up to 600 in total. Knocks back Small units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +100. Hivemind: Allows player to spawn cards within a 25m radius, at a 20% higher power cost but doesn't consume charges. If used with breeding grounds it takes a charge and costs a higher price. Upgrades: U1: Spawning units penalty -5% U2: Lifepoints +50 U3: Spawning units penalty -5%. Tier/Orb Three Taunting Trap: Taunts enemies in a 10m radius, when the mine reaches half health it can be manually detonated by the player and deals 200% (300% when fully upgraded) of the remaining life as damage in a radius of 10m however, if it is not detonated in time the mine will just blow up dealing no damage. Taunt lasts for 2s. (3s if fully upgraded) Upgrades: U1: +0.5s Taunt duration U2: +0.5s Taunt duration U3: +100% of remaining lifepoints dealt as damage. Tier/Orb Four Starfire Launcher: Meteoric strike launches a frozen ball of fire at enemies within a radius of 25m, knocking back all unit types and at the same time shielding 4 nearby allies (6 allies when fully upgraded) has an exceptionally long range of 200m. Passive ability: Blizzard Aura slows enemies within a 20m radius. Upgrades: U1: +1 Shielded unit U2: +200 attack U3: +1 shielded unit and +300 attack. Hope you like the work both me and @MrXLink have put into these cards, feel free to leave your suggestions below. If you can think of any other cards that may go with this theme feel free to post them below as well. Many thanks, Kiwi & @MrXLink NOTE: Please do not claim to have created these cards or state that these are official cards in the game doing so may lead to you being reprimanded.
  7. I have a ton of 320x320 artwork if you guys want to see them I can always put them on the forums.
  8. @DerFahrrad @Shotty Sadly you can't make tomes into permanent cards at all, after the time is up you lose access to them and have to repurchase another tome (and that doesn't mean you will get the same cards as last time either as it is random.
  9. Toodle pip I say gents!
  10. @Psymantis Well sadly the project can't make any profit from the game but hopefully with donations the project can keep the server or servers up and if we do for some reason have to close the project all files and codes will be released to the public.
  11. @Psymantis Well it would make hacking and grinding upgrades and gold etc a lot easier in offline mode.
  12. @Psymantis I am pretty sure the whole game needed you to be online to play. Apart from the map editor that was the only thing that didn't.
  13. Hello @Falkum thank you for your question, we currently haven't decided how we will implement the PvP 2v2 match making and ranking system as the developers are currently working on server stability right now, hope this clears things up for you.