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  1. UPDATE: I have done a huge work through of the thread making sure all fixes are up to date, that bugs not on the list are now added as well as sorting through the 7 pages of bug reports are all sorted. As well as this I have changed the [NEW] to [NEW BUG] and added [RESOLVED] to bugs that have been recently resolved, to make things more easy to understand. Hope this gives you guys some more as well as proof that things are still been worked on. Enjoy!
  2. @Nesdsa You will be able to use the editor yes, if you still have the files and such for the editor you can even still use it yourself right now.
  3. Hello @synthc thanks for the suggestion, however currently we're trying to work on finishing the coding and fixing of bugs before we try and expand our player base, we will keep in mind the idea of using gamereplays.org in the future.. Many thanks, Kiwi, Skylords Reborn Moderator
  4. @Raulion As already mentioned above there is currently no release date for Open Beta, as soon as one is known it will be announced keep an eye out on the forums and our social media pages for news and as well possible giveaways for closed beta keys and a warm welcome to Skylords Reborn! As well as this I have also closed the thread.
  5. Man I remember Alien Swarm back in the day! Spent quite the few hours playing it, sad to see it get removed glad it's back might look into getting it again when I have got more time!
  6. It's in the lore that he is the king of Frost P.S he has nice shoes.
  7. Rogan Kayle is the King of Frost faction I believe. However there is no skylord of Frost according to the lore.
  8. Plus I look sort of like Gandalf and Dumbledore!
  9. Guys, girls, melons and other fruits please can we keep it civil here, if you don't want to talk about politics then please don't post in here, stay on the topic or I will close this thread. Furthermore can you please try not to swear as much as young people use these forums as well you know. Please know that others have different opinions please respect that and don't call them dumb or moronic, so please cut this out, or I will have to start giving out warning points (see rule 1). Finally, trolling isn't tolerated on the forums (see rule 2) so please refrain from this. Politics can be discussed in a civilized way. We do not wish to restrict freedom of speech and discussion in that regard. - Please remember that.
  10. Want to make me a channel art for my YouTube channel and possibly a profile photo too?
  11. The link @Phoenix313 provided above
  12. Well I do have a YouTube channel but not many videos feel free to check it out
  13. Hey, Sadly I am currently working 6 days a week and only get Sunday's off so I can't take part in the tournament, I wish you all good luck though!
  14. We updated our forums at the start of this month and since then the icons don't load and we're waiting on a new update to fix this, as for our logo we're currently working on a new one and when it is fully finished we will replace it. Hope this helps.
  15. As previously mentioned there is already another thread with this mentioned so I therefore shall close this one. /closed