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  1. Open Beta Information

    @DariusSVW Hello, all PvE and rPvE maps will be in Open Beta apart from the 12 player maps as stated at the bottom of the thread by the lead developer Fiki.
  2. Open Beta Information

    @JuahanYou're welcome it means a lot to see people grateful for the work we are doing so thank you, as for your question, yes the game works on macs.
  3. Open Beta Information

    Skylords Reborn will be able to run on Mac, Linx, Windows XP and higher. Minimum requirements CPU: Single Core 1.8Ghz CPU Speed: Core 1.8Ghz RAM: Windows XP - 512MB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 1GB OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) Vista, Windows 7+ Video Card: 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series+ / ATI Radeon 9500+ Sound Card: Yes Recommended requirements CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz CPU Speed: Dual Core 2 GHz RAM: Windows XP - 1 GB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 2 GB OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) Vista, Windows 7+ Video Card: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series+ / ATI Radeon HD 3 Series+ Sound Card: Yes
  4. Open Beta Information

    Yes that is correct.
  5. Open Beta Information

    @Secvndvs @TyrokiIt is in this text here due to people asking many times why we don't just let everyone have access now in Closed Beta.
  6. Game money in game The money of the game

    there will also be a system to put money? - If you mean pay to play then no, you can donate if you wish on our patreon page here - https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn to help us with server upkeep and other expenses such as forums. Will be able to play without putting money, and not be too late? - Not sure what you mean by this? Will beta test people keep all their cards? - No everything will be reset at the start of Open Beta and then everything will be reset before full release after Open Beta.
  7. Open Beta Information

    @UmbralDespair@Abasobaba Yes all you need to do is have an account on the forums.
  8. Blue pill? Red pill?

    @DawsonTheFish @BionicReaperMagenta is a shade of purple so... and let the loop begin..
  9. Blue pill? Red pill?

    I pick Magenta so both Skylords and family die (Blue and red mixed together makes magenta in case you wondered)
  10. Open Beta Information

    @overlordhunAs it states in our FAQ thread here: You will be able to get BFP points from trading with other players, playing for certain periods of time and by completing quests and missions.
  11. Open Beta Information

    Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings, First of all we hope you all enjoyed the Stream this weekend! As many of you are aware, Open Beta means that a game is open to every player for a final test of the game and to help check for more bugs and errors that could possibly have been missed in Closed Beta. Sadly, due to this project being different from usual game developments as we don't actually own any rights to the game itself, we would love to allow everyone to just join Closed Beta right away but sadly that can't happen as we have no idea how much the server can handle which is why we have to add people slowly and carefully to monitor and test how much the server can handle and it wouldn't be fair to give all of our members access to the server which would just crash and then we would have you (our members) disappointed. Furthermore, if we where to allow every single member of the forums access then without a doubt the same bugs and errors would be reported 100 or more times causing more work for the moderation team to make sure multiple threads of the same reports are deleted. When Is Open Beta? Open Beta will be released in January 2018. The date is currently not known. How do you sign up for Open Beta? You can sign up for Open Beta by simply just creating an account on our forums. Who can get access to Open Beta? Everyone stands a chance in getting into Open Beta unless you have sadly made your way onto our blacklist due to severe rule breaking. When more is known I shall update this. Please note if you keep harassing members of staff for access to the game in Closed or Open Beta you will possibly risk getting black listed. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask them below or send me or @MrXLink a PM and we will try our best to answer them as much as we can. See you all in the forge in January 2018! ============================= Important notes from @fiki574 regarding Open Beta: No fully powered Anti-cheat - base will be done (Cheat Engine, speedrun and teleporting checks), however having fully working AC in matter of months alongside server development is physically impossible (full AC in "Phase 2") Accounts will be reset in "Phase 2" - this will happen when we think that it's suitable to do account resets, mostly depends on AC completion and the amount of players that are going to hack/cheat on their accounts to gain unfair advantage over other players 12 players maps won't be present - they will also come in "Phase 2", too complex to create since they require a developer and 11 players to test and debug and fix every single thing with them, they are the least priority for now Map progression will be implemented - however, the mentioned non-working 12 players maps will be saved in database as if you played and passed them, rest of the progression will remain the same/normal Quests will be present - but will obviously exclude 12 players maps What is "Phase 2"? - let's just say it will be "Open Beta 2.0", will be released/done after unknown amount of time since the initial Open Beta release
  12. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    @Krugbeer @LagOps It is against the Forum rules to speak any other language but English publicly unless a translation is provided. I shall edit your posts and add translations this time. Please try to avoid this from happening again.
  13. PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    Same as @Eddio I only ever played like 3 PvP matches on old BF but I plan to try and play it more this time around.
  14. 69.

    I was proud and then I realised it wasn't your 69th post now I am just ashamed and disappointed.
  15. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    We have never called what we're in now Open Beta, we have always called it Closed Beta @Tam Hawkins not sure where you got that from .