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  1. Open Beta Information

    It will be coming out sometime this week.
  2. Open Beta Information

    @Ultrakool Wasn't that to you guys using the Community YouTube to make money then donate to us? If so I think that's because of our contract etc with EA.
  3. Open Beta Information

    Well what if people play other games on Twitch or YouTube? They can't not get paid at all if that makes sense and I am not sure if it can be stopped just for certain videos or not either. I have also stated several times though, rules regarding videos and streaming will be posted when Open Beta is released.
  4. Open Beta Information

    I as a guess think around 10,000 (not official statement just my opinion) as for not having an advertisement budget you guys can help with that streaming on Twitch, word of mouth to friends and family, making videos on YouTube is all advertising. Sadly though I don't think we can give anything back in return for payment but you can make money from Twitch and the YouTube videos. We of course also can't pay people to advertise for us as we don't have any budget or funds either and we can't give in game rewards or perks as again we don't own the game itself.
  5. Open Beta Information

    Anyone can make videos and stream to help promote the project, however we will have certain rules that streamers and video makers will need to follow.
  6. Open Beta Information

    I believe we'll only start looking for new moderators after Open Beta is released. Best person to ask is @MrXLink though as he's in charge of hiring more moderators.
  7. Open Beta Information

    Hey, my bad I forgot to change it. It should be right now though.
  8. Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    I know what I am doing and it doesn't involve EA at all or any of their work don't worry.
  9. Giveaways

    Hello Skylords, As many of you are aware we are now doing giveaways daily on our Discord #giveaway channel. It appears that some of you are confused by how to participate in these so I have decided to make this thread to help explain it. First of all ALL giveaways happen on Discord in the #giveaway channel or on our forums here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/66-giveaways/ Giveaway Information How do I enter a giveaway? During our Discord giveaways you will get a notification as our bot will do an @everyone tag. The bot will already add all the possible needed emotes to the message so that you only have to click the emote which is needed. The needed emote is located under the "WHAT WE NEED" field. (see photo below) NOTE: If you have two or more, or one invalid emote then your vote isn't counted. What are the possible emotes needed? NOTE: These are just a few examples of some of the emotes that you may need to react with during the giveaways. Participants? The Participants field shows the number of Discord users currently participating in the giveaway. However, this does not mean, that all the votes are valid. Maybe there are some users who added more than one emote or the wrong emote which is not needed at the current time. (see photo below) Valid votes? The Valid votes field shows the votes which are actually valid. (see photo below) Valid votes are the votes of all the users who reacted to the emote which is displayed in the message. (see photo below) NOTE: In this example the emotions in the red square are incorrect as they are not the same emote as the "What we need". Whereas the emote in the green square matches the "What we need" emote therefore it is correct. What is my chance at winning the giveaway? You can see your calculated chance in the field Chance which is a percent. Everyone has the same chance to win the giveaway on our Discord server. (see photo below). Giveaways on our Forums we try to give those who are more active and contribute to the project a bit of a higher chance. But you can be happy... There will soon be a big update to the giveaway system where active players will have a way higher chance than inactive or AFK players. But it could still be the same chance if everyone is on standby to see if the needed emote changed. At the end of each giveaway you will be notified if you won the giveaway. (see photo below). The bot will mention you in the giveaway channel and automatically adds you to the Closed Beta Testers Discord group. You will then have access to all the needed files and discussions of the closed beta. Timer? The timer could be set to be visible for all (which makes no sense at the current state of the giveaway) and is currently hidden during the whole giveaway. (see photo below) Who can enter giveaways? Only Discord users who are not a member of any of the staff groups (Administrator, Community Manager, Moderator or Developer) can take part in the giveaway. Of course users who are already a Closed Beta Tester (CBT) are excluded as well. How long do the giveaways last? They last around 5-7 minutes. Are giveaways rigged? No, the giveaways are only started by staff the bot does everything else, it picks what emotions are needed and even picks the winner at random. Can you start a giveaway? This dreaded question. Staff are constantly getting asked to start giveaways even though it has been said we will do them randomly. Please have patience we are human and have other commitments. Also note if you keep annoying staff in pm or in chats we will just eventually ignore you or even black list you (which means you will be banned from all giveaways). We also require InsaneHawk's computer to be online in order to start giveaways (as the bot is ran from his computer and it is needed for the giveaways). Feeling salty? We get that not winning a giveaway is upsetting but that doesn't mean you can go around being rude to one another or even towards the staff and project. We are doing our best to make it as fair as we can for everyone. We hope you understand that. Didn't win this time? If you didn't win this time don't give up, we are doing more than one giveaway each day at random times to try and meet every time zone possible. Keep up hope it could be you next time. Being naughty? If you're caught using multiple accounts to enter giveaways, they will all automatically be blacklisted so please don't. Let's make it fair for everyone. If you keep spamming and harassing staff asking for giveaways you will automatically be blacklisted so please don't.
  10. FORUM/DECK Mobile app?

    The forums actually is compatible with mobile, I use it all the time . It has been mentioned before about having an SR app for deck and trading, but I am not sure if we plan to do anything like that. Best person to reply to this is @fiki574.
  11. Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    Actually I know a way in which we could make money from merchandise but it's if Hawk, Blank and Link want to go that route. It's too soon to do anything though as making merchandise is expensive and we don't have the funds to go around making them currently. I have experience in advertising and marketing and I have done some looking into this and have figures and such as well.
  12. Lost Grigori

    Really nice work! I'd love to see a Swamp Drake Promo or Frost Mage, maybe even a bit of Girl Power.
  13. Open Beta Information

    Yes no micro transactions at all. Skin customization? How do you mean? Different colours for units or?
  14. Daily Quests

    I have now locked this thread as there is already a few of these types of threads on the forums. /locked
  15. Open Beta Information

    Yes, but of course you won't be able to join the Open Beta until you've made an account on the forums.