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  1. Strider


    Okay thank you for your time, Cheers.
  2. Strider


    So my old nickname was Strider before release so i got in on day when u was opening game and someone took my nick.Is there any way to get it back or?
  3. Well it would be stupid if everyone get so much boosters for nothing.It took me about 3-4 hours to get my reserves under 25 and i think its good system,bcs if reserves drain like normal everybody would get that boosters so easy and where is enjoy in that?
  4. Strider


    Thank you for explain :=)
  5. Strider


    Is this normal or what,back from this 15 mins 5-6 promos droped.There already to much promos,is there way to lower that drop rate because it will kill economic on server...
  6. Hey, any Promo if u have Other : Avatar of Frost,Mountainer,grinder (red) thats all i need IG : Strider
  7. Strider

    Booster bug

    NAME: Booster bug SEVERITY: LOCATION: Collection REPRODUCIBILITY: Dont have more boosters DESCRIPTION: So i was in group with one dude and we finished game,i was opening my booster,i opened 2 cards and then he created game and booster disappeared and i didnt get other cards... SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: dont have ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: EDIT: i was relog and new cards came so everythinng is ok!!!
  8. Good luck with exams and BattleForge ofc,see ya in Forge
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